Switching Roles

Sick boy thanks you guys for all of your get well wishes!

He also thanked me for preparing a yummy dinner of BBQ pulled chicken with roasted asparagus.

bbq chicken 012

bbq chicken 013

While I tended to the chicken and veggies, Ryan helped out by balling a large honeydew that we enjoyed along with our meal.

bbq chicken 011

The melon was deliciously sweet and juicy.

We actually switched tasks halfway through dinner preparation. Ryan pulled the remaining chicken breasts and I balled the second half of the melon. What can I say, he’s the meat man after all… and I really don’t care for cutting or pulling meat.


I’m off to hang out with Ryan and Sadie on the couch and catch up on last week’s episode of Jersey Shore.

Don’t knock it ‘til ya watch it! 😉


If you’re feeling extra snacky today, pop on over to Tina’s blog and bid on some yummy baked goods, including my flourless peanut butter cookies! All of the money raised will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Now go eat some cookies for cancer! 😉

17 Responses

  1. I understand how Ryan is doing, I actually looked up excercising while sick yesterday! I am glad he is able to eat! I also can’t wait to try that BBQ pulled pork recipe! I can’t wait to check out Tina’s Blog!
    Have a good night! 🙂

  2. Tried one of your recipes tonight… Sooo good!! Blogging about it mañana 🙂

    ::fist pump::

  3. Your melon looks ballin’! Oh dear, too cheesy?

  4. Yum the Asparagus looks so good. I get nervous about buying asparagus out of season but yours looks good.

  5. Jersey Shore is so bad and so good. haha I never knew watching trashy people doing trashy things could be so entertaining.

  6. I haven’t had honeydew in sooo long. I like it so much more than cantaloupe. I gotta go get some soon!

  7. Your honeydew looks phenom!

  8. Your meals always look so great and simple, which is nice because when you’re a student it’s hard to prepare elaborate meals. Your meals are the perfect balance!

  9. That honeydew looks so good! So does the chicken and asparagus.

  10. I can’t stand pulling/shredding meat either. Definitely Peter’s job. Hope Ryan feels better.

  11. My kind of recipe–simple. I need to do that!

  12. Makes me so glad I don’t eat meat! I once made a meatloaf for my husband and was sooo disugsted the whole time!

    The melon looks fabulous!

  13. i like to just pretend that meat arrives on the table already perfectly prepared and that no work is required 🙂 denial yes, but it works.

  14. Hope Ryan is feeling better!! I thought the melon was grapes when I first glanced at it…perfectly shaped, I can never get mine to look that good! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  15. i got honeydew this week but it was not good 😦 yours looks yummy!

  16. That melon looks so delicious! I hope Ryan feels better soon. Being sick is no fun!

  17. Honeydew is one fruit I dont like!

    hope your manfriend gets better!

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