I Don’t Like Manicures

I decided something today.

I do not like manicures.

Sure I think the end result is pretty, but I inevitably smudge at least one nail on the way home which frustrates me way too much.

Today I had an appointment for a manicure and the entire process took almost two hours.

I even made a point to ask how long a manicure would take when I made my appointment because Ryan’s mom and her boyfriend were coming into town and I wanted to be done by the time they arrived. The woman assured me it would take no longer than 25 minutes. I waited 40 minutes before the manicure even began.

What is this? A doctor’s office?

(Okay, I know I sound like a mega-brat right now, but I was really frustrated!)

The long wait gave me ample time to choose my nail polish color.

I actually flip-flopped back and forth between three different colors since I had so much time to think about it, but inevitably I chose OPI’s Pinking of You.


One hour and 45 minutes later, my flippin’ fingers were painted and I was super irritated. I’m not lying when I say I had three nails that were only pained 3/4 of the way down. It looked like I let a six-year-old paint my nails.

I left the salon, smudged a nail when I was trying to start my car and arrived back at our apartment in a huff. I felt like some uppity version of Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde complaining to Ryan about my experience but luckily he didn’t think I was too ridiculous. 🙂


Fortunately I had some good company in Ryan, his mom and her boyfriend to make me forget about my not-so-fun manicure experience almost immediately.

They’re in town for the weekend because Ryan’s mom will be joining me for my bridal shower tomorrow. (YAY!)

The four of us had plans to enjoy dinner and headed to Maitland to eat at Antonio’s, a nice Italian cafe and deli.

The inside of Antonio’s is really neat. The restaurant is essentially located in the middle of a gourmet deli and you enjoy your meal surrounded by jars of olives and marinara sauce and packages of pasta.

To begin, we were served fresh bread.

antonio's 001 

I had three slices. It was warm, crusty and delicious.

For my entree, I ordered a create-your-own-pizza topped with loads of veggies.

antonio's 004

I ate all but two slices… and then ate one more when we got home. 😉


Even though we were all feeling fairly full, we still had room for dessert and headed to Jeremiah’s Italian Ice for a cold treat.

antonio's 006 

Ryan and I split a medium cookies ‘n’ cream gelati with vanilla soft serve.

It was fantastic, as always. Jeremiah’s is the jam.

Ryan’s mom and her boyfriend shared a strawberry gelati with vanilla soft serve and gave it good reviews as well.

antonio's 008

I’m pretty pooped and hope to get into bed a little early tonight. I know tomorrow will be a big day with my bridal shower kicking off at 11 a.m.!

Hope you’re having a good weekend! 😀

37 Responses

  1. Girl. You need to do Shellac. It lasts two weeks and you can literally dig through your purse right after your manicure for your wallet to pay up – without smudging at all. It’s a little more expensive than a regular manicure, but totally worth it for special occasions…i.e…your wedding.


    Glad you stuck with the Italian theme for your dessert as well! 😀

  2. I totally get frustrated about bad service and bad mani/pedis, so I don’t mind the venting – I actually think it made for a funny post! 🙂

    • after i posted this i literally said to ryan “i’m just waiting for someone to comment ‘GOOD LORD. it’s a freakin’ manicure, get over it.” 😉 i’m glad i’m not alone! 🙂

  3. I love getting my nails done, but I get pretty impatient too 😉 that DOES sound like a doctors office! Usually I save my mani’s for a girls night 😀

    Glad you relieved your day with a nice dinner and company – oh my gosh, Jeremiahs needs to come to Maryland!

  4. I don’t like getting manicures or pedicures… I think they are just gross. I know I’m weird!

  5. I like getting Manicures and Pedicures, once in awhile, for a special treat, but I can paint my own and totally be fine with it!

    Doesn’t OPI have the funniest names for their nail polish?! I love it!

  6. your nails look AWESOME GIRL!!
    i love pedicures- but last time i went the dude BUTCHERED my pinky toe and now i am so scared to go back!!!
    cant believe you are getting married soon!!! (ahaha- i am acting like ive known you forever, hope that isnt creepy, but still, I am legitimately EXCITED girl!)

    • lol – those aren’t my nails! 🙂 it was a random pic of the nail polish color i found. 😉

      & thanks for your excitement! i can’t wait!

  7. boy, do I know how you feel. I’ve done that to myself so many times, what usually happens is that I just keep on painting over the smudge over, and over again, until its too wet to dry properly and just get smudged anyway…which leads to more frustration. Which leads to me just grabbing the remover and cleaning my nails completely and starting all over. haha

  8. I actually really like the act of doing my nails myself! I buy a new, good quality polish (like Essie) every other month or so and paint my nails while relaxing. I definitely don’t think you’re being a brat about it – it always frustrates me SO much when you pay for something that you could technically do yourself (i.e., dinner out) and it is a bad experience!

  9. A 2 hour manicure sounds ridiculous–I would be upset too! I’ve stopped getting manicures though, because I always chip or smudge a nail and it drives me crazy! Now, I leave my nails short and au naturale. Maybe I’ll get them done for my wedding, but that will be it! Now pedicures are a whole different story 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness, reading that made ME feel frustrated at your terrible service. I hope your next nail experience is more positive!

    Luckily ice cream cures all ills.

  11. if you ever want to give manicures another chance, might i suggest you try going to a training school/beauty school? they take more time- but that means they do everything right. i’ve had some good experiences, esp. if you go to a nice one… and they’re a good deal too! but i don’t go very often. 🙂

  12. OK, I know that you don’t want to be a pain, but you really SHOULD call the salon and ask to speak to a manager. Waits happen. But if your polish wasn’t done correctly, that should be addressed. I once called after having a woman miss large areas of my nails as well as using such old topcoat that it would form long strings coming out of the bottle before settling (as strings) on my nails. You pay for a service. Just call 😀

  13. I would totally call the nail place and let them know you weren’t satisfied. You are a paying customer, and if their services aren’t meeting your needs/what you expect you should let them know. Especially if they didn’t do a good job painting your nails. That’s their JOB!

  14. Have a great bridal shower!!!!!

    I’m also not a huuuuge manicure fan. I like them from time to time to get my cuticles back in shape but I’d MUCH rather splurge on a pedi 🙂

    Ryan looks JUST like his mom!!! Too funny!

    Have a great rest of your weekend chica!!!!


  15. I would not have paid or requested that they take the polish off and do it again. I am a perfectionist about my nails and I have come to a point where I cant get a manicure and can only handle pedicures!! 🙂

  16. oh dear! this sounds like a very bad salon/spa! Awful service!

  17. Have a wonderful shower! I totally agree with you on manicures. I get so frustrated with my place too so I haven’t had one in awhile!

  18. I have the SAME issue with manicures! I didn’t want to do anything too expensive, but I had to get something for my wedding day since they are going to be taking pictures and looking at your hands because of your ring. So I actually had my pedicure done about a week in advance (one thing off the list), and got my nails done literally right before I had my hair appt. on the day of my wedding. It worked out well for me… I had my dad drive me to all my appt’s so I didn’t have to touch anything to get from one appt. to the other (and it gave my dad an important job that he knew how to do so he felt special). And because I went straight to my hair appt. I still didn’t have to touch anything for another hour to let them dry. Ultimately they did still end up getting messed up, but I think it was only once we were at the dimly lit reception and noone could see that much detail anyways, so you wouldn’t know it in the pictures. Only thing was I forgot to take nail polish remover on our mini-moon so I had some funky nails for a few days till I could get it off. Good luck, whatever you do!

  19. This is SO funny because I totally agree!! Most girls think the total opposite..but I refuse to pay to get my nails done, when I can just do it myself, and usually better. I also don’t like pedicures- I just feel weird having people all over my feet…no thanks! lol 😀
    I hope you have a GREAT time at your bridal party- so fun 🙂

  20. Oh, how I love Jeremiah’s! So good!
    I feel ya on the manicure thing. I always smudge. Pretty color, though!

  21. That sounds so frustrating. You’re paying these people to do a good job on your nails, it’s certainly not too rediculous to hope for pretty nails that won’t smudge when your done.

    I’ve never been to a manicure salon before, but I guess I’m going to have to go sometime in the near future when my wedding rolls around.

  22. Jeremiah’s is seriously the best. The cookies and cream flavor is to die for. I miss it terribly. It was definitely a staple item in my diet when I lived in Orlando. They need to open one of these in Chicago, specifically down the street from my house would be nice. 🙂 I am not a fan of manicures myself..i’d rather do my own nails and avoid the frustration of messing them up after actually paying money to get them done.

  23. I thought I was the only one who didn’t enjoy a manicure. They are way to time consuming, and yes…I always smudge them.

    That pizza looks delicious!!

  24. I don’t like manicures either, but for a different reason. I do a lot of things involving my hands so the nail polish chips within the next two days. Totally not worth it.

  25. Pink-ing of you is my absolute favorite pale pink nails polish…I have been wearing it for years! 🙂 I like getting my nails done but hate the time it takes. I have to remind myself to relax! I can’t help but think of all the other things I should be doing!

  26. I love having a manicure!

    However, I also really dislike waiting for the appointment and waiting for my nails to dry! I usually go for the sport mani or pedi so I can leave as soon as possible and not have to worry about smudging a nail.

  27. Sorry to hear about your bad manicure experience. Bummer! I love manicures! 🙂 I can’t believe it toook sooo long. At my place it only takes 30 min. and it looks great. Too bad you don’t live in Chicago with me…

  28. I hate manicures too! They take forever, cost too much, and are ruined in about two seconds flat. Meh, not for me.

  29. I hate them too….bc they cut your cuticles and it hurts and then you will always end up chipping them within 24 hours…or like you, I gouge out the middle of one of my nails while starting the car.

  30. I seriously only get manicures to fix up my cuticles…my nails inevitably smudge no matter what. SO FRUSTRATING. Lots of times I just stick to pedicures

  31. I feel the SAME way about manicures…I’m such a grosskid that I usually smudge them before I even leave the salon…it just takes too long for them to dry!

    I usually do them at home using Sally Hansen fast drying polish…although I usually do them too close to bed time so that I wake up with the imprint of my sheet fabric on them…

  32. i am with you, i do not like manicures at all. i hate how they always file the sides of the nail….this is the part of the nail that is not supposed to be filed. i think these folks are just so used to the fake nails that they file them all the same way. then, yes, they never get the polish on the whole nail. they only get basically the middle of the nail done. oh, and don’t ever get a french manicure on those real nails. this is when they make you look like you have zero nail bed. they paint the white part on the nail half way down the nail instead of only on the tip of the nail.

  33. I can’t believe your manicure took so long! And that wait – not cool at all. I’m so sorry you had such a poor experience.

    I actually used to go to get my nails done all the time (when I could afford it – oh those days!). It took 30 minutes max. The lady was on time and always did a bang up job. She was awesome and my nails always looked amazing. It sounds like you just went to the wrong salon and had the wrong lady. Otherwise, it can be a quick and pleasant experience.

    And yes you do have to be careful after – but they do have stuff to help make it dry faster.

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