Banana Custard

When I first stumbled upon Gena’s blog post about banana soft serve, I was immediately intrigued. After creating the creamy concoction by simply whirring up frozen bananas in a food processor, I was overjoyed! The result was a creamy, cold and delicious bowl of soft serve that exploded with the sweet flavor of banana.

Though banana soft serve is delicious on its own, it doesn’t have much staying power in my belly and I am often left feeling hungry within an hour of eating it.

Last night when I received my new food processor in the mail, I knew I wanted to break it in this morning. I figured banana soft serve would be a great way to do this, but I wanted to add a little protein to the mix to give the creamy concoction more staying power.

Enter: Banana custard.

Banana Custard

To make the banana custard, I combined one cup of frozen Greek yogurt that I lightly thawed in the microwave with one chopped frozen banana, a bit of water (to get everything movin’) and one teaspoon of Bob’s Red Mill xanthan gum for thickness. (You may wish to add a bit of sweetener, depending on taste.)

After whirring away in the food processor for a couple of minutes, I had creamy bowl of high-protein banana custard.

Since chocolate makes everything better, I dusted the custard with cocoa powder before digging in.

Cocoa Dusted Banana Custard

Kinda Like Dessert for Breakfast... But Healthy!


Not to toot my own horn (toot, toot), but this stuff was pretty darn delicious. I could have easily eaten twice (err, five times?) the amount. ūüėČ

I enjoyed my custard with a thick slice of Amish Friendship Bread.

Amish Friendship Bread


Those of you who have tried Amish Friendship Bread before and commented on my post last night weren’t kidding… it really is ridiculously addicting. I think I ate my body weight in this stuff last night!

Question of the Morning

Do you prefer soft serve or regular ice cream?

Amish Friendship Bread

Lots to post about tonight!

Let’s go in chronological order, shall we?

I arrived home to find four packages on our front porch… along with our garbage can. ūüėĬ†I think the FedEx guy put our garbage can in front the packages to prevent anyone from seeing our goodies, but it was quite a strange sight to see!

Package number one included our first wedding present!

First Wedding Gift!

The present was from quite the unique gift giver.

Love, Lily

The¬†gift was from Lily, my¬†orthodontist’s dog who some of you may remember I found wandering¬†around¬†the streets¬†near our¬†apartment when she¬†escaped from my orthodontist’s backyard. I had no idea¬†Lily was her dog when I brought¬†her home to call the number on her dog tag and get her¬†back to her owners!¬†It was quite a crazy¬†coincidence.

Lily¬†did a great job selecting our first wedding gift and bought us¬†a cookie jar filled with cookie cutters¬†that we registered for at Williams-Sonoma¬†last weekend. ¬†Thank you Lily! ūüėČ

Sadie’s Package

The next package made Sadie quite happy!

A new frisbee toy!

"New Toys are the BEST!"

Yes, the blue frisbee in the picture above was brand new. Sadie is a toy destroyer!


In my feeble attempt to play with Sadie and throw the frisbee to the farthest point of our backyard, I accidentally threw the frisbee on the roof!

"Uh oh."

She was devastated. We cannot open our bedroom (it’s sealed shut), and we tried stacking chairs and¬†using broomsticks to get it down without luck. A ladder sure would’ve helped. ūüėČ


Since playtime was cut short by my frisbee faux paux, dinner was served a bit early this evening!

Before I left for work this morning, I placed a pound of ground chicken in the crock pot with a packet of reduced sodium taco seasoning and 2/3 cup of water. The forethought made assembling slow cooker chicken tacos (one of the first recipes I ever posted on PBF!) a breeze once we were ready for dinner.

I used the chicken to create a big taco salad with shredded lettuce, salsa and two crumbled hardshell tacos.

Taco Salad

Chicken + Taco Shells + Lettuce + Salsa

Fiesta in a Bowl

¬†This taco salad was cool and crisp… perfect for a summer night!


As Tina would say, HOLY YUM.

This evening’s dessert was a long time coming. Seriously.

I’ve been waiting 10 days to make it!

Ten days ago my sister gave me a bag of dough and a piece of paper with instructions. The paper informed me that the dough I received was the¬†“starter dough” I would need to create Amish Friendship Bread.

I absolutely love the concept of Amish Friendship Bread. Once you receive the dough for Amish Friendship Bread from a friend, it becomes your duty to make the bread and pass along¬†your own “starter dough” to three of your friends.

Tonight I finally got to make the yummy bread.

Amish Friendship Bread

Cinnamon Sugar Bready Carby Goodness

As the bread was baking, the smell in our apartment was unbelievable. It smelled like coffee cake and cinnamon!

I enjoyed one small slice fresh outta the oven!

Moist. Sweet. Perfect.

Okay that was a blatant lie. I definitely had three pieces. And the piece pictured above was definitely the smallest of the three. ūüėČ

I am planning on passing along my starter dough to two of my friends but thought it might be neat to pass it along to a blog reader, too! If you live in the Orlando area and would like a bag of starter dough to keep the Amish Friendship Bread chain going, shoot me an email at and I’ll pass it along to ya! (First come, first serve, to be fair. ūüėČ )

If you want to create this bread and pass it along to your friends you may click here for instructions!

Now I’m off to watch the second half of So You Think You Can Dance before hittin’ the hay! (How good was Robert’s dance about Travis’ mother? Eeeeemotional!)

G’night all!