Wiiipe Out

So there I was… about three minutes into my run.

Beyoncé was singing her little lungs out telling me how I “wasn’t ready for her jelly.” I was feelin’ the music and setting my pace for the five miles ahead.

Apparently Sadie was feeling extra chipper this morning because she and found a stick and proceeded to jump around in front of me, trying to entice me with the big piece of wood almost immediately.

“No!” I told her.

“She knows not what she says. She clearly means OH YES! I want to play! What an awesome stick!” Sadie thought.

Usually when Sadie does this, it only lasts for 20 seconds or so, but today she was jumping around for a good minute or two. Eventually she jumped around behind me and my left foot got caught under her body and I went flying to the ground.

The result? A bloody knee.

Me and My Bum Knee

Though I was a little peeved at Sadie, she immediately got back into my good graces when she ran over to me to give me lots of kisses and a puppy hug.

How could I stay mad at this face?

"Oops. I Saw-ree, Mama."

Luckily my knee was just scraped up a bit and didn’t hurt too badly so we were able to dust ourselves off and complete our five mile run.

5 Mile Run Stats

Aside from the lil’ wipe out in the beginning, today’s run was a great one!


Just like my post-run breakfast on Tuesday, I was feelin’ a cold smoothie packed with fruit and protein.

Enter my piña colada green monster.

Pina Colada Green Monster

Into the blender went:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/3 c. chopped pineapple
  • 2 tsp. coconut extract
  • 1 tsp. banana extract
  • 1 large handful spinach
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 tsp. xanthan gum (for thickening)
  • 3 ice cubes
  • Enough milk to get everything movin’

Looks Minty... But It's Not

Drink Up, Buttercup



Hopefully the spinach in my smoothie will do my body good like it did Popeye’s and help heal my busted knee! 😀

Question of the Morning

Have you ever injured yourself while working out or playing sports?

59 Responses

  1. I LOVE that color of your smoothie today- haha so random, but it is my favorite shade of green 🙂
    Sorry about your knee..that sucks..but I hope it gets better quick! (dog kisses always help 😉 )
    I have gotten injured, but not seriously, thankfully. We always wore spikes for track & cross country, so I’ve been spiked a few times & some of them were on purpose!! Girls are vicious sometimes!! haha

  2. sorry about your crash and burn! =/ I had a bit of a “run fall” last year (you can see a pic in my about me) where i somehow got road rash on my face and shoulder…you can imagine how graceful THAT fall was! he he he

    Pina Colada GM??? i MUST try that!

  3. Falling is one of the top 5 reasons I’m not a runner.

    Not having a cute pup to keep me company is one of the top 3 😛

    Glad you’re okay! You’re a trooper !

  4. aw, how could you be mad at her with that sweet face! she could get away with ANYTHING with me if she would just look at me like that 🙂

  5. I always hurt myself! But once when my husband was running in the morning, he looked down to change the song on his phone and when he looked up it was too late–he crashed head over heels into a fire hydrant! He hurt both of his knees and shins and they were swollen/scratched for a week!

  6. Hi Julie! I found your blog on Skinny Runner and I’m lovin it! =) That smoothie sounds good, I didn’t know you could buy banana and coconut extract. Where do you buy them? Also, your dog is adorable!

  7. I have gotten a killer scrape before. I Thought it would be a great idea to sprint one day in college. I was in an alley and it was gravel and I slipped and skidded right on my ass.

    Right under my right butt cheek I got a huge chunk of skin scraped off exposing flesh. What made it worse was that I was sweat and the gravel stuck to the flesh–and I was pretty far from home and in no way could I run back bc it hurt so bad. Plus, I was sweating so sweat kept running down into my exposed wound. It took a while to walk back home–and I still have a nasty scar under my right buttcheek 🙂

  8. aww…I couldn’t stay mad at her either.

    I’m not very athletic, but over the years I busted my lip from a softball hitting me, took a crash off my bike b/c of a rock, and hurt my knee skiing (still bothers me) managed to take out almost everyone in the class too!

  9. I have never really “injured” myself during sports, but the closest I have gotten was a fat lip. It was my first (and only) year of softball and I was having a catch and missed the ball. Oops! 😉

  10. I’ve crashed running with my dog too! We were running and another dog came up to us. He stopped quickly, I didn’t and tripped over him. I scraped my knee, hand, chest, shoulder, and two places on my face! I cannot tell you how embarrassing it was to walk home 12 blocks covered in blood! Glad to see yours was just your knee!

    • PS… Congrats on the new website! I was wondering why I didn’t see any updates from your page on Google Reader this morning and realized I needed to update my subscription. Might want to let everyone else know too!!!

  11. Aw man! Glad you are ok. I’ve never had an injury…thank goodness.

  12. Hey boo boo! Sorry, but you kept at it! Woo Hoo. Don’t mention Wipe Out next time without referencing the hit ABC show, lol.

    I have had my hand pinched in a weight. First and last time experience.

  13. You always look so cute for work. I feel like a sloppy mess. Sorry about the scraped knee, I’m permanently scarred on both knees from exercise injuries.

    And you don’t need to update the Google Reader subscription, I didn’t change mine and your post still showed up!

  14. Sorry about your stumble! My pup, Denali, always thinks it’s fun to carry a big stick on a run and I have imagined myself falling many a times.

    By the way, your hair looks super cute in the last photo. How did you do it?

  15. I’v done that a few times!

  16. Hi there! Coming out of lurk-dom to say “hi’ . . . I too found you via Skinny Runner (gotta love her).

    I’ve had a blast reading through your recipe section and actually made the pumpkin spice (2 ingredient) cookies the other night. Huge hit with the hubby, not so with my peanut! 🙂

    I know you’re a huge crockpot fan as well as a huge spaghetti squash fan . . . if you put a spaghetti squash in the crockpot with 2 cups of water on low for 8 hours (or a tad less) or 5 hrs on high you’ll come home to a cooked and ready to use squash. Keep in mind, cook less for a more “crunchier” squash as this makes it super soft . . . mix with tomato sauce, chickpeas and lots of oregano and you have one tasty meal!

    Your dog is adorable by the way and I am not usually a dog person but Sadie has me smitten.

    • OMG this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much for sharing. i actually have a spaghetti squash at home that i’ve been meaning to make. it’s on the agenda for tomorrow night!!! thanks!

  17. I used to play volleyball in high school. There was once when I was diving for the ball and I landed on my hip bone! EEEEKKKK! I totally saved it though! 😀 That was by golly the most painful bruise I’ve ever had in my entire life, and you can still kind of see the scar there. Hehe i’m somewhat proud of my battle scar 😉

  18. Awww…the dangers of running with a dog, right? I’ve never wiped out with mine, but I’m sure it’ll happen some time!

  19. The question should be when have I ever NOT injured myself 😀

  20. Sorry to hear about your knee! At least you only scraped it.

    I used to play badminton in high school (yes we had an actual team) and we would do these CRAZY warmups. I ended up twisting my ankle. Luckily it did not take too long to right itself but it hurt a lot at the time!

  21. In high school, my face was a magnet for softballs, basketballs, kickballs, etc. I swear, every other week, I was getting hit in the head with something. No serious injuries though. Either I had really bad reflexes or someone had it out for me!

  22. I just started reading your blog – love it! Thanks for all the fitness and recipe inspiration 🙂

    Your question this AM spurred me to respond because a sports-related injury is actually what got me into running over 10 years ago…I crashed and burned on my rollerblades and tore up my knee to the point that I couldn’t bend it much. I couldn’t rollerblade for a while but I could run without much pain. I haven’t gotten the *blades* out since and am now a running addict! Hope your knee heals up fast. I swear my dog is out to get me sometimes, too, when we run together 🙂

  23. I went roller-blading with my pup Lena last summer and she took off way too fast. Since I hadn’t really roller-bladed in about 10 years, I wasn’t exactly graceful. I ended up on my bum and it hurt A LOT. Plus it was in front of a bunch of people….quite the embarrassing moment indeed.

  24. Delicious smoothie idea and your dog is adorable! I always joke about what my little pup is saying too, so entertaining to think about!

    (Just stumbled across your blog and love love it!!)

  25. I have definately wiped out many times while running BY MYSELF.. Hahaha.. I have hit my hip a couple of times and bruised them and scraped up my hands and knees all from tripping and wiping out from cracked sidewalks and roads.. haha one time right in front of a cop!!

  26. you are on my blogroll and I didn’t have to change anything either! 🙂 awesome.

    I fell skiing once – BAD. 😦 I was on a ski team, and I turned slightly in the air, causing my landing to fail… three knee surgeries later I had to give up my pro tennis dreams 😦

    I more minor one – I was talking while biking, and hit a parking meter!! flew up and over it. 🙂 a few scrapes, what I really hurt that time was my pride 🙂 hee!

  27. When I was in 5th grade, I did a back handspring in a gymnastics class, and I landed wrong which resulted in my arm bone popping out! My coach immediately ran over to me and popped it back in!!! Needless to say I don’t remember any of that… all I remember is that firemen came and carried me to the car to the hospital! Haha, good times, good times! 😉
    Take care of that knee!

  28. Did you immediately look around to see if anyone saw it? So embarassing! Hope your knee gets better soon!

  29. Yikes! Be glad that you took the fall while out RUNNING though – at least you can run now!

    I’ve taken a few falls running as well. A couple years ago in college I was running with my swim team and fell pretty hard (darn those uneven sidewalks!). Blood dripping down my legs, kept on running! 🙂

  30. I’ve had this same thing happen to me. My dog go too excited during a walk, his legs got tangled in mine and down I went on the asphalt. No fun!

  31. I am sorry to hear about your knee! Good for you for finishing your run though…that’s awesome!
    I had to tell you, esp. b/c you have it pictured in today’s post, I went to BB & Beyond last night and bought me a Tervis Tumbler!! I made my soy-almond-honey latte in it this morning and am loving it. I had seen you using it for smoothies over the last few months but was living in Europe at the time so I couldn’t find one. But now that I am back in N. America…Tervis all the way! Love it. Did you order your cover/straw from their website?
    Have a great day!

    • you can actually buy a variety of lids at bed bath & beyond. i have some just for straws & others for hot beverages. they’re great!!! glad you’re enjoying the cup!

  32. Ouch! I’ve wiped out doing just about everything, including (embarrassingly) walking up stairs and tripping over my own feet. Klutz here.

  33. Your hair looks so cute!!! How did you do it?? 🙂 🙂

  34. Yes, I am a very clumsy person and just yesterday while I was doing box jumps, I didn’t squat down low enough and I didn’t clear the side of the box. My toes caught the edge and I went forward. My husband who is a trainer and happens to train me with his other clients in the morning, turned and after asking if I was fine said, “now you know you need to squat lower and really push off that ground”. Haha, thanks for the sympathy dear.

  35. Totally. It’s that uncoordinated gene, I swear!

  36. My dog does the same thing!

    Hey, I have a request for a post if you don’t mind (and I sure hope you see this). I was wondering if you could do a “healthy eating for beginners” type post. It would be cool to have a reference of some basics and things to pick up at the grocery store to really commit to more healthy eating. I’m embarrassed to say that when I read healthy living blogs, I often don’t know what many of the ingredients are (or how to prepare them). I just learned about quinoa, for example.

    Anyway, thanks for a great blog! I’m really enjoying it. 🙂

  37. question…on that X-gum stuff for the smoothies…a) where do you buy that kind of stuff and b) how much do you put in?


  38. I tore my ACL in my knee so bad it completely tore off from the bone this spring when I fell on hurdles in track. I also tore my MCL.
    I had to get surgery and I’m recovering right now.

  39. One time, right at the very beginning of my run, my ankles locked up for some reason and I fell straight to my knees, where you can still see the scars almost 3 years later!!!

    I love you cute ‘do by the way, adorable!!

  40. Sorry about your fall!!

    I was running before work once and must have still been half-asleep. I tripped on the uneven sidewalk and realllyyy scraped up my hands and my knee! Pure adrenaline got me the rest of the way home! I also broke my finger in our high school’s powder puff football game and had to have three screws put into my pinky! So much drama for a little finger 🙂

  41. Sorry about your knee. But your hair is super cute!

  42. I’m gonna agree with the cute hair comments, looks fantastic! And you’re right, how could you get mad at such an adorable pooch!
    Last summer I got hit by a bike from behind while running, it hurt big-time! I think a lot of it was the shock too, never saw it coming! It was a busy multi-use path, I was mindin’ my own business when dude with no biking handling skills knocked me down : (
    Love your blog, just started reading it!

  43. I love your blog, its has very quickly become one of my faves!!
    I am a total”accident waiting to happen” according to my parents. I like to think I am just a give it all kind of girl but I sure have had my share of wipeouts–completely torn ACL (not surgically repairable), broken bones, 3rd degree burns from hitting the pavement while rolerblading not to mention the bumps and bruises from playing hockey and rugby.

  44. Sadie is just the cutest! My dog Hydro is a lot like that- but not just for a minute or two, pretty much his entire existence, haha..
    As far as injuries during sports.. I don’t even know where to start. Torn ligaments, bloody knees, pulled muscles.. I guess I’m just a klutz!

  45. I once went roller blading with my mom and in order to avoid getting run over by a car I wiped out on the sidewalk and scraped up both of my knees…then my brother thought it would be a good idea to clean that up with peroxide….I do not recommend that method…it burned like I cannot describe. P.S. your hair looks really cute in that pic 🙂

  46. […] half marathon a week and a half ago, but I’ve been waiting for the scab/bruise on my knee (thank you, Sadie) to heal so I could comfortably do all of the […]

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