It’s All in the Drink

I’m not sure what it is about drinking Perrier that makes me feel so fancy.

veggie burger 006

Maybe it’s the bubbly carbonation or the thick, green glass bottle? Whatever it is, I feel like a queen when I sip on a bottle of this stuff.

veggie burger 007

At the grocery store this evening, I picked up a bottle of pamplemousse rose Perrier, which tasted a lot like pink grapefruit flavored sparkling water.

I loved it! I would drink this stuff everyday if I could afford to drop some serious dough on my beverages.

Along with my oh-so-regal drink, I enjoyed a tasty dinner of a Morningstar Farms Asian veggie patty with a side of steamed broccoli.

veggie burger 001

veggie burger 003

veggie burger 005


Tonight Ryan and I have plans to cuddle up on the couch and watch some shows we’ve DVRed.

First up: Jersey Shore. (Don’t judge. This show is hilarious. I thought it looked so, so stupid before I actually watched it… But I couldn’t stop laughing once I finally gave it a chance. These people are ridiculous!)

I’m not feeling 100 percent and still feel a little tired from this weekend, so this activity sounds perfect-o!

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36 Responses

  1. I love Perrier. I feel the same way about feeling so regal whenever I drink it.
    Do you eat your burgers naked? I can’t imagine eating a veggie burger without at least 10 different kinds of condiments. LoL

    Have a nice relaxing evening.

  2. I didn’t know Perrier had a pink grape fruit-like drink? Yum! Enjoy your relaxing evening!

  3. Perrier does seem fancy and I wish I liked bubbly water. It just has a weird texture or something. blegh

  4. Eeek, I love Perrier (but don’t drink it often either) and I haven’t seen that flavor yet!

  5. I’m curious what the Morningstar asian patty tastes like!?

  6. Love that drink too, although I’ve never seen that variety! Love your simple dinner, arnolds thin buns are my new favorite love!

  7. Oh la la! Tres fancy! 😉

  8. I’ve never had Perrier but that flavor sounds delicious – maybe I’ll splurge at the store. 😉

  9. I’m drinking sparkling water right now too…and yes, it feels so much fancier!

    Thanks for the tips on HLB 🙂

  10. My husband and I love the Jersey Shore – for the same reason you do – these people are just so crazy that it’s funny! Same reason that I watched The Hills!

  11. I love sparkling ANYTHING – water, wine, etc. Bubbles always make me feel fancy!

    I love Jersey Shore, too! I cannot get enough of M.V.P.!

  12. mmmmm–“pamplemousse rose” sounds so much more sophisticated than “grapefruit”. i’d drink swimming pool water if there was a sexy french translation LOL.

    • ps about jersey shore–i, and at least 60% of the people i know, have gone to seaside instead of being really down the shore in order to possibly see snooki and co. it’s impossible to live in new jersey and *not* look for them!

  13. LOVE Perrier, and I’ve been drinking way more of it as I try to cut my Coke Zero habit completely (still have a few cans a week)! It’s delicious and feels so special, I agree! Jersey Shore is the BOMB. I don’t watch it religiously, but when I do, it’s such a treat 🙂 Hope you have a great night!

  14. I have never tasted that water! I will have to try it!

  15. I had the same opinion about Jersey Shore before I finally watched it! There was nothing on so I gave in and it is so funny. They are the most ridiculous people ever and they don’t even realize it which makes it even more funny haha

  16. Sparkling water in general makes me feel like a queen, especially when i pour it into a fancy champagne flute 🙂 I’ve been trying to drink more of it, since I’d like to kick my (bad) diet soda habit.

  17. For me, it’s definitely the bottle that makes me feel fancy! I’ve never seen Jersey Shore and am afraid to since I think I would probably get sucked in too!

  18. i bought that pamplemousse one once too and felt sooo fancy drinking it!!! the name pamplemousse just screams fancy!! nowadays any kind of carbonated water with a little bit of lime suits me just fine =)

  19. hey so i just created a blog of my own! im curious, because when i type up the name of it “food, friends, and sunshine”, i don’t see it. and the only way i can access it is to log in. what should i do so that i can find it and others can get to it through Google, etc?

  20. Julie, I love Jersey Shore as well! I also feel judged for liking this ridiculous show, but I can’t help it!

  21. We loove San Pelegrino and Perrier…but try not to buy it when in the US because the carbon footprints are outrageous! Better for the environment to stick with local drinks 🙂

  22. I love Perrier, too. i think it’s the carbonation. Oh, and pamplemousse rose means red grapefruit in French!

  23. Thanks for the info, I just sent the email 🙂

    I love Jersey Shore. The first time I watched it I thought it was so stupid but I love it now!

  24. Oh Jersey Shore… lol my fiance and I attempted to watch the premier to season 2 a few weeks ago as per the recommendation of his coworkers. we TRIED but turned it off after about 20 min 😉 hehehe

  25. “Pamplemousse Rose” actually _means_ pink grapefruit is french! So you’re taste buds kid you not 😉 Sounds delicious – I might need to find some!

  26. I haven’t seen the flavored Perrier, but that is definitely worth checking out.

    Thanks for passing along the info on the healthy living network! Signing up, pronto!

  27. Perrier always seems so European and luxurious to me… like you’d be sipping it on a yacht parked in Saint Tropez 😉

    I have NOT seen this pink grapefruit flavor though! Sounds gooood.

    Hope you guys had fun with Jersey Shore! (I mean how could you not…)

  28. I love Perrier. My dad buys it by the case at Sam’s Club and we go through it ridiculously fast.
    Quick question-I was shopping for peanut butter the other day and say Crazy Richard’s. You seemed to like it, if I remember correctly, so I got a jar. Maybe I didn’t mix it up well enough (I’m horrible with that), but it is super watery. Is that just how the brand is or did I do something strange?

    • i had the same issue! mix it up & then stick it in the fridge! 🙂 that helps it to harden a bit.

  29. instead of the pricey Perrier you should try La Croix! They come in all flavors like lime, lemon, orange AND pamplemousse! They are cans and go for around $4 for a box of 12. Although a can isn’t as classy as the green bottle it tastes just as great! I buy mine at my local grocey store.

  30. i wish i liked sparking water cause it looks so pretty but i just can’t do it! maybe one day…

  31. We had all four episodes in our DVR last night and for lack of anything else to watch I finally succombed to Jersey Shore. Won’t get those brain cells back…

  32. My husband and I watch the Jersey Shore too. I have watched since the beginning. Seeing the previews…I knew I couldn’t miss such craziness!

  33. Mmmm I love grapefruit! BTW- Healthy Living Blogs is a great site – I just added my blog and have also found about 10 other blogs that I want to start reading! 🙂

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