Moderation Nation

Wanna know something that will probably make me seem a little looney?

Nearly all of my lunchtime pictures are taken either the night before or right after I eat my morning breakfast. I almost always assemble my lunch and then pack it all up to enjoy at work every day.

Today I forgot to snap photos of my lunch in the morning, so please enjoy these office lunch photos!

The Real Deal

This is the real Peanut Butter Fingers. πŸ˜‰

(Does anyone else remember the old “Diary” shows that would detail a celebrity’s “real life” on MTV? This is the diary of Peanut Butter Fingers…)

Today’s lunch included a Muenster cheese bagelwich with leftover roasted asparagus and a sliced green pepper (most of which was consumed pre-photos).

Best Part of the Meal

I forgot how tasty Muenster cheese is… I must enjoy this cheese more often!

Roasted Asparagus

Green Pep

And this concludes the desk-side lunch show. πŸ˜‰

Moderation Nation

If there’s one thing that I hear over and over again in the healthy living blog world, it’s that moderation is the key when it comes to diet, exercise and living a healthy life.

Want a cookie? Eat it… but not the whole batch.

Want to maintain an exercise routine? Work out often, but give yourself at least one day off from the gym a week to avoid burnout and allow your body to recover.

Want to be a healthy eating superstar? Incorporate lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains and healthy fats into your diet, but don’t deny yourself indulgent foods every once in a while. One small brownie a day is a-okay.

The whole “everything in moderation” mentality has been touted by nutrition and fitness experts for years.

This morning I read an article on that introduced a new resource offered by the American Dietetic Association and the Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition.

Moderation Nation

The program, called Moderation Nation, will allow adults aged 18 and older to receive a free visit (via mail-in rebate) with an ADA registered dietitian (up to $250 value).

According to the Moderation Nation website, the initiative will allow people to take advantage of services offered by registered dietitians, including:

  • A personalized approach to dietary advice and weight management, because one size does not fit all
  • Importance of eating a variety of foods from every group – in balance and in moderation
  • Pay attention to calorie consumption
  • Understand how healthy eating and physical activity are both important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Kinda cool, huh?

Tonight I have plans to attend a nutrition seminar after work. I absolutely love learning anything and everything I can about food, fitness and healthy living and think Moderation Nation will be a valuable resource for many.

To me, this initiative is a great way to jump start healthy living for people who may feel overwhelmed or lost when it comes to eating healthy foods or beginning an exercise routine. Hopefully meeting with a professional will allow many to learn more about their bodies andΒ  their needs and get even more people to hop aboard the healthy-living train.

Choo, chooooo! πŸ˜€

Questions of the Afternoon

  • Have you ever met with a dietitian, nutritionist or personal trainer? Did you find it helpful?
  • Would you want to meet with a dietitian?

42 Responses

  1. I also think it’s great for people who feel overwhelmed or intimidated by fitness and nutrition. It always helps to have some outside perspective!

  2. I always wondered if you took your lunch photos in the morning or went home for lunch. Smart!

  3. I do wellness coaching for a living and therefore network a lot with personal trainers and RDs, but never actually have had a consultation with one to analyze my diet. I’d love to do that! Like you, I’m always looking to expand my knowledge πŸ™‚

  4. I would love to meet with a RD! So many questions…

  5. I’ve met with a personal trainer, but didn’t do more than one session. I’d love to meet with a dietitian. I think I’m generally well-versed in nutrition, but it’d be nice to see where a pro thinks I’m lacking.

  6. I have not met with anyone…I have kind of figured out a lot of the stuff I know on my own. I was thinking about meeting with one awhile back when I was shopping in a huge grocery store and was confused by “low fat” “fat free’ “low sodium” ‘sugar free’ and trying to determine which one was best!

  7. I love muenster cheese! It’s been too long. Thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚

  8. Meeting with a dietician is something I always wanted to do. I’m always curious about different food and nutrition.

    By the way, you bagelwich made me instantly hungry. πŸ˜›

  9. I used a personal trainer in high school, I don’t really recall it making much of a difference. I would love a nutritionist or personal trainer now though.

  10. I met with a nutritionist in high school and it was very helpful and informative. At the time, I wasn’t eating nearly enough, and she really opened up my eyes!

  11. I had a personal trainer for almost the first year of my weight-loss. He helped me lose 50lbs, and I really credit him for motivating me, showing me workout tips, and helping me revamp what I was eating. He really focused on building lean muscles to kick start my metabolism, and his constant encouragement helped me so much.

    I’ve got it down now, but I really think having a trainer was key to my ultimate success.

  12. I haven’t met with any but if they were qualified and cared about actually sharing information instead of getting me to sign my life savings away, I would love to hear their thoughts. I think that initiative is a really cool idea!

  13. I saw a nutritionist several times last year in order to make sure that my diet was nutritionally sound, and she really helped me change my eating to include more lean protein, “good” fat, and carbs. I am about to have a consultation with a sports nutritionist, and I can’t wait! I also want to learn everything I can about food and proper eating for athletes, so I love seeing a nutritionist. I saw a horrible one in college, though, who told me to eat more calories through ice cream, puddings, etc. NOT a good match for me! πŸ™‚

  14. That’s a really cool initiative. Thanks for sharing. Also, I like the Real Peanut Butter Fingers just as much. πŸ™‚ Your bagelwich looks delicious.

  15. I think that would be a great resource for people who don’t understand healthy eating! Obesisty is often found in low income families so the fact that this is free is great! I hope they can get the word out efficiently. I’ve visited with a nutritionist before when I was having health problems, but she didn’t really help. BUT that was just my experience and I know a lot of people who have had good experiences also.

  16. It might be neat, but I can’t afford such things. Being on SparkPeople has taught me a LOT of things and best part of all it’s free.

    I’m so glad I found it too, since I’m now 90-ish pounds lighter!

  17. I saw a dietitian several times through a work “Biggest Loser”-type program. While it was helpful, I wasn’t in the right mindset to appreciate and understand the lessons. It really was all about moderation, and I wanted to have more structure than what I was given. I’d love to see one now, though, as my mind (and palate) have opened up.

  18. i was lucky enough to have a mom as a dietitian…i can say i’ve learned so much from her. I would encourage everyone to go even just once and the moderation nation is a great idea!

  19. I have met with a Nutrionist who was very helpful in explaining the benefit of combining unlike foods (protein and carbs), like an apple with pb or nuts with carrots so you get the full punch.

    I also learned that I should not be gorging so much on the weekends and increase my cals during the week. Who knew?

  20. i think it would be cool, but i’m actually really individualistic and really just want to do my own thing when it comes down to it!

  21. I’m working on becoming a dietitian πŸ™‚

  22. You sammich made me hungry! Your lunch would keep me full for approximately 62 minutes. πŸ™‚

  23. Great blog!

    I take pictures of my food at night too!! You can check out my very new blog at

    I have gone to see a personal trainer before and continue to take personalized group training classes. I found it was very helpful when I made the transition from cardio based workouts to strength training!!

  24. I love muenster cheese!! That lunch looks so good! I feel like hot sandwiches just like that are so simple but still delicious! Especially on an everything bagel thin. I love asparagus as well. That and broccoli are probably part of my top 3 favorite veggies!

  25. How come you never eat real bagels?

    • i like them, but for sandwiches, etc. i think they take over the meal & i wanna taste the insides of my sandwiches. to me, cheese > bread.

  26. OMG that totally brought me back!! I think the only MTV Diary I actually saw was Christina Aguilera’s. I remember being appalled to learn she ate Carl’s Jr. often. Or maybe it was Burger King?

  27. Hahaha I have always looked at your lunch pictures and thought “does she bring that placemat to work?”

    Now I get it! Great idea!

  28. I also take pictures with me of food that I am packing for lunch or snacks. It’s just easier for me (and then I don’t have to worry about lugging my camera around).

    Moderation is key, you are right there. I try to make every meal and snack enjoyable so that I don’t feel like I am missing out!

  29. I smiled as I read this post because I was eating a cookie. πŸ˜‰

    I would meet a dietician just to check how my diet should change from regular running to when I am running ultras.

  30. what a good resource! i hope people take advantage of it πŸ™‚

  31. I am an RD! I think Moderation Nation looks like a great program. Dietitians are incredibly underutilized and they are such a great resource! I used to work as a nutrition counselor and most of the clients I saw where people who were already overweight or already had diabetes or kidney disease. I wish more people would (or could cost-wise) see a nutrition professional as a preventative measure BEFORE getting the diseases or becoming overweight. It’s great to see a step in the right direction though.

  32. I have never met with a dietician, but I would love to! I think I eat somewhat healthy–healthier than average–but I’d like to know how I can improve.

    I also thoroughly belief in moderation. If I don’t have a little something sweet every once and a while, my cravings go wild and I end up having an entire day of binging that leaves me feeling sick.

  33. I had an RD when I was recovering from anorexia. She was a good resource because of her nutrition knowledge, but also because I felt like I could trust her opinion of food and weight more than my own. I think that sort of human connection is imperative for those looking to get healthy.

  34. I love Muenster cheese too!! There’s a pizza place here that uses that cheese on their pizza and it’s so good!

  35. You think you know, but you have no idea…

    I’ve been quite curious about the placement that’s in most of your lunch shots. Sneaky sneaky.

  36. What kind of bagels do you use? I think they look super tasty!

  37. I like what you said about moderation. I always try to exercise moderation but sometimes I get a bit carried away – Cookies and pretzels are usually the problem. 😦

  38. …peanut butter! πŸ˜‰

  39. Hahaa I always wondered why I never see you taking your lunch pics! πŸ™‚

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