Well I’m Cold Blooded, Check It and See

“Well, I’m hot blooded, check it and see
I got a fever of a hundred and three
Come on baby, do you do more than dance?
I’m hot blooded, I’m hot blooded”

Though I love that song, I am most definitely not hot blooded. In fact, I’m just the opposite.

“Well I’m cold blooded, check it and see
I got the chills and the goose bumpies
My arm hairs stick up, no they won’t go down,
I’m cold blooded, I’m cold blooded!”

I blame my dad for passing his “I’m always cold” gene onto me.

The Cold Ones (Twilight? What?)

The two of us may be found snuggled under a blanket in 80 degree weather (with a huge bowl of chocolate marshmallow ice cream in our laps, might I add 😉 ).

My cold bloodedness was absolutely thriving at work today. Why must office buildings be so darn cold?

By the time lunch rolled around, my arm hairs had not stopped standing on end since I sat down at my desk a little before 9 a.m.

Since the lunch I packed to enjoy today was a cold one, I knew I had to get something h-o-t to warm my insides.

Enter, Starbucks!

After walking two blocks to Starbucks and nabbing a hot Tazo passion tea, I felt nice and cozy.

Starbucks Tazo Passion Tea

A warm belly made me much more excited about eating my cold lunch.

On the menu for today was a big salad that included:

  • Mixed baby greens
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Cucumber slices
  • Shredded carrots
  • Red and orange peppers
  • Radishes (which, come to find, I don’t really like)
  • Edamame

Big Ol' Salad

Holy Veggie Overload!

I used salsa as my salad dressing of choice.

Super Silly Salsa

I also enjoyed a juicy peach on the side.

Fuzzy Peach

The Goods

Ooooh yum. I enjoyed this ten times more after downing my tea than I would have if I were cold. Eating a cold salad when you’re freezing is not appealing!

Question of the Afternoon

  • What places do you think are often unreasonably hot or unreasonably cold?

49 Responses

  1. MOVIE THEATERS… always freezing!

    and airplanes… I’m always cold on airplanes.

    I guess I tend to be cold more than hot, too 🙂 But I’m still SO ready for Fall!

  2. I actually just wrote a blog post about being freezing at work this morning too! It’s always BEYOND freezing in office. I cannot stand it. In the winter, I’ll even have to put on a scarf and gloves because I am that cold.

  3. I’m always SO cold too! It’s terrible…
    Movie theaters are bad, the grocery store is a tough one, but the casinos here in Vegas this week are FREEZING!!! It’s so hard to pick an outfit when it’s 100 degrees outside, but feels like it’s about 50 inside!

  4. That salad is so colorful and full looking – love it!

  5. Currently, my apt is unreasonably hot!! ; )

  6. hot blooded means you are cold all the time!

    • aaaand i’m an idiot. hopefully most people won’t catch this error b/c i don’t feel like redoing a post. 😀

      • no worries I won’t tell 🙂

        • you know what’s really sad? i actually wondered about that before posting it. buuut i got too lazy figure it out & i wanted to include that song in my post. 😉 now i know!

          • Cold blooded animals can not regulate their internal temperature, therefore are the temperature of their environment affects them greatly (if it is cold they are cold, if it is hot they are hot). Warm blooded animals can regulate their internal temperature thus are not really affected by environmental temperatures, maintain more of a consistant temperature. Hot blooded is not really biological, it just means easily excitable or passionate.

  7. I am always FREEZING as well–living in Alaska isn’t really conducive to that, huh? Needless to say, I pretty much wear a minimum of 2 (usually 3) long sleeve shirts and pants/jeans year round!! Not fun!!

    I also do not like radishes.

  8. I am ALWAYS hot! I would give anything tobe always cold. It’s so easy to get warmed up.

  9. Lots of restaurants are too cold. They do it on purpose to get us outta there quick! As for the other extreme, indoor pool areas are way too hot, most of the time. Those 80 year old women doing water aerobics might like it, but I don’t! 🙂

  10. i am usually always too warm, but movie theaters are always freezing!

  11. I’m usually cold all the time too. I think doctors offices are always unreasonably cold. I mean you’re already pretty darn uncomfortable in that paper dress, couldn’t they at least warm the place up a little bit??

  12. I’m in the library right now and, despite wearing long pants and a sweatshirt, my fingers feel like they’re going to fall off! I don’t understand why it’s always so cold in libs.
    (1st time commenter here – Julie, I love your blog!)

  13. In my high school! But no matter what, I’m always freezing. I’ve come to believe it’s because of my “lack of padding”…I always have a jacket with me!

  14. My office is always cold also, I constantly have on long sleeves even in the summer. I layer so I can take it off when I go outside.

  15. My office is ALWAYS cold!!!
    I even got them to buy me a space heater last winter which I blasted underneath my desk all winter long to stay warm.

  16. I’m always freezing and everyone at work makes fun of me for dressing like it’s winter when it’s 95 degrees out. Yes, I tell them, it’s 95 out. But it’s about 22 in here. Sheesh.

    Also unnaturally cold in summer: shopping malls, restaurants and the movie theater. A heavy sweater is a must for me when I’m going inside in the summer.

  17. i’m always cold everywhere too! i’ve started keeping at sweatshirt at the library where i work so i don’t have to carry something with me everyday. (yes i can wear a sweatshirt at work–it’s part time & casual, and i don’t want to leave something nice there in case it goes missing.) i’m also always freezing in restaurants, malls, stores, anywhere really. the gym at my apt is hot though which i hate. 😦 most of the time i run outside though so it’s not a problem!

  18. My office is so cold that it’s not unusual to see people wearing blankets or fingerless gloves (in order to still type.) I’m right there with ya today, I think I refilled my hot tea about 7 times, and didn’t touch cold water till lunch. AND, I also had a salad and really didn’t want it because I wanted something warm 😦

    I can’t wait till sweater season, at least then I won’t look ridiculous wearing them unlike now when it’s still about 80 out 🙂

  19. I’m actually both, which is super annoying.

    If it is above 80 I am DYING in the heat, but below 70 and I’m shaking from cold. Depending on how I’m dressed and if I’m eating something hot or cold my comfortable temperature range is even smaller.

  20. Our church is always unbearably cold and it drives me insane. Other than that grocery stores and movie theatres always seem to be too chilly. I can’t think of places too hot because I’m always cold.

  21. MY OFFICE! it feels like i work in an igloo! ladies in other offices on my floor have heaters under their desks….i actually wear uggs and heavy jackets while at my desk it’s that cold!

  22. I must maintain the perfect temp at all times..I’m either sweating or freezing..it’s so annoying :-/

  23. I’m freezing all the time especially in the salon I work at its like a freezer. When I go to the movie theatre I carry a blanket in.

  24. I feel like chain restaurants are always ridiculously cold. I think it’s because they want you in and out as fast as possible. Most local restaurants offer a more cozy vibe.

  25. I’m cold blooded too. I’m that one person complaining about how cold it is while everyone’s at a perfect temperature. I think grocery stores are always ridiculously cold. And some restaurants and malls.

  26. My office is also super cold. There is a vent right above my desk so in the summertime when they have the AC on, it feels like 30 degrees in there! Then in the winter it feels like 100 degrees because the heat is blowing directly above me. There is never any middle ground. It’s crazy!

  27. I’m also always cold I’m pretty sure I”m the only person who carried a north face fleece around Las Vegas all summer

  28. I am always incredibly cold! I’ve spent the winter here wrapped in at least 4 layers before going out 😛

  29. I too am always cold. I am cold in restaurants, movie theaters, offices, the courthouse where I work, grocery stores, etc. My boyfriend always laughs at me, because I dress for the place we are going, not necessarily the temperature outside!

    And unfortunately, I am currently huddled up in a blanket in my apartment, because the boyfriend is definitely HOT blooded. Opposites attract I guess?

  30. Airports!!! Ugh I hate how some are sooooo cold. Oh and movie theaters for sure! I feel like I should bring a snuggie to the movies.

  31. I’m always cold at work. I have a heater under my desk to help me out.

    Also, I can’t stand being in the refrigerated room for produce at Costco. 60 seconds max, get the veggies and head out!

    I used to work for hotels and I was told that the ballrooms are kept very cold so that meeting attendees don’t fall asleep. The cold temp keeps them awake. I’m not sure if it works or not but one time there was a teacher conference at the hotel and a lot of ladies complained about the rooms being too cold.

  32. I agree with you on offices always being freezing! I am also cold and the worst is definitely in the summer. You will dress summer-y because its 90 degrees outside and then everywhere you go, they blast the air conditioning!

  33. I’m totally cold-blooded too! My hubby thinks I’m a weirdo because I’m always cold. My office and the movie theater are always unreasonably cold. I wear a sweater at both these locations.

  34. Offices are the worst! This summer was an oven in Boston but I always wore sweaters to work because it was so cold in there haha

  35. Movie theaters are always cold… I ALWAYS bring a sweater with me to the movies. Too, grocery stores! Walking down the freezer aisle is always bad!

  36. Where is your bag from in the pic with your dad? love it!

  37. I always freeze at work, when everyone else has fans going I use a little portable heater. Even in FL in the middle of the summer!

  38. I was thinking how jealous I am that you can walk to a Starbucks from work, but I actually think we have one less than a mile away. Maybe I’ll use that as an excuse to get in some exercise soon!

  39. I eat 2 454g packages of radishes a day, and the secret is what you dip them in! Honey mustard! I just mix whatever mustard I fee like using (French’s Bold’n’Spicy, whole grain, yellow etc), with sweetener! Also, they make the best ‘radish chips’ in the microwave! Just nuke until they are a tad burnt. I have no patience to oven bake them, although I’m sure it would be great! Also, great roasted, pureed with root veggies etc!
    I’m always freaking cold!

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