Stuffing a Turtle Down My Shirt

In the words of Ron White, “It’s gonna be a good day, Tater.”

I mean how could it not be? It’s the Friday before a three-day weekend!

Plus, it was a b-e-a-utiful morning in Central Florida.

Downtown Orlando

This morning Ryan and I soaked up the warm Florida sun during a lovely morning walk with our crazy dog.

My Little Lovers

We walked around Lake Eola and even saw a little bird eating a fish… or so I thought.

Bird with Fish???

As I got a little closer to snap a picture, I saw that the bird’s prey was not a fish at all. It was a tiny turtle. 😦

I used to own a little turtle just that size when I was in high school. His name was Eli and I bought him in Myrtle Beach when I was on vacation with my friends. When I went to bring him back to Illinois with me, the security people told me I couldn’t bring a live animal through.

After sneaking off into the bathroom, I stuffed the little turtle down my shirt and walked through a different security line to sneak him aboard. A little gross? Maybe. But it worked and little Eli made it to Illinois safe and sound!

As if seeing a little baby turtle on our walk wasn’t exciting enough, I think I saw Healthy Ashley running, but since we’ve never met in real life I didn’t want to be a super-freak and stop her mid-run to ask if it really was her… So I smiled awkwardly instead.


Today’s workout took me through a total-body weights routine after a quick 10-minute warm up on the elliptical.

I did three sets of 15 reps of the following exercises:

  • Lunges (15 reps on right leg followed by 15 reps on left leg), 15 lbs.
  • Shoulder raises, 8 lbs.
  • Incline bicep curls, 12 lbs.
  • Tricep extensions, 20 lbs. (total)
  • Leg extensions, 35 lbs. (I made sure to do Ryan’s flex method on these and they were killer!)
  • Prone leg curls, 40 lbs.
  • Bridges, 20 lbs. (total)
  • Crunches, 100 total

I completed this routine by super-setting two exercises at a time, so after one set of lunges, I did a set of shoulder raises before going back to lunges and repeating the sequence. I love super-setting because it makes the workout go by a lot faster and keeps your heart rate UP!


After a good workout and a nice walk with Ryan and Sadie my stomach was growlin’!

Feed meeee.

I opened the fridge and looked around the kitchen for inspiration.

An old banana caught my eye…

What To Do with an Old Nanner?

After peeling the banana and promptly devouring about 3/4 of it on the spot, I assembled a delicious breakfast that included a cup of Chobani Greek yogurt, honey, Flax-Z-Snax butter pecan hot cereal (chilled) and the remainder of the banana.

It's Friday! Things Are Looking Up! (Note the Arrow.)

This was a winning combination.

The Spoonful of Food Pictures Are My Favorite

The banana made the meal! I think the fact that it was on its death bed made it extra sweet and flavorful. Yaaa-um.

Now it’s time to work!

I have a hot lunch date today with El Ryan, so I’ll see ya in a bit with a lunch recap that will likely involve our favorite lunchtime spot! 😀

Question of the Morning

Who is your favorite comedian?

Mine is a toss-up between Ron White, Ellen DeGeneres, Sinbad and Robin Williams. Love ’em all!

36 Responses

  1. I love Ellen–and Dane Cook! too funny.

    Love the colors of your outfit today!

  2. I love Robin Williams! I don’t really know too many other comedians tho.. I’m boring.

    I like your outfit too!

  3. Probably going to have to go with Tina Fey or Steve Carrell

  4. Poor turtle, I rescue them all the time by the lakes in MN, so sad to see them squished or eaten.
    I’m thinking we’ll see some Jimmie Johns at lunchtime, my husbands favorite place to eat too!

  5. Chelsea Handler!! She is so funny! Her books are totally off the wall and completely ridiculous. I seriously cannot get enough of her. Her show on E! is super funny too. I also really like Joel McHale from the Soup and now he has a show on NBC called community that is pretty funny. Ellen, will farrell, and steve carrell also top the list, but Chelsea Handler is definitely number one!

  6. Turtle smuggling. I love it!

    Ricky Gervais is probably my favorite comedian, but I love Ellen and old Eddie Murphy stand-up.

  7. I truly think Ellen is funny. Her stand up is a riot.

    I also think Margaret Cho is hilarious; of course, she’s really durrty, so I understand she’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

  8. I love Ellen, she’s so hilarious.

    Your outfit is so cute by the way!

  9. I love Ellen, but I’m also a big fan of Joel McHale. I watch the Soup every week with my boyfriend and we always laugh so hard. Your turtle story is so funny! My family rescued a turtle once, we were driving and it was in the middle of the road, so we stopped, picked it up, and put it on the roadside. Haha. Silly animals.

  10. Awww your story about Eli is so sweet!! Understandably a little traumatic seeing that crane with one in its mouth. yoiks :-\

    Fave comedian: well I just LOVE Ellen. Also a big fan of Eddie Izzard and Mike Birbiglia.

    Happy Friday!!

  11. I LOVE Ryan’s method and applied it last night to my own ST workout!! Thanks for the tip Ryan!!

  12. oh my gosh…you and i have the same brain. i love ron white, ellen, but pablo francisco’s old stuff is really funny…and i love robin williams!

  13. I love that dress!!! Where did you get it?

  14. Such a funny story!!! I used to smuggle all kinds of things in my shirt as a kid! One day my mom switched my lunch with my brothers and it was a bologna sandwich. I hate bologna, but we had a rule that you had to eat your sandwich first before any other lunch items. So, I stuffed the bologna sandwich down my shirt and asked to go to the bathroom where I flushed the sandwich!

    My favorite comedians are Chelsea Handler and Ellen! Love your dress, btw! 🙂

  15. That is too funny about seeing Ashley! I think I would have done the same thing though! 🙂

  16. Ha! I thought of you yesterday as I ate my Jimmy John’s Unwich! I had the Hunter’s Club…since I never eat beef, other than roast beef, it’s a treat 🙂
    Steve Carrell is my all time fave. A close second is Jeff Dunham from Comedy Central. HILARIOUS!! Happy weekend 🙂

  17. Daniel Tosh is pretty funny, although wasn’t great when I saw him in person. Ellen is great. Chelsea Handler. And Elvira Kurt – hilarious!!

    Poor tiny turtle! You stuffing one in your bra is priceless! 😉

  18. I have a big thing for Dane Cook; a lot of people don’t like him though. I think he’s hilarous. I was on a road trip once and we were listening to one of his DVDs I laughed so hard I was crying and had to pull over cause I couldn’t see! HAHA! Robin Williams stand up is hilarous though, and Ellen is always a good chuckle! Your breaky looks yum!! Have a fabo day, fabo lady ; )

  19. ::snorts:: you’re hysterical. the realism in your blog is one of the things i like most about reading it.

    greg giraldo is really funny and-this is weird-when i was a little girl i liked this vhs copy my parents had of richard pryor.

  20. haha I can’t believe you stuffed a turtle down your shirt! That’s so funny.

  21. Great workout; I like to do alternates of upper and lower as well, but my gym is just to darn busy after work in the evening and I have to stick with one machine while I’ve got it. But on weekends that is what I try to do when it is less crowded. I have to say Ellen is my fave. She cracks me up and I can relate to her jokes. There is also this hispanic lady who does great impressions of visiting the nail salon–I think her name is Angela (something?). Enjoy your 3 day weekend! 🙂

  22. I love that you stuffed a turtle down your shirt. What did you do with it for the flight home? Oh man, that cracks me up.

    I love me some Ellen DeGeneres. Sometimes I get on her Web site and watch her videos for HOURS. I also like a couple of YouTube comedians – Glozell and iJustine. You should check out their videos!

    • i had a little mini aquarium for it, so i put it back in there at the bottom of my bag! i checked on him like every 5 min. b/c i was so worried about how the air pressure would affect him!

  23. aww poor turtle! I have seen a fellow blogger before bt then emailed her after to say that I saw her and i didn;t want to approach her like a crazy person haha…she said “I think i saw you too!” so i didn’t feel so wierd!

    fav comedian: Dane cook, Jimmy Fallon, Chelsea Handler!

  24. Omg! You must have really loved that turtle! I love love love kathy griffin! Not many people do, but I just find her hilarious!

  25. I totally got teary eye when you told me that was a turtle.

    Is that pathetic?

    I don’t care… I love turtles 😦

  26. My favorite comedian is definitely Ellen 🙂 She always makes me smile (instead of cringe, like some comedians make me do!).

    By the way, your top is so cute!!

  27. Awww poor turtle!

    My favorite comedian is Dane Cook. Can’t get enough of him.

  28. Ripe and over ripe bananas are the tasiest! I looove Jim Gaffigan and agree with your Ellen choice.

  29. It looks like you have a pic of my dog on your fridge! Here’s a recent pic of her, but as a pup that’s exactly what she looked like!

  30. hilarious! i’m glad you snuck your turtle thru security. nowadays i’m sure that would not work well at all, but back in the day i guess it did. 🙂

  31. i like russell peters…he usually makes fun of cultural stereotypes…some ppl maybe offended, if u have a good sense of humor about yourself you’ll enjoy it!

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