Carb Crazy

Some of you have asked if I feel hungrier on the days when I do a long run in the morning. 

The answer is YES. Not only am I hungrier, but I seriously crave carbs! 

Today my snacks included: 

  • Two bowls of cereal
  • 1 bag of kettle corn
  • Whole wheat tortilla with cheese
  • Pretzels
  • Cheetos + chips and dip (at a pool party this afternoon)
  • More cereal

I was Little Miss Snacky today! 

I did manage to snap some pictures of my actual meals, which were a little more balanced. 🙂 


Lunch was a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with roasted red pepper hummus and a sliced Pink Lady apple on the side. 

Turkey & Hummus Sandwich

Sandwich + Apple

 This apple was perfect! It was sweet and crisp… Just the way I like it! 

After lunch, Ryan and I headed out to a pool party for the afternoon where my carb cravings took off in full-swing. 

Beer + Cheetos + Tortilla chips 

My body couldn’t get enough! I guess 10 miles will do that to ya! 😉 


I owe tonight’s tasty dinner creation to Uncle Sam cereal

Uncle Sam Cereal

I received the cereal to sample from Attune Foods and was immediately impressed with the fiber and protein content (10 grams and 7 grams per serving, respectively) and an ingredient list that included whole wheat kernels and flaxseeds. 

At first bite, I noticed that the cereal was not sweet in the least. I think I was expecting the taste of a traditional breakfast cereal, but I ended up really enjoying it stirred into yogurt and topped with milk and fruit. 

The lack of sweetness in the cereal made me think it would be great to use in a savory recipe. 

I decided to do a little experimenting with the cereal and made Uncle Sam cereal encrusted chicken breasts for dinner. 

After dunking chicken breasts in a mixture of two eggs whisked with approximately 1/2 tablespoon of garlic salt, I rolled the eggy chicken in a bowl of Uncle Sam cereal to coat the breasts in the crunchy whole grains. 

Ready for Baking

I then baked the chicken at 375 degrees for approximately 25 minutes (or until the chicken was fully cooked). 

Uncle Sam Cereal Encrusted Chicken Breasts

Eat Up!

Both Ryan and I gave the chicken breasts two thumbs up! 

They were moist and very flavorful. I thought the cereal coating was the best part, but that should come as no surprise considering my carb-obsessed appetite today. 😀 



I am looking forward to a productive day tomorrow! I hope to go to church, run some wedding related errands (Shoes? Veil?), get some sun and do some chores around the house. 

Between my bout with nausea and the pool party this afternoon, today wasn’t exactly productive! 😉 

See ya in the mornin’!

10 Mile Run –> Hot Fudge Sundae

Good news! 

My heel injury coupled with three weeks off from the long runs on my half marathon training plan didn’t get me down. 

I tackled a 10 mile run this morning and it felt amazing! 

10 Mile Run Stats

 I did a large six-mile loop and realized I forgot my Stretch Island Fruit Co. fruit strip, which I planned on eating halfway through the run to give my body some sugar and carbs. 


I made a quick pit-stop at our apartment to eat a fruit strip, down some water and leash Sadie up so she could join me on the final four miles of my run. 

I was feeling quite fatigued before I ate the fruit strip and was amazed how much better a simple snack and some brief stretching made me feel. The last four miles of my run felt better than the first six. 

During my run I had two main thoughts in my head to keep me going: 

  • I am so grateful for the ability to run.
  • It’s okay to feel uncomfortable.

When I got home, I immediately drank a lot of water, ate another fruit strip and several large handfuls of pretzels. 

I then stretched for about 10 minutes until Ryan arrived home from the gym. We took Sadie on a slow one-mile walk, which I figured would be good for my muscles. About halfway through the walk, I felt a pretty intense cramp on my right side. 

When we got home, I curled up on the couch and started to feel a little nauseous. I closed my eyes for about an hour and watched an episode of Bethenny Getting Married? that I DVRed. Ryan headed out to run an errand and I stayed on the couch, sipping water and munching on a few more pretzels. 

Then, Ryan arrived back home and reminded me, yet again, why I am marrying him. 

Check out what he brought me: 

Hot Fudge Sundae

A McDonald’s hot fudge sundae! 

The Patient and the Cure

My eyes lit up when he walked in the door carrying that bad boy. 

It tasted like heaven and I literally used my fingers to eat every last bite. 

Oddly enough, the ice cream sundae made me feel a million times better! 

I’m not sure why I felt so icky, but I’m glad the feeling passed and I’m back to feelin’ normal. 

We have plans to go to a pool party today, so I gotta get movin’! 

Hope you weekend is off to a great start! 😀