The Return of Hot Cereal

I’ve  taken quite the hiatus from hot cereal. Something about 90-degree weather makes me crave cold yogurt, icy smoothies and fresh fruit for breakfast.

Since Ryan and I still haven’t had the chance to make it to the grocery store for the week, I was relegated to the foods that we had on hand to assemble a tasty breakfast this morning.

I decided to prepare one of my favorite fall and winter morning meals: Brownie batter hot cereal!

Dry Mix

This meal is hot, chocolatey and oh-so-filling. I can’t wait until the chill of the fall sets in (in like two months in Orlando…), so that this breakfast makes an appearance much more often.

Brownie Batter Hot Cereal

Yum, Yum Eat 'Em Up!

And because it was literally calling my name from the pantry, I also enjoyed a small serving of homemade granola.

Granola is Addicting

This granola is so, so good! I’m working on getting the recipe for ya!

(If you’re looking for another good homemade granola recipe, check out this one for nutty apricot granola.)


That filling breakfast was the perfect post-workout fuel.

Today’s sweat session included a cardio hodgepodge that looked like this:

  • 10 min. stair master
  • 15 min. arc trainer
  • 5 min. stair master
  • 20 min. elliptical

It felt good to get a little schweaty this morning!

Question of the Morning

Do you crave different foods depending on the weather?

I love warm comfort foods in the winter and adore fruit salad in the summer. Rainy days always feel like they’re meant for homemade soup!

31 Responses

  1. I crave fruit a lot more in the summer

  2. First off yummy! I must must must try your cereal recipe. And I totally feel you on craving certain foods according to the weather. Of course, I live in Fort Lauderdale so it’s practically summer all year round. But every now and then when it’s gets a little chilly all I seem to want is a bowl of chilli and a hot chocolate. What’s your favorite seasonal food?

  3. I used to drink hot chocolate year round, but now I’m more of a seasonal eater. Oh, I’ll still have my smoothies when it’s cold but maybe they’ll be seasonal festive flavors! 😉

  4. yum yum eat ’em up, think i’m in love…the funny thing is my hubby knows more words to that song than me!

    in other news, i am definitely a cold food fan in the summer and warm food fan in the winter…and an ice cream fan year-round 🙂

  5. I’m with you on the pumpkin- starting to crave it as fall weather comes in

  6. Weather definitely affects my food choices for dinner! I can’t wait for it to get cool so I can start making soups, stews, casseroles, chili, and all the cold-weather goodness!!

    But I do love the fresh fruits & veggies summer has…

  7. That granola looks delicious! Can’t wait for the fall weather, I love having soup night! 🙂

  8. Granola is totally addicting. I can’t keep it in the house because Jeff will eat an entire box in one setting. Not good. Not good at all.

    I totally crave foods according to the weather. I want ice cream and smoothies and salads all summer and oatmeal, pumpkin, soups and stews in the winter.

  9. I crave hot drinks in the winter. Usually, I’ll only have a coffee in the summer as a treat, but it become a necessity in cold weather.

  10. Hey Julie! I just started a blog since I know how much you adore red velvet cake, I wanted to tell you that I posted about red velvet cake balls. YUM! Also, I hope you don’t mind but I posted your blog under my favorite sites. 🙂

    But anyway during the fall, I definitely crave pumpkin. And during the summer I crave fruit and frozen yogurt.

  11. Seasons definitely affect my food choices, but I must say I like hot oatmeal all year round!

  12. The weather definitely affects my cravings, like when I’m cold, I really want a hot soup, and something comforting, and when it’s steamy hot, all I want to eat is watermelon and cereal with icy milk.
    But oats… I always want them :))

  13. I definitely crave different foods with different seasons. In the warm months, I LOVE smoothies for breakfast– had one this morning, in fact 🙂

  14. I definitely crave something different all the time – the seasons sometimes have something to do with it, but I often find myself wanting something hot and savory on a scorching summer day, but something cool and refreshing in the winter. It all depends – I guess I have a weird tummy! 🙂

  15. I have a vision in my head of the granola sitting in the pantry, yelling at you.

  16. I definitely crave different foods depending on the weather. When it’s cold and snowy I want mashed potatoes, meat loaf, things like that. Summer time I want chicken and veggies.

  17. I can’t wait to eat soups all the time!

  18. I’ll ask my mom for the recipie tonight!

  19. I eat breakfast at work, so I generally just go with whatever I can cook in the office microwave and eat at my desk. Which means I eat oatmeal every day.

  20. I definitely crave foods depending on the weather. But… I never crave veggies.

  21. I actually read an article on this, that our bodies scientifically crave certain things with each season based on what they need to function best during these times of the year. Not sure how accurate that is but it makes sense!

  22. the brownie batter hot cereal looks amazing! 🙂 who would of ever thought of having chocolate with breakfaast? i usually just have oatmeal with a homemade lara bar mixed in 🙂 it’s so gooey and sweet but i’ll have to try this!

  23. I definitely crave different foods based on the weather. Actually, I should correct that to say that I crave different foods based on how I feel temperature-wise. If I am freezing in a restaurant, I often order something warm. If I am hotter then heck outside, then it’s salads and fresh fruit.

    However, i do like to incorporate seasonal foods into my diet. I am most excited for pumpkin this fall!

  24. Definitely I do! I love big bowls of oatmeal with pumpkin and cinnamon in the fall and winter! Makes me feel warm in my tummy!

  25. I tend to crave foods when I totally shouldn’t (warm oatmeal even in the summer, sometimes cold oatmeal in the winter, and ice cream well…EVERY season is ice cream season!)

  26. Oatmeal year round for me but winter I crave pumpkin anything.

  27. Awww I love the Little Mermaid! And I always crave soup during the winter time. It’s so comforting when it’s cold outside. I love getting the soups at Panera too in those big bread bowls

  28. I agree with you. In the summer I crave cool foods and in the winter warm. 🙂

  29. i totally like all food year round. but sometimes various foods (burgers and cookout foods, for example) sound better in the summer but when i eat them anytime they remind me of their appropriate season. and i love fruits and pumpkin and other “seasonal” foods best in their appropriate season because out of season they just don’t taste as good!

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