Chocolate Yogurt Mousse

Man-oh-man, I sure could use another day off!

This weekend totally flew by… Let’s hope this week does the same! πŸ˜€


It can be tough getting back into the swing of things on Monday mornings, so I like to start ’em out on the right foot with a tasty breakfast.

Today’s morning meal was fantastic!

Monday Morning Breakfast

I made myself a bowl of yogurt mousse (just like yogurt pudding, but today’s concoction was this was thicker and more mousse-like for some reason).

I made the mousse by combining one cup of Greek yogurt with nine grams (one large spoonful) of chocolate instant pudding mix. I stirred the two ingredients together until the chocolate powder was evenly dispersed and the mixture became super thick.

After topping the chocolate yogurt mousse with fresh berries and Gerber Graduates cherry puffs, my breakfast was ready for eatin’.

Yogurt Mousse + Berries + Puffs

Lots o' Flava

I use the Gerber Graduates cherry puffs in my yogurt bowl because they are delicious and I actually trust myself around them.

I ❀ Baby Food

The puffs are perfect because, unlike most cereal, I can manage to stop eating the them after a serving or two. They provide the sweetness, texture and crunch I desire in my yogurt bowl, but I don’t have a huge box of cereal calling my name from the pantry.

“Juuuulie. Eaaaaaat me. No, eat allllll of meeeee.”

Along with my yogurt bowl, I also enjoyed a banana.

All Together

Meant for a Monkey


Before breakfast, Ryan and headed to the gym and were talking about how great we both slept last night. I’m not sure if it was the 20 minute walk we took Sadie on late in the evening yesterday or what, but I’ll take it! I rarely sleep through the night without waking up at least once, so I was a happy camper.

We arrived at the gym a little before 5:45 a.m. and IΒ  headed to BodyPump for a sweaty strength-training workout. Loved it!

Post ‘Pump, I came home and took Sadie on a 40 minute walk without my iPod.

Sadie Girl

I’ve been leaving my iPod at home a lot lately on my morning walks with Sadie and have really enjoyed the quiet calm of the morning before the hustle and bustle sets in.

Plus, now I can hear the passersby talk trash about how skinny Sadie is and curse them under my breath. πŸ˜‰

(For those of you new to the blog, Sadie is quite a skinny-minnie. She has access to food at any time and our vet said it’s very common for vizslas to be so trim because of their energy levels. We’re workin’ on gettin’ a few extra pounds on those bones and have people stop us alllllll the time telling us how skinny she is. I feel like whenever I take her running with me people think I’m like a drill sargent trying to make her lose those last five pounds or someting. Not the case AT ALL. πŸ˜€ I love my skinny beast.)

Off to work I go!

Question of the Morning

Do you workout with or without music?

I LOVE listening to music during my workouts and find it very motivating to get lost in the music and sweat it out! πŸ˜€

66 Responses

  1. People. Aaaah people. Always in need of something to bash, don’t they?

    What, they think you starve your dog so it would look fabulous and pose on the cover of Glamour magazine?

    hehehe , people πŸ™‚

  2. Another day off would totally be ideal… alas here we are… lol

    And I always listen to music when I workout. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m really “listening” to it (I tend to zone out), but it’s there as a backup when I need one…

    Happy Monday!

  3. I have a boxer that is barely 40lbs and looks the same way! The vet says the same thing about her … so I feel you!

    I go through phases with my ipod. I didn’t use it on my 14 miler this weekend, but I had to have it this morning for my tempo run. It just depends …

    I found you through SkinnyRunner and love your blog! πŸ™‚

  4. With! I can never workout without music. I love moving to the beat!

  5. Depends on the workout. I never train with music when doing weights but need my tunes when running or on a cardio machine.

    Have a great week, hope it flies by:)

  6. Definitely need some form of “noise” during a workout. My ipod is #1, but there’s been times where I’ve forgotten it at the gym. If that’s the case, I try to at least park myself in front of a good tv program to watch πŸ™‚
    P.S. – Those gerber cereal puffs are delish! I steal them all the time from friends of ours who have a baby lol

  7. I love music, ANYTIME πŸ˜€ During workout it’s totally kosher, I agree. Gets me PUMPED!

    I love baby food, not even the “chewy” kind…the straight up mush, it’s freakin’ delish πŸ˜‰ swear! Try it on pancakes and in yogurt!

    Have a great day Julie!

  8. I don’t use an ipod with my workouts but since I workout with classes or in the gym there is always music in the background. I usually am so inside my own head during workouts though it doesn’t make any difference.

    I hate getting in the groove Monday mornings too. Hope today goes smoothly for ya.

  9. I have the same problem with my dog! Granted she is an 8 pound toy rat terrier but because of her energy level she can’t keep weight on her. The vet told me the same thing and she is over a year and still on puppy food for the high protein level! So I feel your pain girl! πŸ™‚

    As for working out without music I never have until the other morning I forgot to charge my ipod and it only lasted up til the first mile. I’m not sure how I feel about running without it because I hate to hear myself breath! but as for walking lily, I never use it! πŸ™‚

  10. p.s. I loved the fun fact about Sadie! I did notice she was skinny, but I know ya’ll love and feed her like it’s nobody’s business, so I just figured it was because she’s nuts! (in a good way πŸ˜‰ ) I adore her!!!

  11. For long runs, I like to go without music — it really let’s my mind just go where ever it needs to! For short runs or gym workouts though, music is key!

    Gerber Graduates… I discovered those last year and my friend thought I was nuts! They’re so good! And the little container makes them a great ‘on the go’ snack, too!

  12. i usually try to workout without music…i find that it really helps me to figure out how i feel about everything…the day, work, relationships, and life in general!

    and don’t feel bad about sadie…we have a good friend with a Viszla just like her…Zia only weighs 35 pounds! but she eats whenever she wants, runs whenever she wants…i would say she has a very happy life πŸ™‚

  13. I tend to rely wayyyy too much on tunes for my workouts. My music was on the fritz this morning, and I ended up walking way more of my run than I’d have liked!:/ I need to start Doug some workouts without, that way I don’t go into freakout mode when it isn’t accesible!

  14. Reading your blog and seeing Sadie makes me SO excited for the vizsla pup we are getting in october!

  15. I am going to have to try that yogurt mix. I have to workout with music or I just quit, Not sure why but the music motivates me.

  16. HATERS! Sadie is perfect the way she is! They are going to give the poor girl a complex.

    I make “yogurt pudding” all the time! I don’t care if the SF pudding mix is processed, it is delicious and I love it.

  17. I must use music while working out, I can’t stand listening to other people breathe. It totally creeps me out.

  18. I really like the idea of thickening up the yogurt to make it a little more mousse-like… I think some experimenting is called for.

    Also, I never would have thought to get the Gerber Graduates cereal, but that sounds like a good idea (other than the weird looks I may get in the checkout line!). I just can’t be trusted around too much cereal!

    Looking forward to new music on my iPod is one of the best ways to get pumped up about running! I’m obsessed with “Waka-Waka” by Shakira right now.

  19. I love running with my ipod in but turned off so people think I’m in my own little musical world. I was running like this on campus last semester and I just love hearing what passerbys say about me when they think I can’t hear them.

  20. I’m obsessed with listening to music while I run! If you have never checked out Girl Talk (he’s a DJ… weird name for a guy, I know) check out his stuff ASAP! He combines popular songs and the music is fun and upbeat! I always say it’s impossible to walk to that music!

    I’m definitely going to have to try out that breakfast too!

  21. Must have my ipod with me when working out! Otherwise I get too bored! Right now I am totally digging the song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. So fun!

  22. Ever since I started cycling, I leave my iPod at home more often. I love riding without music, even though sometimes I could use some encouragement from Beyonce.

    I also do my weekly hour+ stair climbs without music, that is serious mental exhaustion.

    Um tell those fellow walkers to take a hike. Haven’t they seen a greyhound?

  23. I think I’d like to have Sadie’s metabolism..that would be awesome to HAVE to eat more. I could handle that, yessir πŸ˜‰

    My ipod has been dead for awhile and it’s making my workouts DRAG!

  24. Lately I’ve been trying to curb my iPod obsession and go running/working out without music. I think I rely on it too much sometimes. It’s actually nice to hear the noises around me, so I think I’ll try running without music more often!

  25. Love Sadie and her skinny bitch self ;).

    I love running without music when I’m outside! It is peaceful and you can get in such a nice relaxing zone!

  26. Most mornings I watch the news while doing my cardio. Boring, i know, but its the only time of the day I catch up on what’s going on in the world. If cardio makes its move to the PM, though, I use music. Lately, I downloaded an audiobook and have been listening to that. It really makes the time fly even if my knowledge of world events is suffering from the replacement of the news πŸ™‚

  27. I get comments all the time too about how skinny Koda is. While she was still growing her ribs were always sticking out now matter how much she ate. Now that she is almost 3 she has filled out a bit more (for a vizsla…).

    Some people still feel the need to comment, and I curse them under my breath too πŸ˜‰

  28. People are so judgemental, sometimes they just need to keep their mouths shut. Sadie looks healthy for me!

  29. Sadie looks like a healthy, happy pup to me. Grr! People always make comments about my dogs fur (he’s ridiculously fluffy!) which gets old after awhile. I prefer doing cardio with music but will often turn my shuffle off for strength training!

  30. haha my little cousin eats those puffs all the time!

    They are quit good!

  31. I’m an either/or with music. We never had music while running in the Army, so I guess I’m used to going without it. I finally bought my first mp3 player in Nov though, and I occasionally remember it!

  32. People comment about how skinny and small Barkely is too! Yes he is on the low end of the weight scale for Goldens but he’s healthy and happy and well taken care of….geez! lol

  33. awww, poor sadie-baby. I can totally relate (to her that is). while im not skeletal anymore, i have a really hard time keeping weight on without regularly gorging myself. its a lot more difficult to live in this society no matter what end of the scale you seem to fall. i wish i could be as comfortable/confident as your pup though and not let damn passerbys’ comments prevent me from enjoying a nice walky with my momma. if sadie needs to vent about her insecurities, tell her in pup language that Im all ears!!! hahaha.

  34. Hi! I just started reading your blog and love your posts.. I’m always excited to see what is on tap for today. I have to admit I stumbled on your food blog and many others but one reason yours stood out was Sadie. We have 2 Vizslas also. We have 1 girl and she is pretty thin but really I think Sadie looks great… people who aren’t familiar with the breed think they should look like labs and they absolutely should not! They are supposed to be trim; that is their body style. So I think she looks fabulous.

    • exactly!!! i think people definitely compare vizslas to labs or Rhodesian ridgebacks… totally different bodies!

  35. I love, love, love listening to music! Personally I go with Pandora radio and mix it up with BEP, Justin Timberlake, and even some house music!

    Your dog is a cutie and she looks fine!

    Your breakfast looked yummy, by the way. Better than my cream of wheat!

  36. People are so rude, seriously. And I think that trash talking Sadie is the same as trash talking a person. We are getting used to seeing overweight people, so seeing a healthy, slim person leads a lot to think she must have an eating disorder. I see bigger and more overweight dogs all the time… I was thinking Molly was too thin because I can see her ribs a bit and her torso is so narrow at the end, but when I took her to the vet, lo and behold she is actually OVERWEIGHT. She needs to lose 7 pounds. We are just used to EVERYTHING being big in this society.

    Not to mention it’s none of their business, and just plain rude.

  37. I love listening to music but sometimes (not usually on purpose) I leave the old ipod at home. It’s nice sometimes to mix it up a bit!!!

    Sadie is perfect just the way she is! Although, I wish I had her metabolism and energy for that matter πŸ™‚

  38. Yeah, we need to campaign for a three day weekend and four day work week! I am definitely a workout with music kind of person!

  39. Where oh where did you get that black dress you were wearing yesterday?!? It is soooo cute!!

    • thanks! i got it from express a couple of years ago (it’s actually navy blue, btw). πŸ™‚

  40. I have to listen to music all the time! The only workout I can do without is Bikram – in fact, I’ve done Bikram with music and its about 100x harder to keep your concentration and lock in the poses. Otherwise I am listening to pandora or whatever is on the TV. Core Fusion classes always have really good music – which makes it fly by.

  41. I must have music in the gym but outside, there are enough distractions and the scenery is always changing. My friends have a Vizsla and it is really skinny (and hyper!) too… I just figured that ‘s the way they are. She’s a gorgeous dog!

  42. I must listen to music when I work out! It keeps my heart pumpin’ and also helps me stay motivated. Sadie is perfect the way she is, she lives an active puppy lifestyle thanks to you & Ryan!

  43. Funny that you should ask this question today – I was in a weekend state of mind still while getting ready for the day and when packing my gym bag completely forgot my iPod. My husband said I would need to suck it up for our lift session and get moving because we were running late as it is.

    I am lifting after work and am already nervous to make it through a lifting session without my music to help push me – plus I hate to hear myself breathe while doing cardio and we mix cardio circuits into our lifting circuits for maximum fat burning = lots of heavy breathing!

    Oh well, I will settle for the background music playing the facility.

  44. I always run with music! It definitely makes my workouts so much better. However, if I’m running outside, I usually keep it a little quieter than in the gym, just so I can hear what’s going on around me.

    And ps, I think Sadie is gorgeous too!

  45. Most of the time I work out with Music…otherwise it’s not as fun.

  46. I absolutely need to listen to music while I work out.
    I actually just wrote a post about this!
    I think partially because I’m just a music lover and prefer to have it on most of the time anyway, plus (I like to think) I’m a dancer at heart, so it just makes SENSE to move to the music!

    The worst is a class instructor who just picks the wrong tunes… like, songs that don’t work with the moves at all. It’s like a counter-motivator to me!

  47. I HAVE to have music when I work out. Otherwise I stop in about a minute because I find it sooo boring. In fact, at the gym, I have music and a magazine or two to read.

  48. i like to workout to music…but since my ipod broke, i haven’t. it’s nice to go without too, it can be very entertaining….you sometimes hear the most ridiculous conversations at the gym! hahaha.

  49. LOVE listening to music for sure!

  50. On the animal planet they showcased your dog’s breed and said how MUCH exercise they need because they are such active dogs and they said that it’s best for people who enjoy a lot of exercise (like you!)

    They also said how much they like to snuggle and be with their people and that reminded me of your dog so much!

    I think you are a great dog mom!

  51. That yogurt mousse is a great idea! And I think sadie is cute, at least she runs with you! I try to make my boyfriends dog run with me and no lie, I practically have to drag her – that lazy freakin dog lol

  52. Looks delicious!! I would love to have a dog to run with me, mine are too little.

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  54. I never would have though to add pudding mix to Greek Yogurt, but your breakfast looks so yummy that I might have to try it!

  55. […] made myself a big ol’ bowl of chocolate yogurt mousse topped with blueberries and sliced strawberries. Berries + Chocolate Yogurt Mousse […]

  56. […] saw on Julie’s blog that she makes a “chocolate moose and boy was I ready to try that. I did and let me just say […]

  57. […] made myself a bowl of yogurt mousse, using a cup of plain Greek yogurt and a big spoonful of instant chocolate pudding […]

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