Coyotes, Cows and Turkeys, Oh My!

First things first, your comments about the crazy things you’ve seen while working out not only made me laugh out loud, but they truly amazed me!

Here are some of the things you’ve encountered while getting your sweat on:

  • Coyotes
  • Road runner (Are you sure you weren’t just watching Looney Tunes? πŸ˜‰ )
  • Cows that somehow escaped the farm
  • Family of turkeys
  • Man walking on the treadmill at a 1.5 pace while using his arms to do dance moves
  • A kid on a school bus who threw a pencil at the runner
  • Guy doing push-ups in work attire
  • Naked man sweeping his driveway
  • Mockingbirds dive-bombing a squirrel that was trying to steal from a bird feeder
  • Dog running down the street with a mailbox attached to its leash

And my personal favorite:

  • A middle-aged Amish man walking across a road with a dead turkey on his back while his wife walked behind him in her dress holding a gun.

All of your comments reminded me of a weird thing I once saw while working out:

One time a guy was doing ab exercises on an exercise ball near the treadmills at my gym.

Crunch it Out

He had his legs propped up on the ball, and mid-crunch the ball flew out from underneath his feet and into a nearby treadmill.

The problem? A woman was running on that treadmill and the ball caused the treadmill to stop, sending the woman flying. While this was happening, the exercise ball squeaked loudly as the treadmill tried to keep moving.

It was insane! Luckily the woman was okay, but she was clearly very shook up. It also took a good two minutes or so for someone to turn off the treadmill and stop the ball from squeaking, which made the whole scene seem all the more dramatic. Totally nuts!


My lunch today included two new things!

They’re probably not new to you, but they’re new to me! Well, I’ve loved avocado for years, so it’s not technically new to me, but since I rarely buy avocados, it felt like a new discovery!


The tabouleh, on the other hand, was definitely a new dish. I’ve tried tabouleh (a Middle Eastern salad featuring bulgur, mint, parsley, and other herbs and spices) one other time at TooJay’s Deli when I was in college. I liked it a lot back then, but totally forgot about it until Sunday evening when my friend Merri gave me a box mix to make my own!

Using Fantastic World Foods’ box mix, I made tabouleh last night while dinner was cooking and let it chill in the fridge. By the time I was ready to eat it for lunch today, it was nice and cold.

I topped a bed of fresh spinach with the tabouleh, along with grape tomatoes, cucumber and celery and half of a large avocado.

Tabouleh + Avocado

I used Ryan’s method to prep the avocado, which made it super simple! Ryan makes the most amazing (and simple) avocado salsa dip and has perfected his avocado slicing technique.

To prep the avocado, simply cut it in half, lengthwise, and twist to separate the two sides. Stab the pit with a knife to remove it before carving a grid into the avocado. Scoop out the avocado! You should have perfectly diced chunks of avocado!

Avocado Grid

Sliced Avocado

My lunchtime salad was definitely taken to another level due to the addition of the tabouleh and avocado. I forgot how much creaminess and flavor avocado adds to any dish (not to mention it’s a great source of good fat!).

Summer Salad

I’ve actually noticed something about my body and food recently.

I seem to feel much fuller off of fat and fiber than I do when I consume protein alone. A simple protein shake might calm hunger pains for a little while, but if I eat a small handful of nuts with the shake or add some high-fiber fruit to the mix, I feel much more satisfied. I guess the whole “eat protein + carbs + fats” at every meal is a pretty decent equation. πŸ˜‰

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24 Responses

  1. Ohmigosh…I am seriously laughing out loud about the exercise ball knocking the woman off the treadmill. Thank goodness she is ok – but I’m sure it was crazy to watch!

  2. Haha I laughed out loud at that story too. I once fell off a treadmill at my college gym. My discman had fallen and hit the belt so it shot to the back wall, so I was walking down the sides of the treadmill and when i squatted down to pick up the discman, my butt hit the belt and sent me flinging into the wall. For a college Freshman this was horribly embarrassing.

  3. I would probably have to end my workout right then!

    I once broke an arctrainer at my old gym. One of the legs just fell off, and scared the HECK out of me!

  4. Your treadmill story reminds me of something that happened to me at the gym a few years ago. I was walking on the treadmill at a pretty quick pace and a tiny, older lady was running next to me. She lost her balance and grabbed my arm for support and totally took me down! You have realize that I am 5’11” and about 220 and this lady was about 5 foot and under 100 pounds. So for her to totally take me down was hysterical! The gym forced both for us to be seen by medical before we could leave. I was bruised, but more embarrassed about the whole thing. Now I try stay off the treadmills in that room because they are clearly too close together. (My gym in in an old castle so there are several small-ish rooms with various equipment. And most rooms have fireplaces, which is kind of hysterical.)

  5. I’m pretty sure I would have had to excuse myself to go to the locker room so I could lmao in private.

  6. That poor woman! Thank goodness she was okay – it could have been bad! Oh, and I lurve avocados – so SO good!

  7. I am the same way…I need fat with my meals. If I only eat protein with no fat then it makes me bloated. Which makes sense since the healthy fats are what keep us oiled inside and keep things moving!

  8. Hahahahaha i am a new reader and LOVE your blog πŸ˜€ I dont usually laugh out loud when on the internet and i did when i heard your workout ball and treadmill story πŸ˜€ thanks for the laugh!

  9. I love TooJay’s! My family and I go every year while we are in Stuart, Fl! I haven’t tried the tabouleh though, next time!

  10. I’ve never had tabouleh. It sure sounds interesting in a good way though. Avocado on the other hand is a constant favorite of mine. Delish!

    All those things about crazy workout scenes made me laugh. I really think the best people watching can be done during workouts. LOL

  11. wow, so much amazing workout stories πŸ˜€
    I love adding avocado to my salads, it makes them so creamy and yummy!

  12. The whole first half of your post was cracking me up!! Those events would be TOO funny to see.

  13. bahahaha…an amish man with a dead turkey? really? hilarious!

  14. That story about the guy and the ball is hilarious! Though I do feel bad for the lady on the treadmill.

  15. YUM…I LOVE avacado!!! Have a great day love!!! πŸ™‚

  16. You had two of my most favorite things for lunch! I make tabouleh all the time, it’s super easy to make it πŸ™‚ Usually have it ready in my fridge most of the time for snacking purposes. 2 of my favorite ways to eat them are like this…take a big leaf of lettuce, spoon some tabouleh in it and chow it down OR toast a bagel, spoon some hummus on it and top it off with tabouleh…oh my! OK I know the second one isn’t that healthy but hey we are humans! πŸ™‚

  17. SHUT UP?! That treadmill story is ridiculous.

    I’ll have you know the road runner looked nothing like the dern cartoons, go figure:) Kind of scared me a little.

    Avocados are the bestest! Salsas, sandwiches, dips, those little green monsters go far!

  18. I love the mixes Fantastic World Foods offer! Mmm you remind me that I gotta get some Tabouleh mixes next time I hit up the store. Ohhh and avocados! I have 3 perfectly ripe ones sitting in my fridge right now. I’m planning to mush them tonight to make some sort of guacamole to go with our Taco Tuesday night!

  19. I definitely do best with a carb, fat and protein at every meal.

  20. HAHAHA Wow, that would have been truly incredible to see! How did you keep yourself from laughing your a** off? I would have died but felt bad at the same time.

    I’ve noticed the same thing about incorporating a balance of fats and protein. I am full for HOURS! If people only realized what real food does for their metabolism and body, so many people would abandon the mindless junk and just stick to the good stuff.

  21. I grew up on Tabouleh! Bulger, wheat berries and Greek food! This totally brought me back to my Childhood! I used to HATE parsley, and let’s just say that my mom had a HEAVY hand when making this! lol. Weirdest thing I ever saw…. gosh, there are SO many. I’ve seen a guy (this is at night btw) walk around on his drive way in heels…. I never stopped to inquire. Perhaps getting his ‘inner diva’ on??? Funniest was a man running to hide something in the Garbage on the curb. He saw me looking at him and explained that he is hiding evidence of ANOTHER game he bought from his wife (this was at 1130pm). So funny.

  22. Hah, the Amish man with the dead turkey and his gun-wielding wife definately takes the cake for the weirdest!

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