A Giveaway Sadie Wants to Win

I know you’re here for the giveaway, but please humor me and pretend to salivate at my lunch. 😉

Today’s mid-day meal was one heck of an odd combination.

Over the weekend I made Ryan a grilled cheese and refried bean sandwich that he affectionately dubbed a “ghetto grilled cheese.” It was quite an unusual combination, but he also said it was quite tasty. That’s all that matters, right?

Since my first attempt at a refried bean sandwich was a success, I used the protein-packed lil’ suckers in another sandwich for myself this afternoon.

I bring you a veggie bacon and refried bean sandwich!

Bacon 'n' Beans

What's Not to Love?

On the side, I included fresh produce in the form of grape tomatoes, cucumber slices and a small bowl of summer berries.

Looks Like Christmas

Berry Good

In All Its Glory

Protein, veggies, fruit, whole grains.

Of Possible Interest

A Smile-Inducing Giveaway

When I was contacted by Smile.ly about sampling Snikiddy snacks, a line of all-natural snack foods, made with simple, wholesome and real ingredients, I jumped at the chance!

I received a bag of Snikiddy cheddar cheese fries in the mail yesterday, and meant to save them to enjoy in my lunch today. Unfortunately if you put the word “cheese” and the word “fries,” in the same sentence, my self control goes out the window.

Snikiddy Baked Cheddar Cheese Fries

This sample was enjoyed as a pre-dinner (gluten-free!) treat. 😉

Check Out the Cheesiness

I really enjoyed the intense cheese flavor of the fries and appreciated the fact that I understood every ingredient listed on the packaging (can’t say the same for Cheeto’s, unfortunately). I also loved the amount of fries included in the bag, as I often think bags of chips have portion sizes that would only satisfy an ant.

Something about the smell of these cheesey fries intrigued Sadie and she howled until I gave her two to try.


Sadie said they were delicious, but she’s not exactly a tough critic. 😉

Now it’s your turn to enjoy the cheesy deliciousness!

Three of you will win samples of Snikiddy snacks.

To enter this giveaway, simply comment on this post, telling me about your favorite dish that includes cheese.

For an extra entry, you may tweet about this giveaway on Twitter and create a separate comment below telling me that you did so.

The winners will be randomly selected and announced tomorrow afternoon.

Good luck!!!

186 Responses

  1. Ha! Like I could pick ONE. 🙂 I’ll go with mac and cheese.

  2. i would have to say grilled cheese!! yum….i do love my laughing cow with an apple too!
    love the blog!

  3. Oh boy… anything with goat cheese and I’m a happy woman! Especially cheesy, savory oatmeal. Yum!

  4. ahh so hard! mac n cheese is a good ol traditional one. but id have to say recently a pizza with goat cheese, carmelized onions and figs!

  5. Everything cheese! Sometimes hubs and I laugh because at any given time we have 5+ types of cheese in the fridge. I heart a salad with goat cheese on top

  6. Move over Sadie! Did you say cheese and fries?! Pretty much sold on that combo.

    Sweet giveaway, very thoughtful of you to share the goodies!

  7. mac and cheese!

  8. Haha, if Sadie says they’re good then they must be good 🙂

    My favorite thing with cheese? Gosh, EVERYTHING. But okay, top 3) 1. Pizza 2. Mac and cheese 3. grilled cheese

  9. I love english muffin pizzas with mozerella cheese! I am loving your blog and the pics of Sadie!

  10. Oh cheese… how I love it so! My fav way would most likely be in a quesadilla… I have a thing for the mexican food!

  11. Oh man, I love cheetos. That probably doesn’t count as real cheese though… but they are delicious!!

  12. Bacon and bean sandwich? I don’t know how I feel about that. 🙂 My favorite meal with cheese would be pizza!! I love pizza.

  13. Oh goodness, I would have to say our family recipe of Cheesy Potatoes. Shredded potatoes in a bath of cheesey goodness and cream of mushroom soup topped with smashed up corn flakes and buttah! Not light at all, but sooooo good.

  14. Goat cheese and sweet potatoes 🙂

  15. Pretty much anything is good with cheese on it! I really enjoy Mexican food though and love quesadillas, tacos, and burritos all topped with cheese!

  16. P.s. –i tweeted! @katherinesbell
    Cheesyy potatoes:)

  17. Morningstar Black Bean burgers, pan seared, add shredded pepperjack cheese on top while still in the pan until is melts. Plate, then add Avacado slices and salsa.. YUMMY! Also good with this is Smart Balance Sour Cream…. 🙂

  18. I tweeted about it too!

  19. Risotto with parmesan-reggiano cheese stirred in.

  20. My fave cheese dish is honestly just CHEESE itself–one of my all time favorite snacks is just greene apple slices and babybel cheese! cheese also makes a veggie burger go from good to great!

  21. Wow, thanks for the great giveaway! My favorite cheese dish is a classic grilled cheese sandwich. I skip the butter and use either whole wheat bread or a high-fiber wrap, but there’s nothing like the ooey-gooey-goodness of a great gilled cheese!

  22. These look yummy!! And gluten free too!! My favorite dishes with cheese are pizza, quesadillas, grilled cheeses, and mac and cheese!! 🙂

  23. This may be gross, but I absolutely love cheese burritos!! I don’t eat them often (for obvious reasons!), but if I want a treat….that is numero uno on my list!!

  24. Nachos with jalopenos and cheddar!

  25. In my perfect world (where nutrition is not an issue), nacho cheese doritos with shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese on them!

    However, in a slightly healthier world, broccoli with some laughing cow melted all up in there is a delicious treat…

  26. Hi, it’s Amanda from Smile.ly! So glad to read you loved the snacks! Just to let you know, if you go to http://snikiddy.alice.com/, you can see all the flavors and kinds of Snikiddy Snacks and get a $1.00 off coupon + free shipping! Happy snacking 🙂

  27. best cheese dish is macaroni and cheese … sooo much cheesy goodness!

  28. I love anything cheeeezy. But pizza’s gotta be at least in the top 3.

  29. Oh I’m a fan of cheese: gourmet mac & cheese, nachos, grilled cheese, a salad w/ crumbled blue cheese and plain old string cheese are some of my faves! 🙂

  30. Mmmmm, cheese! On two totally opposite ends of the spectrum, I’d have to say either baked ziti OR baked brie in puff pastry. SO GOOD! 😀

  31. I love love love cheese with any type of Mexican food. Quesadillas, especially!

  32. I love baked mostaccioli. My mom simply makes the best out there (in my opinion, haha) and she was kind enough to pass the recipe down to me. It is a favorite among all my friends and I love eating, too 😀

  33. I love cheese in everything so it’s so hard to choose! But if I must, then it would be nachos! YUM!

  34. ANY kind of pasta with tons of cheese!! I think I eat parmesan just about every single day in some way, shape or form. You also can’t go wrong with the very unhealthy queso at mexican restaurants 🙂 Gordos tempts me everytime I am in the grocery store!

  35. These look delicious, and a nice snack for late night library studying 🙂

    I’m going to have to pick french onion soup with provolone on the top, it’s just so good!

  36. It’s definitely the grilled cheese sandwich… you can even put add-ons in there… bacon, tomato, ham, veggies… w/e… but nothing beats an old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich! 🙂

  37. I can never turn down macaroni and cheese..especially my grandmother’s kind. It is homemade and delicious!

  38. Anything combination of pasta+cheese is absolutely delicious!

  39. PASTA!

  40. Thin crust veggie pizza….loaded with every veggie imaginable and chunks of mozzarella and sprinkled with feta!!!

  41. I just re-tweeted about your giveaway, too!

  42. Pizza… breakfast, lunch, or dinner it is the perfect meal! 🙂

    • Oh, and I have to tell you… as tasty as your veggie bacon may be, I can’t help but think it is Beggin’ Strips every time I see it in one of your posts 🙂

  43. Fresh Sour Dough Bread and Cheese Fondu – Yum!

  44. Cheese is amazing on almost anything…my favorite is probably some sort of cheesy omelet!

  45. So weird.. I literally just purchased a bag of these last night and they are delish!! mmm..

    I def would love to try some more flavors..

    My favorite cheesy snack it Mac and Cheese!!!

  46. Oh these sound great! My fave cheese dish… is spring mix salad with dried berries, Italian dressing, and goat cheese. So good!

  47. I have to pick one favorite dish with cheese?! Man oh man! Okay, okay. Mac and Cheese!!

  48. my fave, it has to be a tie between annie’s mac ‘n cheese with extra cheese melted on top or an omelet with veggies and gooey melty cheese inside, yum!

  49. Mac and Cheese all the way! 🙂

  50. easy…mac & cheese is the ULTIMATE cheesy dish!

  51. I would have to say my favorite cheese item is a grilled cheese sandwich, using Gruyere and Goat cheeses. Put a slice of tomato and some basil on it and I am so content. 🙂

  52. oh easy!!!


    but i also love a gooey grilled cheese sammich too!!!

  53. hmm refried beans! good on anything!

    From the title of your post, I thought this was gonna be sweet dog treats or something haha!

    Favorite dish with cheese—hmmm…baked ziti with lots of cheese! or pizza–easy ;).

  54. My favorite cheese dish would be homemade eggplant parm and cheesey bread!!!!

  55. I’m from Wisconsin, need I say more? 🙂 haha I think one of the best ways to enjoy cheese is a simple cheese and cracker platter. A Wisconsin dinner party is not complete without one!

  56. Lasagna…I love the top layer of cheese when it gets baked to a golden brown color!

  57. after much thinking i came to the conclusion that i love it all! If it has cheese in/on/next to/etc I will have to try it. Doesn’t matter if it’s my own creation or someone else’s (watch out coworkers!)
    Something about cheese just makes any dish irresistible!

  58. cheesy nachos I think. yum!

  59. My absolute favorite dish with cheese in it would have to be my mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese! It’s delicious and loaded with 4 or 5 different kinds of cheese, yum!

  60. I basically love cheese in any way (from cheese sticks to macaroni and cheese.) But my absolute favorite is baking brie in puff pastry with a little brown sugar and jam. The brie comes out of the oven so warm and cheesy!

  61. A simple caprese salad with fresh mozzerella is my all-time fave cheesy dish!

  62. My favorite cheese dish, which I inhaled WAY too much of while pregnant, is Taco Cabana’s bean and cheese nachos! I would swell up from all the salt, LOL!

  63. My favorite is a grilled white cheddar and green apple sandwich!!! Yum yum

  64. Mac and cheese hands down. Pasta = good, but pasta with Cheese = amazing

  65. I love pizza with tons of cheese!

  66. Man do I loooove cheese, hard to pick one fav! I guess I’d have to say pizza or the old fashioned grilled cheese 🙂

  67. Oo my favorite thing with cheese has to be stuffed shells! I love the motzerella/ricotta combination.

  68. Just retweeted about the giveaway!

  69. Grilled cheese with tomato and sprouts… yum!!

  70. Fave dish with cheese? Macaroni and cheese! yum!


  71. hmmm…favorite dish with cheese. Probably a girlled cheese sandwich. Simple, but oh so good.

  72. This is SO easy – mac and cheese baby!

  73. Grilled cheese is the best comfort food ever!
    Cheesy, Gooey, Deliciousness!

  74. I love cheesey chips- can you day baked cheetos?!!! Yum!

  75. Mac n cheese is a great comfort food. Can I say my fave cheese meal is cheese with vino 😉

  76. I tweeted! (vivalameaganx3)

  77. Whole wheat quesadilla with low-fat mozzerella cheese. I eat one at least 5 times a week. Whoops!

  78. I enjoy your blog, but I have to make a comment about your (Ryan’s) use of the word “ghetto.”

    Many people, myself included, find the word ghetto to be really offensive… there is nothing funny or cute about a ghetto, whether they are those that exist now or the original meaning of the term (a neighborhood in Italy to which Jews were confined). “Ghettos,” in the modern sense, are often poverty-plagued neighborhoods where disadvantaged families struggle to get by in a difficult existence, and are often caught up in the drugs and violence surrounding them. While I realize the term is often used loosely in pop culture, you might benefit from thinking about what it really means.

    Additionally, Ryan’s use here is even more offensive, given that he is referring to the addition of refried beans (a typically Mexican food) to a grilled cheese sandwich. Is he implying that it is the Mexican element to the sandwich that makes it “ghetto”? Is this because ghettos are often populated by minorities, including those of Mexican descent?

    Please keep in mind that your readers come from all walks of life, and may not appreciate your relaxed use of what can be offensive terms.

    • thanks for bringing this to my attention, rachel. i can 100% assure you that his referring to the grilled cheese as “ghetto” was not meant to offend anyone or ostracize a certain group or race of people and i’m sorry that you were offended by his comment and my inclusion of his comment on my blog.

  79. It is really hard to narrow down one cheese dish…I LOVE cheese! If we are not talking healthy food I LOVE chips and queso!!!

  80. Pizza margherita with fresh mozzarella. Not even a question!!

  81. Baked Brie wrapped in pastry dough! You didn’t say it had to be a healthy favorite treat.

  82. a toss up between a quesadilla or nachos.

  83. Great giveaway! My fav. cheeeeeeeesyyyyyy dish is cheese and chicken enchiladas, with green chil please! 😉

  84. Pizza just isn’t pizza without the CHEESE! My favorite is white pizza!

  85. Those fries look awesome! I’d love to try them! I personally love pizza and cheese enchiladas!!! YUM!

  86. my favorite cheese dish is definitely a chicken, broccoli, and cheese casserole that my mom made when i was little….i just might have to request it for our next family dinner! 🙂

  87. I love a basic grilled cheese with a little yellow mustard for dipping. I’d love to try Snikiddysnacks!

  88. PS – I finally made your crock pot pulled chicken BBQ yesterday…it’s AMAZING. So easy, so good, so healthful! Thanks for all the great tips!

  89. Home made mac and cheese, pleeeeeeeeease! 🙂

  90. Gluten free?! AWESOME! My favorite cheesy food is home-baked macaroni and cheese. I want the CORNER piece, you know, the crunchy-chewy-a-tad-over-baked-piece. Yup, that’s mine 😀

  91. Well first off, I LOVE macaroni and cheese! It can be from a box, a restaurant or home made. As long as it is covered in melted, delicious cheese, I will eat it!

    Also, I absolutely love your blog Julie! I meant to tell Leslie the last time that I talked to her. You’ve really inspired me to eat a healthy diet, to cook more and to exercise more often! Thanks 🙂

  92. My inner-southern-ess shows—-CHEESE GRITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. I would have to say my favorite dish using cheese would be homemade mac & cheese. My mom made it on special occasions when I was younger and I always looked forward to licking the spoon after she stirred all the cheese in….yum!

  94. my favorite cheese dish is something i call a B.L.CHEE…basically it is a BLT with awesome cheese included. chavrie, smoked gouda, brie, whatever. it is amazing!!

  95. grilled cheese…

    I mean seriously, what is better?

  96. Cheese quesadilla! Mmmm

  97. CheeseCAKE of course! Love your blog, you are adorable and may have the cutest dog ever 🙂 Thanks for the great recipe ideas!

  98. Cheese tortellini, without a doubt.

  99. Can my favorite dish just be cheese? Alone? Brie preferably! 🙂 otherwise, pizza for sure!

  100. Thanks for putting the link to the fitsugar.com- I have no idea why I have never been to that site before..i love it!

    Favorite cheese dish…mmm….Mac & cheese for sure- only Kraft though 😀

  101. Favorite cheese dish? Too easy..veggie pzza!

  102. Since I’m lactose intolerant, I figured I use my entry as an entry for Sadie. If I win my prize goes to Sadie (and her mom of course), and I’m gonna go ahead and guess her favorite cheese dish is a cheeseburger with extra cheese :p(if that counts)

  103. My favorite cheese dish is definately Macaroni and Cheese! Can’t ever go wrong with that 😉

  104. My favorite cheese dish is eggplant parm w/lots of gooey mozarella please 🙂

  105. What isn’t good with cheese?!?! My fave quick dish to make at home is ww tortilla with refried beans, enchilada sauce, and cheese.

  106. Cheeeesey pizza or lasagne never fails to brighten me up! Sometimes I just enjoy plain crackers and cheese too.

  107. How could I pick just one?? Aside from, of course, mac and cheese and chips and queso, my fave is a grilled cheese sandwich with extra cheese sprinkled on the outside (that’s right, the OUTSIDE) of the bread, giving it even more of a deliciously super cheesy flavor 🙂 Mmm, my mouth is now watering!

  108. Scrambled eggs and cheese! I love cooking the cheese until it gets kinda chewy.. yum!

  109. I don’t think I have a fav dish that doesn’t include cheese…but margharita pizza is up there along with grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in tomato soup!

  110. My fav dish with cheese would have to be pizza of course! Any veggie pizza with lots of fresh mozzarella!

  111. I love a veggie filled lasagna loaded with cheese!

  112. 4 cheese alfredo..
    mmmmm pasta 🙂

  113. Quesadillas! yum!

  114. Let’s go with an old school classic — PIZZA!

  115. definitely baked brie with apricot in a puff pastry. YUM! a close second is capital grille lobster mac n cheese. be still my heart…

  116. Hmmm, my favorite cheesy dish is baked pasta with goat cheese.

  117. Flavor blasted cheddar cheese goldfish crackers!

  118. In any way, shape or form is how I enjoy cheese. 🙂

  119. I’m a firm believer that cheese can be enjoyed on anything and at anytime of the day. However, my big weakness and favorite way to enjoy the cheesy goodness is in the form of nachos.

  120. I would have to say plain ole cheese pizza. 🙂 Love the pic of Saddie by the way!

  121. Mmmmm! I’d have to say a cheesy pizza or on nachos 🙂 Not the healthiest but you asked for favorite, right? 😉

  122. I love quesadillas w/ low-fat mozzarella & other fillings. For a more indulgent treat, Irish cheese with anything!

  123. gosh I love cheese – what a tough Q! I think my fav cheese dish is good old mac n cheese. Perhaps because its a childhood favorite with fond memories 😀

  124. Laughing Cow light cheese in eggbeaters

  125. Almost anything with cheese but I love Cheese Quesadilla’s or Appels with some Brie.

  126. I love Pioneer Women’s macaroni and cheese! The best macaroni ever!

  127. FAVORITE cheese dish??? Cheese is good on everything!! I guess I would have to say mac n cheese…it is a classic.

  128. i have a special place in my heart for ALL cheese:
    an all time comfort food meal for me (may sound gross ) but… it is a toasted bagel with a thin spread of light mayo and then covered in melted american cheese! YUMM im’ drooling just thinking of it

  129. chili rellenos – cheese stuffed peppers that are deep fried then topped with a mild salsa!!! favorite mexican dish ever!

  130. I love cheese… in many forms. But I think I’m a fan of the classics… so my favorite cheesie meals would have to be either Pizza or Macaroni and Cheese.

  131. mmm I love baked brie…but cheese in a recipe would have to be my mom’s homemade mac and cheese. AMAZING I tell ya!

  132. I also tweeted about this giveaway 🙂

  133. there’s nothing like a wrap or sandwich with ham/turkey and cheese – all melty and gooey

  134. my favorite dish that includes cheese is lasagna! And my 22 month old LOVES the snikiddy snacks! Such a better option than cheetos or goldfish.

  135. My favorite cheese dish is grilled cheese with basil and tomatoes…yum! I would love to try the snikiddy snacks because I love goldfish, cheezits, cheetos…

  136. Quesadillas, pizza, and crackers with cheese! And ooey gooey nachos. And cheesecake. I’m not too particular about dairy…anything will do!

  137. I’m with the others, definitely just cheese. Especially walking around Fresh Market and sampling (ahem- almost stealing) all their samples. Also, goldfish and quesadillas!

  138. Quesadillas! YUM!!

  139. My favorite dish with cheese in it would have to be the classic macaroni and cheese (and I like the blue box-shameful)

  140. Favority chesse dish…that’s easy. I LOVE salsa mixed with velveeta. Not the healthiest, but it sure is tasty! Hopefully I can come up with a healthier version so I can enjoy this treat more often.

  141. […] A yummy Snikiddy snack giveaway! (Peanut Butter Fingers) […]

  142. ooh, looks yum!
    My favorite cheesy snack is defiantly a warm, gooey quesadilla! Made with whole wheat tortillas, ofcourse (;

  143. I can’t decide between pizza and nachos!!!!! Bacon + refried beans = genious!

  144. i love lasagna!

  145. I just really like cheese period!! But more specifically, queso, mac-n-cheese, nachos, the list could go on and on…

  146. love me some mac and cheese!

  147. my dad’s pizza! Yum! 🙂

  148. Potatoes au gratin, all the way 🙂

  149. Cheesecake! Does that count? Yummmmmmm!!

    Thank you so much!

  150. last night I made brie stuffed mushrooms, they were pretty good!! 🙂

    I think a favorite … GAAH I just blanked out a minute. I like cheese on anything. burritos. wraps. rice bean + veggie bowls. cheeseCAKE.

    cheese by itself (you can understand that one, yes? I don’t even need a spoon!)


    I’ll say cheesecake.

    and wraps.

  151. My face cheese dish will always be twice baked potatoes.. Seriously! Drool!

  152. I have to go with a classic-a grilled cheese sandwich! Although I recently used Muenster cheese and it was equally delicious as the the original.

  153. My favorite way to have cheese by far is caprese salad. Fresh tomato, mozzarella, basil…. soooo good!

  154. i love the whole foods packaged salad that has goat cheese, dried cranberries, arugula & candied pecans! sooooooo good

  155. Mac and cheese comfort 🙂

  156. great giveaway! umm i think my fav dish is a big salad that has salmon, beets and goat cheeeeeeeeeeeese 🙂 the perf combo!

  157. oh gosh so many! But one of my all time favorites has to be cheese grits! With processed american cheese. yumm.

  158. My husband and I make a healthy version of chicken stuffed with cheese. We mix panko bread crumbs with different spices, like italian seasoning and some red pepper. I use laughing cow cheese to stuff in my chicken (yummy). You spread it in the chicken, roll it up, and then dip it in egg whites, followed by the panko bread crumbs. Then you bake it. So good!

  159. OMG this quesadilla from The Hard Rock Cafe is amaizing! It is called the Joe Perry “Rock Your World” quesadilla with grilled chicken and pineapple, tossed with special bar-b-que sauce (made with joe perry’s mango-peach tango hot sauce), with MELTED JACK CHEESE, and stuffed in a chile-dusted tortilla. Served with guacamole, pineapple salsa and sour cream!

  160. Can’t go wrong with a cheesy pizza, right?!?!

  161. oh yum! i loved cheetos as a kid and im pretttty sure my stomach (and thighs…) would appreciate a healthified version! my favorite cheeesy meal is definitely mac and cheese 🙂 extraaa cheesy, please!

  162. tweeeet tweeet 🙂

  163. Ok seriously, I love anything that has cheese in it. I am a cheese fanatic! My overall favorite dish with cheese would probably have to be a childhood favorite of Mac-n-cheese! Although over the years I have created a healthier recipe for it and its still so delicious!! I mean how can you go wrong?!

  164. Cheese pizza loaded w/toppings!

  165. I tweeted – via @spabettie 🙂

  166. Quesadillas are a favorite of mine!

  167. Oooooh! Those fries look goooood! 😀
    My favorite dish with cheese would have to be Buffalo Chicken Pizza. I love the spice!

  168. Cheese, crackers and fruit! Can’t go wrong!

  169. ash – not sure if i’m too late but they look yummy. i love all sorts of cheese. the string cheese sticks. cheese on burgers. cheese in good ol’ mac and cheese. i’m pretty sure i’m playing with that line of healthy vs. addiction.

  170. I’m pretty sure if you put cheese on anything it makes it instantly 8,000 times more delicious. Just my personal opinion… 🙂

  171. My favorite cheese dish is any dish with cheese!!!! And if there is lots of cheese and it’s ooey and gooey and melted, that makes it even better 🙂

  172. Homemade pizza! goat cheese, tomatoes, basil, peppers on marinara sauce. mmmm

  173. Mom’s Homemade Mac n Cheese. Just thinking about it is making me hungry!

  174. Your eggplant lasagna… with lots of yummy cheese!

  175. Definitely pizza!

  176. […] unrelated news, I won a giveaway on Peanut Butter Fingers!  –I love her blog!– and now I’m looking forward to some Snikiddy fries!  I […]

  177. I love cheese period. Especially when it’s melted! One of many favorites is homemade nachos. Ground beef or turkey browned,add can of rote’l tomatoes & ff refried beans. Put this on some tortilla chips & sprinkle some of that wonderful cheese on them.Put in oven until the cheese melts! Pure heaven for me!

  178. yummmm, so delicious 😀

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