Once it Hits Your Lips!

It tastes so good! Once it hits your lips!

Beer Fest was a success!


But let’s back up a bit first!

Pre-Beer Fest BBQ

Around noon, our friends began arriving at our apartment for a pre-Beer Fest BBQ.

Say Cheese!


We had lots of yummy eats on hand, and I definitely enjoyed my fair share of the goods.

The Spread

We also had food on other tables and in the fridge, too. There was plenty  to go around!

After drinking and nibbling on snacks for a bit, the guys headed out to grill and I got to work pullin’ the chicken we had cooking in the crock pot.

I made myself a BBQ pulled chicken sandwich which I enjoyed with several fresh veggie skewers and a double chocolate chip cookie.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich

Cookie Monster

I also had an Oreo ball and several helpings of tortilla chips with chili dip and Ryan’s guacamole which went undocumented.

Eventually it was time to head out!

We arrived early, but a long line was already forming.

Ready for Beer!

Fortunately once the line got moving, we made it thought the line fairly quickly and had a cold beer in our hands in no time.

My friend Laurel and I were both intrigued by a wheel you could spin to win a prize and had a go right away!

Our “surprize bags” prize packs weren’t as awesome as we’d hoped, but I did get a granola bar!

Granola Bar!

I’ll be honest, I ate about half before abandoning the bar for the good stuff (like beer and greasy festival grub).

Lovin' the Shepherd's Pie

My friend Pete and I enjoyed the shepherd’s pie quite a bit.

Pete + Merri

Me + Ryan

Me + Ryan + Mouse Pad

After sampling quite a few brews, I decided that my favorites were pretty darn feminine.

Call me the girliest beer-drinker ever, but my favorite drinks of the festival were the blueberry beer and the Mike’s Crantini malt cocktail.

What can I say? I like things sweet!

Headed Home

We headed home from Beer Fest and upon our arrival I hit up the kitchen for some of the remaining goodies… namely, avocado salsa dip.


This dip is my favorite. It tastes so fresh and delicious and it’s healthy to boot!

To make the dip, you simply chop up two avocados and stir in a half of a jar of salsa. The combination is fantastic and the avocado chunks are definitely the best part.

I am now chillin’ on the couch while Ryan flips back and forth between Man v. Food (My fav!) and Star Wars (Which I’ve never seen. :/ ).

One of our friends told us that Sadie looks like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars.

See a resemblance?

Jar Jar Binks


I’m not gonna lie, I kinda do… 😉

Well, I’m off!

I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend!

Ready for the Weekend

Though I thoroughly enjoyed the change of scenery on our morning run, I think the act of driving somewhere new and spending the morning running with Sadie and Ryan made me feel like it should be the weekend already!

Not too much longer… 😀

This Weekend

This weekend should be a fun one!

Around noon tomorrow, Ryan and I are having friends over to grill out before we head over to Beer Fest downtown around 4 p.m.

Beer Fest!

Beer Fest is an all-you-can-drink festival featuring lots of beer, food and fun! I’m thinking some crazy shenanigans will be in order. 😉

I just about flipped out when I heard Mochi, my favorite local frozen yogurt shop, will have a booth at the event.

Beer + Friends + Frozen yogurt = Fantastic Saturday

I plan to have a long talk at Beer Fest with the Mochi manager about the necessity of keeping the red velvet soft serve on tap always. It’s the best one, after all!


Lunch today was spent with Ryan, as it was one of the Fridays he has off from work.

Of course we hit up the ol’ ‘John’s for our respective favorites.

Bootlegger club fo’ him.

My Date

Unwich fo’ me.

Yaaaay, Unwich!

Naturally we swung by Mochi for some dessert.

PB + Strawberry

We split a cup of peanut butter (YUM!) and strawberry frozen yogurt with mini Reeses’ pieces, rainbow sprinkles and a Reeses’ peanut butter cup on top!

Gettin’ Tickets

Ryan and I also had a very important errand to run after we were done eating.

We headed down the block to pick up our Beer Fest tickets.


Gotta love saving $5 by buying in advance!

Of Possible Interest

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my best friend Leah!!!

Fab 5

(Leah is in the green. We called this picture our “Christmas card,” taken our sophomore year in college.)

I’ve been friends with Leah (and all the girls in the above picture) since elementary school and they’re all going to be bridesmaids in my wedding. I am so excited to see them multiple times this year since they all live a plane-ride away now.

Happy 25th Birthday Kafka! 😀

Question of the Afternoon

How many bridesmaids were in your wedding? If you’re not married, how many would  you like to have?

I will have six bridesmaids: My sister (maid of honor), four best friends from elementary school and my best friend from college.