Messy Mango

I learned something very important this morning.

If a mango is squishy it will be a huge pain in the tookus to cup up.

Mango Mess

I had juice and mushy fruit everywhere.

I’d say about a third of the mango actually made it into my breakfast bowl. I slurped the remaining fruit right off the big pit. It wasn’t attractive, but it was tasty!

I added two handfuls of blueberry and a big scoop of Fage Greek yogurt to the mango to complete my breakfast.

Mangos + Blueberries

Fage Greek Yogurt

Fruit + Yog

After stirring everything up, I dug in!

Ready for Eatin'

I thought the texture of the mango might be slightly off-putting when combined with the yogurt, but surprisingly it blended very well added the sweet, fresh taste of summer to the bowl.

Workout + Snack

The mango yogurt bowl was actually my second breakfast of the day.

I scarfed down my first breakfast shortly after I completed a five mile run with Sadie.

My first meal included a pack of Brothers-All-Natural apple crisps with a cup of Publix coconut crΓ©me pie yogurt.

Apple Crisps

Coconut Yogurt

I almost always stick to Greek yogurt as my yogurt of choice because it’s packed with protein, extra thick and contains ingredients I understand, but at the grocery store last night this lil’ coconut guy was calling to me.

The coconut-lover in me just couldn’t resist and though the yogurt contains a list of sketchy ingredients, it still tastes pretty phenomenal. πŸ™‚

Breakfast number one was a great end to a great run.

Though it was still nearly 80 degrees outside, it didn’t feel as hot as it did on our runs last week. Hallelujah!

Here are our stats:

5 Mile Stats

After our run, before digging into my first breakfast, I took 10 minutes or so to stretch on my brand new yoga mat!

Pink is Pretty

I actually stretched my way through the second half of the Bachelorette last night as well.

I think having a yoga mat readily available will make it much easier for me to stretch whenever I feel the desire. Since hardwood floors cover our apartment, I never want to sit down on such a hard surface to stretch. Hopefully this little purchase will help me incorporate some much-needed stretching into my day-to-day life.

Question of the Day

Do you do any fitness-related activities in your home? DVDs, stretching, weights, etc.?

48 Responses

  1. At one point, I did the 30 Days Shred DVD at home, and really liked it. But being at home is danger zone of not working out.

    Going to the gym is easier because once you’re there, you better just do it.

  2. I’m a sucker for dessert flavored yogurts too even though Greek is usually my preference. I keep a pilates DVD on hand at home that I do occasionally if the weather isn’t cooperating outside!

  3. I used to hate doing workout dvds and stuff at my place- I didn’t think i was putting in much effort. But I’m a total Jillian convert. I like The Shred and Yoga Meltdown- and she doesn’t give you a chance to be lazy. It works out well to sneak in just a little more physical activity for the day or for days when you’re just running short on time.

  4. I am all too familiar with the difficulty in cutting up a squishy mango! Usually I give up and just eat the fruit right off the pit. It’s really, really attractive πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve always found mango tough to cut up! It’s just inherently a messy fruit, I think.

    I have a yoga mat in my apartment (it’s actually sprawled across the floor in my room as I type this)…having it around helps motivate me to stretch in the evenings, something I tend to neglect after I workout!

  6. Ahhh I hate when that happens to me with mangos. I am messy enough to begin with. I always do yoga at home, and we have a treadmill that I sometimes jump on, but I do prefer the gym.

  7. I usually work out outside of the home, but I do The Shred dvd once in a while at home and have been known to do sit ups and other ab exercises while watching tv.

  8. I have the No More Trouble Zones DVD by Jillian. I did it once, and couldn’t walk for days. So it’s definitely a serious workout… I will get back into it when I’m not working so much.

    • What equipment do you need on hand for this DVD?

      • You need a decent amount of space, and light handweights. I used 5 pounds, but honestly, I need to get 3’s. She even uses 3’s, and says how it seems wimpy but since some of the exercises last for so long, it is really hard to use something heavier.

  9. Mangoes are such a pain to cut up! Oh and I love your use of the word “tookus.” πŸ™‚

    We have a gym in our condo complex so I will work out there if I’m not doing one of my Insanity DVDs. I actually even prefer to take my laptop down to the gym to do the DVD so I don’t bother our neighbors by jumping all around and I can check my form in the mirror!

  10. I stretch all the time at home. I’m a big fan of stretching, so I try to fit it in whenever I can.

  11. I prefer the gym, but will do at home workouts if I need to do something and just get it done.

  12. I don’t even remember the last time I went to my gym because lately I’ve been doing everything at home. Running outside, stretching, doing yoga, and other exercise tv workout videos. I love it.

  13. Would you believe that I actually hate mangos? ECK!

  14. Mangos are such a pain to cut up! I’m currently working out in my home by doing P90X. Fun stuff! πŸ™‚

  15. I’m not usually very good at working out at home but I find & The Shred work well for me. They kick my butt & I feel as if I actually did a workout!

  16. I certainly do! I have an elliptical and a treadmill at the house, so I try to take advantage of those on most days. I do have a yoga mat, but I’m less prone to use it. I should probably break it out more!

  17. I have DVDs, and I can’t wait to get out of apartments so I can do them!

    I should be better about stretching, but I just don’t have a good place to do it! I’d love a nice hardwood floor that I could lay a yoga mat down on. Right now, I try and squeeze in between the couch and the coffee table.

  18. Mangos are awesome. I purchased a Haitian mango the other day, since it was on sale, and am already planning a trip to the store for another one πŸ™‚

  19. I do the same thing! I have a purple yoga mat that I keep in the corner of my living room and it really does help motivate me to stretch more

  20. I agree! Mango is a PAIN to cut up… I make a total mess. But it is so yummy it’s worth it! I’ll have to try that coconut cream pie yogurt… sounds yummy!

  21. I love working out at home! We kettlebells and olympic rings, so I do a lot of high intensity training a la Crossfit at home. Things like jumping rope, burpees, kettlebell swings, pushups…

    Working out at home outside is so much more fun than being inside a gym!

  22. Ohh your yoga mat is such a nice color. I have a purple one (I have a little purple obsession) and I love it.
    I totally feel you on the mango difficulties, except I tried to cut one once that was way too hard. I’m lucky I still have all my fingers! haha

  23. What a perfectly summery breakfast, and I TOTALLY understand the cravings for artificial amazingly-flavored yogurts that pop out at you in the grocery store πŸ˜‰ Hope it was good and coocnutty!

    I love doing little pilates videos at home – and stretching is something I REALLY need to do more of.

    Happy Tuesday, Julie!

    p.s. I missed seeing my daily dose of Sadie in this post πŸ˜›

  24. Usually the squisher the mango, the juicier and sweeter it is! In Taiwan we have mangoes the size of a football. Oh boy, that sure is fun to eat! I always end up leaning over the kitchen sink while slurping up the juices!

  25. Right now, I’m doing all my stretching outside after I get back froma run or a bike ride. And I’m talking full out stretching. I got right down into pigeon pose last week on my front lawn, and then I realized where I was haha! Too funny.

  26. I have a ton of DVD’s. I typically use my treadmill, smith machine, weigh benches and ab tower.

    I need to stretch more.

  27. Since i don’t go to gym, I do some workouts at home, toning exercises, yoga, stuff like that, which I can do without any equipment. I actually like doing those, I can watch tv and tone my body at the same time πŸ˜€

  28. I have found that I prefer working out at home – I stick to it better. I have a couple of David Kirsch DVDs and books – I love his workouts! I also prefer getting outside for walks and hikes, although I am considering buying an elliptical for at home. Outside workouts are not so much fun once winter hits here in WI πŸ™‚

  29. I do all my workouts at home! I don’t have the money for a gym membership, hahah. I remember I ate those fat free light yogurts all the time last summer… I can’t stomach them anymore though. Probably a good thing!

  30. I have all of the Jillian Michael’s DVDs @ home…and a few other various ones that I have never even used..oops!
    & YAY for the weather finally getting back to ‘normal’ here…it has been insane with the humidity. I’m thinking about doing a run tomorrow morning…outside…we’ll see if I stick to it- ha! Typically the treadmill calls my name, but I do enjoy heading outdoors every now & then for a change up.

  31. I missed Sadie in the post too! I work out at home with Jackie Warners dvds being home with the kids (5 and 3 ) its easier to just do it before they wake up!

  32. Mangos are a pain in the butt, aren’t they? I gave up after my last encounter!
    Despite having a gym membership, I have a bunch of stuff to use at home, which is really nice when I don’t feel like packin’ it up for the gym:
    -free weights (courtesy of the hubby)
    -exercise ball
    -DVD’s (pilates, Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp)
    -Exercise on Demand – it’s awesome!

  33. Hi!!!! I LOVE mango + greek yogurt!!! I usually buy frozen mango because it’s super easy and the texture isn’t as weird. If you throw it in at night its thawed by morning and perfect! πŸ™‚

    I do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, p90x and (OLD SCHOOL) Tae-Bo at home!! πŸ™‚

    I have a fun reader’s request for you if your interested: You should post your total body lifting workout you do in place of BodyPump. I’d looooove to have a lifting workout for the weekend because my gym doesn’t have BodyPump on the weekends (booo). Anyways, just a thought! πŸ˜‰

    Have a great day!!!! XOXOXOX


  34. Mangos are dangerous for me to cut. My husband was so worried watching me try to peel one that he bought me a mango slicer. When the mangos are too ripe, the juice and guts get EVERYWHERE, especially on the counter and my hands! I always feel like half of it gets wasted. They are so stinkin’ good though! Trader Joe’s sells precut frozen mango slices that work in a pinch, FYI. πŸ˜‰

    I like to work out at home. I have all of Jillian Michaels’ DVDs and some of Jackie Warner’s DVDs which are in a similar style. Her abs are sick! I also just got The Firms 500 Calorie Burn. It is a bit cheesy but good. Next I want the Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs!

  35. I almost always have Second Breakfast… πŸ™‚

    The only thing I usually do at home is run on my treadmill, but recently I started Jillian’s 30 day shred + 2 others… GAAH, they’re hard. fun, though, but wow she’s TOUGH.

  36. Nice job on the run!

    I sometimes practice teaching and preparing for my group exercise classes in my living room πŸ™‚

  37. Hi Julie,

    What a thorough account of your breakfast and workout.

    I was wondering if you’ve ever tried ExerciseTV?

    If so, I’d love to know your thoughts.

    We are interested in doing something with you and your blog.

    Thanks so much!

    Allison (

  38. Reeeeaaallly random, but is this Ryan?! …

    • it’s saying page not found even when i copy/paste the whole link! 😦 i wanna see it!

      • it’s a facebook pic of a friend of a friend who used to live in FL…so it’s totally possible…lemme think of a diff way to get it to you! lol….

        • I looked closer at some pics of Ryan, and I don’t think it’s him anymore haha. How weird would that have been, though?!

  39. idk why the whole link didn’t highlight…be sure to use the whole address…

  40. Mango is definitely messy. I usually buy frozen to avoid having to cut it. There was actually a little tutorial on a The Pioneer Woman post the other day, and I saved it for future reference:

  41. I just went to my first Yoga class tonight!! i know with all the running i definitely should be stretching more. i hope to learn some yoga moves so i can do my own at home!

  42. I find all mangos to be a pain to cut up. I usually say for get it and just peal back the skin and bite in with my teeth!

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