Game Night + Sundaes

Game night last night was a blast!

Girls + Games

A small group of us got together to play Scattergories at my friend Laurel’s apartment.

Her adorable (albeit slightly crazy) cat Natasha also joined in on the fun.


We were all laughing at the way Natasha sprawls out with her legs behind her. I’ve never seen a cat do that! So stinkin’ cute!

Laurel is such a wonderful hostess and had all the fixin’s for ice cream sundaes for us to enjoy.

In honor of Operation Healthy, Ryan and I decided to share a sundae.

Best Food in the World

Ryan made our sundae by topping a fresh-out-of-the-oven ooey gooey brownie with a couple of scoops of peanut butter cup ice cream, whipped cream, peanut butter sauce and hot fudge.

I think we polished off the entire bowl in 2.5 seconds.

Someone went back for more…

Round Two

You know I had several bites of his second sundae. What kind of a fiance would I be if I let him polish it all off by himself? 😉

It is very hard for me to not overdo it when it comes to ice cream because I love it so, so much. I honestly think I could polish off a half-gallon without a problem.

Fortunately last night I enjoyed the ice cream without overdoing it and left Laurel’s feeling satisfied but not overly stuffed. Success!


This morning I woke up with a cramp in my calf!

I jumped around our bedroom breathing deeply and trying to stretch it out. Eek! No fun!

Waking up to a cramp in your calf really wakes you up, so I was quite the chipper little girl at the gym this morning.

Today’s workout included:

  • 10 min. stair master
  • 20 min. arc trainer
  • 20 min. elliptical

I did all of my workouts while browsing through my ginormous stack of bridal magazines.

I am on a mission to get through all of them within the week. I am tearing out any pages with ideas or inspiration for our big day and leaving the rest at the gym. My magazine stack is getting out of control (Yes, I blame you, Mama! 😉 )!


Wanna know something kind of weird? I prefer my peanut butter and banana sandwiches made with slices of frozen bananas. I think they are more flavorful and hold up better in the sandwich for some reason.

Frozen Banana Slices + Nutmeg

I dusted today’s peanut butter and banana sandwich with nutmeg to make it all gourmet looking to impress you guys.

Did it work? 😉

PB + Nutmeg

PB & B

I also enjoyed an Adora calcium disk because they taste like candy to help my bones stay strong.



Peanut butter, I love you.

Along with breakfast I also enjoyed a tumbler full of my gym’s free coffee.

Free Coffee Makes Me Smile

Oh! And before I forget… Sadie says “hi!”

"What Up, Yo!?"

Question of the Morning

  • Do you like to play board games?
  • What is your favorite game?

I love Taboo! 😀

67 Responses

  1. We looooove board games. The husband and I actually used to play board games all the time in college; thank goodness I drank in high school! 🙂

    My favorite is Scattegories actually, but we were too cheap to buy the board so I made a slightly ghetto version.

  2. ahhh you’ve got me craving a pb sandwich! lunch perhaps?

    I love apples and oranges!

  3. I love board games! My family often has scrabble marathons. So fun.

  4. I’m a classic girl, so Monopoly is my favorite game although I do enjoy a good Trivia battle every now and then! I’ll have to try frozen bananas in a sandwich someday to see how they compare to regular ones.

    • nooooooo not monopoly! that’s the WORST! 🙂 you, my dad & ryan can have a monopoly marathon. i always lose & make poor decisions & go bankrupt, therefore monopoly & i do not get along. 🙂

  5. I love board games! My favorites have to be Pictionary and Apples to Apples. If you haven’t heard of Apples to Apples, you have to try it, it is so fun! It is Scattegories-themed where you associated words with other words, and someone blind judges the responses and the winner gets a point. They get so silly!

    I find board games super great to play with the girls, its a good excuse to get away from the bfs and let loose, enjoy some laughs, and have some cheap good fun! Good entertainment for the cottage too, or rainy days 😀

    • apples to apples is fun!!! with my friends it always seems to get wildly inappropriate though… 😉

  6. I love to play board games! My favorites are Yahtzee, LIFE, and Sequence. ❤

    (I also like Scattegories, but we don't own the game.)

  7. I just played scattergories for the first time with my friend’s family. It was a hoot, but I think her mom cheats. We needed something you can be allergic to that started with “n”. She wrote “naughty kitties” and it got counted.

    • that’s totally cheating! you can’t use an adjective before the word. tell her you’re taking back her point! 😀

  8. I love scattergories! And your sundae looks so yummy! Have a great day.

  9. I just wrote a post on board games. I’m not really a fan probably because I’m too competitive!

    • i’m actually pretty competitive in board games too. it’s so weird b/c in athletics & running races i’m not competitive AT ALL, but in games i really am!

  10. Looks like a fun night! Warm brownies out of the oven are definitely the best. 🙂

    • no kidding. i also think they were a little undercooked which makes them 100 percent perfect in my opinion.

  11. Ahhhh, I LOVE boardgames!!! Scattergories is one of my favorites!

  12. I love games! Apples to Apples and Scrabble = two faves! Monopoly is fun too, just SO LONG hah! But I guess when you have fresh brownies and peanut butter ice cream to entertain you as well, any games is fine 😉

    Enjoy your day! Hi Sadie 😀


    p.s. you look gorgeous as always girl!

  13. Boardgames rock!!! My boyfriend and I play Rummikub and are obsessed! It’s highly addicting!

  14. I love board games! I tried to get the bf to play one with me over the weekend and he refused! I love Clue, and Catch Phrase.

  15. I love board games, and I knock the socks off my family at Scatergories. It’s one of my favorite games and we play it every summer on vacation. Another favorite: Balderdash.

  16. I first saw these Adora discs on your blog, and FINALLY got to try them at the Healthy Living Summit this past weekend. All I can say is YUM!

    BTW – I’m doing an Adora giveaway on my blog today!

  17. Calf cramps are the worst. And why is it that they only happen at night? Grrrr! Ummm…Cranium is the best game. Something for everyone. 🙂

  18. Calf cramps are the worst! I woke up with one the other day at 4:00 AM!! Ugh.

    I was obsessed with the Game of Life when I was younger. I even had the computer game. It’s ironic that you mention games though because tonight I am volunteering at residental retirement community and we are playing Clue!! I can’t wait. Usually, the older gentlemen in the group whip my bootay but I’m positive tonight’s my night 😉

  19. I love playing board games! In fact, this past Friday I declared it healthy pizza, wine, salad, and board game night. My husband and I played Monopoly while sipping on our wine. It was so much fun to just have music playing in the background while he kicked my booty and left me bankrupt! LOL. My favorite board game is Life. I love it! I also love Taboo and Scattagories. Candland is fun too…even if it is for 5 year olds… 🙂

  20. I’m the same when it comes to ice cream!! Glad I’m not the only one that thinks they can polish up 1/2 a gallon of ice cream. 😉

  21. Oh I love board games! I love Cranium & Catch Phrase.

    Although, I tend to get a little competitive 😉

    Tell Sadie I said “hi” back!

  22. Be sure to see my honeymoon suggestion post from August 18th that I left for you about BELIZE!!!

  23. Game night, awesome!

    Oh, yes, I am a huge ice cream fan – but I enjoy ice milk more. So I buy the reduced fat vanilla ice cream and mix in skim milk – add a few chopped up bits of chocolate – and throw it back in the freezer. Yum! ❤

  24. A friend of mine has a cat that does the same thing when she lays down! So funny.
    I love the frozen banana idea. I usually don’t eat them because of the texture, so that’s a good idea because I am sure I’d love them that way!
    Oh and on the ice cream–I am the same way. I have stopped buying the half gallon sizes and actually find that I can behave with ice cream sandwiches or bars better! I even go as far as putting them in a dish so that it feels like I’m really eating a ginormous bowl of ice cream! Do you ever make your own w/ xanthan/guar gums? I eat that every night and make only enough for a good size bowl!

    Fave game: Pictionary!

  25. OMg game nights are the best!!!! my fiance and i aren’t drinkers/partiers, so our time spent hanging out with our friends always turn into game nights and we all always have so much fun laughing and playing. 🙂

    Fav game? catch phrase! we can keep going with that one for hours!!

  26. I love Catch Phrase!!!!
    Unfortunately, I have to twist arms to get Big Guy to play with me. He’s a sore loser. haha.

  27. I love scrabble! Monopoly is awful because it takes too long. But I can’t get many people to play scrabble with me because I’m really good (not to brag or anything). 🙂

  28. My husband and I play the various versions of Scene it? That we have. Otherwise, I’m a card game girl!

  29. I love Taboo also, but I have to be careful about who I play with! My family CANNOT play together, as we all get way too competitive. 🙂

  30. i like board games, and i LOVE scrabble! except nate and i aren’t allowed to play against eachother anymore…i tend to get a tad bit competitive… 🙂

  31. Confession: my brother and I still play Chutes and Ladders when he’s around. Board games rock.

  32. We don’t have PB ice cream here in the UK (that I’m aware of) but if we did I think I might have a problem!

  33. Oh, and I think my favourite game is a card game called Spit (no saliva actually involved).

  34. I love game nights! I love scattergories! Your night sounds like so much fun!

  35. Taboo is my favorite! Think I gotta bring that to game night with my friends next time. The only thing with that is you gotta play with people you know well I think. It’s good to have alot of inside jokes.

  36. I definitely play board games! I like the game of Life!

  37. I love board games! We played them all the time, while growing up. My favorites are Sorry!, Clue and Life. Since I’ve been married though, my hubby and I are fans of Cranium and Boggle!

  38. no way!.. My cat does that pose too, and I’ve never ever seen another one do it.. its super cute, right?.. We call it the froggy, becuase from the back, it looks like frog legs…LOL!!! I love how our cat eases into it … I think I’d like to come back in my next life as a housecat… ahhh the life.

  39. I LOVE board games/games of any kind…my roommates and I used to love play scategories, scrabble, boggle, trival pursuit, apples to apples and most of all catch phrase!!! Game nights are the best 🙂

    ps- my doggy lays the same way as your friends cat…kinda makes him look like a lazy bum most of the time, but its so cute!

  40. I LOVE board games and card games, who am I kidding, any kind of game! I think my favorite is catch phrase, you can’t play that game and not get into it.

  41. that cat looks just like my baby kitty! 🙂 and i’m not really a game persron.. except scrabble or monopoly!

  42. Board games are super fun but I don’t really enjoy ones like Monopoly and Risk, to me they get super boring so fast. Scattergories is fun, same with pictionary or any of those types with a bit more interaction : )

    I wish I could eat icecream, it just kills my stomach and gives me a headache.. kind of weird.

    Your dog is so adorbale : )

  43. I just played Scattegories (for the first time) the other night! So much fun. Last night, we moved on to “Mad Gab.”

  44. I never really play board games, but LOVE Uno! We always have hardcore Uno competitions at Stu’s parent’s house- they seriously get intense!

    Oh and please pass some of your Operation Healthy motivation to me!!!!

  45. Haha I love that you guys shared 2 sundaes! 🙂 It totally doesn’t count as one when you share 2!! 🙂 You guys are the cutest!

  46. I do like board games…I used to play Trivia Pursuit a lot, but good ol’ Scattergories gets me every Grandma comes up with some very creative answers!

  47. That is crazy the way that cat it laying, it looks fake! Cute though 🙂

    I could definitely eat a half gallon of ice cream. Fo sho.

    LOVE scattergories! Sounds like a super fun night.

  48. SOOOOO that sundae looks AMAZING!

  49. My favorite game is Cranium. I’m also a huge fan of Catch Phrase and Apples to Apples. Game nights are so fun!

  50. Love game nights!! My husband and I play Qwirkle (love this one!), and Sequence. We host game nights with his family and play Blokus (another fav!), Skip bo, chicken foot (w/ dominos) or card games.

  51. I LOVE games! I especially love Loaded Questions, Balderdash, and Trivial Pursuit!

  52. I love to play board games…My favorite is SCRABBLE!!

  53. I love board games! Skatergories is one of my favorites! I also love (oh I’m so dorky!) scrabble and sequence!

  54. I love board games and my two favorite are scategories and pictionary. My family used to play those non-stop on summer vacations. We even invented a pool version of scategories so we could keep the fun going. Yes we are dorks.

    That sundae looks delish. Wish I could have some ice cream right now!

  55. I know its not a board game but I love Uno and Clue is one of my favs. We need to do a meetup in Orlando and do lunch and board game night. I’m in Jax.

  56. Natasha isn’t crazy, she’s just tries to be a good hostess like her mom. She provides the entertainment 🙂

  57. NUT BUTTER+ CREAMED HONEY= HEAVEN! OMG- to die for! Bananas are great with it too, but it’s the creamed honey. You have to try it!

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