Place of Engagement

Lunch came together quickly this afternoon.

houstons 001

I prepared a cheese and tomato bagelwich by melting Muenster cheese on a Toufayan everything bagel thin and smearing one half of the bagel with raspberry wasabi honey mustard.

houstons 005

houstons 007

Along with my bagelwich I enjoyed cucumber slices and a can of La Croix grapfruit-flavored sparkling water.

houstons 003

Funny story about La Croix… When Ryan was in college, he had a professor that would always drink La Croix and none of the students knew what he was drinking. At the end of the semester when the professor opened up the floor for questions one last time, a student raised their hand and asked whether or not he had been sippin’ beer every day! 🙂

Nope, just some bubbly H20.


This afternoon Ryan and I ran all over Orlando completing some wedding-related errands.

We worked up quite an appetite and when Ryan suggested heading to Houston’s for dinner, I was more than game!

Houston’s is one of our favorite restaurants, and we had not paid a visit to the hot spot in nearly a year.

Our last time visiting Houston’s was on the night that Ryan proposed on October 3, 2009. Needless to say, we had a great time reminiscing about the night we became engaged this evening.

We began our meal by sharing a bowl of chili with a side of tortilla chips.

houstons 014

houstons 011

The chili was good and the bites with the thick pieces of cheddar cheese were my fav.

Whenever we go out to eat Ryan and I always order different entrees, but tonight we selected the exact same meal.

houstons 015

The French dip sandwich!

This sandwich is unreal. Ryan has ordered it every time we’ve visited Houston’s and it is truly amazing. I always try to branch out and order something different, but tonight all I wanted was this sandwich!

houstons 016

The roast beef is served on a homemade buttery croissant (that they then smear with more butter) and comes with a side of au jous for dipping.

houstons 017

Though the meat is perfectly moist, the croissant truly makes the sandwich. I ate it UP.

So, so good.


Buckle up, friends, because what I’m about to show you is my absolute favorite dish I’ve ever ordered at any restaurant… EVER.

houstons 020

Houston’s hot fudge sundae comes with the creamiest whipped cream, the sweetest sugar-coated pecans and the thickest, most chocolatey hot fudge sauce in the whole world.

It is my favorite dish – appetizer, entree, dessert or otherwise – ever.

houstons 018

houstons 021

Before digging into the sundae, we topped off our big bowl with ample amounts of hot fudge.

I think we both said “This is sooooo good” and “This is unbelievable” at least five times.

You put two ice cream fanatics in front of that dessert and the end result a bowl that has been all but licked clean.

houstons 024 

We did some serious damage.

After finishing our sundae and wishing the bowl would automatically refill itself, Ryan and I headed outside, behind the back of the restaurant to hang out by the lake.

houstons 026

houstons 027

We enjoyed looking out at the dock where we ate dinner the night of our engagement.

houstons 025

Memories! 😀

houstons 028

It was a lil’ too sunny, so we didn’t last too long, but it was still wonderful to enjoy the company of my fiancé while reminiscing about such a fun day in our lives.

Tonight will be spent messing with the dog on the couch while watchin’ a movie.

Father of the Bride, perhaps?

See you in the a.m.!

28 Responses

  1. That’s SO funny. One of my profs drinks La Croix and I was so curious as to what it was!! Thanks for clearing it up, haha

  2. Ah, I love Father of the Bride. I watched it countless times before my wedding, and i still do today!

  3. Ah! I love that movie too! I’ve seen it (and FOTB2) more times than I can count 🙂

  4. Wow! Y’all DESTROYED that dessert! 😉 Excellent.

    Ugh! That is the best movie ever! The questions is: can I convince my husband to watch it? We’ll see… 🙂

  5. That la croix story is awesome! i would have been the same way – totally clueless!

  6. Father of the bride= Best movie ever! Excellent choice Julie! =)

  7. That is too cute. Reminiscing is always so special 🙂 And better with dessert!

    Father of the Bride is one of my all-time FAVORITE movies! It never ever gets old. Enjoy it! 🙂

  8. raspberry wasabi honey mustard!?!?! That sounds like something I want to try! I love French dips!!

  9. Houston’s is utterly ah-mazing! i’m personally a big fan of their burger but my friend alllllways orders the french dip! yumyumyum

  10. Houston’s is my favorite restaurant! Mmm, makes me want a French dip. Although I don’t think I’ve ever had dessert there before. I’m always too full from the spinach dip and my entree. But it appears that I am missing out.

  11. You two are sooo cute!! and your sandwiches and chili look very good!

    check out my new blog!!

    ha and btw you inspired me to write m blog+ start eating cucumbers as a side with my lunch! I used to only do apples! haha

  12. That looks like so much fun! The dessert especially. I’m always the opposite, I tend to find a dish I like at a restaurant and then that’s all I want to get any time we eat there.

  13. You are such a cute couple together 🙂 Funny story about the sparkling water! I’d never heard of La Croix either though. And that dessert looks phenomenal!

  14. Every time you talk about those bagels, I have to do a double-take, thinking you’re referring to tofu-bagels. That would be an interesting concept!

    Houston’s is my FAVORITE. Have you ever had the grilled artichoke? That would be (part of) my last meal.

  15. You two are so cute together! I’m so glad you are engaged and so happy with one another. You will make a perfect married couple!

  16. I’m sure you get this all the time, but you guys make a beautiful couple!

  17. I love Houstons! I’ve tried their vegetable burger and vegetable platter, both were amazing! Never had their dessert but now I’m wishing I knew their sundae looked like that because I would of ordered it!!! Now I know for next time. 😉

  18. Wow that dessert looks SERIOUSLY amazing!

    Fun that you and Ryan have your “spot”! Looks like a great dinner and beautiful evening to stroll after!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  19. Can’t believe you didn’t get spinach and artichoke dip @ Houstons! 😉 when I was in middle school my family went there every Sunday after church, and I’d order it for my *meal.* it’s that good!

  20. Ooooooh that dessert looks incredible!

  21. Such a cute post 🙂 I love how you guys sat out by the lake & reflected on nearly a year ago! Can’t wait to see all of your wedding things come together- SO EXCITED for you both!!

  22. That food looks amazing! You guys are so cute together!

  23. That sundae looks phenomenal!

  24. So I just wanted to thank you for reminding me of how much I LOVE flavored sparkling water 🙂 it’s so refreshing!

  25. sounds like a fun & ronantic dinner 🙂

  26. […] Well, unless lunch was an ice cream sundae from Houston’s. […]

  27. You need to include that dessert in your wedding! It would personalize it so much; adding a little piece of you and Ryan! A sundae bar sounds so good!!!

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