Yoga: It’s What You Put Into It

I am by absolutely no means a yoga guru, but as someone who all but hated yoga less than six months ago, I had a revelation during today’s morning class.

Yoga is all about what you put into it.

You can make each and every yoga class a walk in the park. You can day dream your way through it and do the bare minimum.

Pigeon Pose???


Or you can push yourself further into every pose, stretching your muscles and making your body work.

Today I pushed myself and it was definitely a workout.

I’ll be 100 percent honest when I say that I used to think yoga was not a work out. I now know I wasn’t pushing myself and I wasn’t immersing myself in the stretches and sun salutations. Yoga is not the same kind of workout as a BodyPump class or intervals on the treadmill, but it is a workout.


After yoga and a long walk with Sadie, I was more than ready for a cold breakfast!

Apple Yogurt Bowl

I made myself an apple yogurt bowl by combining the following:

  • Vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 sliced Granny Smith apple (the other half went into my mouth)
  • 1 c. cooked Flax-Z-Snax butter pecan hot cereal
  • Three dashes nutmeg

Nutmeg Makes Things Prettier... And Tastier

Well Hello There!

What It Really Looks Like When I Eat It

I love the serious staying power that I get from a breakfast that combines high-protein Greek yogurt, whole grains and fresh fruit.


Question of the Morning

It’s an open-ended one…

What are your thoughts on yoga? Love it? Hate it? Think it’s a bunch of boo-hockey? Think it’s life-changing?

Share away! šŸ˜€

60 Responses

  1. I love yoga! Many times I don’t have the patience for it, but I think it is important to do it on consistent basis to really love it.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I do yoga twice daily.

  3. I did hot yoga for a while & it kicked my butt!! But I haven’t done it for a while now. I’d like to get back into it… maybe not hot yoga, but regular (is that a type?? ;)) just for the benefit of feeling stretched out!

  4. I go through phases with yoga…sometimes I love it and crave it almost daily, but then, other times, I just want a more intense workout– I know that yoga can be intense…but the kind that I do usually isn’t, ha!

  5. You should try a vinyasa yoga class. You go from pose to pose the whole time, without any pauses or time to stop and breath, its a good cardio class

  6. I like it when I feel the need for a good stretch.

  7. I like yoga. It’s actually one of the only classes I can follow without making a fool of myself. I don’t do it right now for medical reasons, but before I injured myself it was one of my favorite ways to work out.

  8. I have always like yoga, but I used to feel that way about pilates. I think it definitely depends on the teacher too! I don’t like all yoga classes. It needs to be the right type of yoga (based on what you are looking to get from the class) and the right teacher. If you like more of a challenge, I strongly suggest trying Birkam! I have never stretched so far or worked so hard in a yoga class!

  9. I was doing Yoga last night my husband asked me,
    “does Yoga burn a lot of calories?”
    “Mmm, about the same amount as walking.”
    “Then why do you do it?”
    “It’s still good for you. It’s good for strength and flexibility.”

    I love Yoga. My favorite part is how I’m always sore in a new place the next day. It’s always a surprise where I’ll hurt. Yoga works muscles you didn’t know you had.

  10. I love it! I’ve been trying to make a point of going at least once a week, because it relieves stress and minor aches/pains. My back began hurting from sitting all day at a desk job and ever since I started yoga regularly the pain is gone! But I do make sure to fit in cardio often!

  11. Enjoy it. Like you, I used to dismiss it. Wasn’t hardcore enough for me. Now, the stretching feels incredible to me.

  12. Love yoga! I used to hate it and thought the same as you – that it wasn’t a “real” workout. Now I know that’s far from the truth.

  13. Going to my first yoga class this weekend with my sister! Yoga is something that completely intimidated me, but we’ll give it a go this weekend.

  14. I took my first hot power yoga last week, and let me tell you, it WAS a workout! I was so sore the next day. And I had to go back to child’s pose periodically.

    Can’t wait to return for my next class.

  15. Your breakfast looks delicious!

  16. I love yoga! Bikram yoga is my favorite and I practice once a week. I used to do it daily but got burned out really fast. I do weights and cardio the rest of the week and it makes my practice so much more interesting and I find I work harder into the poses when done only once a week.

  17. I had a yoga revelation as well this morning at the gym! After a short face paced three mile run, I went to stretch and realized that my stretches were quite a bit deeper and my flexibility was improving! I chalk it up to my commitment to yoga once a week. It’s so exciting to see improvements in my fitness levels every once and a while!

  18. I WISH I loved yoga, haha! Maybe one day šŸ˜‰

  19. I love yoga. Actually I had a blog called Yogalate for some time. I’ve been taking classes for over 8 years and I’m now qualifying as a yoga teacher. I understand that many people feel insecure about yoga, because it can mean a whole lifestyle. But I try to encourage everyone to try it, because I think it’s great.

  20. i used to hate yoga because i was bad at it. i’m pretty competitive and that’s just how i roll…try not to do things i’m bad at. but i started to push myself and found that i loved the challenge! it’s something that’s constantly evolving for me, but i love the way i feel so calm when i’m done just focusing on my breath and pushing through discomfort!

  21. I like yoga, but I don’t have time to run 50 mi/week, strength train 3x/week, AND practice yoga, so yoga is usually the first thing to go. I did “yoga sculpt” last night for the first time in weeks, though, and it reminded me that I need yoga in my life. You are so right that it is definitely a different type of workout. While I could never practice yoga as my only form of exercise, I really do think it is a great complement to whatever other training you do on a regular basis. It sure is great for stretching out hips and hamstrings that have tightened up from running!

  22. I love Bikram Yoga and Core Fusion yoga, probably because neither one is really true yoga, you get a stretch but its more of a workout and lest about meditation. I haven’t taken enough classes though to really make a judgement call, so I guess I should keep that to myself until I do. I don’t know that either is life-changing, but Bikram does impact my mind set and the way I feel wholly. You leave feeling so cleansed.

  23. I feel better when I do it, but I always seem to pick high-intensity cardio. I gotta become more well-rounded in my exercise routine!

  24. I always enjoy yoga when I do it, but I must admit I don’t do it nearly enough. I haven’t done if for months!! I defintitely agree though that it is completely what you put into it!

  25. I just did yoga not too long ago for the first time, and I loved it. Unfortunately, I’ve been very lazy and haven’t been back; you’re right – you get back what you put into it.

  26. I used to hate yoga, too. Then I started taking yoga at a yoga studio instead of at the gym as a class. SO MUCH BETTER! I really think it depends on the instructor. I definitely like power and vinyassa yoga when I am moving the whole time. If not, I feel like it’s a waste of time!
    But I agree with you 100% that yoga is what you put into it! Have a great day šŸ™‚

  27. Yoga is alright, but I much prefer cardio.

  28. I really want to love yoga. But I get SO bored doing it! Perhaps I’m not giving it a real shot. What are your thoughts on pilates?

  29. Yoga is like saying a prayer with your body šŸ™‚ It’s being completely surrendered to the moment and when you do this, you are simply..doing yoga, with all of your body and mind, and so therefore the “workout” part is inevitable. But more than just the workout, it’s that notion of being there, in the moment, in your body that is the most important part to take. When you are walking -walk, when you are reading -read, when you are eating -eat. No day-dreaming or planning in these activities either! When this philosophy is applied to life…well, now you’re living šŸ™‚

  30. I’m not particularly fond of yoga. That being said, I still do it on occasion because I do enjoy the benefits of feeling like I got a good stretch session in…

  31. I like Yoga, but I LOVE Bikram Yoga (hot sweaty, 90 minutes of zen)

  32. I’ve never taken a yoga class or anything but I like doing it on my own at home šŸ™‚

  33. Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga can be a good cardio workout. The first time I went to an Ashtanga class I was expecting something similar to my previous experience with yoga – gentle stretches and deep breathing. About 15 mins into the Ashtanga class, the sweat was pouring down my face and I had to stop for a break.

  34. I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to yoga.. but I *love* it! I always feel like I just got a workout but a good message all in one! Can’t beat that! šŸ™‚ I’m aiming to keep at it and maybe even be able to keep my balance in all those funny looking poses one day.. who knows!

  35. I looove yoga! It’ s good for the mind, body and soul!!

  36. I know that yoga would probably be a great way to stretch out form all my running, but I never seem to find the time!

  37. I, too, used to think yoga was a silly little “workout” for people who just liked to meditate. About 2 years ago I got really into it and realized that a good yoga session could leave me as sweaty and shaky as the hardest bootcamp class. I haven’t been to a yoga class all summer though, and this reminds me that I need to get back into it!

  38. I like yoga, it always leaves my muscles feeling stretched and loose, but worked at the same time.

  39. I love yoga. I wish I did it more. But I think that what you said (It’s what you put into it) is true for everything in life. You can choose to daydream through everything you do. You have to always live in the present or you’ll miss out on so much!

  40. I love yoga! What I love the best is HOT yoga. It’s amazing what a little (OK, a lot) of heat will do for you. I feel like it releases all the toxins in my body and gives me the deepest stretch possible!

  41. I love mixing oats with vanilla yogurt! So good! I also used to not like yoga bc I thought it was too slow. My opinion has changed very recently!

  42. Yoga is definitely something that I love to do but don’t do enough. I recognize the power it has to clear the mind and bring you to a better place, and I admire those who have found it as their way to fitness. I wish I could say that I have a regular practice, but I don’t, much more like an irregular practice. Still, I am working on getting there because I know that it is something that I would loooove to be good at and really enjoy.

  43. TOtally agree that yoga is what you put (or don’t put) into it!

    Hot yoga is pretty much my life šŸ˜€ love, love it! SUch an amazing workout and sweat sesh, you should give it a try!!!!!

  44. I hate when people say yoga isnt a real workout. I hear similar things about swimming, but like anything its all in what you make of it. You can either go more mind/soul or push yourself to physical limits. Its a jack of all trades sort of exercise. Happy Thursday šŸ™‚

  45. I love yoga! My legs are generally very tight, so anything that stretches out my legs is a bonus. If I had the time, I’d do it every day in addition to my regular workouts. I think it has a HUGE number of physical and mental benefits too!

  46. This must be a sign – because Groupon has a KILLER deal for a 10-class pass for Bikram today! I was on the fence about ordering, but I guess all these comments have made my decision clear!

    I enjoy a traditional vinyasa class, but am looking forward to the hot&sweaty world of Bikram! Bring it on šŸ™‚

  47. I’ve been trying to get into yoga recently. I bought a few dvd’s to help ease me into it before I try some classes at the local studio. I get stressed out a lot with school so I’m looking to use yoga as more of a soothing stress relief than a work out, although that part doesn’t hurt.

  48. Have you tried bikram yoga (the hot yoga?) now THAT’s a killer. I was sore the next day! And damn, it’s tough (but feels oh so good afterward!)

  49. Not a huge yoga fan. I definitely think you get a workout, it just isn’t for me. I have a hard time with the introspective meditation part of yoga. Not what i am looking for in a work out.

  50. that’s a great outlook on yoga! i recently bought a yoga mat but need to put it to better use…

    looks like a yummy breakfast too šŸ™‚

  51. Love this post, it applies to the yoga challenge I have given myself. Prior to starting my class, I thought yoga was boring and not a work out at all. It’s just a bunch of poses, wippe!
    Oh, no I was wrong. I think it all depends on the instructor, and like you said what you put into it. So far after 3 classes, I love it! I have found myself challenging myself into stretching into the poses. Instead of comparing myself to the other participants I am only comparing myself to myself! It’s an awesome feeling šŸ™‚ I feel that stretching is usually forgotten, and it’s pretty important. Plus, I have noticed yoga works your muscles in a completely different way than weight lifting. And I am working muscles I didn’t even realize I had. Who knew maneuvering your body into a pose could work your core better than crunches, not me! And so far with yoga, I finally feel that I can completely zone out and focus on my body. Being aware of the power within it is pretty awesome! šŸ™‚

  52. I think yoga can be an awesome workout depending on both the instructor and how hard you work at it. But I will say that the very FIRST time I tried yoga, I actually dislocated my knee doing it. Ouch! It was at home with a yoga DVD and I had worked up quite a sweat beforehand though. I have only tried yoga a couple times since then, but I think I am a little afraid that I will do something like that again.

  53. I did regular yoga for years, became an instructor and then stopped practicing. About 3 months ago I tried hot yoga [Moksha] and fell back in love!

  54. I like yoga okay. I enjoy the stretches and how it relaxes my body. I love the standing yoga poses as well as the stretches for strength and stamina. I still haven’t mastered the sun salutations, but hope to within time. And there are so many different types of yoga, so it does involve some research.

  55. I absolutely LOVE yoga! It’s actually my main source of exercise and I lost weight over time after doing for a few years. I actually look fit with lean defined muscles.

    I can’t imagine my life without it!

  56. Hee, hee, I love your pigeon pose face! I never really got into yoga. I really like pilates though!

  57. I always thought Yoga was a joke until I tried Bikram yoga. Now THAT is a work out! It has done wonders for my flexibility, strength, endurance, appearance and self esteem! Now I make sure to do it a couple times a week

  58. I love yoga!! I wish I did it more often! I feel so engergized and stretched after a class! I recently bought Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD and its a great workout! She keeps it moving when some yoga can be very calm and a little boring! check it out!

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