Girl’s Weekend Begins

My mom and sister arrived in Orlando at the exact same time that I was walking up to our apartment after work. Talk about good timing!

I loved seeing their smiling faces. What a great way to start the weekend!

After bringing their bags into my apartment and catching up for an hour or so, we headed out to dinner at Taste, a local tapas restaurant located in College Park.

The minute we saw sangria on the drink menu we each ordered a glass.


Ladies + Drinks

Sangria is one of my favorite drinks. I love the fruity flavor.

I think our glasses of sangria made us all giggly because we were laughing up a storm by the time our tapas were served.

While we ordered, we enjoyed a platter of herbed goat cheese with some fried crispies.

Goat Cheese Appetizer

The goat cheese appetizer was good, but I think we were all hoping for a warm goat cheese spread. It was a little hard to dip the little fried crispies into the hard block of goat cheese.

Luckily, our next tapas were more to our liking.

Menu Selection

We each selected an mini plate to share. I chose the seared deep sea scallops which were wonderful.

Seared Scallops

I ate two and my mom and sister each enjoyed one.

We also shared steak skewers and asparagus tossed in olive oil and served with a creamy lemon sauce.

Steak Skewers


We all loved the asparagus, but agreed that the steak skewers could’ve been better. We like our meat medium rare and the skewers were cooked a little much for our liking. That didn’t stop us from clearing our plates though!

After finishing our tapas, we were still feeling a little hungry and decided to order a large entrée to share.

My mom selected the cranberry chipotle sticky pork ribs with crispy onions and homemade mashed potatoes.

Sticky Pork Ribs

Great choice, Mama! I dominated the crispy onions and mashed potatoes and ate one of the ribs.

The meat was moist and practically fell off the bone while the potatoes were oh-so-creamy.

Naturally we all had room for dessert and opted for the Over the Top Chocolate Bread Pudding. It was served warm and bathed in a vanilla bean sauce.

Chocolate Bread Pudding

All I can say is wow-zaa! The bread pudding tasted a lot more like molten chocolate lava cake than bread pudding which was fine by me! Oh how I love dessert.

Birthday Celebration

When we arrived home after dinner, it was time to enjoy angel food cupcakes in honor of my mom’s birthday. Her birthday was on July 20, but we’re celebrating this weekend since my sister and I were not able to be home on her actual day.

Birthday Decor

Birthday Girl

Happy birthday, Mama!

Now we’re hanging out and talking about all things wedding! We started making a to-do list of little things we can do within the next couple weeks and it kept growing and growing and growing… Lots to do!

I hope to hop in bed soon because we have a fun and busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

Nighty night!

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25 Responses

  1. I love Tapas! There’s a restaurant in DC that I always ask to go to. So many great dishes all in one meal 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend, Julie!!

  2. Looks like a blast! Family time is always so good!

    have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. Tapas are awesome! I had to laugh when I saw the menu…seeing as though it’s in your favorite font and all. 😉

    • LOL i knoooow. i seriously despise comic sans. & i love how you know that, by the way. 🙂

  4. I love tapas–those all looked so good. Especially the bread pudding! It’s great that your mom and sister were able to visit for the weekend. Hope y’all have a good time!

  5. Mom & sister time is the BEST! I have two sisters and those times are priceless…..enjoy your weekend:)

  6. Mom & sister time is the BEST! I have two sisters and those times are priceless…..enjoy your weekend:)

  7. I love sangria too! It has definitely become my favorite alcoholic beverage post-college. Have fun with your family this weekend!

  8. I love scallops 🙂 I had my first one not too long ago and it was delicious!! Looks like you girls had a blast–have a great rest of the weekend.

  9. Oooo, what are angel food cupcakes?? Did you make them??

    • cool, huh? i didn’t even know you could make angel food cake into cupcakes but you can! you just make it as usual & fill cupcake tins about 3/4 of the way full. then bake for 10 minutes or so until the tops are slightly browned. 🙂

  10. girls night looks like a lot of fun!!! food is yummy and great company! Happy Bday to your mom! 🙂 She’s so beautiful!~~

  11. Soooooo cute!! You have the best family life! It makes me so happy to see that 🙂

  12. awww, i bet your mom had a great bday celebration! 🙂

  13. i love family time. it’s just so easy. i’ve been following your blog for a while- your wedding plans look so nice! such a cute proposal too! oh goodness. i hope my future husband does as well as yours did! haha!

  14. Love the pic of you , your mom, and sis, very sweet!

    LOVE sangria, that stuff rocks, and I have drank a whole pitcher by myself at a Tapas place before : ) wooops! I love scallops, they are a top fave food of mine and those look so good! Happy belated birthday to your mom, I know the best gift of all is her having you girls ! Have agreat rest of the weekend! xoxo

  15. i loveeeee tapas and sangria! wat a perfect evening!!

  16. Your mom and I have the same birthday!

  17. Wow that tapas restaurant looks awesome! It’s so cool that you got to try so many different dishes!

  18. that dessert looks so tasty! i love vanilla bean things.

  19. Happy Birthday to your mom! Your dessert looked heavenly!

  20. girls weekend ALWAYS involves sangria….even if all the chicks are preggo! jk.

  21. oh, what fun! i love spending time with my mom, so i can’t imagine you girls are having an absolute blast!

  22. Can you believe I have never had Sangria?! I need to get on that stat!

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