On the Right Foot

Friday started off on the right foot!

Walk, Walk, Walk

Today is one of the every other Fridays that Ryan has off of work, so he joined me and Sadie on our morning walk!

She's Just a Love Machine

Yup, She's a Daddy's Girl

Tour de Orlando

"Let Gooo! That Squirrel is Getting Away!"

We walked for about 40 minutes and enjoyed watching Sadie terrorize play with the birds around the lake.

Heeeere Swany, Swany!

It was nice to enjoy a moment of calm before the kickoff of the work day!


Pre-walk Ryan and I headed to the gym for a good workout.

While he hit the weight room, I took a BodyPump class followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical.


After arriving home from our walk with Sadie, I immediately enjoyed a peanut butter finger while preparing a random assortment of goodies for breakfast.

Friday Breakfast

On today’s menu was a cheese roll up along with a chopped fruit salad comprised of a sliced apple and peach and a small bowl of Gerber Graduates Apple Cinnamon Puffs.

The Right Time To Rooooll With Me

Baby Food for Big Girls

Quite the hodge podge, but it was delicious!

Now it’s time to w-o-r-k.

Happy Friday, friends!

Of Possible Interest

26 Responses

  1. aww your doggie is so cute! looks like a great morning walk 🙂 i heard those gerber graduates were great substitutions for trail mix. gonna have to try them soon!

  2. Looks like a yummy and healthy breakfast. Happy Friday!

  3. Your dog is so adorable, I want one to call my own! 😉 It’s so nice having so much time in the morning that you can go to the gym and take a relaxing walk all before work starts. Amen to waking up early!

  4. Sadie is so cute and looks SO energetic!

  5. Is Sadie wearing one of those harnesses that prevent a dog from pulling? My dog needs one of those….
    I live in Orlando too, and my dog is afraid of those swans around Lake Eola. Tiny lizards are more his style. 🙂

  6. it cracks me up you eat the baby cereal, but it’s so good!

  7. Roll To Me.. such a classic 🙂

    Happy Friday indeed!! yaay

  8. I laughed so hard at the part about Sadie playing/terriozing the birds! haha And the squirrel part too! 🙂

  9. I have a question for you. 🙂

    you seem to get up so early for your workouts before work… what kind of hours do you work? when do you go to bed during the week?

    ok that’s 2 questions 😉 but i’m just curious as i’m trying to figure out if I could in any way possible work morning runs into my routine once the time changes and it’s too dark to run outdoors after work.


    • i work full-time (40 hrs. a week). i usually arrive at work a little before 9 a.m. ryan & i try to be in bed by 10 p.m. almost every night (though last night we were in bed by 11).

      i actually did a blog post about how to transition into morning workouts, in case you’re interested: http://pbfingers.com/2010/08/16/how-to-work-out-in-the-morning/

      • so you’re schedule is fairly similar to mine. i work full-time as well but my hrs are 8-5 so i’m already up at 6:15 and go to bed around 10.

        Thank you for the insight though and I’ll definitely check out that post – I must have missed it when you originally posted.

        If only there were 1 or 2 more hrs in the day! 😉

  10. Sadie is presh…!

    Koda loves ducks, too! She swims after them in the lake and it’s so funny!

  11. What a great morning! I wish i had every other Friday off! 🙂

  12. sadie is sooo cute!

  13. These family morning walks sound perfect! 🙂

  14. That morning walk looks like a great start of your Friday 🙂

  15. Love the photo of you hugging Sadie and she’s soo not paying attention. 🙂 what a crazy cute pup.

  16. Love the Sadie pics, especially last nights 🙂 We used to give Abby girl a kong filled with PB and laugh at her attempting to get it out! Does that harness help with keeping Sadie from pulling? And yay happy Friday!

  17. I love that pic of you and Sadie!! I just read your post about Ryan and the blog, and you made such a good point about cultivating personal relationships instead of blogging. I’ll always be able to post later, but the time lost with loved ones is something I’ll never get back!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  18. Would Sadie go after an animal? Clifford keeps chasing birds and squirrels and I am actually afraid he might catch one.

  19. you have such a cute family.

    I love the breakfast it reminds me of a kid lunch back in elementary school… that is a complete 100% good thing I promise

  20. EVERYTIME i see you, your always glowing! so beautiful ❤

    btw ur cookies in the last post turned out so scrumptious! i was so impressed ❤ but not surprised because ur so freaking talented!


  21. Hmmmm….Fitnessista by any chance???

  22. sadie is so cute!

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