Amish Friendship Bread

Lots to post about tonight!

Let’s go in chronological order, shall we?

I arrived home to find four packages on our front porch… along with our garbage can. 😀 I think the FedEx guy put our garbage can in front the packages to prevent anyone from seeing our goodies, but it was quite a strange sight to see!

Package number one included our first wedding present!

First Wedding Gift!

The present was from quite the unique gift giver.

Love, Lily

The gift was from Lily, my orthodontist’s dog who some of you may remember I found wandering around the streets near our apartment when she escaped from my orthodontist’s backyard. I had no idea Lily was her dog when I brought her home to call the number on her dog tag and get her back to her owners! It was quite a crazy coincidence.

Lily did a great job selecting our first wedding gift and bought us a cookie jar filled with cookie cutters that we registered for at Williams-Sonoma last weekend.  Thank you Lily! 😉

Sadie’s Package

The next package made Sadie quite happy!

A new frisbee toy!

"New Toys are the BEST!"

Yes, the blue frisbee in the picture above was brand new. Sadie is a toy destroyer!


In my feeble attempt to play with Sadie and throw the frisbee to the farthest point of our backyard, I accidentally threw the frisbee on the roof!

"Uh oh."

She was devastated. We cannot open our bedroom (it’s sealed shut), and we tried stacking chairs and using broomsticks to get it down without luck. A ladder sure would’ve helped. 😉


Since playtime was cut short by my frisbee faux paux, dinner was served a bit early this evening!

Before I left for work this morning, I placed a pound of ground chicken in the crock pot with a packet of reduced sodium taco seasoning and 2/3 cup of water. The forethought made assembling slow cooker chicken tacos (one of the first recipes I ever posted on PBF!) a breeze once we were ready for dinner.

I used the chicken to create a big taco salad with shredded lettuce, salsa and two crumbled hardshell tacos.

Taco Salad

Chicken + Taco Shells + Lettuce + Salsa

Fiesta in a Bowl

 This taco salad was cool and crisp… perfect for a summer night!


As Tina would say, HOLY YUM.

This evening’s dessert was a long time coming. Seriously.

I’ve been waiting 10 days to make it!

Ten days ago my sister gave me a bag of dough and a piece of paper with instructions. The paper informed me that the dough I received was the “starter dough” I would need to create Amish Friendship Bread.

I absolutely love the concept of Amish Friendship Bread. Once you receive the dough for Amish Friendship Bread from a friend, it becomes your duty to make the bread and pass along your own “starter dough” to three of your friends.

Tonight I finally got to make the yummy bread.

Amish Friendship Bread

Cinnamon Sugar Bready Carby Goodness

As the bread was baking, the smell in our apartment was unbelievable. It smelled like coffee cake and cinnamon!

I enjoyed one small slice fresh outta the oven!

Moist. Sweet. Perfect.

Okay that was a blatant lie. I definitely had three pieces. And the piece pictured above was definitely the smallest of the three. 😉

I am planning on passing along my starter dough to two of my friends but thought it might be neat to pass it along to a blog reader, too! If you live in the Orlando area and would like a bag of starter dough to keep the Amish Friendship Bread chain going, shoot me an email at and I’ll pass it along to ya! (First come, first serve, to be fair. 😉 )

If you want to create this bread and pass it along to your friends you may click here for instructions!

Now I’m off to watch the second half of So You Think You Can Dance before hittin’ the hay! (How good was Robert’s dance about Travis’ mother? Eeeeemotional!)

G’night all!

43 Responses

  1. Ahhhh Dance hasn’t aired on the West Coast yet 😉

    Love the bread idea!

  2. I just made that over the weekend! i used chocolate instant pudding in place of the vanilla and it turned out and was soooooooo delicious! kinda reminded me of coffee cake? either way, it didn’t last long in my house!

  3. ooohh, I’m watching that show right now!! Boogie shoes routine- SO CUTE!!!!

    That Amish Friendship Bread idea is such a good one! A wonderful way to share with friends and to spread some baking joy 😀

  4. Yay for wedding presents!!

    Amish friendship bread is awesome 🙂 I remember doing that when I was younger.

  5. ahhh Amish friendship bread. It is SOO addicting!! I used to have the starter for it and I cannot tell you how many loaves of that bread I made and consumed before I had to give it all away. It had become my crack:)

    My dog is a toy destroyer too and he’s only 5 1/2 pounds
    !!! My mom gave my dog a bag of 10 toys for Christmas and I think about 8 of them have been destroyed by my yorkiepoo!!!
    Love me some So you think you can dance!!!

  6. Oh I love Amish Friendship Bread – so fun (delicious)!

  7. Oh I love that concept!! Such a good idea!

  8. isn’t it great to come home to packages?!?!
    i think i want to try the amish friendship bread!! thanks for posting the link 🙂

  9. My roommate made 2 loafs of Friendship bread and Im pretty sure I ate one of them in about 1 day! It is so good.

    I love sadie–so much personality in her skinny lil bod 😉

  10. I loved friendship bread years ago! I always thought that was so tasty and such a fun idea.

  11. Ahhhhhh Amish Friendship Bread?!? Oh my gosh, that’s right up there with ice cream. Actually, if you top it with ice cream….

    Mmmmmmm 😛

  12. I remember that bread. I was also addicted to it. That stuff is dangerous in my house.. haha I cannot control myself around it. I remember someone telling me that you couldn’t just start it yourself because the starter is special. I’m not too sure about that though.

  13. Aw I love the idea of Amish Friendship Bread! That sounds like fun. I might have to start it up here with some friends.

    Love the cookie cutters too! My sisters friend just got married this spring and she had so much fun getting presents delivered to her house. Enjoy!

  14. Can’t wait for SYTYCD — T-1hr!

  15. I love Amish Frendship bread! I need to make a starter stat! Ha – we had the same thing for dinner tonight, slow cooker chicken tacos, and I made mine into a taco salad too!

  16. I love that idea! That bread looks and probably tastes AMAZING! I can imagine how great your place smells right now 🙂 I love coming home to packages – and I’m sure Sadie does now, too 😉 even though her new toy is destroyed AND hopelessly stuck on the roof 😦 aw man!

    Have a great evening 🙂

  17. I’ve never had Amish Friendship Bread before….what a cute idea!!

  18. okay, so my neighbor brought over a baggie with starter batter just the other night. I had never heard of this Amish Friendship bread before and now here it is again. I’m making mine tomorrow night, and now I can’t wait!

  19. your skin looks awesome! do you use any type of self tanner on your body?


    • thank you! i don’t use self tanner on my body, but i do use lotion everyday when i get out of the shower. i used to use dove energy glow lotion that would build a tan overtime, but i can’t find it anywhere! 😦 it’s the best!

  20. OMG the amish friendship bread is SOOOOO good.

  21. What a nice wedding gift!

    Watch out for that friendship bread – it takes on a life of it’s own. Once you have given every one of your friends and family some of the starter, they all start to avoid you!

  22. oh Sweet Sadie is so cute. Basil is the same way, that frizbee would have looked the same – he destroys toys!

    that bread looks and sounds amazing…

  23. That bread looks so good. I was imagining a braided loaf type thing, but this seems even better. And what a cute idea for the friendship bread chain!

  24. That bread looks awesome…too bad I don’t live in Florida!

  25. That is such a cute concept! I have never had it but maybe I should start it up amongst my friends. Super cute outfit by the way!

  26. Amish Friendship Bread is such a cute idea! I might start my own chain around here since I am wayyyyy outside of the Orlando area! 😛

  27. Isn’t William Sonoma like heaven? I loved registering!

    Koda is a toy destroyer, too… so we give her mostly sticks which she seems to prefer anyways 🙂

  28. I officially killed the Amish Friendship Bread chain last year. My friends were a little sad. I tried to warn them.

    Planet Dog are the toys I swear by. My pup chews through everything that is “indestructible.”

  29. My two Bostons destroy all of their toys! I think it’s a game between them to try to destroy the toy first. Anyway, we’ve found that Kong toys are pretty much indestructible.

    LOVE Amish Friendship Bread! I can’t make it because it will be gone in a day – I’d eat the entire loaf myself 🙂

  30. I don’t know if any other O-towners responed, but I would love the friendship bread!!! The hubbie and I are sweets monsters though so I don’t know how long it would last…

    Eek I remember being SO excited when wedding gifts started rolling in. So awesome to get them before the big day!

  31. I’m convinced that taco salad is one of the best quick summertime dinners around. Glad to see someone else agrees.

    I’ve never heard of Amish Friendship bread. It looks sooo good; and what a cute idea. I’ll have to try it soon.

  32. […] Amish Friendship Bread […]

  33. I was trying to figure out what to do with the ground turkey in my fridge. You’ve officially solved that problem. Taco salads are my favorite, and I never think to make them!

    Also, such a cute idea with the friendship bread! I’m far from Orlando, so maybe I’ll just have to start my own chain in Atlanta…

  34. That’s so cute that your orthodontist’s dog got you a wedding present! How sweet of her. 🙂 I love Amish Friendship bread! It was going around our neighborhood about 2 years ago and I made a few different loaves. Yum!

  35. That’s so funny that your first gift was from Lily! She’s a good gift giver. 🙂

    Amish Friendship Bread is sooo good! I remember making it as a kid and it kept growing and growing and almost popped out of the bag. It was pretty delicious though!

  36. I’ve been trying to figure out what it was that I used to make as a kid!!! (I think) I used to love that stuff! I more remember going and squishing the bag around to mix it every evening, but still!

  37. Just as a side note: I’ve had my Amish Friendship starter for over 5 years now. And I got it from my aunt who had grown tired of it. I make it about twice a month (the recipe is flexible…you don’t have to do it every 10 days). I usually leave one loaf on the counter and put one loaf in the freezer. They make great gifts.

  38. […] or so of puppy play time, we headed home, but not before giving Meghann a bag of starter dough for Amish Friendship Bread. […]

  39. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your site. I like having something interesting to check out.

  40. Amish friendship bread is so delicious, I love the cinn orig, choco and lemon poppy seed version too!

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