Day of Rest, Not So Much

I thought Sunday was supposed to be the “day of rest.” Today has been anything but so far!

Walk Sadie –> Breakfast –> Church –> Errands –> Lunch


Breakfast was a quick one because I wanted to be sure to have enough time to change and head over to chuch on time.

A simple combo of Greek yogurt plus lots of fresh blueberries did the trick!

Blueberry Overload

Creamy Spoonful

This yogurtbowl honestly had 3/4 of a pint of blueberries in it! Apparently I was really feelin’ fresh fruit. When I woke up I wasn’t all that hungry for some reason, so this light breakfast was enough to satisfy me for a little while.

Outlet Mall

After church, Ryan and I headed to the Prime Outlets, an awesome outlet mall about 15 minutes away from our apartment.

Our first stop was the Nike Outlet where Ryan nabbed a new pair of soccer cleats. He plays soccer on a men’s league and his old pair of cleats have been causing him pain (not to mention a black toenail 😦 ).

He's So Hardcore

I actually talked him into the orange pair! I thought they were quite snazzy. World Cup, here he comes! 😉

I’m not one to leave a store without a little somethin’ somethin’, and I bought myself a pair of running shorts for $15.

"Baby We Were Born to Ruuuun"

On our way out of the Nike Outlet, we passed a woman holding a baby alligator from Gatorland. Of course I had to pet the little guy.

Little Gator

You know how some girls keep their little dogs in their purse? Well, I think I’m gonna stash that little gator guy in mine. He was awfully cute. 🙂

We hit up some other stores, including one of my favorite shoe stores, Aldo.

I found these gorgeous shoes that I think would look wonderful with my bridesmaid dresses.

Pretty Shoes

I’m letting my bridesmaids pick their own shoes for the wedding, but I think that pair could look really cute! I actually asked if they had the strappy shoe in white or light pink to see if it could be a contender for my bridal shoes, but unfortunately it only comes in tan, black and silver. No dice.

Before hitting up some other stores (Banana Republic and J.Crew – my favs!) we stopped for a cold treat at Starbucks.

I ordered a light caramel Frappuccino while Ryan opted for a chai tea Frappuccino.

Manly Drink

Caramel Frapp

These cold treats were great pick-me-ups. It was HOT outside!

We also hit up le gourmet chef for loads of free samples. I honestly got a little full off of all the pretzels, dips and cookie samples. I am seriously a free-sample fiend. Love ’em.


After several hours of shopping, we headed home for lunch. I made a quick quesailla of sorts with cheddar cheese, fresh spinach and steamed cauliflower.


Wrapped Up

I was still a little hungry afterwards and split a banana caramel protein smoothie with Ryan as well. 

Now it’s time to hit up the grocery store before I head over to my friend Laurel’s for some girl time. Catcha after dinner!

36 Responses

  1. Ohh loved the shoe!!!
    I like your blog so much, keep it up!:)

  2. I love your blog! It has been an inspiration to me as I’m just starting to learn how to cook and run! Thank you!


  3. Those shoes are super cute!

  4. Ahh love those shorts – they’re a sweeeet color 🙂 and the orange shoes, of course!

    Hope you can relax and have an amazing evening with your friend 🙂

  5. BEAUTIFUL SHOES!!- both the bridesmaid ones & Ryan’s- Orange is my favorite color 🙂

    Hope you have a great time @ your friends!

  6. Those shoes look awesome!
    mhm..starbucks. We could use one of those over here 😀

  7. Your running shorts match your shoes 🙂 Have lots of fun tonight and enjoy the down time!

  8. Wow, WHAT a busy day!!! And that dress and the shoes… super cute!

  9. I know this is going to sound weird, but when I visited Florida in February I went to an outlet mall (I think it was called Tangir Outlets?) I went to a Nike outlet and got some running shoes, and then walked to the Starbucks and got a light caramel frap!! I remember because it was my first light caramel frap ever. Haha we must be outlet twins 😉

    I love all the stuff you guys got, and I also love the shoes you were wearing. I’m loving the current style of sandals that are in fashion! 🙂

  10. I love those shoes!!!! So adorable! Maybe all your bridesmaids will read your blog and take the hint! haha!

  11. hahah I love how your new running shorts matched the sandals you were wearing in the picture. Too cute.

  12. Outlet shopping is so much fun. I live near a big outlet mall in Massachusetts. Bargain hunting! (And I lived near the outlets in Orlando when I worked at Disney and loved bargain hunting there too!) 🙂

  13. Gorgeous shoes! I probably would have bought them anyway. =P
    And I can’t believe I’ve never tried a caramel frapp. They look so good!

  14. Cute runnin’ shorts! What a score!

  15. Suuuuuuper cute shoes!!
    Light caramel fraps are my FAVE, but I’m intrigued by the chai tea frap — have you tried that one before? Sounds yummy!

    • i recommended it to ryan since he’s not a coffee fan but it was my first time trying it, too! it’s delicious!!

  16. I had blueberries and Greek yogurt for breakfast too! But with a ton of Kashi Heart to Heart dumped in :0)

  17. hey Julie! that little alligator… sooo adorable =) i like reptiles. i used to really want a little garter snake to wrap around my arm… is that creepy!? i’m also a total free-sample fiend. i purposely go to whole foods on the weekends instead of weekdays because that’s when they have all the samples! i basically go into whole foods with the mindset, “it’s snacktime…!” haha

  18. You and I are definitely shoe soul-sisters. And I want you to know that the former soccer-player in me has me equally loving the heels and Ryan’s orange cleats.

  19. oh no way, i would have walked straight past the alligator, no stopping for me.

  20. My Sundays always seem to get filled up with errands too! Hope you have a great night. =)

  21. Ohhh super cute shoes!

  22. Mmm that wrap looks GOOD!! I have to do cauliflower… YUM

    I LOVE ALDO shoes!! I used to wear 5 inch heels every day @ work, and had many (of the more biz like style) pair from ALDO.

  23. mmm i had a mocha light frappe today! IT WAS SO GOOD!! you are so right- perf for summa!

  24. I just wrote on my own blog about rest days, they do often tend to no be sometimes. I did write a funny list of reasons to put off exercise which is helpful…somehwhat 🙂 It amazes me how you make simple things photograph so well. My pictures tend to look weird or messy, yours could be in a magazine!

  25. Oh I am loving the blueberries lately!! So delicious. 🙂

  26. I like how the shorts you bought match the shoes you were wearing!

  27. I LOVE the Prime Outlets! A few months ago a couple of friends an I went on a road trip to the outlets in Grove City Pennsylvania and it was the best! (Tax Free = YAY!) And the light Caramel Frapp is an excellent choice -that’s my favourite one too!

  28. Hey,
    if you want Sunday to be a rest day try living in Germany the country where no stores are open on Sundays..well that’s not completely true anymore they do have special occasions where like one shopping center in Berlin is open on a Sunday.

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