Houston, We Have a Problem

…A peanut butter finger problem.

This morning after I came home from my walk with Sadie, I was cravin’ peanut butter like nobody’s business.

Naturally, I popped open a jar of the good stuff and helped myself to a peanut butter finger.

Step One

Step Two (Three, Four, Five...)

Now when I say I helped myself to a peanut butter finger, I clearly mean five peanut butter fingers. πŸ˜‰ That’s just how I roll.

I made sure to share some of the peanut butter with Sadie (she’s a pb fiend like her mama), which put her in quite the peanut butter trance.

"Mmmm. Peanut butterrrrr."

She snapped out of her peanut butter daze when she heard the pop of a cup of yogurt being opened in the kitchen.

Though calorie-wise, five peanut butter fingers probably add up to a significant breakfast, I knew I wouldn’t feel satisfied if I didn’t make myself a real breakfast.

I got to work preparing a simple yogurt bowl, topped with a sliced nectarine, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Yogurt + Summer Fruit

On the side I enjoyed a ‘naner. (How many of your just groaned when you read that? Cutsie food names = Pretty darn annoying… but sometimes I just can’t help myself. πŸ˜‰ )

Hump Day Breakfast

Question of the Morning

What food can you not seem to stop eating once you’ve started?

I have several:

64 Responses

  1. Granola is on my list too, same with cereal. And salty things like nuts!

  2. Chips, crackers, Ice cream

    Anything that is “smallish” and takes a long time to make you feel full πŸ™‚

    Eh, just human!

    • cheez-its are a big one for me. those little cheesy crackers are like tiny squares of heaven.

  3. Every single one you just listed! Along with sweet potato chips. πŸ˜›

  4. Chips & Salsa!!

    or Onion Dip…

    I’ve can say no to sweets, but I have a huge salt tooth.

    PS- Koda loves peanut butter, too. She has her own jar in the pantry πŸ™‚

  5. Granola is a big one for me too. Chocolate covered pretzels, Smartfood and also gelato – I only buy it on occasion and in pints so I there won’t be too much damage.

  6. I cant stop eating fruit! I bought two packages of blackberries this weekend and ate one of them in the car on the way home. LOL.

  7. Peanuts, chips and salsa, potato chips, skittles, and any kind of salty cracker!

  8. Yum. Cookie dough is definitely on the top of that list. Surprisingly so is hummus. Cereal of course. Cheese. And frozen yogurt. I’m sure the list goes on but that’s all I can think of for now. And now I have an urge to bake some cookies πŸ™‚

  9. Popcorn. I have absolutely zero self-control when it comes to that!!

  10. sourcream and onion chips with french onion dip. That’s why we have NONE in the house.

  11. Ha, I heartily approve of “‘naner”. I call my bananas that all the time πŸ˜€ That breakfast looked awesome! Peanut butter fingers AND a yogurt bowl full of fresh fruit?? Sign me up! lol

    And I cannot stop eating Snyder barbecue pretzels. I had to stop buying them because I would eat the entire bag in one sitting, haha.

  12. i have control issues with peanut butter and cookies…maybe even the two together..

  13. The same things on your list! Especially brownies and ice cream!

  14. Haha keep on enjoying your PB fingers! πŸ˜€

  15. Out of curiousity, what type of yogurt do you get? It looks so healthy and yummy, but all of the types in my local grocery store are heavily processed and loaded with sugar.

    Also, I noticed that in earlier posts you mentioned going to Whole Foods – is the selection of healthier food better than regular grocery stores? Are the prices outrageously more expensive?

    Thank you!

    • i use whatever brand of greek yogurt is on sale (this bowl featured fage greek yogurt). if you haven’t already, definitely look into greek yogurt! there’s a lot less sugar & a lot more protein. plus, it’s thicker & tastes amazing!

      i love whole foods, but only go there on occasion b/c of the high prices. i do most of my shopping at publix, but will venture out to whole foods if i cannot find a particular item at my local grocery store. they carry a lot of the more obscure healthy items!

  16. Peanut butter is my weakness! I think I could make 3 meals a day out of peanut butter…. and some cookie dough on the side!

  17. I say naner all the time and the hubs HATES it! Never stopped me before!

  18. Chocolate chip cookies, peanut/almond butter (i eat it by the spoonful or knife eek haha), chocolate/carob chips, cupcakes, dried figs & pineapple, fudge, cashews, kettlecorn/crackerjacks, haha the list goes on…

    working on my mindful eating though πŸ˜‰ calories shmalories.

    yummy yogurt bowl!

  19. I have some serious control issues when it comes to cereal, chips & salsa, and hummus & veggies. Maybe, I just have a “dipping” problem, haha.

  20. Probably any kind of dip or salsa. I go crazy at mexican restaurants and have even made a meal on just the chips n’ salsa haha! πŸ™‚

  21. Last night, it was PB m&ms for me!

    • ahhhh. those get me every time! my mom gave me a bag of ’em for christmas (the BIG bag) & it was gone in 2 days. i asked my family if they had been eating my M&Ms & they said no… oops! πŸ™‚

  22. Grapes! I can easily polish off a bag in one sitting.
    And crunchy cheetos they’re dangerously addictive, so i stay away! mmm

  23. CEREAL!!! I could eat about three boxes in one sitting, I think. Ugh!

    You’re always dressed so cute! I’m jealous of your closet!

  24. Any sort of dessert, but also chips and salsa or chips and hummus. They’re addicting!

  25. I can’t stop eating cereal, no way. I could eat the entire box! Same is with cashews, good bread, oh, and watermelon. I become a black hole around those foods πŸ™‚

  26. Definitely cherries and any kind of nut butter – ESPECIALLY cashew butter, it tastes like cookie dough πŸ˜€

    Enjoy your day! I love your outfit!

  27. NUTELLA and FROSTING. I can seriously eat an entire jar withoutj stopping and then want to die afterwards.

    CEREAL, granola and popcorn are the others. Terrifying.

  28. Peanutbutter and granola are definitely on my list. I would also add chips or pretzels. That salty crunch get me everytime!

  29. Hey! Quick question for you because I know you use xanthan gum.. well I broke down and finally got some and made my first β€˜smoothie’. I went with the Wendy’s β€˜faux frosty.’ I followed the recipe (used biochem choc fudge tho). I had (warning, TMI! lol) TERRIBLE gas last night from it. Is 1/2 tsp xanthan too much?? Am I just really sensitive to it maybe? Does this side effect go away over time? I think my husband is wondering what happened to me and thinks I’m giving him a run for his money…..hahahaha! I mean, last night I was so embarassed, it was obnoxious.

  30. Any kind of uncooked cake batter and cookie dough..YUM

  31. Foods I can’t stop eating once started? Check to everything on your list, especially if the brownies are gooey-warm from the oven. It’s love.

  32. Homemade cookies! They are dangerous around me. πŸ™‚

  33. hmmm…id say chocolate, pizza and spaghetti. I’m like an enegizer bunny when it comes to those foods…I just keep going and going and going…

  34. Granola DEFINITELY and peanutbutter!! I swear I just keep going and going and going….

  35. Haha, I did that last night for “dessert”. The worst for me is chocolate chips. I love to eat them straight and they are so addicting.

  36. Peanut butter darker’s cousin, Nutella. It must have crack lining the jar, I swear.

  37. I can’t seem to stop having a bit of ice cream daily, but otherwise I dole out one serving of whatever it is and when that’s gone, I’m done!

  38. Cereal. Once I get started, it’s like a race to find the bottom of the box…

  39. I have a few as well…peanut butter, cereal, granola, chips and guacamole, almonds, candy and cookies! Eek!

  40. I cannot stop eating fruit once I have started…or sweet onion chips!

    Love your top too!

  41. Oh cereal definitely…its awful!! But getting better at it:)

  42. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while but recently (as in earlier today, ha ha) created one of my own! I felt it was about time to jump on the bandwagon (cause let’s be honest, it seems like the bandwagon is a fun place to be).

    I hear you on the peanut butter addiction. Other delicious things that I cannot stop eating are ice cream, Lindt sea-salt chocolate, and peanut m&ms. I obviously also have a thing for chocolate, ha.

  43. I definitely have a hard time with peanut butter, guacamole, chips/salsa, and popcorn.

  44. Fro Yo is a big one! I’ can eat that without end, and I need a GIANT lactaid pill to go wiith it! And as others have said cereal seems like one of those non-stop consumption foods.
    At least peanut butter is a healthy addiction for you
    O and I totally give other names to food, I should publish a dictionary for it!.

  45. Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn, it’s my nemesis.

  46. So happy to find that everyone above has foods they ‘can’t stop eating’ πŸ˜‰ Mine are PB!!!, chips and salsa, homemade pizza, puffins, granola and my hubby’s Lucky Charms!

  47. I swear, once I start I cant stop! PB2 (I’ve gone through a jar in one day!!), cereal, graham crackers and almond milk, ice cream, and reese’s pieces!

  48. cereals
    chex mix cheddar or the cheddar munchies…
    ice cream

  49. Chips! They are my trigger food. I will eat a whole damn bag in one sitting if I let myself. And, they tend to lead me to overeat other things as well!

  50. almond butter, cereals, peanut butter, hummus, greek yogurt, graham crackers

  51. Anything SWEET, esp. cookies!~

  52. I had yogurt and fruit today too πŸ™‚

    Without a doubt something sweet! most likely cookies or CHEESECAKE oh boy.

  53. PB, cereal, anything crunchy like tortilla chips, cereal, wheat thins!!

  54. M&Ms!! We have a jar in my house and I make my mom hide it from me (she refuses to just not fill it??) because I seriously will eat the whole thing.

  55. I just found your blog and wanted to stop in and say that I love it! Very funny and cute doggie photos to boot!!

  56. chips, cookies, and ice cream! i just can’t stop! it’s so bad.

  57. That breakfast looks so great and colorful! I love fresh fruit in the morning!

  58. Food’s that are sooo addicting I can’t stop eating them:
    – Peanut Butter/most other nut butters
    – Cookie Dough
    – Pretzels
    – snack foods at parties that I don’t neccesarily like but are right in front of me. (Yeah, I gotta work on that one… :-?)

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