Registering & Ryan’s Wedding Band

Phew! Where did the day go???

Running –> Breakfast –> Mall –> Pool…

That brings us to lunch!


I knew Ryan and I were going to be out and about for a while, so after gettin’ some sun by the pool for an hour, I came home to make a filling lunch.

Today’s mid-day meal included basil fettuccine pasta with steamed broccoli, topped with Barilla mushroom and garlic pasta sauce and Parmesan cheese.

Noodle Bowl

Parmesan Cheese, Please

This was my first time trying the Barilla mushroom and garlic pasta sauce and I absolutely loved it. The sauce reminded me of authentic Italian pasta sauce you’d get from a gourmet restaurant. Yum!

Stirred Up

Once our bellies were sufficiently stuffed we headed out.

Registering at Bed Bath & Beyond

Our first destination was Bed Bath & Beyond to register for our wedding.

Ready to Register

Our first registry experience at Williams-Sonoma was so positive, so we had high hopes for our time at BB&B.

Within two minutes of arriving at the store we met with two men who explained the registry process to us and answered our questions. Then, one of them took us around the store as we registered.

At first I wasn’t sure we were going to like someone following us around the entire time, but it turned out really well. The associate was there to answer questions, guide us toward some neat products and look up items we didn’t see in the store.  

We were there for much longer than I thought! By the time we got back to our car it was after 5:30 p.m.!

Rings: Round Two

Once we realized what time it was, we high-tailed it over to Winter Park to swing by the jeweler we previously visited to discuss our wedding bands further. I am looking for a band with several princess cut diamonds on it to match my engagement ring, but we’re struggling a bit to find the right size diamonds.

These diamonds, for example, were too big:

Bling, Bling

The woman we were working with at the jeweler is going to put out her “feelers” to see if she can locate something less showy. I am thinking I’d like a band with between five and seven princess-cut diamonds. You’d think it’d be an easy thing to find, but it’s tough! You gotta get the size juuuuust right!

Selecting Ryan’s band was much easier!

Ryan's Wedding Band

I love his ring. It’s a platinum band with etching that looks simple, classy and masculine. Perfect-o!


We initially planned on selecting the groomsman’s tuxes today, but decided to push that back to another time since registering took longer than we expected.

With two wedding-related errands out of the way, we were ready for dinner!

We swung by Moe’s on our way home for some Mexican grub.

I enjoyed a cheesy quesadilla with chicken, salsa, black and pinto beans.


That ‘dilla was g-o-o-d!

Ryan and I also shared chips and salsa while enjoying our respective ‘dillas.

Chips + Salsa


Can you believe I’ve never had a milkshake from Steak ‘n Shake? With as much as I love milkshakes and ice cream, you’d think I would’ve tried one from such a prominent fast-food milkshake maker!

After dinner, Ryan decided it was time for me to have my first Steak ‘n Shake milkshake, so we ordered a cookies ‘n’ cream shake to share.

Cookies 'n' Cream Shake

Looks pretty good, huh? Well, it was… until we got about a third of the way into the shake. Then, all the cookies disappeared and the shake was basically a vanilla shake. Meh.

Still, I dominated the shake and probably had 3/4 of it, but I wasn’t impressed. 

We arrived home a little after 7:30 and are planning on spending the rest of the night updating our registries online and relaxing!

Hope you’re having great weekend so far! 😀

21 Responses

  1. He ring is really nice!
    And, I agree with you- those diamonds are a bit too big & I think the princess cut wedding band will look great with your engagement band.
    And, I HAVE to ask- did you go to IDC for your jeweler?? That’s where Craig & I looked as well- but the one closer to us- near Waterford. I was just wondering 🙂

  2. Oh his ring is SO awesome! You’ll find the perfect one soon 🙂

  3. I haven’t had one in ages, but I looooove Steak&Shake strawberry shakes! With chunks of real strawberries…so that makes it healthy, right? 😉

  4. oh I love Moe’s. His ring looks great—and I’m sure yours will too. Everything you choose is a good stylish fit for you 🙂

  5. OMG I miss Steak N Shake!

  6. I’m not huge on Steak N’ Shake shakes either. Would much rather have a DQ Blizzard. Like I did tonight. 😀

  7. i like ryan’s band! it took us forever to find mine though…my engagement ring has channel-set princess cut diamonds that are really small, but they go almost all the way around the entire band. i couldn’t find a wedding band with that many at all! finally we found one, and it’s amazing…i know you’ll find one too!

  8. I loved registering for our wedding! we went to bed bath and beyond too, and thank goodness we didn’t have someone follow us around. I would have been paranoid they thought I was making bad choices lol!

  9. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect band and it’ll be gorgeous together! Ryan’s band is really nice.

    Good luck ring hunting!

  10. It all looks delish! I’ve never heard of Steak ‘n Shake before?? Must be a southern thing?

  11. That quesadilla looks heavenly!
    & I hope you find exactly what your looking for; good luck and congrats!

  12. Can diamonds really ever be too big! 😉

  13. It looks like you are having a great time planning your wedding – so exciting!

  14. We got my wedding band from Blue Nile. Here’s the link to the one I have although I’m sure they have more to choose from. I have very small fingers and these diamonds are the perfect size.

  15. Just curious…it seems like yall “share” a lot of food when it comes to treats. Is that on purpose to eat less & save calories? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good idea! I should share more often, but I usually want the whole thing to myself;)

    • we’ll share a lot of the more indulgent foods we eat (like the milkshake) b/c neither of us really want to down an entire one ourselves. we don’t really think about it, it’s more of a fly-by decision like “you wanna share a milkshake…” 🙂

  16. I’m glad no one followed us around while my husband and I registered at bed, bath and beyond. I loved slowly walking around and just spending time with him.

  17. nice, visit for wedding information ^^

  18. I just started reading you blog a couple of months ago. I’m glad to see that someone else eats roasted broccoli as much as I do! I also noticed you eat this broccoli/pasta/tomato sauce lunch a lot and I decided to try it today. It was so good and easy. Now I see why it’s such a go to for you. I had pretty much stopped eating at home because cooking at home to me has always meant a huge home cooked meal with a meat and all the sides. Thanks so much for blogging and giving me ideas for easy, quick and healthy things to cook 🙂

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