I just realized something this morning. I’ve been severely neglecting my love of Greek yogurt.

For some reason, I’ve been bypassing the creamy, protein-packed lil’ cups every day for the past week or so.

It was high time to change that!

Hello Again, Old Friend

I made myself a bowl of yogurt mousse, using a cup of plain Greek yogurt and a big spoonful of instant chocolate pudding mix.

I then topped the chocolate-flavored yogurt with a sliced frozen banana.


Time for a Bite

Neglected, no more! 😀


Today’s workout had me sweatin’!

I took a BodyPump class, followed by 10 minutes of cardio split between the stair master and the elliptical.

The teacher at my gym this morning annoyed me a little because she was pretty negative and was a stickler for form. I totally understand the importance of proper form, but I could tell her intense focus on the improper form of certain class participants made some people uncomfortable.

It’s all about the delivery!

Had she harped on the proper way to do certain exercises with a positive tone, it would’ve made all the difference. I don’t think most group exercisers want to feel like they’re back in school and getting reprimanded. A polite correction is appreciated, but a condescending one is not. I even saw three people leave before the third track was over.

Question of the Morning

Have you ever had a bad experience with a group exercise instructor?

I think my worst experience was during a spinning class several months ago.

The instructor was a big, beefy guy who never got on the bike, played screaming heavy metal music and danced like he was in a club the whole time (as in he never moved his feet, but grooved in one spot like a mega-tool). You could tell he thought he was a hottie tottie. Not my cuppa tea!

33 Responses

  1. Yummy, your breakfast looks so good!

    Oh man,one that comes to mind was during a Bikram yoga class and the instructor turned the humidity up, did not turn the fans on or open the door. People were passing out right and left and she wouldn’t even let us leave the room! She stood by the door denying people to exit. Let’s just say, I believe a lot of people complained which soon led to her leaving the studio.

  2. Yes, in step class the teacher wanted those of us in the middle that weren’t so good to move to the back of a crowded class. I guess she has her reasons, but if I can’t see the right steps I’m never going to get it. It was her meaness that I didn’t like.

  3. Breakfast looked great! That instructor… not so great. I really don’t like that tone. Doesn’t work for me. My boss sometimes speaks to me that way and it’s so irritating. There’s a nice way to deliver constructive criticism without being condesending.

  4. wow if I was new, and not already committed to the class, I would have never gone back to anyone class like that again. that sucks. At least you got a good workout?

  5. I went to a spin class once and the instructor was probably in her 60’s, she made us wait while she was primping in front of the entire class, even got out the aqua net hairspray and was clouding up the room with it. Then she turned off all the lights, except a couple black lights, blasted club music and was singing (horribly) while huffing and puffing into her microphone the whole time. I left early and was deaf for about 2 it was the worst.

  6. Omg! I recently just had the same situation as you happen at spinning class! What is up with that?!

  7. I’ve never had an experience that bad with an exercise class! I hope I never have to go through somthing like that!

  8. i’ve never really had a horrible instructor experience…but i did have a yoga instructor who breathed really heavily the whole time. kinda creepy 🙂

  9. Your yogurt mousse looks great. I am a big fan of Greek yogurt. I may have to give this a try.

  10. I’ve had a similar situation in body pump also. This lady is the sweetest person alive outside the class, but its like something happens to her when she puts on that headset and she goes into total roid rage lol. At one point she stopped completely what she was doing to go correct this girl who was new after YELLING at her multiple times. The girl was very embarrassed and I haven’t seen her since. The same lady also teaches spin and decided that I had to stare at her the whole class because when she caught me staring out of the window she began snapping at me and told me to pay attention.

  11. I know exactly what you mean, I have 2 different pump teachers, and the same class/same routine feels totally different with a different instructor! I hate when instructors are ‘drill sergeants!’ It’s like helloooo…we are paying to come here, you don’t need to yell at us! 🙂

  12. Greek yogurt + chocolate pudding mix = GENIUS! I have recently discovered the wonder and versatility of Greek yogurt and have been using it in everything! Can’t wait to try this!

  13. I hate being called out! Yoga is the worst because I’m trying to not stress and then I start stressing about whether my feet are exactly hip-width apart or not….hate that, not peaceful.

  14. Sorry about the nasty instructor!! At least you were still able to get a good workout in 🙂 and it’s FRIDAY! Plus, Greek yogurt makes any morning better, especially if you haven’t had it in a while.

    I remember taking a spinning class and the dude played seriously BOOO-RING songs, I just couldn’t get into the groove, you know? I was about to sing to myself. Although I may have caused the class to go deaf 😉

  15. Ugh, I don’t like terror during workouts.
    When I practiced karate, I hated when this one teacher kicked our butts off, and kept yelling that we can do it, that the pain doesn’t mater bla bla…
    Pain does matter, and nobody should push it too hard.

  16. Sorry you had a horrible instructor! 😦
    But at least breakfast looks yummy! I wish I could eat bananas though (allergic!)

  17. I’ve defintiely had some bad experiences. The worst was with a particular Bikram instructor. I used to practice Bikram 5 days a week. Unfortunately he has taken over the evening classes and I’ve since cut back my routine. I miss Bikram but I have never left his class feeling good. He’s actually the owner of the studio and on a total power trip. It’s the worst. Ugh I shudder just thinking about it.

  18. I’m dying laughing at the image of the beefy guy club dancing in the spin room!

    When I used to take Body Combat, I took fromt he same awesome instructor most of the time who liked to kick it up a notch and make certain things harder. She had a sub once that got so mad when we would do the harder variations and was practically screaming for us to follow her. I guess we should’ve just done it her way, but she was ridiculous and seriously angry.

  19. Before I started teaching in college, I went to a class where the girl was totally off beat with the music. SO ANNOYING.

  20. I really don’t like when instructors single people out in class! I feel like if they notice improper form, give a pointer to the whole class and hopefully the person will fix it himself! There’s one spin instructor at my gym who is pretty horrible … it’s sad because he’s trying to be fun and have it be like a party, but he’s always like, “Come on, make it sexy!” and then will dance around the room and stuff … no one’s really that into it (if we wanted to dance we’d go to a dance class haha) and it’s pretty annoying!

  21. Wow, what a breakfast. I am NOT a fan of critical fitness instructors. You have a full array of people in a class, and the instructor most likely does not know any of them very well. Some people respond well to criticism, others crumble, others feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. A good instructor should go over to the person and help reposition them or give them a few points– quietly and more discreetly. No one is there to be criticized in front of everyone!

  22. That’s exactly why I don’t take group fitness classes. I’m so terribly uncoordinated, but I fear the instructor making fun. It happened one time and I’ll never do that again!

  23. I have never had a bad instructor experience. I haven’t taken that many classes, though.

    I would definitely never return to a class where I felt uncomfortable. I already suffer from social phobia, and it takes a lot out of me to be out in public in the first place!

  24. Ugh, I had a similar experience last week. I tried a new instructor who was a very pudgy man and every time we had to sprint he would get off the bike for a breather and then YELL at us to sprint faster and crank up the resistance. I did not go back to his class.

  25. I bet your Friday is just a little bit better starting it off with Greek Yogurt.

    Ugh, nothing irks me more than a crappy instructor!!! It’s so true that the presentation makes the class. Anyone can stand in front of a tv and do a workout but the whole point of going to the gym is to be interacting with real people and have a live experience. If that is compromised its just not worth it.
    I hope when I start to teach, I’ll ONLY be positive.
    Happy Friday love bug!

  26. being an instructor myself, I canot STAND when i take a class and instructor is either too much of a stickler, OR so hands off that they don’t corret or make suggestions for modications or proper form. I always make sure to give options…beginner intermediate and advanced so there is something for Everyone!

    I totally agree that it is all about the delivery! people in an exercise class want to feel comfortable and make them want to come back for more, which is the intructors job to make that happen! it should never be a place where someone feels uncomfortable!

  27. I still haven’t tried pudding mix in my yogurt yet. It looks so good in your photo!

  28. wow, that yogurt mousse looks so tasty! i’ve never tried it but i should. and i’ve never taken a group exercise class so i haven’t had bad experiences but yours sounds awful!

  29. I think my worst experiences with instructors is just when they don’t have a good flow. I’ve taken several classes where the instructor actually had a piece of paper that they used to keep track of what exercises we were doing and had to stop in between to see where we were.

  30. Frozen bananas are the best! I’ve never had a truly negative group exercise experience…lucky!

  31. That yogurt mousse looks tasty; I need to try that one day!

  32. One of these days I will get around to making your yogurt mousse…it looks so good! 🙂

  33. I’ve always worked out at home…always. But, I decided to try a zumba class with a girlfriend at the local Y last week. To be honest, I was really disappointed!!! She wasn’t like the instructor you were referring to, she was quite the opposite! Boring, didn’t explain the steps, little energy, etc. Luckily I have done similar workouts at home and know how to dance, or I would have felt like a fool in class!!

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