There’s Only So Much Crafting I Can Handle

Though I typically enjoy being crafty, there is only so much crafting one person can handle.

invites 009

That, my friends, is not even one quarter of our wedding invitations.

Ryan and I have been formatting, gluing, stickering and stamping for hours. We have a little more than half of our invitations stuffed and are calling it a night.

I am so grateful for Ryan’s help. He was the computer whiz and figured out the templates for our invites, and also helped me stuff all the envelopes with the actual invitation, reply card and wedding website card.

While working away on the invitations, we both enjoyed two big bowls of soup for dinner which went unphotographed in the invitation madness.

I also took a quick baking break and made us a coconut-scented vanilla loaf bread that included a cup of light coconut milk in the batter.

invites 001

I’d share the recipe, but I basically winged it and it wasn’t overly amazing. Still, we both enjoyed a couple of slices smeared with a bit o’ buttah.

invites 002

After plugging away at our initiations for another hour or so (and going through 2 bottles of super glue!), I declared it was time for dessert and ran to our local grocery store to nab some goodies.

Ryan is a huge fan of Oreos, so I decided to make a semi-homemade bowl of cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream.

I blended light vanilla bean ice cream with mini Oreo cookies in a food processor until I had a thick, somewhat soupy mixture, chock-full of Oreo chunks.

invites 004

invites 007

invites 006

The above bowl is Ryan’s serving. I actually ate a lot of cookies and ice cream in the process of making the mixture that my portion was much smaller since I was already feeling a bit ill from eating so much of  the vanilla loaf before downing more sugar in this bowl. Ooof!

I’m off to clean up some of the crafting madness now because our apartment looks like wedding invitations just threw up all over the place. 

G’night, friends. 😀

21 Responses

  1. I remember the days of wedding fun. I am so not crafty, we just bought our invites from a printing place and we did our own bows on them but thats it!

    ice cream looks yum!

  2. That bread looks amazing! Great job with the invitations!

  3. The bread sounds like it was fantastic, even you claim it only ended up ok. I’m inspired by the idea of making a coconut loaf using coconut milk…

    Your wedding invites, from what I can tell, look really cute so all the hard work is paying off!

  4. Oh, Julie, it will all be worth it in the long run & I’m sure your guests will be so thrilled that you went to the trouble of personal touches on the invites. I always think it’s so special when couples do that. 🙂

    On a completely unrelated note, I have eaten my weight in your Funfetti cookies & am feeling slightly ill . . . and yet, I still kind of want another one.

  5. The invitations look so elegant and pretty! It may be time-consuming, but it looks like your effort is paying off! That ice cream with oreos looks delicious 🙂

  6. your invites look so pretty! you will be done soon! and my friend makes a similar cookies & cream ice cream. it’s great if you mix it up in advance and then freeze it! yum 🙂

  7. The invites look like they are coming along great!

  8. Slow and steady wins the race…and the invites look great! So, does that bread. You will share the recipe, right? 🙂

    • i totally experimented, so i wasn’t measuring exactly. my best guess:
      3 eggs
      1.5 c. sugar
      3 c. flour
      1 c. light coconut milk
      1/4 c. canola oil
      1 tsp. vanilla extract
      1/2 tsp. salt

      mix & bake at 350 for 40 min. 🙂

  9. i remember when we did our invites…yikes, that was a test in patience for me 🙂 thank goodness those boys help out right!

  10. The invites look great!!! I did a lot of crafty for our wedding too – my best advice is to do about 15 to 20 invites/place cards/etc a day. It makes things less overwhelming!!!

  11. Great job on the invitations, they look wonderful! Mmmm oreos 🙂

  12. I made my niece’s wedding invitations 4 years ago — I carried the supplies around with me (I travel a lot for work) in a shoebox and worked on them in hotel rooms at night. And recruited the people I traveled with wherever I was, I really had a great time doing it, but was really glad when they were done – pressure off!!

  13. Good luck with all the wedding prep, girl!! It’s coming together 🙂

  14. The invitations look beautiful!

    I, too am a huge fan of Oreos, so that dessert looks fantastic to me!!

  15. WIth bread and ice cream like that, I could do those invitations for hours 😀
    But I still admire you, I would probably freak out while doing it.
    I hope you finish it all soon!

  16. I can’t believe you are making all those invitations. I had a small wedding, so we only had to make about 40 invitations… and that was 39 too many! Worth it though, it’s always nicer when things have that personal touch.

  17. Wedding invitations are a pain to put together, but the finished product will be so worth it!! You must be absolutely stoked to get them out…such an exciting time!!! Hope you enjoy your holiday 🙂

  18. Oh I totally remember how frustrating the wedding invites can be. If it means anything, they look GREAT! 🙂

  19. Wedding stuff can get tedious and tiring.. its good you have this blog because you end up taking pictures of the process and I wish I would’ve done that.. Sometimes the small things are hard to remember but if you have pictures it’s so much better!

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