Keep Calm and Win a Print

Today’s lunch was a no-brainer.

Leftover chicken taco meat  = Chicken taco salad

Chicken Taco Salad

Today’s taco salad included:

Thursday Lunch

On the side, I enjoyed a ramekin full of fresh cantaloupe.

"Will you marry me?" "Yes, but we cant-aloupe!"

Quite the colorful and tasty spread!

Amish Friendship Bread Update

I brought about ¾ of a loaf of Amish Friendship bread to work today (the recipe I made last night yields two loaves) and within an hour, this is what remained:

The Remains

The highly addictive nature of this bread has led me to believe one thing, which I tweeted about earlier today:

Tweet, Tweet

I seriously couldn’t stop eating this stuff. Thank goodness it’s G-O-N-E.

I’m pretty sure that consuming more than half of a loaf of this bread within a 15-hour timeframe is not on most soon-to-be brides’ list of “things to do.” 😉

Phenomenal Giveaway!!!

As I hinted about yesterday, I have one heck of an awesome giveaway for you guys today!!!

I fell in love with an adorable print I saw on Tina’s blog back in January that proclaimed “Keep Calm and Love Pugs.” I thought it was so cute and also served as a good reminder to keep calm in life and cherish the little things that bring you joy.

When I saw another “Keep Calm” print show up on Caitlin’s blog last week, I was reminded of the print and immediately headed to the artist’s store (The Lobster Pot) on to browse the prints and purchase one for our apartment.

I contacted Barb, the artist, to see whether or not she could make me specialized print in honor of my slight obsession with Sadie. I requested a “Keep Calm and Love Vizslas” print and was excited when Barb emailed me back saying she could easily make me one!

When Barb saw that I had a blog of my own, I got an email from her saying she’d love to offer a giveaway on the ol’ blog.

Now you guys have a chance to win a Keep Calm print of your choice!

To enter this giveaway, simply comment on this post telling me what you’d want your “Keep Calm” print to say.

I will randomly select a winner tomorrow afternoon.

Good luck! 😀

306 Responses

  1. Ooooh what cute prints! Being from Maine I love the lobster one! If I could make my own it would be either “Keep Calm and Laugh” or “Keep Calm and Love”…good reminders all by themselves!

  2. Ha! I fell in love too and just bought a Keep Calm and Drink Coffee print like two days ago! But I still need a Keep Calm and Love Dachshunds one!!! (In blue) 🙂

  3. I love these prints! There are so many I want, lol. I love the Cupcake one and so want the Be a Nerd one. But if I could make my own it would be Keep Calm and Love On OR Keep Calm and Om On for yoga <3. Ok, maybe Keep Calm and Love On.

  4. Keep Calm and Love LIFE!

  5. KEEP
    DUCKY ( she’s my Siamese cat ) 🙂

  6. these are so cute!
    keep calm and love swimming

  7. Awesome giveaway! I’d like:

    “Keep calm and Blog about it”


  8. Keep Calm and Just Breathe!

  9. Keep Calm and Eat Veggies!

  10. It’s hard to pick just one! 🙂
    Keep Calm and Love Running (I do like Run On since it’s similar to Carry On)
    Keep Calm and Love Furbutts (we have 2 cats)
    Keep Calm and Be Veggie with broccoli or something as the pic

  11. Love these!

    Mine would say
    Keep Calm and Drink Wine!

  12. I would love one that says ‘Keep Calm and Geek’ or ‘Keep Calm and Eat Peanut Butter’ 🙂

  13. Hey Girl! My roomie made Amish Friendship Bread last summer and we all demolished it!! Good times.

    My print would say “Keep Calm, Live, Laugh and Eat! OR “Keep Calm and Bake”

    PS So many readers commented that your blog was one of their faves 🙂

  14. Keep Calm and Love Running!

  15. Keep Calm and Stay Happy 🙂

  16. I would love mine to say: “KEEP CALM AND LOVE THY PEANUT BUTTER”

  17. oh and isn’t “Vizslas” spelled wrong on the picture of your poster? just pointing it out in case you get it printed wrong!

  18. “Keep calm and crack a beer!”

    What? Is this a healthy living blog – or something?

  19. I’ve been reading your blog since about November-ish and I love it! Finally came out of hiding because I also love that print! I’d probably get it in something like ” Keep Calm and love triathlon”. Tris are something that keep me happy, healthy, and even.

  20. Keep calm and love wine

  21. Since I am going through a difficult time in my life right now, this thought runs through my mind to help me stay strong for my 3 kids and myself 🙂
    Keep Calm and Stay Strong

  22. I just found your blog through Skinny Runner’s and I love it so far!
    I would choose the Keep Calm and Love Running.

  23. Those prints are so cute! I want one that says “Keep calm and eat pumpkin.”

  24. I love the Keep Calm and Love Running!

  25. I love the Keep Calm and Be a Nerd one….it would be so cute on a bookshelf!

  26. I love those prints- simple but they get the point across loud and clear :). I would want one that says “Keep Calm and Love the Earth”.

  27. I would have mine say “keep calm, run barefoot”.

  28. I love those prints as well! I would like one that says “Keep Calm and Breathe!”

  29. KEEP CALM AND “JUST DANCE”. gaga. ❤

  30. Those prints are so simple yet fun! I like the classic “Keep Calm and Carry On” but if I had a personalized one, it would probably say “Keep Calm and Smile Often” =]

  31. I would want Keep Calm and Love Baking 😀

    or running

    I love both 😀

  32. definitely keep calm and love running ! nothing calms me more than a great run 🙂

  33. definitely keep calm and love running ! nothing calms me more than a great run 🙂

  34. I like the one that says Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes.. It made me smile!

  35. There are so many possibilities….. Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes is great. Keep Calm and Drink Coffee rings true! Keep Calm and Find Joy is a nice one. Keep Calm and Go Running is also very true for me. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  36. Keep Calm and Drink Coffee — perfect!!!

  37. mine would definitely say keep calm and eat peanut butter!

  38. “Keep Calm and Love Life” sounds like a good motto!

  39. Keep calm and eat veggies 😀

  40. considering im a coffee addict, i have to go with keep calm & drink coffee! such cute posters!

  41. LOVE all things “Keep Calm”. I wanted the “Keep Calm and Carry on” pillow from Target, but its gone. Sad face.

    I’d want to get either “Keep Calm & Drink Tea” or “Keep Calm & Run on” OR “Keep Calm & Love Yorkies”

    oh my… this would be hard. 🙂

  42. I would lOVE the run one or the cupcake one. But I think I’d have to go with Wine. It matches our kitchen and we LOVE wine 🙂

  43. Cute!! I’d have to pick the run one! If I could make one for me I’d make”keep calm and coffee on”!

  44. ahh this is hard to pick! i do love the keep calm and love wine. or keep calm and love puggles! (i have one). or actaully maybe keep calm and eat sweets! yep!

  45. I think Keep Calm and Drink Coffee would be great for me!

  46. Love these prints! I would need mine to say “Keep Calm and Love Oatmeal”.

  47. Keep Calm and Be Yourself 🙂

  48. Keep Calm and Bake On

  49. Keep Calm and Hug a Siamese Cat

  50. Keep Calm and Love Yourself!

  51. OMG!! How weird… I went to her Esty store the other day too after seeing her print on HTP. I want the pink running print, except I’m not a huge fan of the design of the shoe. This is the best giveaway EVER!!

  52. Oh what a cute idea! Out of all your giveaways- this is so far my fav!! I would probably pick:

    1. Keep Calm & Drink Wine
    2. Or if she could do- Keep Calm & Play Lacrosse.

  53. What an AWESOME give away! I love the idea too bad I’m not from the area to order one myself! If I had one I would have it say “Keep Calm and Laugh a Little” I think truthfully because I’m a laugh about it type person. Harping over the bad stuff doesnt help anything. I love the Viszlas I am just as obsessed with my dog 🙂 keep doing what your doing girl! you are awesome

  54. Mine would say…Keep Calm and Dance Away!

    Awesome Giveaway!

  55. I love these! I would love one that read: Keep Calm and Dream Big!

  56. I just love these! Too cute! I guess I would probably pick….Keep Calm and Smile Big! Smiling’s my favorite! –love that movie!!

  57. What a fun giveaway!

    My shirt would say, “Keep Calm and Love Whipped Cream” 🙂

  58. I love this! I love the Keep Calm and Love Running poster – would be great motivation every time I see it! I could think of a zillion other combinations I like too though… hmmmm 😉

  59. hmm lots of ideas…

    keep calm and live in the present.

    keep calm and do yoga.

  60. Keep Calm and Love Funfetti 🙂

  61. Keep calm and love life! Or keep calm and love being a mommy!

  62. Keep Calm
    and Keep Smiling

  63. I would get the keep calm and love goldens print!

  64. Cute! Hmmm I think I would need a Keep Calm and drink wine or Keep Calm and bake on!

  65. These are soooo cute!!

    Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake :-)!!!


  67. Love the posters. I would love one to say….Keep Calm and Choose Joy!

  68. Either Keep Calm and Love Brittanys! (My dogs are Brittanys! or Keep Calm and Love Horses!

  69. Keep Calm and love, LOVE!!!!

  70. Keep Calm and Love Fitness


    Keep Calm and Love Boxers


    Keep Calm and Love Life!

  71. I love these prints! So fun! I would choose Keep Calm and Love Life!

  72. Keep Calm and Downward Dog.

  73. Love these prints! I’d have to say my fav is “Keep Calm and Drink Wine” (would look great in my kitchen!) or the original.

  74. I’m going to have to show my puppy some love, too, and say “Keep Calm and Love Bullies”! Gus, our English Bulldog, is the love of my fiance and I’s life (besides each other of course). 🙂

  75. i love the “keep calm and keep running”. these posters actually mean a lot to me. i have one of the red replicas of the original saying “keep calm and carry on” in my classroom at school. it was a saying of the king of england (or at least attributed to him) during ww2.
    but i love that someone else is making some different ones!

  76. I would go with the running one…what better motivation to run!

  77. Hmmmmmm, I think I would like “Keep calm and love Wine” or “Keep calm and love Running” LOL! Love the blog!

  78. Ok, those customized posters are the cutest. I’d want mine to say, “Keep Calm and Love Bullies” with a silouette of a bulldog pup. Pups are the best.

  79. “Keep Calm and Love Mojitos” or “Keep Calm and Happy Hour.” 🙂

  80. Hmmm…hard choice….

    “Keep Calm and Do Yoga” or “Keep Calm and Drink Wine”

  81. “Keep calm and seek adventure”
    “Keep calm and live life”
    “Keep calm and stay present”

    I could go on and on! Too hard to pick 😉 I love these prints!

  82. Great give-away!!

    I would love a “Keep Calm and love a Boxer” or a “Keep Calm and love wine”

  83. Keep Calm and Love Yourself.

  84. OMG I love it… I am talking to Barb right now about making me a custom dachshund one… I am obsessed with Keep Calm… I posted about it recently:

    I have many others I didn’t post about.

    I am ordering three prints from Barb, so I’d LOVE to win this! 🙂

  85. Keep Calm and Carry On 🙂

  86. I like “Keep Calm and Love Life”.

  87. i think i would keep mine simple and would have it say keep calm and carry on. I like it because it reminds me not just not worry about too much!

  88. i LOVE these keep calm posters! my boyfriend and i just moved in together and have been trying to decorate the place with our style. i’d love a custom one saying something like… “keep calm and love… eachother.” CORNY? yes. but i think it’d be sweet for our first place together!

  89. I love the “Keep Calm and Drink Wine”

    I would also love a custom one that says, “Keep Calm and Breathe Deeply”

  90. I love the running one!! Too fun.

  91. That print and shop is AWESOME.

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