The Best of Intentions

Dinner today was a PBF classic. 

BBQ Pulled Chicken

Two-ingredient crock pot chicken + BBQ sauce = BBQ pulled chicken! 

And on the side, broccoli tossed in olive oil and sprinkled with garlic salt. 

Roasted Broc

BBQ Chix Sandwich

Dinner is Served

(Sorry about the not-so-hot quality pictures above. I wanted to try taking pics inside to see if daylight really makes that big of a difference and clearly it does. Outside pics whenever possible from here on out!) 

Moving on… 

The Best of Intentions 

I went to Marshalls today with the best of intentions. 

I planned on picking up a pack of Jelly Belly sport beans (I’ve seen them on sale there a billion times), to use as fuel during my 8-mile run on Saturday. 

(Why do I want the beans? I am trying to incorporate some kind of pick-me-up, whether it be Gatorade or sport beans, into my longer runs so my body doesn’t cramp up if I decide to drink Gatorade during my half marathon.) 

Anyway, I go to Marshall’s to try and find the Beans… 

No dice. 

Instead, I picked up these: 

BCBG Pumps

Not Exactly Sport Beans...

Aaand, as if spending $40 on new pumps isn’t bad enough, I swung by Starbucks for this: 

Iced Coffee

What was supposed to be a $2 trip to Marshall’s ended up being a $42 excursion. 


Please make me feel better and answer “YES!” to the following question… 

Are you an impulse buyer? 

I typically stick to a list, but sometimes I can’t resist trying that new flavor of gum… or buying a pair of super-cute pumps. 😉