Boys Will Be Girls… Bachelorette Fun: Day Two

The bachelorette party fun continues!!!

bachelorette2 002

Sorry I was out of commission yesterday and missed posting about our Bachelorette Party Weekend Day Two festivities. We’ve been busy packing a lot of fun into our long weekend!

As far as our main activity on Friday night is concerned, many of you guys guessed right.

Friday night’s bachelorette party fun led us to The Baton Club, a drag show in downtown Chicago!

We had such a great time before, during and after the show.

Our day yesterday began with an awesome breakfast casserole, made by my friends Ashley and Merri using a recipe they found from Cooking Light. (They know me so well. 🙂 )

bachelorette2 004

It was delicious and I ate several servings.

Once our bellies were sufficiently stuffed, we walked a little over a mile to spend the afternoon at the beach on Lake Michigan. Though I absolutely adore Florida, it’s so nice to be somewhere where you don’t instantly start sweating profusely the moment you step outside. The weather here is warm, not too hot, and absolutely gorgeous.

bachelorette2 001


After fun at the beach (yes, we even brought our own boom box!), we walked home, stopping at Jimmy John’s for lunch along the way.

I ordered a turkey unwich with Provolone cheese and a giant pickle.

bachelorette2 008

Loved it!

Once home, we yet again broke into the box of peanut butter bars that my friend Leah made for all of us. They are seriously addicting and so, so delicious. They’re healthy too, and are made with peanut butter, whole grain cereal, raisins and cinnamon. I will definitely post the recipe to share with you guys when I get a chance because I have a feeling you’ll swoon over ‘em too!

Friday Night Fun

According to the itinerary created by my friends, we were to be ready for some more fun at 6 p.m. When I walked downstairs after showering and getting ready with the girls, I was greeted by a gorgeous set up and more bachelorette decorations!

bachelorette2 010

We popped some champagne and my friends threw me a lingerie party. I got some super cute gifts!

The Bachelorette Gang!

bachelorette2 015

bachelorette2 113

bachelorette2 017

bachelorette2 041

bachelorette2 044

bachelorette2 116

We sipped our champagne while enjoying some more bachelorette games before heading out to Sushi Samba, a sushi/Brazilian restaurant within a block or two of the drag show we’d be seeing.


bachelorette2 062

bachelorette2 050

We enjoyed some wine and cocktails, my favorite being a cucumber martini that tasted fresh and slightly sweet.

bachelorette2 060

For my entree, I ordered sea bass skewers with a side of grilled asparagus that was prepared in a balsamic glaze with sesame seeds. It was really delicious and I loved the taste of the char from the grill. Yum!

bachelorette2 052

Dinner Gift from the Groom

As we were enjoying our meals, a waiter came to our table with a special delivery from someone very special… Ryan!

Ryan had arranged for us to enjoy a bottle of champagne on him, which was so thoughtful and definitely made me smile.

bachelorette2 055

bachelorette2 059

After finishing off our champagne, we scurried off to The Baton Club for a drag show at 10:30 p.m. We just made it in time!

Unfortunately photos were not allowed, but we did take a picture with one of the performers after the show concluded (if you’re looking at the below picture, she’s standing to my left). We were so impressed with how pretty she looked!

bachelorette2 066

The show got out around midnight and we took our party to the Hangge Uppe, a large bar with a bunch of separate rooms with different kinds of music playing.

Our little group was like Dance Party U.S.A. We were tearin’ it up!

bachelorette2 068

We left the club all sweaty and came home to enjoy some late night snacks before eventually making it to bed… at 6 a.m. It was one heck of a loooong night!

So much fun!

I’ll be back in a bit with a recap of today’s event… the big HALF MARATHON!!! 😀

31 Responses

  1. This looks like so much fun! I hope you are having an uber fun weekend, and that the half was fantastic!

  2. Oh Geez! Have fun!! I hope your rested for it!!

  3. I LOVE Sushi Samba! It is the best. What a great place to spend a girls night. Glad you are enjoying Chicago!

  4. SO MUCH FUN!!!! I love that you color coordinated with black and pink. I wanted to do that for my BFF’s bachelorette party, but no one else wanted to play along 😦 WHATEVA! haha

    Aww I see your knee owie 😦

  5. You all look so beautiful!
    Seems like it was a really fun night, I’m glad you enjoyed it!
    And that little note from Ryan is so romantic 🙂

  6. So fun! and SO IMPRESSED you did a half marathon the day after! That takes some serious skillz 😉

  7. Looks like such an awesome weekend!!!!!
    We went to the Baton Club for my bachorlette party 5 years ago. It was so much fun and I could not believe that some of the performers were actually MEN! You could have fooled me. Have a great rest of your weekend!

  8. Looks like such a good time! And that man looks like such a woman! LOL I love that you wore pink and all your friends wore black. My friend that is getting married is thinking about doing that too.

    What a thoughtful gesture from Ryan. How sweet!

  9. What an awesome bachelorette party! I bet it makes you even more excited for your upcoming wedding!

  10. You have amazing friends.

  11. That note from Ryan seriously made me tear up! What a great guy you have! And wonderful friends too.. looks like a FUN bachelorette party!
    p.s. I enjoyed the post title =P

  12. I’m such a big baby…lol…I am so happy that you and Ryan are so happy.


  14. Samba! I’m so jealous because I’m yet to go there!

    Glad you’re having fun while you’re here! I hope the half went well for you today!

  15. Awe, your soon to be hubby is so sweet! Looks like you girls had a blast!

  16. 6 am….holy cow! I am IMPRESSED Julie…you can still party like a rockstar! 🙂

  17. In bed by 6 AM? Yup, you definitely had a good time, haha. I’ve heard of Sushi Samba (I’m from Chicago) from some of my friends and they really liked it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend 😀

  18. Looks like the perfect bachlorette party!!! Your friends are great party planners!

    I can’t believe you did a half marathon after all that!!! My hero! Hahahaha!

  19. What a blast, I love this! You and your friends look gorgeous, and how SWEET of Ryan, wow, what a catch 🙂

  20. Oh my God! I totally knew they were going to take you to Baton! I doubt you’d remember since you get zillion comments everyday but when you first blogged about how your friends were throwing you a Bachelorette party, I commented saying they’ll probably take you there!! LOL Don’t some of the drag queens look better than some women?? We had a blast when we went there for my friend’s Bachelorette 2 months ago, I can’t wait to go again! The blond ‘lady’ in your picture does look so pretty, hard to believe she is a man huh? Looks like you girls had so much fun yay!

    • hahaha i do totally remember that! i can’t believe how seriously beautiful some of them were! that blonde “lady” was like “i’m old enough to be your father… errr mother…” it was pretty funny!

  21. Looks like you guys had tons of fun and you’re right.. that woman is surprisingly pretty! I expected something else completely!

    That note from Ryan was so sweet I actually got a lil’ teary eyed! Haha! Glad you had fun!

  22. CONGRATS on the half marathon! That’s awesome!! And your pink dress from the bachelorette party is so cute! I LOVE PINK!

  23. OMG, what a blast!

  24. OMG it looks like such a blast!!

  25. LOVE all of the pictures- you & your friends are beautiful!
    Looks like sooooo much fun 😀

  26. Haha, love the pics!

  27. I LOVE the last picture, totally cracked me up!

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