Good to Know

It’s good to know 95 percent of you side with Ryan on the Swamp Beast debate. 🙂

Apparently those of us who enjoy splashing around in the bathroom are a rare breed. We’ve got to stick together, Beasts! 😉


Hello, loverrr (said in Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe-loving voice).

Noodle Bowl

What is it about a big bowl of pasta that makes me swoon?

I’m going to chalk my love for noodles up to their doughy texture. I just love slurpin’ them up.

Today’s big ol’ bowl o’ pasta included:

Carba Nada Basil Fettuccine

Come in Close for the Good Stuff

So satisfying!

I usually take my calcium supplement with breakfast, but I forgot this morning, so I got to enjoy a little sweet treat in the form of VitaFusion calcium gummy vitamins after lunch today.

Gummies for Grown Ups

These things are like candy.

Throw a wrapper on each individual piece and they could rival Starbursts! 😀

Question of the Afternoon

Which do you prefer, Skittles or Starbursts?

I love pink Starbursts, but I also love red, orange and purple Skittles… so I guess my answer would have to be Skittles since I like more of ’em.

35 Responses

  1. Oh man that is a tough one! I love fruity candy and those are two of my favorites.. but I’d probably have to go with skittles. It’s close, though!

    • i totally understand. i almost didn’t answer my own question b/c i had to think about it for so long. 🙂

  2. I’m definitely a Skittles girl. I used to be obsessed with them so much that in high school I would buy a huge bag and eat them all besides the purple ones. I would then give my bag of leftover purple Skittles to my friend who thankfully was a fan! I get annoyed when the Starbursts get stuck on my teeth while chewing!

  3. I say ‘hello, loverrr’ ALL the time! And Skittles – hands down.

  4. Skittles!! But only the green and yellow ones, please. I’m not a fan of the other ones…so my hubby eats them.

  5. I know this is random…but what is Body Pump? I see it on the other blogs too…
    just wondered what kind of exercises they do in that class??? Thanks! 🙂

  6. I LOVE both! I have never been a big chocolate person and skittles and starburst are my 2 fav candies! The pink and red starburts and red and green skittles!

    Oh boy, I might have to go find some now!

  7. When faced with Skittles or Starbursts, I would chose chocolate. 🙂 I am not a candy girl – it is chocolate or nothing for me.

    And I didn’t comment on your other post, but I definately gallivant around my bathroom like a beast. You are definately not alone.

  8. Skittles all the way! The only Starburst color I like is the red!

  9. You’ve inspired me to try Carba-nada pasta! Just checked out it’s nutrition facts & it has 12 g of protein per serving. Whoa! (in Joey Lawrence voice) haha

  10. Skittles — you get more of them to eat 😉

    Do you know they make gummy Omega-3 vitamins? They taste like FISH though ….yick!

  11. I like the red & yellow skittles.. and the red & pink starburst. I always give the yellow & orange starburst away!

    I may have to try this pasta you’re always talking about.. it always looks delicious!

  12. I love me some berry skittles! otherwise, Id say starbursts!

  13. Skittles please and especially orange 🙂

  14. Pink starbursts are the best! So is the tropical pack…

  15. I love Starbursts and smooshing them together to make one big chewy gob!

  16. Skittles! but I do like how starbursts stick to the roof of your mouth, red one’s are the best. Actually, that IS a really rough question. Can I go with m&ms? lol.

    Pasta’s great, never seems to stick with me though. I see you eat it a lot for lunch, does it hold you over well?

  17. hi julie!! i’m confused and i was wondering if you could clear things up for me; you say you’re not trying to cut down carbs, yet your food choices portray the contrary.
    you use “carba-nada” pasta, instead of regular whole wheat pasta, arnold sandwich thins, just yogurt and fruit for breakfast, the other day you dined salmon and broccoli, or your lunch was just a salad with bacon..
    but; where are all the carbs?!

    • i actually bought the carba nada pasta b/c of it’s protein content (12g per serving). i honestly like it a lot more than regular whole wheat pasta b/c it’s doughier & tastes fantastic.

      it’s a similar story w/ the sandwich thins… i honestly like them more than hamburger buns! plus, i cannot go through an entire loaf of bread in a week, so i like that they’re aren’t as many and that they freeze really well.

      fruit & veggies actually count as carbs, too, though they’re not as carb-dense as foods with flour, etc.

      i don’t limit my carbs intentionally. i eat what i like and what tastes good to me! if that’s a big ol’ roll or a simple sandwich thin, i’ll eat whichever option appeals to me more.

  18. I am all about the skittles- ESPECIALLY the purple ones, those are my favorite.
    And, I have to comment about your camera- it’s AWESOME!! It even picked up the sugar crystals on your hand- now that’s a good camera 🙂

  19. I’m not a big fan of fruity candies, but I’m gonna have to go with Skittles on this one solely because I ate an entire candy dish full of them when I was drunk this weekend. Apparently I was hoarding them. Classy. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

  20. Ahhh man, that’s not even a fair question! I love pink and red Starbursts – SO good. BUT, I love all colors of skittles, so I guess I’ll have to let Skittles win this debate. 😉

  21. I love that Carba Nada pasta so much!

    I’m not a huge fan of chewy candy, I like the hard stuff better. Those do look tasty though!

  22. i love pink and yellow starbursts! and i love the red and purple skittles…i guess it’s a tie!

  23. Can I break the mold and go with gummy bears, love them!!

  24. Starbursts for sure! Skittles are so not my fav. Ultimately, peanut butter M&Ms would win the candy debate but we’ll save that for another day…

  25. i JUST GOT THESE NOODLES!! so – do u cook the entire package when u make them? or just half?! i cant wait to try them!

  26. Pink starbursts and red skittles all the way!

  27. I’m not a big fruity candy person, but I love me some Starbursts! I think its because I spent about 85% of my time as a young child through my early teen years at a gymnastics gym where a million and one other preteen girls were always starving and whenever anybody had a dollar to get something for the snack machine, they’d be peer-pressured into getting a pack of Starbursts because you can share them so easily! Of course, Skittles were the next popular choice after that. But I still like Starbursts best. Red or pink, please. :]

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