You Choose: Wedding Day Clutch

“Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool…” (Name that movie!)

Last week was my sister’s first week back at school.

I remember feeling rejuvenated at the start of the school year. I would attend my classes determined to take thorough notes in my best hand writing in my brand new notebooks.

Throughout the year, my notes became more abbreviated and my handwriting became sloppier, but hey, as long as my grades stayed high, that’s all that really matters, right?

There’s just something about the start of something new. Whether it be a new school year, new month, new season, new job… Something about beginning a new adventure feels motivating and exciting.

I have a good feeling about the month of September. 😀 Happy September 1!


My good September vibes carried over into my lunch today.

Chicken Salad

I enjoyed a homemade chicken salad wrap with a side of grape tomatoes and cucumber slices.

The Spread

I prepared the chicken salad by combining:

  • 3 oz. canned chicken
  • 1 tbsp. light Miracle Whip (mayo will also work)
  • ½ Granny Smith apple, chopped

After topping a whole wheat tortilla with baby greens and the chicken salad, my meal was good to go.

Wraaap It Up

Git in mah belly! 😀

Wedding Day Clutch

I would now like to address the most unimportant decision I will make related to planning our wedding: My wedding-day purse.

I want to have a small clutch on my big day to hold little essentials like tissues and lip gloss and am currently torn between the following options:

Option A:

Option A

Option B:

Option B

Option C:

Option C

Option D:

Ariel! I Love you!

Which one would you choose?

(Totally kidding about Option D, by the way. 😉 )

159 Responses

  1. That’s easy…Billy Madison! Gotta love Adam Sandler. And I think either option A or C. It would be nice to add a splash of color to the white dress!

  2. Option C!! Very PRETTY!!

  3. Tuna and apples what a great combo! Definitely agree with A or C! Maybe D, but only if your wedding was under water! Haha! =)

  4. c!!!! beautiful and classy!

  5. Well since D is out of the question, I’d go with B or C. Only because I’m all about simplicity.

  6. I love B or C!! 🙂

  7. Darn I was going to say D but since you’re taking it off the table….I love C! Not too traditional but still classy, sophisticated, and fun! (Then A, then B.)

  8. I love option A- so romantic!!

  9. i’m all for #1…it’s gorgeous, and i can just SEE you carrying it! i love it 🙂

  10. My sister just had her wedding on July 17th and she bought the Option B for herself (same design, same colors you have shown) and inscribed it with her new name and the wedding date.

    She bought option C for all of her bridesmaids and let us pick the color (outside and the lining) and then let us pick the inscription (since some of us were married, some were not)

    LOVE those clutches! They hold up super well and looked really cute in our random pictures from the evening! (Sorry…way more than you needed to know!) 🙂

  11. I love Billy Madison! And I was definitely reciting that in my head as I did my school shopping this year.
    For the clutches–I’m between A and B. Both are completely adorable and sophisticated, so you can’t go wrong.

  12. I am a big fan of option A!

  13. I LOVE the pink clutch (Option A), but I liked the elegance and size of Option B. That is, of course, if you are truly serious about not doing Option D…:)

  14. LOVE option A! B is super cute too.

  15. I love option C. I am a big fan of pink and bows, so C is definetly my fav!

  16. I love A, it’s beautiful and the pink will look gorgeous!
    But you really can’t go wrong with any of them, except maybe option D (;

  17. Billy Madison! “Shampoo is better, no conditioner is better”. hehe 🙂

    Oh man, this is a tough one! Seriously, tough. If I had to choose (again really really tough) I think I’d say B. 🙂

    fo sho.

    Nah, I like A! For reals.

    And PS: Billy Madison! Lurve it.

  19. Option A fo sho!

  20. Option A!!!! It’s gorgeous and elegant and romantic, plus it avoids having a harsh metal component to your clutch for the day!

  21. I looove option A!! I want one!

  22. OPTION B!
    so simple, elegant, and cute! i love it!

  23. A!!

    It’s beautiful, girly and you could totally wear it again.

    Although, I am also pretty partial to D, as well 😉

  24. I love option B! I bought a similar one from the same etsy vendor for my wedding day!

  25. option a! you can use it again and think of your wedding day- plus it adds a pop of color and i think the design is fun and flirty!

  26. Option b!!:)

  27. Option A is sweet, feminine, and beautiful! It’s the definite winner in my book.

  28. option C! very striking. option B is a close second, though.

  29. Not sure of the closure on option A, but the snap closures on B & C have snapped my nails off before. I would go A if it’s a zipper closure – they’re all stunning.

  30. I like Option C, but they are all very feminine and lovely!

  31. I totally love option B. It’s gorgeous!

  32. I love C. But that’s probably because I’m all about the drama. 🙂

  33. A all the way!!!

  34. The first one is ADORABLE. and verrrry chic ! Also, love the idea of having the clutch opening hidden.

    I’m sure any of them (including silly Little Mermiad) would look fantastic with your dress! 🙂

  35. I love B!

  36. billy madison! 🙂 yay. haha. i love those clutches! especially the little mermaid one 😉 butttttt i’d go with the cute pink floral. option a! xox

  37. I like option A! Very romantic!

  38. i vote for A it really cute!

  39. A or C! Tough call!

  40. I would say C or B. I really like their site, lots of cute stuff.

  41. A or C, but i would wait to choose until you buy your shoes. Shoes are much harder to find than a clutch. Good luck!

  42. option A.

    but as someone that just got married 3 weeks ago – here is my advice. is your ceremony/reception in the same place? then you really dont’ need a clutch. trust me. if you’re traveling to a different location then it might be a nice idea so you don’t have to carry in a crummy bag or go out to the car when you need something.

    • our reception is about 1.5 mi. from our ceremony site. i probably don’t need a clutch (you’re totally right), but i am loving these. 😀

      • Clutch isn’t about “need” it’s about “it’s your wedding day, get it because it’s adorable”! :>) That said, I LOVE B…in a dusty rose would be perfect…

      • then buy one. why not? my ceremony and reception were in the same place and i had a bridal suite. That said, i opted out of the clutch since i could just go in there if i needed something. however, use the 1.5 miles as a reason to have to have a clutch. i still like a best.

  43. A! I love A!

  44. My vote’s for B or C

  45. A without a doubt. Its lovely!!!!

  46. I love A! SO pretty & the girly-ness seems to match your personality.

  47. I love Lauren Merkin’s clutches. Depending on your jewelry “Eve” in Pale Gold (there are also several other colors) is great for weddings but could also use it for other events.

  48. I would choose option B–the white one without a doubt. While I love the idea of a splash of color, I think on your wedding day you don’t want anything to take away from your beautiful dress.

  49. B!!! Love the color and most simple, and possibly use could even dye it later black..oooo!!!

  50. I love B, especially if you can get it in pink, although I like the white too.

  51. I love B! Beautiful! A is my 2nd choice.

  52. I love A! Soft and feminine but not boring or structured to be goofy.

  53. I feel the same way about new adventures and new beginnings! I’m a Junior in college and being back to school has been so exciting because it’s a new step in my college career.

    As for clutches, go with A!! It’s such a pretty color and it looks like something you would wear!

  54. I would love option B in pink!

  55. thank you for stopping by my blog Julie! 😀

    i choose B because it’s classic and it doesn’t take anybody’s attention from the main attraction of the day: YOU!

    much love from Cebu City Philippines!

  56. I like B or C 🙂 All of your selections are gorgeous!

  57. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that decided at the beginning of the new school year that I would write in my best handwriting =) that CRACKS me up!!! My first few pages of notes were ON!!

    Anyways, I really love C! I was reading through, and it doesn’t really look like there is much of a general consensus, but they are all pretty!

    I have family about 1 mile from your wedding site, and I have to say, you should go hang by the pool and order one of their pina coladas!!! SO GOOD!

  58. Love A or B. And so cool that you are getting handmade good. I LOVE etsy!

  59. AAAAAAA for sure!

  60. DEFINITELY A! That one so freakin gorgeous. If not that, then B.

  61. I vote for B or C. B if it’s close to the colour and style of your dress because it’s just so classy looking and if not then C because it too is insanely gorgeous and adds a splash of fun!

  62. I vote for C, adds a splash of color and I think it is super pretty… But if B comes in pink, then I might have to reconsider. Personally I find A to be a bit busy… but I’d hardly consider myself a fashionista so you know…

  63. I really adore option A – classy and romantic 🙂

  64. C- it is elegant- fun- fashionable- special- and gorgeous

  65. A or B 🙂

  66. I really like Option B – particularly in the color shown but I guess you have to match.

    On a side note, coming from a married person, I saw no need for a clutch. If you’re looking to save costs, it isn’t really truly necessary as you’ll have your “table” where you’ll be stationed as husband & wife and can keep your stash of things there. The room I got ready in and the place where we had our reception were in the same building/location so I would just duck in there for touch ups.

    HOWEVER, I feel your excitement and if you’ll use the clutch again some day or pass on to your daughter then I see no problems! 🙂

  67. option c + you = GORGEOUS

  68. I love option C!!!

  69. Option B & C have totally stolen the show. Love them both!

  70. C for the win!

  71. A by a loooooong shot. It’s elegant and looks like a better quality bag than the others (which are kind of young-ish looking to moi)

  72. I love the pink! Option B is a beautiful clutch…hopefully you can get it in pink! A pop of color is always pretty 🙂

  73. LOVE the pink clutch!! 🙂 I’m all about having colors other than white – other than the dress of course! 😉 My shoes were baby blue for my “something blue.”

  74. Obviously D.

    If that’s sold out, I’d go with B. I love it in white, but pink would be nice, too. Of course, I don’t know what your dress looks like so my opinion might changed based on that.

  75. I like C! The splash of colour makes it super fun and girly 🙂

  76. Despite loving Ariel….I’d have to go with c. Its fun, gorgeous and would definitely add some colour 🙂

  77. option B in the pink! yeah 🙂

  78. Stop the press. Can it just be known that you have the best fashion sense eva?! I adore all of these options (even option D 🙂 What a hard decision. I think I’m going to have to vote for B though. Soo classy and elegant! Love!

  79. I LOVE option B, closely followed by Option C!

  80. I like option C it’s simple yet fun!

  81. A all the way!
    I think B is a little cheap-looking, but A is beautiful!

  82. I personally really like B, but then again it would be fun to have a clutch that was a different color than your dress.

  83. B. Totally.

  84. LOVE A AND B. suppper cute!

  85. Definitely option B in pale pink! It is such a pretty purse, I kind of want it myself and Im not even getting married. 🙂

  86. Well since B comes in pink I think B or C are the best options now! I still think C is the best, though, because I think it could go easily with whatever type of dress you have. Since I don’t know the material or style of the dress its hard to say but I think the fabric of option B might clash with certain types of dresses! Definitely go with the pink color though 🙂

  87. Option A is my favorite!

  88. A…all the way!

  89. Option A – girly and romantic (just my opinion though). I’m usually a big sucker for bows but my attention was taken away by A 🙂

  90. I love option A! It comes off as whimsical and romantic without looking too prom-y.

  91. Ohh I love B! Very cute.

  92. I love option A- a little bit of color 🙂

  93. ooh I love both B and C!! B is very elegant which I love, but I also like the bow on C… hmm. this is tough!! Im going to pick C as final answer =)

  94. The clutches got better and better as I scrolled down! Option C is my pick. There are so many responses on this post, it might have been easier for you to have done a poll!

  95. Billy Madison!!!! Such a classic! 🙂

    I say B! A is a close second though.

  96. I love A! Its beautiful!

  97. Option C- I LOVE it! And I love the color! I can’t wait to see all of your wedding pictures, I know you will be an absolutely BEAUTIFUL bride 🙂

  98. I love A and C!

  99. I love a I want it for my wedding where’s it from?

    • if you click on the “option A” text in the post it’ll take you to a website where you may purchase it.

  100. D D D D D D D D D !! Please pick D! Though I didn’t have a clutch for my wedding, I prob just gave my stuff to Kevin to hold on to for the night. Might as well have him get used to it right from the get go right lol.

  101. omg all so cute!! Definitely A or C. I like the color.

  102. B all the way. It is simple and beautiful.

  103. I understand why you are torn – I like options B & C. (BTW- Have we ever seen your wedding dress? I can’t find the link if you have posted it!) 🙂

  104. definitely option B!!! Very elegant!

  105. B or C. I like the design of B better, but C would give a pop of color.

  106. that canned chicken scares me. Is it nice? which one do you buy?

  107. A!

  108. I love option C!!!!

    Hey has really cute ones too! Have you ever checked out wedding stuff on there?!!!

  109. option A! 🙂

    Happy September 1st!

  110. Looks like a tough choice. I like option C:)

  111. I would choose option B because it’s so classic looking! You can wear some other time too, not just your wedding. Then there’s always Ariel…

  112. Option B!!

  113. C is something i’d pick in a different color…bows are such a simple statement on the right woman. any bag would look cute on you, but it souuuuuunds from comments before me like youre partial to B. excellent!

  114. A!A!A! All the way! I love the color and the fact that the latch is hidden!

  115. Hmm, I won’t answer because I can’t make an informed decision.

    I just hate clutches! If I have to carry all of my belongings anyway, there’s no point in a purse, in my opinion. 🙂 At my wedding I had my mom hang onto anything I needed.


  117. C!! It’s cute and simple, but will still look elegant! If not, you can’t go wrong with a white clutch.

  118. I’m all for option A…so cute!!

  119. Absolutely A!

  120. definitely C!!!!

  121. C 🙂

  122. C, no question.

    A is gorg but I think it’s going to date more than C.

  123. B stick with white

  124. B!! So pretty 🙂

  125. Since you took D out of the running (a mistake I tell you, a BIG mistake! it would add such a lovely colour and whimsy to the wedding)

    totally joking!

    Seriously I vote for B especially since they can make it pink!

  126. I love that you are Etsy-obsessed too! It makes me never want to accessory shop in retail ever again! A is fantastic. Loving the pink…so C is cute too, it reminds me of these totally to-die-for Kate Spade shoes:

  127. Definitely C! But I might change my mind if I saw B in pink – like you said was available up above…hmmm…important decisions here. 😀

  128. Definitely option A!!!! It’s romantic, feminie and sweet 🙂

  129. I love the first option! So pretty. Perfect for your gloss.

  130. I LOVE option C!

    I love Etsy!!!! I ordered my wedding clutch from Cady Briar on Etsy ( and they embroidered my husband and my name and our wedding date on the inside. They also lined it with blue silk for my something blue.

  131. Option B– In PINK!!!! total winner

  132. A! its really gorgeous.

  133. Love A!!! 🙂

  134. […] 4.) canned chicken chunks in water for my planned chicken & apple wrap as inspired by PBFingers’ recipe […]

  135. jhwjghthtyty2tyt1y2]gfw

  136. I love option A!!!!

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