A Craft Store Threw Up in My House

It’s official.

Wedding crafts took over the day!

I don’t want to reveal our crafty projects on the blog before the big day, but here’s a little preview:

club house dinner 006

Intrigued? 😉

For the better part of the day, it looked like a craft store threw up all over our house. Fabric, stamps, paper, scissors and picture frames were everywhere!

My mom is seriously an angel and has done an amazing job with many of the projects. It’s like she has a little peep-hole right into my brain and can help me bring my ideas to fruition. Muchas gracias, Mama! 😀

It seems that crafting makes me very snacky, so I snacked through the day and never really sat down to a big lunch. I really hate it when that happens because I end up eating more than I would if I sat down to a real meal and the foods I consume are never as nutritious… think pre-packaged sugary, white-flour laden goodies… and a bowl or two of ice cream.


Around 6 p.m., my dad suggested we head out for dinner, so we headed to The Clubhouse for sandwiches and soup.

I ordered a marinated veggie sandwich served on Ciabatta bread with feta and Provolone cheese, along with a cup of Navy bean soup.

club house dinner 003

club house dinner 001

My dad also let me have a few bites of his fish and chips.

club house dinner 004

The chips were clearly homemade and were so delicious! They were kettle-cooked, crunchy and perfectly salted.

For dessert, my mom and I shared a big slice of banana chocolate cake, encrusted with macadamia nuts on the outside edge.

club house dinner 005

The cake was served with caramel and sweet cream condensed milk for dipping.


Now it’s time for b-e-d.

I’m planning on waking up extra early to sneak in a workout before I pay a visit to the dentist.

Off to brush my teeth and floss (maybe)! 😀

28 Responses

  1. I always end up doing a lot of snacking on Sundays too. (Like I am today!)

  2. Sweet cream condensed milk…omg! Just a tad rich for my taste, but still sounds good. 🙂

  3. I used to be such a snacker on the weekends, so I know exactly how those days are! I mean, why sit down for a meal when you can grab a bite of this or a bowl of that?

    That cake does look delicious! I bet that one would give me sweet dreams 🙂

  4. I get frustrated too when I snack too much and then am not hungry for lunch or dinner. I enjoy making a full meal and sitting down to eat it. It just isn’t as satisfying if the meal comes in snacky parts. 😦

  5. Yep I do that. I hate when I get snack instead of having a real cause like you I always end up eating more than I would if I just ate a meal. I just finished planning my meals for the week in order to try to keep myself from snacking through meals

  6. Ughh, I hate the dentist – best of luck!

  7. I find now that I’m back at school and back to studying and homework, my eating habits have turned into full out snack fests all day. I agree with you, I end up eating way more than I would have, plus I ruin my appetite for dinner!

  8. I’m just starting to plan my wedding and am really hoping to get all crafty with things as well. Hopefully you are having a ton of fun with it! All the hard work will definitely be worth it!

  9. That dessert just made my mouth water.

  10. whatever you’re making, it the pieces look good! i wish i were crafty….

    omg, that banana chocolate cake looks amazing!

  11. dentist appointments always require extra brushing and flossing 😉 i always go crazy, so the dentist doesn’t look at my mouth with disgust.

    wedding crafts can quickly take over any day.

  12. Haha I love the title of this post! 🙂

    That cake looks incredible, I’m really starting to hate that I’m allergic to bananas.

  13. Oh. My. Gosh. That cake looks like my ideal dessert… And I’m not even a big cake fan!

  14. seriously, we STILL have stuff laying around from our wedding invitations…only 4 years later. CRAZY!

  15. I definitely snack more on Sundays. I dont know what it is about them, I just always feel the urge to do that! But, I definitely know what you mean about getting annoyed when you just snack all day instead of eating healthy meals! Happens to the best of us! =)

  16. my mom says i need to BACK AWAY FROM THE CRAFT STORE! its like casinos for gamblers…seriously, i know the feeling, just cant help urself lol


  17. i cant wait to see the finished crafts!

  18. That cake is what I want for breakfast.

  19. Mmmm, that cake sounds incredible! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you guys have been working on.

  20. Your sandwich looks delicious – I love ciabatta bread!

  21. I love crafts…I can’t wait to see the finished product!! And ohmygosh, that cake looks to die for. Totally something my mom and I would share too 🙂 Hope you have a great Monday love!!

  22. That sandwich looks delicious! And what a coincidence that I’m going to the dentist too today, except I’m not going for a checkup, I’m getting a cavity filled 😦 Then I have to go to school with a big numb mouth… Yay
    Good luck with the crafting, so far it’s looking beautiful!

  23. aww crafting is so fun! and that cake looks amazing.

  24. Sweet cream condensed milk with a piece of banana bread sounds so delicious!

    I love the wedding crafts! Looks like fun!

  25. I’ve never seen the ‘chips’ part of fish and chips taken that way- it’s the British chips, or fries-big thick wedges of spiced sweet potato at my favorite place 😀

  26. That cake looks divine! I might need to try and recreate that at home…

  27. Your whole meal at the clubhouse looks delicious!! I love that sandwich :). Come home again this weekend! I’ll be there!

  28. The food looks great! Although I always like it when “chips” means fries. 😉

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