New Kicks

After work today I swung by Track Shack, a local running store, to pick up some new running shoes. 

Track Shack

My Mizuno Wave Riders have seen better days and have started to give me blisters, so I wanted to pick up some new kicks before I get too far into my half marathon training plan. 

I chatted with a sales guy for quite a while and he examined my old running shoes and told me that the blisters on my left foot were probably occurring because I don’t tie my shoes tight enough, and my foot was likely moving around too much when I ran. I literally slip my running shoes on and off and keep the laces very loose, so this made total sense to me. 

I wore Mizuno Wave Riders during my first half marathon and loved them. Once they were worn out (see below photo), I bought my current pair. 

My First "Real" Running Shoes

Now that my current shoes are biting the dust, I decided to stick with this (unattractive) shoe for a third time since it’s proven to be a good shoe in my past runs. 

My New Kicks

I felt like quite a goof running around the store testing out different shoes in my dress and sneakers, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! 

I think I made the right choice in sticking with the shoes that have carried me through numerous runs since 2007, but this time around I’ll be sure to tie my laces a little tighter. 😉 Blisters be gone! 

Dog Park 

After my pit-stop at Track Shack, I headed home to meet up with Ryan and Sadie for a trip to the dog park! 

En Route to the Dog Park

Though it was more than 90 degrees outside, it felt surprisingly temperate at the park underneath the trees. There was also a nice breeze that kept us cool.  

Doggie Heaven

 Sadie had a blast playing fetch and sniffing up a storm. 

Sadie Smiles

Go, Go, Go

Happy Girl

Eventually our grumblin’ tummies told us it was time to head home for dinner. 


Tonight was a pasta kind of night! 

For some reason my body was craving doughy, carby pasta poofs and Monterey Pasta Company’s spinach and ricotta ravioli fit the bill perfectly. 

Since one serving of the ravioli is not enough to fill me up, I made sure to beef up the pasta with steamed broccoli for the sake of satiety. I suppose the added nutrition from the cruciferous veggie doesn’t hurt either. 😉 

Ravioli on a Bed of Broccoli

Ravioli + Broccoli

I topped my ravioli and broccoli bowl with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese and dug in! 

Ready to Eat

Parmesan Cheese Makes Everything Better

Stirred Up

Tasty, tasty. 

Question of the Evening 

Of the following three pasta dishes, which is your favorite: ravioli, lasagna or simple noodles with sauce?  

I was gonna answer this question myself but I just can’t. I love them all.

45 Responses

  1. Vegetarian lasagna with LOTS of cheese!

  2. Agreed! Too hard of a question to answer! They all tie for first place with me!

  3. LASAGNA!!! oh my word i love that stuff 🙂

  4. i’m a noodles w/sauce kinda girl! but i think i may want to eat ravioli tonight after this post!

  5. When I bought my first pair of running shoes, I wasn’t thrilled because they aren’t as cute as my Nike Shox. BUT those were TERRIBLE. They gave me shin splints like crazy. I loooove my Asics now.

    Oooooh I’m going to have to go with lasagna. There are so many varieties!

  6. Latley I am loving Buitoni pastas. I just add veggies & pasta sauce…so satisfying!

  7. I remember when I bought my first real running shoes – one that was professionally fitted and NOT one that I picked out because of its color! I have Mizunos & I also LOVE them!

  8. ALL OF them! I also love your running store. Running stores are so fun- Ours is body and sole (cute huh). . . I love my brooks adrinalin- I’ve been wearing this kind for 6 years (I’m 22 so thats a long time)! Love new shoes

  9. I recently bought new unattractive running shoes also…they are way better than the super cute nikes I was used to!

  10. That’s a tough one. I love all types of pasta….I don’t discriminate. If I had to pick, I’d go with noodles and sauce….I love twirling the pasta. 🙂

  11. As much as I love my noodles & pasta sauce, I have to go with a good veggie filled lasagna…so tasty!!

  12. Sadie is so cute, always happy! I think lasagna is my fav. I love your ravioli & broccoli concoctions!

  13. I am a noodles and sauce kinda gal! Enjoy the new shoes…the waverider is AWESOME!

  14. Ravioliiii. definitely. I recently had it at a restaurant with butter and sage sauce and it was delicious.

  15. Raviolis! I love how anything can be in them but you really don’t know until you bite into it!

    Also, I have the same old running shoes as you, enjoy your new ones!

  16. While I love all 3, ravioli is my favorite. I love the variety of fillings. There seems to be an option for any particular food mood.

  17. Looks tastyyy!

  18. Ravioli! I love it. 🙂

  19. Yikes, tough call! I’ll say lasagna, since there’s so many different ways you can switch it up. 🙂

  20. How weird, I also got new shoes today 🙂 Except for me, this was my first real running shoe fitting and it took over an hour. I tried on the Mizunos but they weren’t right for me. I have a friend who loves them.. I left with a pair of Saucony’s, and I am really impressed. Not impressed that I paid almost as much for compression socks as I did running shoes, but what can you do..

    My fav pasta is plain whole grain spaghetti with my family sauce recipe on top. I have a blog post with the recipe if you are interested in making it!

  21. Lasagna! Super cheesy and loaded with veggies. Mmmm….

  22. I run with Mizuno Waverunners and I absolutely love them.

    xo Lynzy

  23. i hope you like your mizunos! i love mine and have been wearing them (obvi increasing versions!) for years! yes, they don’t just make baseball bats like everyone thinks! they make awesome shoes!

  24. Ooh hard decision! But I’m going with noodles and an amazing sauce.

  25. I also bought new running shoes, just a few days ago 🙂 my old ones were getting really old.
    Hm… I adore veggie lasagna, but I also loved nicely stuffed ravioli. Or gnocchi with some amazing food. all italian food is great 🙂

  26. Lasagna is awesome, but 1st place is definately going to regular pasta and sauce – I don’t think I could ever get sick of a meal of Spaghetti, salad, and bread!

  27. I don’t think your shoes are unattractive at all. I can’t wait for my news Asics to arrive any day now!!

  28. I can’t get full from one serving of ravioli either, so I usually have 2 + veggies. Ravioli is definitely my favorite!


  29. Ravioli is like all 3 in one! So defiantly ravioli…have you tried Publix’s Buitoni Lobster Ravioli? (It’s in the “fresh” pasta section”) I highly recommend this with the Parmesan tomato cream sauce (and of course their fresh parm. flakes) …sugar snap peas on the side is a must (do them with a *little* butter and brown sugar!!!)

    …I’m glad to have read this post because I get blisters too and never tie my laces tight enough…very informative and I will certainly be tying them tight today!!

  30. I’m gonna have to go with a simple classic: pastina with butter.Gnocchi is another favorite!

  31. I wear the Mizunos too! They aren’t the cutest but they work the best for me, although, they did recently come out with a pink pair!

  32. Spaghetti with sauce is my favorite, but lasagna pulls a close second. I can do without ravioli though. (I know, kind of sacrilegious to say around you.)

  33. I’d say lasagna is my fav!
    So fun getting new shoes!

  34. YAY for new running shoes 🙂
    Sadie is just too cute- as always.
    I have to say, my favorite would be simple noodles with a sauce & of course some parmesan cheese 😀

  35. Those are the running shoes I use, too! Love them. I remember when I first started running I just used my old tennis sneakers. Oww… I could feel the difference immediately when I ran in real running shoes for the first time!

  36. ravioli is by far my favorite, but sometimes i just crave angel hair. mmmm. love pasta.

    your shoes look so similar to mine but i have asics. mizunos are so comfy too!

  37. I love Mizuno’s and I think the Wave Riders are cute 🙂 Glad you found some shoes that will work for you.

    I have some Monterrey ravioli in my fridge right now! Love it!

    I have to say I love them all too 🙂

  38. Manicotti 😉 Anything that is pasta and also cheese filled is a WIN!

    Our dinners looked very similar last night!

  39. simple nood + sauce.

    also, Sadie = CUTE !!

  40. I ordered the Carba Nada you recommended. They have a $15 minimum so I have about 5 bags to get through 🙂 LOL

  41. what whaaaat! we totes have the same running shoes 🙂 they’re super comfyyy! enjoy them!

  42. In regards to the shoes- have you have your pronation and gait tested?
    I accidentally was wearing motion control shoes when I needed neutral as I am a supinator and it has made such a difference!

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