Plantar Fasciitis


Friday Lunch

Lunch today was a simple spread.

I enjoyed homemade tuna salad on top of a toasted bagel with green peppers and smoked almonds on the side.

Tuna Salad

Fishy Bagelwich

Good-for-Me Fats

I followed this yummy lunch up with a quick trip to Mochi.

Ryan was downtown visiting the DMV and when I received his text requesting a Mochi meet up, I jumped at the chance to join him for a quick 15-minute fro yo date!

I opted for cake batter/cheesecake swirl frozen yogurt, topped with mango, strawberries, rainbow sprinkles and cheesecake bits.


Ryan and I also swung by Starbucks to share a grande Tazo Chai CrΓ©me Frappuccino because we’re sweet-tooth soul mates.

Chai Tea Frapp

Those of you non-coffee lovers should give this lil’ baby a try. It’s delish!

I enjoyed most all of the whipped cream and about a third of the Frapp.


Now on to some less-than-exciting news…

Plantar Fasciitis

This just in: I may have plantar fasciitis. 😦

Yesterday around noon, I started to experience pain in my left heel.

I thought it was kind of odd and figured it would probably dissipate by the evening.

Unfortunately that was not the case.

I went to bed thinking it might feel better in the morning… Not so.

It doesn’t hurt at all when I am sitting, and the pain is pretty dull when I’m standing, but when I walk or run, the pain becomes fairly intense.

After BodyPump this morning, I approached the instructor (who is a personal trainer, marathon runner and knowledgeable about muscles and sports-related injuries) to ask for her insight about my pain.

After explaining where I felt pain and when the pain started (several hours after my morning run), she said it sounded a lot like plantar fasciitis, a condition characterized by inflammation of the band of tissue that connects the heel to the toes.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the condition is “particularly common in runners.”

  • The good news: Ninety percent of people recover from plantar fasciitis.
  • The bad news: Recovery usually takes several months.

This doesn’t exactly mesh well with my half marathon training plan.

I am really, really bummed. I am supposed to do a long run (10 miles) in the morning and I don’t see how that’s going to be possible if my heel still feels this pained.

I really want to run the half marathon in Chicago on August 1. I am hoping with all of my heart that the pain will be a passing pain that goes away soon. Cross your fingers!

In the mean time, I plan to ice my heel, stretch it and massage it.

I want to keep my cardiovascular strength up just in case the pain goes away in time for the half, so I will follow the advice of several orthopedic and running articles I read and supplement my running with cross training (swimming, biking, elliptical) until I feel like my heel is healed (Gotta love a good pun!).

I am trying not to be too dramatic about this injury, but I cannot help but remember when I had bursitis in my hip and literally couldn’t walk without pain for an entire summer. It was miserable and I was so upset. I don’t like not being able to walk without discomfort since walking is such a huge part of daily life and poor Sadie needs her morning walks!

"What am I supposed to do? Walk MYSELF!?"

I’m trying my best to look at this as simply an obstacle I must overcome.

It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, though it’s really upsetting to me right now. I’m mostly upset because I’m supposed to be running the half marathon with my girlfriends at the conclusion of my bachelorette party in Chicago and I was really looking forward to doing something so neat with all of them.


I am injured, injured bad. πŸ˜‰ (<– Click that link for a flippin’ adorable video that you’ve probably seen 5 billion times already.)

Question of the Afternoon?

Have you ever been sidelined from a sport or athletic training plan due to an injury? How did you cope?

(If any of you out there have experienced plantar fasciitis, please, please let me know how long it took for you to heal and how you recovered!)

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  1. Hey Julie! My heel started hurting around January and I got some Dr. Scholl’s heet inserts and they did the trick!! After wearing them in my running shoes for less than a week, no more heel pain. It’s worth a try! πŸ˜‰

  2. oh girl, i’m just now healing from a crappy knee injury that i had for many, many months! i was really depressed at times, but i just made sure to do things that i could do, like ride my bike, walk, and do more yoga. You might look into barefoot running a little more…not that it’s a cure-all, but all of my knee pain is gone since i started running on my toes!

  3. My sister had plantar fasciitis, and it took her about a couple of months to fully recover. She went to the doctor, and he gave her a list of exercises to avoid (like running). That really sucks, girl 😦 I hope it all works out for you!

  4. I’m so sorry Julie! I hope everything turns out ok! Sadie can drag you along in a wagon if you can’t walk πŸ˜‰ hehe, just kidding, although I’m sure she’d jump at the opportunity. I’m praying for you!!

  5. Hey Julie! I am so sorry to hear about your plantar. That is a verry frustrating injury. Knock on wood, I have never had it, but several of my teammates and my Mom has had it. Night splints have helped them, which basically keeps the foot in a stable position. Also, try getting orthotics, taking ibuprofen, icing…ALOT, and even using a tennis ball to roll in your arch (which is usually where the pain refers to). Hang in there! If you keep up your cardio-with biking, swimming and eliipticalling (if it doesn’t hurt your plantar), I see no reason why you couldn’t have an amazing run in the half this fall!

    • i read about those night splints. definitely something to look into! thank you, hannah!

  6. Awww Julie, sorry to hear about that! I’m glad to see you’re trying to stay positive though, which is all you really can do. Luckily, swimming is a fun option for crosstraining – just another excuse to have to be by the pool! 😎
    I’ve never been “diagnosed” with a particular injury, but I’m curious to hear a little more about your bursitis…I’ve experience hip pain for about a year on and off, and it’s just recently starting to get more intense. Did you happen to have any specific pains,etc., before I go and start self-diagnosing myself? hehe

  7. Hey girl! Plantar fasciatis usually happens because those small fascia get torn by activity – but what really spurs the pain is that they heal over night (because we sleep with our feet naturally pointed) and then when we get out of bed in the morning and step down (thus flexing our feet) we rip the little fibers all over again. They sell plantar fasciatis boots that you can wear that will keep your foot flexed throughout the night – this way the fibers heal in such a way that when we stand, walk, run we don’t tear as many the next day. I really think that would speed up your recovery.

    Sorry to ramble! I hope you feel better!

  8. Really hate to hear that. If it gets worse, go see a professional. Better to be fully diagnosed.

    Follow the guidelines and tips you find from a bevy of resources online, Runner’s World is great.

    Also, if it starts feeling well take it easy and don’t overdue it. Sometimes you get too confident.

    To keep up with training, sometimes running on a treadmill is easier on your feet bc of the softer surface. We’ll have to tell that to Sadie:(

    Get some rest this weekend!

  9. I have had plantar fasciitis and rest massage is what worked for me. I am now religious about rolling my arch on a tennis ball everyday. It really helps.

    Getting your stride and gait checked out at a running store may help, too. They can recommend the right inserts for your running shoes if your arch/stride is what causes it.

  10. I’ve never suffered from plantar fasciatis, but I understand how frustrating injuries can be. Right now I’m recovering from patella realignment surgery that was the direct result of overuse from running. It is so frustrating to sit and hurt when you want to be doing so much more! I’m just hoping that I’m ready for the Music City Half in April! Keep hoping, that’s all you can do.

  11. I signed up to run the Chicago half this year as well and found out the first of July after yet another knee surgery that I could no longer run at all. I understand how you feel….Giant Bummer. I LOVE running.

  12. hi! long time reader, first time commenter (queue nervous giggle).

    i’m friends with some very earthy-hippie types, and a couple of them have gotten hugely into barefoot running. one has been training for a tri when she messed up her ankle, and her doc actually recommended running in the vibram 5fingers. it’s supposed to build up the muscles in your ankle/feet- and seeing as it mimics the way you run barefoot (aka, no heels pounding on the pavement), this could be good for you.

    i found a pretty helpful review here:

    and no- i don’t work for vibram. ha i am in no way being endorsed for this note. sad story, i know.

  13. I have never dealt with an injury like that before but I know how frustrating it is to be sidelined by issues beyond our control. I really hope it passes quickly and I think its great you are going to let it rest some to see if that helps. That will likely help it get better much quicker. I really hope it all works out for you to still do the half with your friends.

  14. Hey Julie! I’m sorry to hear about your heal. I know what it’s like to have an injury – I couldn’t jump for almost an entire year in high school due to a shin injury and I was very involved in ballet so that really sucked. Keep your spirits high and focus on healing your heal (haha, couldn’t stop myself!). You have been working so hard and I only hope you are able to pull through and run that half marathon with your friends! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. I have a nubbin on my knee (technical term, ganglion cyst) that really is painful when I do Bikram and when I run. I usually plow through it, but I fear I’ll have to get it removed…right now it just looks like I have really bony knees πŸ˜‰

    Best of luck healing quickly!

  16. Hi Julie! I’m a longtime reader who hasn’t commented but LOVES your blog! πŸ™‚

    I’m actually training for the same half that you are (yay!). I ran cross-country and track in college and have never been injured…until about 2.5 weeks ago. I sprained my ankle and was devastated. It was so painful walking/running, and I have a really active job (I coach a variety of sports) which made it even more difficult.

    I cross-trained, lifted, STRETCHED, and even did yoga (I’m still hoping to connect with a great instructor/class like you!) like crazy until a few days ago, and, miraculously, my ankle now has little pain!

    I cannot stress enough how glad I am that I actually listened to advice and incorporated cross-training. I had the same fear as you: That I wouldn’t be able to run the half which I have been so excited for! Obviously, the race hasn’t happened yetβ€”and I hope I’m not jinxing myselfβ€”but I think that being injured for a short time may actually be beneficial. I learned to appreciate running so much more and, honestly, cross-training for over 2 weeks did not seem to hurt my fitness! Many of my teammates have been injured mid-season and then returned from an injury to run a PR after following a cross-training plan. I’ve read about Olympians who have done this as well!

    Sorry that this comment is miles long! I really hope that your injury heals! πŸ™‚

    • thanks for commenting!

      this comment have given me sooooo much hope. i will definitely continue w/ cross training. i hope to be running the half w/ ya in less than a month!!! fingers crossed!!!

  17. hey julie!

    i had the same thing happen. i got gel inserts for my sneaks and it helped a lot. I also took about a week off of running and it went away. sorry to hear about the pain, wishing you a quick, speedy recovery!

  18. I’d just like to point out how funny this sounds: “I’m supposed to run a half marathon at the conclusion of my bachelorette weekend!” Yes, we are crazy!

    Don’t worry, my tibia is acting up as well :/ we may be walking (with a camera) so it’s more like sight-seeing… Mer’s idea!

    Feel better!

    • lol – i know. we may be insane. i can’t wait though!!! maybe we can be the pacers on bikes? πŸ™‚ then we can be hungover & it won’t even matter… πŸ˜‰

  19. I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot too. It’s so annoying but I guess it seems not so bad since I’ve had pain in my knees for six years. Ha ha. Go to a podiatrist who can give you good physical therapy exercises to do. They’re really helping me. Besides, the earlier you take care of it with stretching and exercise the faster you’ll recover. Good luck, and sorry you’re joining the club.

  20. When I first started training for my half marathon in January, I started getting pain too. It ended up being achilles tendonitis and is a fairly treatable condition. Since than tendon car run into the heel, I felt it all though my ankle and heel. I stretched before and iced after. I ended up being able to do 3 halves in 30 days as well. For me, it ended up being more mental than physical once I figured out how to deal with the pain. I had a hard time motivating myself to run with the injury but eventually I did. Try the stretching and icing and take it slow. Plus, even if you have to walk a little bit you will have still completed a half marathon. Most people can’t claim to do that so don’t let a little set back bring ya down!

  21. I developed planter fasciitis in the spring, and I was able to get it to go away rather quickly. It comes on as achilles strain, and a lot of it has to do with your running biomechanics.

    Stretching is the most helpful and a some rest, but I would say you will hopefully be ok to ease back into the running next week. I would avoid wearing heels at all cost as the stress and position it puts your foot in will agrevate it. I switched exclusively to flats ans lots of stretching, cleared right up.

    Good luck with it!

  22. I literally read your blog title and sighed out loud. In February while training for a marathon I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my heel as well as plantar faciitis. I was on crutches and in a cast for 12 weeks. I literally last night took my first run in 5 months. Look up stretches online, roll with all your foot on a frozen plastic water bottle and on a golf ball. What really helped for me was taping my foot up:

    Good luck and take it easy, hopefully you’ll have a speedier recovery!

  23. OH NO! Plantar Facitis can be a bugger! I am so sorry!!! I read through your comments and you have gotten a lot of really great advice…everything I would have told you has been covered. But don’t panic just yet…..I am going to triple cross my fingers for you!! (and my toes)

  24. I’m crossing my fingers for you! I was plagued with injuries in my femur late last year- and did not take it well (I may have had a few fits). But just keep off of it for a bit and hopefully you’ll be good as new! πŸ™‚

  25. I love tuna salad! Great looking lunch! I’m sorry to hear about your foot. Be sure to take care of it, you don’t want it getting worse. I have IT band problems. At first i rested it for two months, now I foam roll everyday to keep the muscle stretched. Good luck πŸ™‚

  26. Everything I would say has been said. Except: DONT WEAR HEELS and avoid dress shoes if you can. Also, nutrition is very important. Eat well and eat enough. Good luck!

  27. I feel your pain literally I have had it off and on now for 15 months it has cut my running down tremendously (sorry!) I have spent a fortune on shoes inserts etc the best thing is rest I think Good Luck!!

  28. get some really good inserts! I like the Smart Feet inserts…their expensive by they help greatly with my over-pronation. I was side-tracked during my first half marathon training with some pain in my kneee. I ended up having to do physical therapy. But thankfully my doctor and PT both told me that as long as I could still train without pain then i could continue. they also told me that if i had pain to stop, walk for a while and then run again to see if the pain went away.

    Good luck!

  29. Hi Julie,

    I just started following your blog a couple weeks ago (I love it!) and decided I had to leave a comment when I saw the title of this post.

    I’ve started running a lot more this summer, and one morning about 3 weeks ago I got the same heel pain as you. My mom has had plantar faciitis before, so although I wasn’t diagnosed by a doctor, she heard my symptoms and told me that I probably had PF. Same as you, I googled the condition and mildly freaked out about it.

    Good news! Three weeks later, and the pain is almost all gone. I ditched flat, unsupportive summer flip flops and started wearing sneakers almost everywhere (walking around my apartment, to work–yes I was that person wearing fashion-senseless-middle-aged-woman-looking-shoes to work haha–, basically everywhere). I also put a Dr. Scholl’s heel insert into my sneakers and iced my heel whenever it really acted up.

    Unfortunately, I stayed away from the gym and gave up running during that time (try swimming?), but I think that really helped as well. Now my foot is feeling a lot better and I’ve been using the elliptical a lot to avoid excessive strain on my heel.

    I wouldn’t stress about it too much. Definitely talk to a doc for real tips, but looking back I shouldn’t have freaked out initially. Hope this helps a little!!

    • thanks so much for commenting and for this positive news! looks like i’ll be the weird sneaker lady at work, too!! πŸ˜‰

  30. Hah! I’ve actually never seen that video before! Hilarious! But your injury–not funny. I’m so sorry. I know what it feels like. Not the plantar fasciitis, but getting sidelined from your sport. It sucks. :[

  31. I’ve been following your blog for a few months, but don’t comment a lot. I’m a silent reader and appreciator πŸ™‚ I do like your blog alot, though!

    I am commenting because…i do know a lot about plantar fasciitis. I have had it, and know many others who have as well.

    It took me about 8 weeks to fully recover from mine, and even then I took it easy for a while so it didn’t return. I continued riding the bike for exercise, but I didn’t get back on the elliptical until about week 4/5 just to be safe it was healing well.

    I would suggest getting checked out for orthotics — it could be due to your arch collapsing as your run, and causing that stress. I got mine while running, but found it wouldn’t heal because I kept wearing shoes that had no support (flip flops, etc) and my arch collapses in, a lot. And since I’ve gotten orthotics and let it heal (by biking, swimming and eventually after 3/4 weeks getting back on the elliptical), I haven’t really had a problem with the plantar fasciitis recurring.

    Best of luck with it — I hope you are healed to run the Chicago Rock ‘n Roll! I tried to sign up for one last run in my city, but I got there too late!

  32. I’m so sorry to hear about your heel pain! I’m sending get-better vibes your way!

    I know how frustrating a running injury can be. While training for a half marathon last fall, I stress fractured my pelvis. I couldn’t walk for a month and was extremely bummed. However, in a way it was a blessing in disguise, because it really made me appreciate my ability to run/walk more than ever. Now I never see my runs as obligatory, but as a privilege! In a twisted way my injury made running more fun. πŸ™‚

    I hope you feel better soon!

  33. Terrible news! Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

  34. I am sorry to hear about your heal! It seems like all runners/avid exercisers hit some type of road block like this every once in awhile. Since you’ve only been having the pain for a short time, maybe it will go away sooner than you think and it’s not plantar fasciitis afterall. And, even if you do have a bad heal, you make AMAZING looking tuna salad. What do you put in yours? It looks much more special than any tuna salad I’ve ever put between bread πŸ™‚

    • hehe i just realized that with all the talk about heels and wanting them to heal i mixed up my spelling too! haha we could make so many puns and tongue twisters out of this!

  35. Since I started being healthy and working out (for about three years now) I haven’t ever been hurt for an extended period of time. I actually am hoping I don’t have to deal with that, because I don’t know how I’d handle it!

  36. Stupid injuries! Hang in there, Julie! I will say a prayer that the heel is healed super fast πŸ™‚

  37. I’m so sorry to hear about your heel. Hopefully it is just a fluke and it will feel better in a couple of days.

    I actually just had surgery in December to fix a cracked sesamoid at the bottom of my foot that would not heal on its own. I kept my sanity by doing upper body workouts and very light pilates. However, during this recovery, I realized how important it is to listen to your body and give your body time to rest and recover. I’m the kinda girl that will push through the pain and then regret it later. Take it easy and don’t risk further damage!!!

  38. Hey!

    I had SICK foot pain right before a half marathon two years ago. I had a bucket of ice water and a bucket of hot water under my computer desk and alternated my foot 20 minutes in each for a few nights in a row, and got a massage (totally weird and not at all relaxing but it stretched out the ligaments in my feet). Then, on the day of, I hammered down some advil (would not recommend from a “healthy living” or “health at all” point of view, but rather from a “paid race registration fees and trained for months and refuse to be sidelined right before a race” point of view) and just ran the race. I haven’t had any lasting problems from it, and no issues with training this year but I think I dealt with it early on and took some time off after the run so it healed on its own!

    Good luck!!!

  39. I’ve never had PF, but I was sidelined a bit earlier this year with bursitis in my hip. I had planned to run a full marathon in June, but wound up changing to the half since I didn’t want to push my body as it was recovering.

    I learned to love the elliptical. If it doesn’t bother your heel, it’s a decent way to get some miles in and keep your fitness up. I think if you cross train well and are nice to your foot, you should be able to complete the half on August 1.

    I’ve never had PF, but I’ve heard that using a frozen bottle of water to massage the arch of your foot (roll your foot over the bottle back and forth) can help. Good luck – I hope this clears up soon for you!

  40. Here’s the best advice I can give as a bloggie friend: allow yourself to be bummed. You’re not being dramatic. Your training and Sadie are important to you and you’re allowed to feel upset if you have PF. However, also realize that you can’t control the fact that it happened. You can only control the future and help it heal to its fullest. xoxoxoxo

  41. Hey Julie! So sad to hear about the plantar fasciatis.. I am hoping and praying you heal quickly so you can run the half marathon.. I also hope ya can cause I was really excited about meeting you at it since I am also running it! Good luck in your healing process!

  42. I have it right now, too. I just discovered it yesterday morning…it can actually be caused by tight calves, so try to foam roll or stretch the calf!! I was just getting back into my running routine and along with lots of jumping and everything in my bootcamp class, I think I just over did it! Good Luck!

  43. Hi Julie! I recently ran a half marathon. During my training I struggled with plantar fasciitis. Good news, I ran the half marathon pain free. Bad news, during my training I had to take about three weeks off from running. What I think really helped the injury heal quickly is 1. I got inserts for my sneakers that really really helped. I ordered the aetrex lynco orthotics. A podatrist can make you custom orthotics but they are veryyy expensive. Within a week of wearing them the pain greatly decreased. 2. Freeze a water bottle and roll it back n forth over your foot during down time and after runs. You can also do a similar “stretch” with a tennis or golf ball. Stretch right before you get out of bed, not exactly sure the science behind this but it was recommended by my doctor. 3. I know its hard, but cut back on your running. I still kept up my cardio endurance by using the elliptical, when it didn’t cause pain, and I did a lot of biking.
    Sorry for the novel. Good Luck!

  44. hey
    im just overcoming Plantar fasciitis. i got it at the end of april on a double run day (pre-marathon training ;). like you, i thought it would be gone in a few hrs. no. okar next morning definitely. no. tmorrow, no… so after barely being able to walk, i visited the ER- no bone damaga. duh. then the orthopedic. spent the next 4 weeks in a removable cast/boot. AND physical therapy. absoltely awful. i just biked all the time to keep up endurance- hours of biking = nothing for running. now, im beginning to feel it again a little in both feet. but with heat before runs and after ice. its not too bad. and i have an 8 miler planned tomorrow! lots of luck!

  45. my bf has it. doc gave him 5 exercises to stretch it out and he tapes it everyday. if he doesnt tape it, it hurts like hell. he also ices it and it feels a lot better. she gave him the option to do physical therapy too but he isn’t doing it now. no time to go.

    the best thing to do (as i learned in my kinesiology classes) is to let it heal but i know you are training for the half so i dont know what to tell ya…

    sorry girl!! sucks i know. i wanted to run the half too and i have tendinitis in my knee AND shins.

  46. AH! PF is terrible–I have had it for two years, and had to take an entire year off from running. I’m just getting back into it, and trying to marathon train, but still am on the bike two days a week and focusing constantly on my feet: “do they hurt?” “was that a twinge?” “is it getting worse?” every run. BUT I can say that my long experience with it is, at least in part, due to the fact that I ignored it and kept running through increasing pain for months until it literally became too painful to walk. Mine had moved from my heels into my arches and across the whole bottom of the foot–when my feet were relaxed, the plantar fascia stuck out like cables across the bottom, they were so tight. My advice? DON’T do what I did! Take care of yourself now, right when you first feel the pain. Stretch, ice, REST if they hurt. Rest if they hurt! (I’m still working on this one.) Get over the counter insoles with arch support and heel cushion–that will make a world of difference. I’m using the blue PowerStep kind from my running store (which work better than my $500 custom ones, sigh). And as far as stretching goes, I found that stretching my feet didn’t work very well, but stretching my calves religiously and massaging them has worked miracles. I’m running 16 miles tomorrow :). Good luck!

    • Also, the elliptical is your friend! It really saved me (both my fitness and my sanity!). Doesn’t stress the PF at all, and let me work up a sweat. All the best!

  47. Hi Julie!

    I think you have a lot of comments already, and I didn’t read them all, but I’ll add my two cents!

    I got plantar faschia in both heels a few winters ago and it took about four full months to totally heel. Mine was pretty painful- like I couldn’t stand up to wash dishes, for example. hopefully yours is not that bad! Mines was brought on by overtraining, too much too soon, plus poor sneakers. My doctor told me I should’ve increased mileage much more slowly, bought new sneakers, and stopped when it hurt.

    The good news is that it eventually went away, and although I have felt twinges since, I can “heal”myself almost immediately by staying off the foot and icing for 3-4 days.

    here’s what worked for me:
    – Ice!! like crazy. Also, take IBU profin every four hours to reduce inflammation.
    -get a golf ball and roll it under your heel- it’s convenient while you’re on the computer especially
    – do stretches every morning
    – No running! minimize walking. (I took up biking instead)
    – Wear SUPPORTIVE shoes! This is so important and it was really hard for me! I had to stop wearing my beloved chucks, my gladiator sandals, my high heels, all my cute flats…and basically stick to wearing really supportive new balance whenever possible. It’s awful, but it works.

    I hope this helps you! The key is not to start running again before you’re fully heeled…if I had stopped the first time I felt pain I would’ve only needed to stay off for like 2 weeks, but because I wanted to “run through it” I made it much, much worse. You’re already a step ahead of where I was!

    • thanks so much for taking the time to detail this. i am definitely going to try to be cognisant of resting!

  48. Oh, so sorry to hear about the plantar fasciitis! Such a bummer. I think we all go through some kind of runners injury during the journey. You just pray hard that it’s nothing serious and short lived. You are definitely doing the right thing. Rest rest and rest is truly the only way to heal properly.

    Get better soon babe!

  49. Haha, I kept mixing up my “heel” and my “heal”…oh well, unintentional pun!

  50. Gosh I hope you get better! I’m on running rest for multiple injures and can’t even cross train. I’ve learned to take more rest days….maybe you should too, because your workouts are so intense maybe it was too much?

  51. Hey lady. I hope it’s just a fluke and your heel was just a tad sore, but I’ll share my story. i was having heel pain a while back when I was training for a 1/2 marathon. It tended to hurt a lot when I first woke up in the morning. I was never diagnosed with PF by a dr (I never went to a dr. for it), but was pretty sure that’s what it was. Turns out it went away after a bit of R.I.C.E ( Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). If it’s still hurting I would rest it (maybe a week or so) to see if the pain goes away. It’s always better to rest rather than workout with an injury and possibly make it worse or last longer.

    With all that said, my fingers are crossed for you!!

  52. I had plantar faciitis a few years ago. I had a cortisone injection that didn’t do much for it. Stretching helped a lot (get some physical therapy to learn to stretch the band of tissue and keep is stretched). But most of all, what helped me was taping my arch. I have very flat feet so my dr showed my how to tape my arch up (after stretching). I would tape it before doing a lot of walking, such as through the airport when traveling. Mine got better to the point I no longer have to tape or stretch, but it took several months.

  53. I actually had a really funny injury. I was skiing at christmas one year and I fell when I was trying to do some tricks and I couldnt get back up. I was rushed down the mountain and they determined that I had torn bone off of my ankle and I would need surgery. I was in pain for days after the surgery, because they ended up breaking the ankle in the process and I was out of school for three weeks!! It wasnt funny then, but I just laugh about it now!!
    Good Luck in recovering from you injury!! πŸ™‚

  54. man I know that hurts! I had it too, just woke up one morning and could barely put weight on it. I was lucky though because it weny away in 3-4 days. Just lay off it, get on the bike if you feel you need to excercise. Take care

  55. I slipped on some ice in the beginning of the year and it was awful! I hurt my bum and my wrist.
    I basically did whatever exercise I could that didn’t hurt. It was rough not doing pushups for a while though.
    But I healed pretty quickly, mostly thanks to the exercise. After about a month I was back to new again.
    Hope you’re back to normal soon!

  56. Other than taking some time off from running, try rolling your arch on a tennis ball first thing in the morning to loosen up the tendons. Every person is different so it may take a few days or a few weeks for the pain to subside. I have had numerous tendonitis issues all over and rest has always been the best medicine, no matter how much stretching and/or how many exercises I do.

  57. Julie, I’m so sorry to hear this 😦 All I can say is that I had a similar problem- and I bought some Dr. Scholl’s inserts- the kind that raise you heel up a bit..and they helped a LOT. It was like it helped over night, but it did help relieve the pain..& it went away after about a week. GOOD LUCK! I’m praying that your pain goes away FAST.

  58. Great post!

    I know exactly where you are coming from. I’m an avid tennis player who developed plantar fasciitis from playing tennis. Yes, I totally neglected my feet and after a while, my foot pain got worse and worse.

    I tried inserts, they never helped. So i did a search on the internet for plantar fasciitis and found a website they helped me alot.

    I recommend readers of this article take a look at this simple plantar fasciitis treatment site.

    Good luck…

  59. Hopefully it’s just something that will pass with proper rest! I’ve never had a real injury so I really can’t contribute much to the discussion but I really do hope that it is nothing serious for you.

    On a lighter note, that frozen yogurt looks delicious. If you do end up coming to Chicago for the marathon you should check out Berry Chill. It has AMAZING frozen yogurt.

  60. Sorry about the heel 😦 Hopefully it isn’t too serious or long-lasting.

    And I LOVE Mochi! It’s the bomb! Lucky for me there are a couple here in Gainesville!

  61. I’m so sorry girl!! Fingers cross that you’ll be running the marathon sooon πŸ™‚

    If you like those chai frapps, try getting a squirt of vanilla in it next time! SO GOOD πŸ™‚ Personally though, I prefer iced chai nonfat lattes and also, warm chai nf lattes.

    MMmm chai πŸ™‚

  62. i’m currently suffering from p.f. i am a runner too and it is so frustrating. last summer i had a mild case, in that it only hurt when i was barefoot and first getting out of bed. this year i think i caused after a high mileage week followed by a hard 5k. so for about 6 weeks i’ve bee in pain. it is getting better. mine started off with a heel bruise as well, but once that healed i could run, but i’m not pushing it more thatn 3-4 miles. it still aches but not as bad and is definitely getting better. i’m not running another marathon until december but i hate having several months of no long runs. oh, well. the stretching has helped a lot. other than that, i use ice and ibuprofen.

  63. Be sure to take care of your feet. Not just exercise and stretching, but tender care.
    1. Soak your feet in hot/warm water each night before you go to bed. The heat will bring considerable relief to your feet and prepare them for #2.

    2. Massage your feet after soaking them. Taking time daily to massage your feet is a practice that reintegrates your feet back into the whole of your body. Too often we neglect the parts of our body that hurt. Massaging the area encourages blood flow to the area and stimulates the body’s natural healing ability.

  64. I just discovered your blog and LOVE it! so, this comment is a bit late, but thought I could contribute. I have been dealing with an injury for about 6 months now-I have two bulged disks in my back, which would be fine, if one wasn’t so bulged out that it’s hitting a nerve. The nerve pain is pretty bad, affecting the back of my thigh, calf, and foot. It has been a difficult road thus far, but I am looking at my options and managing the pain as best possible. What I have learned is that it is tough to deal with an injury that changes your lifestyle, however I focus on the positive. It’s the little things that I celebrate (most recently being able to ride the stationary bike!) and I remind myself that this injury is minor compared to many other health issues and general problems in the world! I believe in the power of positive thoughts and energy.

  65. Wow, I’m still recovering from plantar fasciitis that I got about one year ago! I’ve done everything: loads of physio, acupuncture, personal training and custom orthotics. I’ve also tried doing water running, swimming and cycling. I suggest you do your research and find a really great physiotherapist – it took me three different physios to figure it out. My last physio explained why I wasn’t able to get over plantar fasciitis – my alignment issues – and told me that pilates would be the best investment for me. So I’m working on strengthening my arch, legs, hips, etc. You should definitely stop running all together. I started cycling as an alternative and my plantar began causing me serious knee and hip pain after 8 months of having it – all on the same leg. I’m still struggling with it. You should also look into the strassburg sock (hideous but effective!)

  66. […] my heel didn’t hurt. Plantar fasciitis ain’t got nuffin’ on […]

  67. […] a 12 mile run last Saturday, but since my training was derailed for a couple of weeks due to some serious pain in my heel, my long run only ended up being 10 miles. I actually felt pretty wiped out after the 10 mile run, […]

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