All Clammed Up

I was clammed up twice after work today… once when I walked through the door and was shocked by what lay before me and the second time when I was eating my delicious pasta dinner full of clams!

When I got home I was greeted by doggie doo doo. Little Sadie decided to leave me quite the stanky treat on the front rug which was completely shocking since she’s 100 percent potty trained and hasn’t done anything like this in well over a year. I think her poor lil’ puppy belly is a little upset tonight.

After taking Sadie on a walk and feeling relieved when I saw a little pep in her step, I felt comfortable leaving her on her own for 30 minutes when I headed off to the grocery store.

It was an awesome trip because I saw something on the shelves that made me veeeery excited:


Christmas Cookies!

Yay! I can’t WAIT for the holidays!

Dinner was a mumbo-jumbo of pasta, veggies and clams.

First I sauted onions and Portobello mushrooms in a bit of olive oil while boiling egg noodles.

Mushrooms and Onions

Mushrooms and Onions

I combined a can of little neck clams with the veggies and some sauted spinach and topped the pasta with the mixture.

Clammy Pasta

Clammy Pasta

 This pasta dish was veeeery filling, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying a post-dinner pack of chocolate-covered soy nuts.

I’m off to continue watchin’ season one of Gossip Girl… this show is addicting! Oh and I am officially obsessed with Serena’s hair.