Pre-Breakfast Bike Ride

Ryan and I were the first ones awake in my house this morning and decided to head out for an early bike ride before everyone else woke up.

Ready to Ride

I was excited to sport the new Nike running tights I got from Ryan for Christmas. 

Biker Girl

As we were getting ready to leave, Sadie snuck out and Ryan ran after the pup to put her back in before we left.

Ryan and the Beast

Despite her abnormal energy level, we didn’t think Sadie could keep up on a long bike ride all over St. Pete, so the puppy had to stay with my family.

Ryan and I set out for a ride to and from the Vinoy, which is about nine miles, but we ended up weaving in and out of a lot of neighborhoods and riding along the water for nearly two hours. It was fun but cold!


When we walked in the door after our ride, a fantastic aroma greeted us.

My mom was busy cooking a gigantic breakfast for the family, complete with eggs, toast, hash browns and ham. My sister and I got to work cutting up fresh pineapple and apples and peeling clementines for a fruit salad.

Ham Steak

Hash Browns

Fruit Salad

My Plate

I gobbled up everything on my plate and had seconds of everything but the eggs.

I also enjoyed a yummy homemade Neiman Marcus cookie for breakfast dessert. 🙂

Cookie Time

Family breakfasts are the best.

Christmas Gifts

I received some amazing presents for Christmas from loved ones. I just had to post pictures of two of my favorites.

My Wonderful Purse!

My favorite gift from Ryan was a framed copy of his proposal speech.

After he proposed he told me he typed up his whole speech on the computer to be sure he said everything he wanted to say. As a Christmas gift he printed out the speech and framed it for me. I started crying instantly when I unwrapped this gift.

Christmas Gift from Ryan

I loved this gift so much. It was wonderful to read his loving words – especially since I feel like I blacked out during the proposal! I couldn’t remember anything he said afterward!

What was the best gift you received this year?