Berry Barley Breakfast Parfait

“You know what else everybody likes? Parfaits. Have you ever met a person, you say, ‘Hey, let’s get some parfaits,’ they say, ‘Hell no, I don’t like no parfait?’ No! Parfaits are delicious!”

What a fantastic scene from Shrek. I love Donkey. 🙂


Donkey is right on the money with that quote if you ask me.

Seriously who doesn’t like a parfait?

Layer after layer of deliciousness? I mean, c’mon. They’re fantastic.

This morning my breakfast was a berry barley parfait.

Berry Barley Parfait

I made the parfait by layering vanilla Greek yogurt, cold cooked pearled barley, and thawed frozen strawberries in a wine glass for visual appeal.

View from the Top

I Love Parfaits

This meal was basically my favorite barley breakfast bowl in parfait form.

I followed up my parfait-in-a-wine-glass with toasted walnuts-in-a-shot-glass.

Shot o' Nuts

Quite the filling breakfast!


This morning Sadie and I set out on yet another five mile run. I was feeling kind of sleepy, and by the time I actually felt awake, the run was over. Can’t beat that!

On our run this morning we saw quite a neat little sight.

For some unknown reason there are a small handful of peacocks that live a mile or so from our apartment. They’ve always been there and seem to enjoy roaming around peoples’ yards in a one-block radius.

Well, today we saw little baby peacocks!

Baby Peacocks

I’ve never seen a baby peacock before and thought they were so cute! They reminded me of a bigger, more awkward looking chick. Adorable!

Question of the Day

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen while working out?

53 Responses

  1. What an amazing looking parfait!
    Weirdest thing would be… hm, a guy running who looked like he came from ’80, with curly hair, rainbow shirt and hair band. And birds sleeping while I’m running, that was weird too :))

  2. That breakfast looks so good. I am going to pick up some barley tonight because that just looks so refreshing!

  3. OH I want a baby peacock now!

    I see a LOT of weird thing at my gym, believe me!

    But the weirdest is a guy with sunglasses, a long multicolor wig and gold jumpsuit lifting weight in front of the mirror , winking at himself

    Gotta love Montreal 😉

  4. One day I was running back a trail by my house early in the morning and there was a middle aged amish man who walked across the road with a dead turkey on his back. His wife was walking behind him in her dress holding a gun.

  5. Your breakfast looks delicious! On more than one occassion I’ve seen people sans clothes during my morning run!

  6. Love using the wine glass to add some special flair to a weekday breakfast. So pretty and looks yummy!

  7. The other day I was running and a squirrel literally would not get out of my path, and I ended up hopping over it and squealing so loud!!

    Question for you…when you run in the mornings, do you go on an empty stomach, or do you eat/drink something first?

    • empty stomach. i’ve tried on numerous occasions to eat or drink something & i ALWAYS cramp up. on my long runs, i bring a little snack (high in carbs/sugar) to consume at the 5 mi. mark.

      • oh & i have quite the story for you about squirrels. i’ll definitely have to post about it soon!

        • Thanks – I have been going on an empty stomach in the mornings lately, but I feel like I get going soo much slower!

          Dying to hear your squirrel story!!

  8. OMG baby peacocks! So cute, I’ve never seen them before!

    The weirdest thing I’ve seen while working out is definitely an Eminem-in-8-Mile wanna be on the elliptical next to me, mouthing rap and gesturing wildly. Weird.

  9. i LOVE that part in shrek about parfaits vs. onions…that just made my morning! what a cool idea to use barley in one, too!

  10. if anyone doesn’t usually like parfaits, i think they would love the one you made this morning…it looks amazing! how much greek yogurt and barley did you use?

  11. That parfait does look delicious! And I love spring/summer for the baby geese/ducks and everything, They are so cute

  12. In bikram a guy started moaning then fainted and threw up (so gross!). Then the EMTs came and stopped our class

  13. Ahh how cute with the wittle birds!

    I ran past a road runner in Tucson. That was crazy.

  14. looks yummy! and yay Kappa Delta!!

  15. Those peacockss are so cute! I had no idea that’s what a baby peacock looks like. I guess I never thought about how it wouldn’t make sense they’d come out just looking all sophisticated in all their blue/green glory… lol

  16. Awww – those peacocks are precious!!

  17. haha omg I am reading some of these responses…the dead turkey and his wife carrying a gun?!?! thats crazy!! umm I have seen a man dressed in matching zebra tank and 80’s style MC hammer pants!! that was aquite a sight to be seen

  18. aww cute baby peacocks! 🙂

    let’s see…i’ve seen plenty of weird things on runs. here’s a few:

    –a naked middle-aged man sweeping his front porch and driveway. i was working at camp in the country and ran everyday about 6 am… i saw him numerous times over 2 summers… sometimes i would cut thru the woods so as to not directly pass by his house.

    –last week on the bike path near my apt a coyote passed in front of my husband and i when we were running… like 100 ft away from us.

    –and this week a doe chased a lady walking her dog about 1/4 mile in front of us on the same bike path! the lady speculates that the doe was protecting a baby in the woods but who knows…

    ps i’m a kd too! yay kd!

  19. I love Donkey too…he is my fave! I must live in a really boring area because I never see anything weird or fun when I am out running.

  20. That looks so yummy!

    The stangest thing I have seen yet, was a dead fish. Not like an aquarium fish either. Like a river or lake fish dead on the street in the middle of town. Weird.

  21. It’s not the weirdest but in my book it’s the coolest I’ve seen…..I went to the Hampton’s this weekend and took a spin class with Matthew Broderick aka Ferris Bueller!!! He has definitely aged! LOL.

    • He’s aged but he still looks pretty good. He lets his hair stay gray unless he’s working. He’s actually in much better shape than his photos lead you to believe. I see him in the village riding his bike a lot.

  22. They are adorable! Not as cute as Sadie, though 😉 That’s so interesting! I love seeing ducks and all kinds of birds…I’ve never really come across something that cool, though. Strange humans? Yes, many haha.

    Shrek – great movie 😀 Definitely made me smile.

    Happy Tuesday!

  23. Your breakfast looks amazing! I never have the time to make my meals look pretty 😦

    I’ve seen tons of crazy things working out in NYC. Of course I can’t remember any now. But just last week I saw a random man in business attire drop and do push-ups in the middle of the sidewalk. It was so bizarre!

  24. I love that quote from Shrek! I constantly quote that movie even though I’m 25 and not 5 🙂 But I think you are on to something because parfaits definitely taste better in wine glasses!

  25. gahh those baby peacocks are sooo adorable!!

  26. Breakfast looks great!

    I was running a month or so ago around when school lets out and a school bus headed towards me. As the bus passed, a pencil came flying out the window and hit me in the face! I had a puffy lip for a few days and could not believe that a kid would throw stuff at me!! I was thankful it wasn’t something sharper like scissors!!

  27. There’s a man at my gym who wears short shorts and tank top outfit who always walks on the treadmill at a speed of literally 1.5 and uses his upper body to do ridiculous dance moves that you might see in a club. Strange, yet entertaining. One of those can’t look away situations!

  28. I saw a girl fall off a treadmill. It was awful. She hopped on it and didn’t realize it was already on and just flew off.

  29. What a pretty breakfast! I made OIAJ, definitely wasn’t pretty, but it was SO tasty!

  30. Awwwww – those peacocks are adorable!

    I live in Georgia, so there isn’t much I haven’t seen while running. Deer, coyotes, foxes, snakes (it sucks when you almost step on those!), one time I saw what I thought was a big silvery-gray fat cat, so I ran over to it and stopped about 10 feet away because I realized it was an armadillo! I’ve also seen possums, and just the other day I saw a family of turkeys crossing the road! The babies were so stinkin cute, and there were at least 8 or 9 of them! Oh, and because of all the animals I see, there is frequent roadkill 😦 so I often have to share the road with buzzards…and they won’t move until you’re like 5 feet away from them.

    • I’m sorry, I’m so long-winded, but I had to add this story. One time I was running down the road near my subdivision…this is a really country road with lots of different farm animals. There’s a really sharp curve in the road and as I came to it there were three cows standing in the middle of the road. They were friendly and came right up to me. So I did what any normal person would do (ha) and started running after them as fast as I could…I had to run across a whole pasture to get them back to their fence, and then I had to knock on the door of the farmer’s house and let him know that his cows escaped. It was pretty fun and crazy. I was also really concerned that someone would come around that curve and hit a cow – that would have definitely killed the cow and seriously injured (if not killed) the driver/passengers in the vehicle. Those cows were adorable, and as soon as I got to their fence they just stopped and stood there, almost like they were thinking “uh oh, we’re in trouble now!”

  31. I live in downtown Orlando too and have seen the peacocks many times on my runs!! I wonder if they are tame? I’m too scared to get close to them. The other day they were walking down the sidewalk on central like they owned it. I will be on the look out for the babies!

  32. We had loads of peacocks by the Duck Pond in Gettysburg and I never ever saw a baby. Sooo cute! xo M

  33. I love donkey 🙂 This isn’t really weird but I’ve seen 3 deer run right in front of me across a country road. It was probably the neatest thing I’ve seen while running! It was a mama and two babies!

  34. your parfait is PRETTY !

    I used to run remote trails in the high desert of Central Oregon… I came around a curve and there was a KOYOTE in the middle of the trail !! EEP !

    They also used to show up in the middle of our golf game… (we always let them play through…) 🙂

  35. such a beautiful parfait! you should consider a career in food styling! Rene Zellweger goes to my gym and say her drink a smoothie, she so tiny, I guess thats the weirdest.

  36. That looks delicious!! PS – I’m doing a PB2 giveaway on my blog — wanted to let you know since I first heard about PB2 on your blog! 😀

  37. omg, baby peacocks are suuuper awkward looking 🙂 but also, so cute!!

    Love the parfait.

  38. Your breakfast is beautiful, and those chicks are so cute! The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen while working out would be a pair of mockingbirds dive-bombing a squirrel who was trying to steal from a bird feeder. I thought those things were going to kill the poor squirrel!

  39. Wow that looks delish! I’ve got to try that, wine glass and all!
    Weirdest thing I ever saw was a dog running down the street with a mailbox attached to it’s leash while I was biking home.

  40. Yummy Yum Yum! I need to jump on that barley bandwagon – it always looks so good! 🙂

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  42. that parfait looks so yummy and refreshing!!!

    and omg, how cute are those baby peacocks?!?! i’ve never seen one before! so adorable! 🙂

  43. haha i love donkey!!!! back in middle school my friend and i had this joke where we would always sing that song he sings in shrek 1 – “i’m all aloooneee, there’s no one here besidesss me…no one here.. to derideee meee… but…you gotta have friendss!!!” haha do you remember that?!

    anyway, i still wanna try your barley parfait sometimes! im all for incorporating all kinds of grains into my breakfast! yum!!!!

    and peacock chicks! ive never seen them before but they are quite cute 😉

    • i remember it & love it! i also love the gingerbread man… “no! not my gumdrop buttons!”

  44. […] and wonderful protein content of Greek yogurt. A cup of this stuff, paired with berries, nuts, barley or low-fat granola makes breakfast a breeze and keeps me feeling full for hours. It’s also […]

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