Sea Sick

Guess who got sea sick on the boat this morning?


Sick Girl

And Ryan.

Sick Boy

Apparently we are a match made in motion-sickness heaven.

The morning started out well enough with a hearty breakfast of steel cut oats with fresh blueberries and a scoop of peanut butter.


Unfortunately after heading out on the boat, my stomach took a turn for the worse.

Once we arrived at the bouy indicating we’d reached our first scuba diving location, the boat got a-rockin’ and serious nausea set in for me.

Ryan, my dad and our friend Steve got into the water right away and headed down to explore a sunken ship. My sister, mom and I stayed at the surface because they were going to depth that was a little too deep for us.

Once Ryan arrived back at the surface, he joined me in the sea sick club. Nausea hit him like a ton of bricks and he puked over the side of the boat. Shortly after I was hurling too. 😦

As we headed out to the next dive location, I felt determined to at least get one decent dive in. I suited up, puking in between putting on my wet suit and fins. It was highly unattractive. 

I felt confident that once I got under water where the waves couldn’t get to me, I’d feel much better.

Boy was I right!!!

One hundred feet under the water felt like heaven. My nausea dissipated and I got to explore an amazingly beautiful ship that the Coast Guard sunk to create a wonderful dive site. The fish were gorgeous and we even saw a barracuda (yikes!). I only wish I could have stayed under water for hours!

Sadly the minute I boarded the boat, nausea set in again. After puking yet again, we decided my stomach and Ryan’s stomach couldn’t handle a whole day of rockin’ on the boat.

We were dropped off at the condo and after about 10 minutes on land I felt 90 percent better. Ryan is still a little worse for wear, but we’re getting some food and water into his belly and I hope he improves soon. Poor boy. 😦

All of the pictures from our day on the boat are on my mom’s camera, so I’ll be sure to post them later. She said she got a picture of me and Ryan when we were lookin’ like death, so I’m sure that will amuse you guys. 😉


When we arrived back at our room, I made myself a big lunch of manicotti, grapes and peanut butter M&Ms.


I refilled this plate for seconds. My belly needed food!

I’m blogging from a little cafe outside our room and it is truly gorgeous here. The water is perfectly turquoise. I’m trying not to be too upset that our day of scuba diving was cut short, but it’s really, really hard. I have been looking forward to a day of diving for months now and feel pretty bummed that I was only able to experience one dive (though it was a great one).

Next time I will be sure to take sea-sick medication the night before and the morning of a dive. Lesson learned!

Please make me feel like I’m not alone… Have you ever gotten sick before or during an event you were really looking forward to?