Taco Pasta

I told you a pasta craving was sparked after lunch today! 😀

Tonight’s dinner included fettuccine noodles, but *shockingly* marinara sauce did not make an appearance.

Before I left for work, I prepared taco-seasoned chicken in the crock pot which made our apartment smell amazing when I walked through the door this afternoon.

I used the chicken to create taco pasta!

taco pasta 023

I made the pasta by combining the following:

I added the cheese to the noodles right when they were done cooking, so the cheese melted and coated all of the noodles perfectly.

The addition of the chicken made the dish take on a Mexican flava that was delicious!

taco pasta 030

taco pasta 025

This was a great twist on my normal noodle bowls which almost always feature marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese.


Rollin’ In

Look what have started rollin’ in…

taco pasta 034

Wedding RSVP cards!

We got a bunch in the mail today… and so far every single one is a YES!

I’m off to sort the RSVP cards in a mini filing box that my mom gave to me before doing some dishes.

Why do dishes seem to accumulate so quickly?

29 Responses

  1. The wedding RSVPs are so exciting I bet!

  2. love the pasta! it looks fresh and yummy.

  3. Pasta with laughing cow is sooo good!

  4. Yeah for RSVPs!

  5. Ahh! I loved getting back in RSVP’s!!! We had a question on the bottom of our RSVP’s: “What song will get you on the dance floor?” It was so fun finding out what everyone wanted to hear!

  6. Although I am not a pasta gal, that sure does look delicious 🙂

    Yeah! for the RSVP’s coming in, I am so excited for you!

  7. Ahh that’s so weird, I had taco pasta for dinner too!! I did whole wheat penne w/ black beans, corn, salsa and a chipotle laughing cow. Tossed in chopped lettuce at the very end!

  8. Great dinner idea! I’ve never seen taco pasta but what a great idea.

    AHHH how exciting! RSVPS are the best kind of mail. 🙂

  9. AH! RSVP’s are so exciting! I loved that part!

  10. CAN’T wait to see all of your wedding pictures!! 😀 I’m so excited for you!!
    And, I always love to see the creations that you come up with for dinner. Not only are they usually like 30 minutes or less (which is PERFECT) they are SO delicious. You quite the mind to see what flavors taste good together! This is another recipe I cannot wait to try!

  11. Yayyy exciting about the RSVP’s!!!

    Taco pasta looks so good..I am having a taco salad tonight! The ground turkey is ready to go, I just have to assemble the salad part!

  12. You are so creative with your meals! First the apple sandwich thing, and now this! Nice. 🙂 What ideas will tomorrow bring!?!?

  13. Love the idea of a taco pasta salad! Genius!

    Aw, that’s sooo exciting about your RSVPS! 🙂

  14. I hate dishes…mainly because I feel like I am ALWAYS doing them. Hope you have a good rest of the night.

  15. Oooooo the RSVP’s are so exciting!!
    And I hear ya on the dishes…I swear somebody else comes into the kitchen and creates more when I’m not here! 😉

  16. Awesome cards – so, SO exciting 😀 Much needed for a Monday, right?? 🙂

    I LOVE taco seasoning, it’s so versatile! Hope you have a great evening Julie!

  17. Today at lunch a coworker busted out some broccoli slaw… I asked if that’s what it was and he looked at me weird and was like, “Yes, you’ve heard of it?” I totally thought of you.

  18. Genius! I love pasta, but sometimes the old marinara/red sauce dish gets a little old.

    So exciting that the RSVP’s are starting to roll in! That means one thing, reality has to be setting in more and more! Yayy!

  19. Mexi pasta is a mainstay in my kitchen. I find all kinds of fun variations.

  20. That pasta is so different and sounds delicious. I love Italian and Mexican food so the two together is definitely a great combo.

    How exciting about your RSVPs coming in, by the way. You wedding day is getting so close!

  21. I remember when I started getting the RSVP cards. I would get even more excited to get the mail each day than I already do!

  22. SO much fun to get the RSVP’s!!!!

    Your taco pasta sounds delicious–would have never thought of that myself. Yum!

  23. Oooo, taco pasta–yummy! I agree with the dishes; do they ever end!?!

  24. Looks delicious. I’m still more excited about trying that apple-granola breakfast recipe, though.

  25. That sounds so strange, but I can see how it would be good. I love tacos and I love pasta, so…

  26. taco pasta! how fun! and i always loved getting rsvps. i didn’t get to open many of them because they arrived at my parents house but i called home all the time asking on the rsvp status! 🙂

  27. Wow, how exciting! I can’t wait to start sending out invitations!

  28. I love the idea of the taco pasta! Looks yummy.

  29. Love the idea of adding laughing cow to your pasta for a creamy yet healthy addition!

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