So Long, Farewell

“…Auf Weidersehen, goodbye!”

It’s so sad when friends from college start moving away. 😦

Since I went to college at UCF in Orlando and have been fortunate enough to transition into a job in downtown Orlando, I am lucky enough to live near many friends from college. Though Ryan and I have jobs we enjoy in Orlando, others have slowly started moving away to pursue other opportunities or additional schooling.

Tonight we said goodbye to our friend Pete, who is moving to Chapel Hill to attend grad school at UNC.

Pete was in Ryan’s fraternity and his girlfriend Merri was in my sorority, and we’ve always enjoyed hanging out with these two! (Merri is staying in Orlando and they will continue stay together long-distance.)

Pete & Ryan

We met up with Pete, Merri and some other friends at Mucho, a Mexican restaurant in downtown Orlando to say goodbye.

Ready for Dinner

Once we sat down I dug into the chips and salsa.

Chips 'n' Salsa

Crunch 'n' Munch

The waiter kept refilling our basket and I swear I ate an entire basketful myself. I was addicted!

Some of the guys enjoyed some beers…


That came with free shots of tequila…


For dinner, Ryan and I shared a quesadilla and I also had a fish taco which went unpictured.


I left this meal a little too full. I snacked on a bunch of almonds (easily three to four servings) before we left for dinner and I think they contributed to my overly stuffed feeling.

A too-full belly was more than 100 percent worth it though to enjoy a fun evening with good friends and say our goodbyes to Pete. Fortunately it won’t be goodbye for too long because Pete is a groomsman in our wedding so we’ll be seeing him in no time at all.

I’m off to PACK for our vacation!!!

19 Responses

  1. where is your skirt from!? its the most wonderful thing.

  2. I go to UNC! Your friend will love it there! Nothing like some chips and free tequila shots 🙂

  3. I had quite a filling mexican dinner myself this evening, although I actually decided to take the night off from blogging — decided I needed a little break! 🙂
    I definitely hear ya on the chips & salsa – sooo addicting!

  4. Aww I’m so sorry to hear he’s moving – but that’s MORE of an excuse to travel again 😉

    Enjoy packing, don’t stress too much 🙂

  5. you are breathtakingly beautiful 🙂

    saying goodbye is never easy.. sad to hear he’s moving 😦

  6. looks like a really fun get together- even if it was a goodbye 😦 sounds like a fun group of people!

  7. It’s always so sad when friends move away. But I guess I am that friend because I’ve moved twice. I am always back for visits though, as I’m sure Pete will be!

  8. Saying goodbye is hard 😦 but the nice thing is that it is rarely permanent. Glad you had a fun evening with your friends!

  9. I’m glad you had a fun evening even though you had to say goodbye.

    Cute skirt!

  10. Love your skirt! Super cute.

  11. I ALWAYS leave Mexican restaurants feeling uncomfortably full. I think Mexican is the one food that my stomach actually expands for! 😉

    Sounds like a fun night! You look beautiful as always. 🙂

  12. Hey, he is moving near me! I live in Raleigh 🙂

    Love your shoes… again…

  13. Chips and salsa are my downfall. They’re seriously addicting. And also–the skirt is adorable!

  14. Merri looks like the cute Elizabeth Hasselbeck from The View. I could eat mexican every single night. And agreed that the chips basket can be a bottomless pit, I can’t even think to talk about the queso. Ay dios mio!

  15. Is there something in the water in Florida that makes good genese in people? I swear! You do not have even a half way decent looking friend.. every friend is beautiful! HAHAHA!

  16. I love love LOVE Mexican food! Hahah, in the midst of typing this, I convinced my mother and grandparents to go out to my favorite place! Yeah for chips and salsa!

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