Packing, I Hate You

I know, I know, hate is a strong word. My mom said you should only say you "hate" something if you wish it would die.

Well, I hate packing. I wish it harm. I wish it death.

Though I am extremely excited about my bachelorette party weekend, which begins right when I get off work tomorrow, I was feeling less than enthusiastic about packing this evening.

I blame my father.

He hates packing as well. When I was younger, the night before any family vacation you can bet you’d find me and my dad chillin’ on the couch watching something about sharks (they fascinate me) on the Discovery Channel (I love Shark Week!) with our bags completely unpacked. We’d then sulk around and slowly drag our feet into our respective rooms to pack, moaning and groaning the entire time. So dramatic, I know.

Tonight was no different. I tried to make the experience more enjoyable by making a list. Turns out organization and lists do not make packing more exciting.

And neither does an all-too-enthusiastic dog who wants to help.

packing 004

packing 002

packing 009

Still, I managed to make it through the horrific chore. I have a fully packed bag that is likely missing something extremely important like underwear or my running shoes, which could make running Sunday’s half marathon awfully challenging.

packing 012

With a packed bag under my belt, I got to work in the kitchen.


Tonight’s dinner was made while terrorizing Sadie. She missed her evening walk due to inclement weather, so she was extra annoying chipper tonight!

Since packing took up quite a bit of time, I opted for a no-cook dinner.

For some reason a turkey sandwich sounded absolutely perfect, so I went with it!

packing 020

I made myself a turkey sandwich on a whole wheat sandwich thin with dijon mustard, sliced grape tomatoes, cucumber and fresh spinach.

packing 023

On the side I enjoyed leftover rutabaga fries with some ketchup for dippin’.

packing 019

This plate was assembled in under three minutes and was exactly what I was in the mood to scarf down.

Now it’s time to tackle some last minute things around the house and spend some quality time with Ryan since I’ll be in Chicago through Monday. Lots to do!

Question of the Evening

Has your luggage ever been lost? Have you ever forgot to pack something important?

46 Responses

  1. rather pack than un pack, but neithr are my favorite!

  2. Packing is worse when you have to help someone who hates packing. I always seem to pack my BFs stuff, even when I’m NOT going with him!! It sucks lol….

  3. Packing is so not fun…but unpacking is waaaay worse IMO.

    I have had my bags lost…I went to FL and they went to Seattle for 6 days…argh.

    Nothing that can be bought though πŸ˜‰

    Have a blast!

  4. Ugh mine was lost to PA during Christmas time. It was horrible. Try 2 days in the cold with what you wore on the plane. Then it was lost TWICE to the bahamas. I give up on checking bags.

  5. I’ve forgotten important things lots of times! The most frequent would probably be from my swimming days. I’d always forget goggles, swim caps, or a towel for swim meets. πŸ™‚ Bathing suit though, that’s a #1 check item! Don’t wanna swim in the buff. πŸ˜‰

  6. I travel a lot for work and I’ve never had “lost” luggage. I have had “delayed” luggage that arrived the next day. I learned my lesson and now carry on my luggage as much as I can πŸ™‚

    The item that I most forget is my toothbrush! I always realize it when I’m on the plane so I just pick one up in the airport gift shop.

    Have a great time on your Bachelorette Party Weekend!

  7. mm, that food looks so good. No matter how many times I have packed I always manage to forget something!

  8. Never lost my luggage! I would be so ‘lost’ if I did!

  9. True story:
    Back when I was 16 or so, my family went on a ski trip to Heavenly Mtn in Nevada. I forgot pants. Who knows how, but my parents were not happy when they had to rent a car specifically to drive me to a town 45 min away so I could buy some pants.

  10. I LOVE vera bradley!!!

  11. That’s all your bringing for a long weekend??? I am a notorious overpacker, the bf is amazed at the size of the suitcase I bring when I go visit him on weekends. But my luggage is also Vera, so I love it! Coming home from Disney World two years ago my luggage got lost and was delivered to my front door two days later.

  12. omg. packing is a nightmare for me. my bf can pack in 5 min, and he’ll have everything neatly packed. my suitcase looks like a packed mess!

  13. I went on a trip to Jamaica and my luggage was lost for two days! Luckily I had packed a bathing suit and a cover up in my carry on… Have a blast!!

  14. I love shark week too! Have fun this weekend πŸ™‚

  15. yeah not such a fan of packing BUT I take after my dad in the sense that I pack WAY before I need to because I hate to be unorganized the day before a trip! I have been known to pack a week before any trip haha

  16. I don’t like packing either, but unpacking is the worst!! I forgot my running shoes this past weekend and umm, they were kind of important since I knew we’d be doing lots of working out!! So I had to turn around and go back for them… thankfully I wasn’t too far away when I remembered!!

  17. Oh my gosh, YES! Pack your running stuff in your carry on! I just flew home (on a Friday night) and had a 9AM race the next day and someone took my suitcase (which looked like theirs) with all my running gear in it! Luckily, they noticed the switch, got it back to the airport, and the baggage claim guy (AKA the saint!) put it in a cab to my parents house where I was staying… the bad news was that it arrived at 3AM and I had to wait up for it! I was definitely NOT in top shape to run on Saturday morning and my Sunday long run was a mega bust as well. Ah well, live and learn!

  18. 1) love vera bradley! a kd must πŸ™‚
    2) my luggage always gets lost/delayed. but… there’s this store called unclaimed baggage in AL that i want to go to… it’d be so sweet! too bad for the people who lost their things though… have a fun trip & party!

  19. First of all I second your hate for packing, I’m in the process of packing to go back to grad school and it is absolutely no fun. I’ve never had my luggage lost but I did have my make up and camera stolen out of my suitcase and I normally forget something important but small like my toothbrush

  20. I am a terrible packer – I always pack too much, yet always seem to forget something.
    Side note – I have the same large duffel from Vera Bradley, just in a different pattern. πŸ˜‰
    On the way back from our honeymoon, Jay and I had our luggage get lost while quickly trying to change planes. Luckily, since it was on the way back home it really wasn’t a big deal, and the airport had the luggage dropped off right at our doorstep the next evening. Still a little nerve-racking though!

  21. The Sadie photos always make me smile!! And the only thing that’s worse than packing for me is UNpacking. Glad you got it all finished though!

  22. I have never lost luggage, thank goodness. I hate having to pack all the stuff that I will need in the morning – like contacts and makeup and stuff – the stuff that can’t be pre-packed because I need to use it!
    Have fun on your trip! I live in a Chicago suburb and it is sooo humid here. But I think Sunday is supposed to be nice!

  23. When I came back from living for half a year in New Zealand my luggage was lost. It really sucked because my entire life was in there. At least United got it to me within a week.

    Ps. When I try to view your blog at work it’s forbidden because it’s marked as malicious content or something. I never had that problem before. Just thought I’d tell you in case something bad happened secretly!

  24. I actually don’t mind packing…I travel a lot for work, so I feel like I kinda have it down to a science! My luggage has been lost before…while I was working for the airline. It was only gone for a day, but still I had some works with customer service. πŸ™‚

  25. Have fun this weekend. My bachelorette party is Saturday! In terms of packing, I try to do carry on whenever possible to minimize my luggage getting lost.

  26. My mom used to tell me almost the same thing about the “H” word! πŸ˜‰
    She said that it was too strong a word to use for everything. I understand know since you hear kids say they “hate” someone, or hate eating peas, etc, etc!

    Love your luggage- I hate packing too! I have to get started cause I’m leaving on a trip on Friday. I always pack way too much stuff because you never know what all you’ll need!

  27. I have forgotten to pack things numerous times, but luckily I have never had my luggage be lost!

    I am actually the opposite of you because I LOVE packing! I love the process of organizing my bag or suitcase and getting super excited about wherever I am going. Making plans in my head about all of the fun stuff that will occur.

    I feel stuck at home sometimes, so getting out is SO exciting!

  28. Over Christmas, the airline lost my GATE CHECKED bag (you know the one you leave right next to the plane when you board?). I freaked (FREAKED) out, because it had my jewelry in it! I got it back the next afternoon, but I didn’t sleep very well that night.

  29. I’m not sure which is worse…packing or unpacking!! My method for unpacking is to throw everything in the washing machine, but putting away stuff like my hair dryer gets annoying!

    When I went for my college orientation (it was in the middle of the summer before school), I realized that I forgot to pack any underwear! Had to buy it when I got there…yikes!

  30. Oh, goodness…Bachelorette wkend + 1/2-marathon sounds like a nightmare in my mind… I mean, it sounds like a TON of fun… if the drinking is kept under control ; ) Can’t wait to hear about your crazy wkend – enjoy!

  31. I despise packing, but college has made me realize that I hate UNpacking even more. Thinking about how to organize everything stresses me out!

  32. Have fun and good luck with the 1/2 marathon

  33. Packing doesn’t really bother me, but I HATE unpacking! My luggage was once lost when I flew home from college at Christmastime. ALL of the presents for my family were in my suitcase! Luckily, my luggage made its way back to me on Christmas Eve. I was freaking out in the meantime though.

  34. I hate packing also! The best packing story I have is one year on a family vacation, we forgot my brothers bag entirely! We were halfway to our destination when we realized it (not to mention, he and I were young so his “brown blankie” wasn’t coming with us… poor kid). We had to stop at a department store to buy him some new clothes. Thankfully we were just gone for a long weekend.

  35. i hate packing! i just say i’ll buy everything when i get there haha πŸ™‚
    when i got to Europe last august (where i’d be living for a year) I realised I had forgotten to pack any winter clothes whatsoever. oops! Good thing my mom didn’t mind shipping it all to me πŸ˜€

  36. I had luggage stolen when I was in college, someone took the wrong suitcase home and just decided they wanted all my dirty clothes and underwear. Nasty!

  37. Once on a plane trip to Disney World we brought out portable DVD player along. We watched a movie for a little bit and then put it under our seats when we were finished, we got off and totally forgot about it! Sadly, after many calls/visits to the baggage claim, we never got it back. 😦


  38. I despise packing. I never get it right…I always over do it or leave something out.

  39. Maybe Sadie is “helping” because she is saying “don’t go mom!”

    She’s precious!

  40. So you know I really don’t care for dogs all that much, but that second picture… the one with Sadie on your bed is so stinking cute. Have a blast this weekend and good luck on your 1/2 marathon, it’ll be fine. xoxo

    • haha thanks caitlin!!! πŸ™‚ oh & i’m excited for you about your awesome first day the other night. ow, ow!

  41. I always tell myself that if I forgot something I can always buy it when I get there (unless it’s like meds or contacts). This only works if you are going somewhere with stores.

  42. I LOVE your dog! Sadie seems just like what I need – short hair (great for minimizing animal allergies) and a dog that likes to go out on runs. I would love having a running partner!

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