First Run After the Half

Nine days after running the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon, I finally felt the itch to run again.

I woke up to an extra-chipper dog who also seemed to have the running itch.

Sadie and I tackled our typical 5-mile loop and it felt wonderful. I ran for fun, didn’t push myself at all and enjoyed the music on my iPod. I must admit it felt pretty good to run because I wanted to, not because my training plan said I had to. 😀


After our sweaty run, I was ready for breakfast.

Peanut butter sounded great this morning (but then again doesn’t it always?), so I made myself a peanut butter and peach sandwich, which I dusted with nutmeg before inhaling.

PB + Nutmeg

Peach + Nutmeg

PB & P Sandwich

My breakfast also included a small bowl of fresh blueberries.


A Good Way to Start the Day

If all of my breakfasts contained peanut butter and fruit, I think I’d be a happy girl.

Question of the Morning

Do you prefer working out when you’re training for a race or event or do you prefer exercising simply for the health of it?

I like having a goal in mind, but I definitely prefer simply working out for my health rather than to prepare for a race. I like doing whatever workout I feel like doing on a particular day rather than feeling like I have to do a certain workout to stick to a training plan.

35 Responses

  1. I’m all about exercising for my health and doing whatever activity I’m in the mood for. Mmm peanut butter 😀

  2. I am the same way I like having a goal!! When I am not training for my fitness competitions I feel lost.

  3. I like having a goal but don’t love feeling pressured that I need to accomplish something. It was a love/hate when training for fitness comps – loved the goal but in a sense hated that I had to have certain things a certain way in a specific amount of time!

  4. I need to run in a race! I work out to take care of myself, but I think it would actually be more fun if there was some sort of a goal involved!

  5. I just love working out to relieve stress, and build muscle 🙂

    Yay for a successful post-marathon run with your best running buddy!! Have a great day!

  6. I prefer the helath of it. When I trained for my marathon (the one and only 🙂 ), it was sometimes hard to stick to the schedule on long run days. It seemed my life revolved around the training schedule. I much prefer to do a workout that I feel like doing that particular day and not one I HAVE to do that day. I love to run, but admit it did take some of the fun out of it to feel like i had to.

  7. I had the same peanut butter cravings this morning. It’s so good!
    I’ve never really trained for a race, so it’s tough to say. But I like working out on my own time, on my schedule.

  8. I like working out when I am training because then I have a goal in mind and work harder to achieve it!

  9. mmm peanut butter! I never tried it with peaches, but I must now! haha.
    I must say I prefer working out for myself and the health benefits, BUT I tend to push myself harder and stay on track better when I am training for something specific. So once in a while I will choose a goal to stick too if I feel like I am falling off the excercise wagon.

  10. I’d rather workout simply for health reasons, but like to have a race added in for extra motivation. I use training plans as a guide simply so I know I’m on track mileage-wise, but never really follow them otherwise it feels like work.

  11. I used to thrive on plans….at some point, my brain switched and the minute I see plans now…I feel like I rebel and dont want to do plans at all.

    Now I just work out how I want to.

  12. i’ve found i like just doing it for the health of it…races and events don’t really motivate me…i want to feel good and perform well all the time!

  13. I love to workout just for me, in fact I sometimes really hate having a race because then it takes the fun out of just working out when I want at whatever pace I feel like.

    Glad you are feeling the itch again!

  14. I prefer having a goal, but it is nice to have down time when you don’t have to worry and can try out different types of workouts.

  15. I do it for both. I mean, I love running and training with a goal in mind, but I also like to workout just for the health benefits. Even if I didn’t have any kind of goal I was working towards the release I get from exercise is like nothing else. If I had to choose one, I guess I would say I prefer to workout just for the health of it. At the end of the day, if I don’t want to over exert myself because I’m training then I can get pretty grumpy if I feel like I’m obligated.

  16. I’m not at the point where I enjoy running for fun yet, but I’m getting closer.

    Right now I am loving the couch to 5k program because it is keeping me motivated to stick with the schedule.
    …and Koda is loving the extra exercise!

  17. I definitely like working out for my health. Since my lack of funds hold me back from competing with my horse, my workouts with her are just for fun and for our health. But i’m not going to lie, when it coms to running I get this different feeling when training for a certain goal that makes it a little more addicting!

  18. I have never really trained for an event other than basketball (or other sports), which is a little different. I do however like pick and chose my own workouts. I am looking to find a half marathon to do this year and hopefully a triathalon sometime in the near future, so soon I will know if I like to train or go with the flow on my workouts 🙂

  19. I haven’t trained for a race or something so far, so I only know that working out just for being healthy and enjoying it works for me:)
    May I ask you a question? What is that bread you use in your breakfast? Does it comes in slices?
    Stupid question,but I just wonder:P

  20. I agree. I like to train for races so that it keeps me motivated to workout, but I like to also have the option to do whatever workout I want, not one that is scheduled training

  21. I actually just talked about this, too because I’ve been sort of lost without my half marathon training plan! I definitely like working towards a goal- or at least having a written down schedule of what I’d generally like to do for my workouts…

  22. hmm for me it depends! since training for this comp…I am def pushing myself a little harder than I would normally but I like it!!! I don’t run races, so when I run its just to get that workout in and for enjoyment! I think you should post your running playlist these days! i am always on the lookout for new music!

  23. While I’ve never actually officially “trained” for anything, I have to say I enjoy exercise the most when I simply feel like I want to do it. Those mornings when I spring out of bed and just want to move/sweat/groove to some music – that’s when it feels the best and I’m most motivated!

  24. I like having a goal every once in awhile, but I think it’s hard to do back to back races! After my half in April, I signed up for one in May and I ended up backing out because I wanted some time to rest. It’s great motivation every once in awhile though!

  25. I enjoy having a training plan to keep me motivated. Although I think after every race it is nice to have a little break to not have a “scheduled” workout to do.

  26. I work out “for the health of it” mostly. I’m also working out to get off the 20 pounds of weight I’ve gained since my wedding! Gah! :p

  27. That sandwich looks soo good, I think I’ll have it for lunch! One can never have too much peanut butter!
    I sort of like to have a vague goal in mind when I workout, but if I get to specific, the exercise loses its fun for me.

  28. i like having a goal. it helps motivate me and helps me push myself instead of just running easy all the time. however, in college/hs when i was on teams year round, i did get tired of running for a purpose and wanted some time to relax. soooo i guess it goes both ways. 🙂

  29. After training for my show I certainly learned that I don’t like having to do a workout and much prefer flexibility. I do like having goals I’m working towards though and don’t have a problem fitting those workouts in…as long as I can still be flexible.

  30. Those Mini ore cheesecakes look amazing!! I must make those

  31. Although I love having a goal in mind (it pushes me to go the extra mile), I also like those lazy workout days where I don’t feel the pressure to continue.

  32. I have never done a race, so all of my exercise has been for health. It’s how I lost my excess weight!

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