My Wedding Shoes!!!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may remember my tweets of frustration a month or so ago as I tried, unsuccessfully, to locate this pair of Badgley Mischka pink pumps in my size for my wedding day.

Badgley Mischka Xango Pink Pumps

According to the woman Badgley Mischka referred me to when I emailed the company about the shoes, the pumps I wanted first became available in April and the pink ones sold like crazy.

Great for Badgley Mischka. Bad for me.

I searched all over the internet and in local stores that carry Badgley Mischka shoes without avail. The woman I spoke with encouraged me to call my local Nordstrom and ask for their assistance in locating the shoe.

The gentlemen I spoke with from Nordstrom told me the shoes sold really quickly, but that he would call around other stores and let me know if anything turned up.

Well, it did!

Woohoo!!! My wedding day shoes should arrive in 5 – 8 business days.

(For those of you who are wondering what happened to the shoes I originally wanted… Well, I decided against them because they were more than 5 inches high. Though this would work fine with Ryan’s height (he’s 6’2”) I am already taller than all my bridesmaids and didn’t want to look like Sasquatch on my wedding day. Sooo, I opted for a more modest heeled shoe. Still pink, though. πŸ˜‰ )


I wish my lunch was as exciting as my wedding shoes, but as a serious shoe lover, that’s basically impossible.

Well, unless lunch was an ice cream sundae from Houston’s.

My lunch was still delicious though, and that’s what really matters.

Using leftover taco-seasoned ground chicken from last night’s dinner, I made myself a taco salad that included:

  • Spring mix greens
  • Broccoli slaw
  • Frozen sweet corn (It thawed by lunchtime)
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Taco-seasoned ground chicken
  • Crumbled hard shell taco
  • Salsa

Taco Salad


Using salsa as salad dressing is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the slightly spicy tomato-based sauce. It adds so much flavor!

Frozen Corn Close Up

Okay, kids. Fun’s over!

Back to work I go! πŸ˜€

49 Responses

  1. Those shoes are gorgeous!! I am so excited you found them. You are going to make such a beautiful (and fashionable!) bride.

    Lunch looks tasty, as always!

  2. Yay for getting the shoe you wanted. It is gorgeous!

  3. Whoa. Those are the most beautiful shoes ever. Perfect for a bride! So excited for you! You’re right, no lunch can compare. Hehe.

  4. Those shoes are fantastic…love them. Great height, color, and rockin’ style. So impressed with the choice!

  5. Love the shoes!! Woohoo you finally got ’em!

  6. Those shoes are gorgeous–so happy that you found them! I strongly dislike all “regular” salad dressing, but I LOVE salsa on my salads. It adds just the right kick! You will be a truly beautiful bride! πŸ™‚

  7. Love the shoes! πŸ™‚

  8. I’m so glad you found the shoes!! And I think a more modest heel will do you good with having to stand so much too. πŸ˜‰

  9. Congrats on finding the shoe! Its soooo pretty! How tall are you?

  10. Yay! so glad you got your shoes!!!! I totally get what you must be feeling right now. πŸ™‚

    I got my wedding shoes a month ago and am still in awe every time I pull them out of the closest!! and still over 6 months before i really get to wear them!! lol

  11. Oooh, Love the shoes!!!

  12. I LOVE THEM! I’ve been eyeing another pair of peep toe Badgley MIschka’s with a little rosette (similar to those in your original pair).

  13. Those are gorgeous shoes! I love the color.

  14. Nordstrom is seriously the best store ever! Did you know that if you buy something from there and it goes on sale later you can contact them and they’ll refund you the difference? True story! I got my bridesmaids dresses from there for about $50 each after it was all said and done! Congrats on finally finding THE shoe!

  15. Aw, I love the shoes!! Congrats!

  16. OMG- I got Badgley Mischka shoes too for my wedding πŸ˜€ The ‘Randee’ style- was going to do a post about them on Friday, for wedding Friday- lol!
    I actually ordered mine off of have you heard of it? love that site– wayy too addictive!! πŸ™‚

  17. um, these shoes couldn’t be more perfect for you! i’m so glad you found some you love!

  18. OMG those shoes are fabulous. I’m not surprised they sold so quickly! Glad you were able to find a pair though!

  19. Love those shoes too! Glad they were able to find your size!

  20. those shoes are so pretty! i’m so happy you were able to find them! don’t you love them even more knowing how difficult it was to find?

  21. Your shoes are gorgeous!! Happy you were able to find a pair you like so much.

  22. Those shoes are gorgeous and perfect for you! They seem to suit your personality to a T. I’m so happy you found them! And I agree, a smaller heel was a wise decision. You wouldn’t want your feet to start killing you in the middle of the ceremony.

  23. Those shoes are so pretty! I absolutely love the color. Glad you were able to track them down. Nordstrom can work wonders sometimes.

  24. Those shoes are very cute! I tried them on in blue last time I was at Nordstrom! Perfect evening shoe.

    I was actually shorter than all of my bridesmaids, so I got away with that 5 inch heel!

  25. Such pretty shoes!

  26. Just discovered your blog! πŸ˜€

    I am in LOVE with your wedding shoes! I felt the same way when I got married– I wanted a heel, but I didn’t want to TOWER over everyone else, either! (my husband’s only a few inches taller than me, so I had to be careful about that, too!)

    Those shoes look like they’ll be perfect! Glad you found ’em!

  27. I totally became obsessed and hunted down the Stuart Weitzman pomodoro shoe in poppy for our wedding day. It took me 3 months to get my hands on a pair, but it was worth the wait. I recently planned a whole outfit around them so I could wear them out to dinner on our 1 year anniversary haha. Also, love reading your blog when I get a chance! Added it to my Morning Coffee app on firefox. It is so very you… sweet, smart, and entertaining! πŸ™‚

  28. I love the shoes!

  29. Oh and p.s….. I saw your shoes on one of the shopping sites recently and totally swooned! I even thought to myself “Those are PERFECT wedding shoes”. You’ll have fun coming up with special occasions so you can wear them again after your big day.

  30. Oh my gosh those shoes are precious!! They’re perfect! I love the little pink tulle bow on the toe. Also, yummy looking taco salad! Love ground turkey meat!

  31. Love the shoes! So pretty!

  32. beautiful shoes!

  33. Those shoes are so pretty and wedding-y without being too wedding-y… I could have chosen better words!
    I’ll have to try salsa on my salads some time soon, sounds yummy πŸ™‚

  34. Good news about your shoes! That’s the one I really liked. πŸ™‚

  35. Love Love Love the shoes! Congrats on finding them and for them being en route!

  36. cute shoes!! I searched high and low for my wedding shoes, they were tough to find!

  37. OMG, looooove your shoes!

  38. The shoes are very cute! Although I went the complete opposite route on my day. I knew I wanted to be 100% comfortable so I wore little slippers. Yup, all 5’4” of me standing next to my 6’8” husband in flats! πŸ™‚

  39. I love the shoes! The colors is beautiful!

  40. I love love love the idea of pink wedding shoes–so fun and girly! And with the lower heel, you’ll be able to dance and run around more easily, I’m sure. Congrats!

  41. So glad you found the shoes!! I knew calling Nordstrom would work. πŸ˜‰ (I Tweeted you the style number)

  42. Love those shoes so pretty!
    I have the really high Bagdley Mischka’s you had originally wanted, only in white.
    Had planned to wear them to a wedding over the summer, but they still sit in my closet unworn 😦

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