Beefed Up

Monstrous salad alert!

Big Ol' Salad

I can’t believe I used to consider iceberg lettuce topped with sliced lunch meat a salad. Boring! No wonder I thought salads were so lame for the longest time.

To me, a big part of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is making it enjoyable. I can honestly say I look forward to eating every single one of my meals – even the salads – because I always try to incorporate flavorful foods that I love into my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

I would never look forward to eating plain salads, so I beef ’em up by adding foods I love like grape tomatoes, nuts, cheese, sweet corn and sliced veggie burgers or shrimp.

Today’s salad included:


Veggie Overload

So fresh and so clean, clean. 😉

I should also add that I enjoyed a handful of almonds alongside my salad that eluded any photographs.


After eating lunch at my desk, I met up with my friend Philip at a nearby Starbucks to catch up over some refreshing tea.

I ordered an unsweetened Tazo iced passion tea to enjoy as my post-lunch dessert.

Starbucks Iced Passion Tea

(Totally kidding about considering a cup of tea “dessert,” by the way. Just wanted to see how many of you rolled your eyes and sent hate-vibes my way for doing so. 😉 )

I sipped my non-dessert while chatting away with Philip.

I met Philip when I was in college. He was in Ryan’s fraternity and later became my Greek “little brother.” (Those of you early PBF readers may remember seeing Philip on the blog back in October.)

Philip just graduated from law school at UF and will be moving back to Orlando at the beginning of August to begin work at a local law firm. He’s like a real adult. 😉

I can’t imagine being a real lawyer at 25.

When I was in eighth grade I remember my English teacher telling me I should become a lawyer because I was so argumentative (I had a lot of opinions about the books we were reading). This teacher is the same teacher who told me I was going to give him a heart attack from popping my gum so loudly.

Question of the Afternoon

Has anyone ever told you what they think you should do for a living? Did you do it?

I’ve been told I should be a lawyer, news anchor, professional blogger (thanks, Merri!), and writer. I became the last one but would gladly be any of the last three. 🙂

Of Possible Interest