Like most blondes, I have my fair share of blonde moments. Though I’d like to think I’m a pretty smart gal, I can be an egghead on occasion.

A Blonde Through and Through

Case in point: One time I went on and on telling Ryan a story about a scary dream I had involving bamboos. You know… the monkeys with the pink butts? Riiight… I meant baboons. Eh.

Nothing will top my mom’s blondest moment though.

A couple of  summers ago, my family was hanging out by my parents’ pool. My mom was swimming and my dad made a comment about how the chlorine smell emanating from our pool was quite strong. Sooo, my mom went underwater and sniffed. Seriously. She came back up snorting, choking and laughing hysterically at her blondest moment ever. We will never let her live that one down. 😀


Today I’ve felt like quite the egghead, but not because of stupid things I’ve said. I’ve simply had eggs on my brain!

Sizzlin' Egg

Such a strong craving for eggs made my dinner decision an easy one.

Dippy eggs!

Dippy Egg with Salt and Peppa

I had dippy eggs with a toasted sweet wheat Alternative Bagel, a slice of Canadian bacon and a side of roasted zucchini.

Roasted Zucchini

My Dinner

When Ryan was playing soccer in a men’s league and had games on Thursday nights a couple of months ago, I always made breakfast for dinner. With him out of the house  tonight at his motorcycle class, I took full advantage of flyin’ solo and once again followed my breakfast-for-dinner cravings.

I enjoyed every last yolk-soaked bite!


Craving successfully satisfied.

Do you have blonde moments? Feel free to share your more memorable egghead comments.

36 Responses

  1. I have more moments than I’d care to admit. I was a salon blonde for about four years and whenever I had a “moment” everyone would say the bleach was seeping into my brain… :S

  2. haha OMG that is too funny and so adorable about your mom! My sister has quite a few blonde moments but she is definitely not a blonde. She is pregnant so I guess we can blame some of her cluelessness on that. 🙂

    I think we all have the blonde moments. 🙂

    yay for BFD! I think if I lived by myself I would be eating breakfast for dinner almost every night. Always lives up to the hype. 🙂

  3. Best blonde moment ever: I was out to dinner with a bunch of friends, and one of them had ordered red snapper for an entree. When she offered me a bite, I told her I didn’t eat turtles. For some reason, snapper = snapping turtle in my head? I’ve yet to live it down!

  4. I’ve had my fair share of blonde moments that’s for sure! And you have no idea how stoked I am that you call them dippy eggs too! I remember ordering them at a restaurant once and just receiving blank stares from the server lol apparently the legit term is “sunnyside up.” Who knew!?

    • dippy eggs fo’ life! where are you from? i think it’s a northeastern term (pennsylvania?)… my parents always called ’em that but my friends in illinois & florida think i’m crazy for calling them dippy!

  5. that’s not what an egghead is… 😉

    • pshhhh & there you go! another one! 😀

      you know what’s funny? i actually thought an egghead was a brainiac, but two people at work convinced me otherwise. note to self: look it up in the future!

    • I thought the irony of that made the whole post that much funnier. I was giggling the whole time! 🙂

  6. hhahaha! that story about your mom is hilarious! 🙂
    i’ve had my fair share of blonde moments too

  7. this morning I was cleaning the kitchen and almost stuck my hand down the sink with the disposal running. GAAH. I think I need to start drinkin coffee again !?!?

    I love my eggs dippy.

  8. Your mom’s blond moment is amazing!! That is the best I’ve ever heard. I am currently going from brunette to blond and ‘being blond’ is my new excuse for all of my silliness. Being blond is fun 🙂

  9. OMG my aunt’s majorly blonde moment was when they stopped at a whitecastle (the burger joint). They sell frozen burger patties there to take home and cook…and she saw them on the menu. she said in total seirousness. “WHO would ever want a FROZEN hamburger?” umm…yes aunt jo ann, its not meant to be eaten frozen hahaha

  10. Oh I’ve totally had my share of blond moments (despite being brunette) – I’d really have to think long and hard for a good one though…too many to choose from! 😉

  11. I’m a brunette – but I have my share of blonde moments. I had to go back through old facebook posts to find what has to the biggest of them all:

    ** While walking through a golf course at night……**

    Jarrod: You should take your flip flops off. It feels great on your feet.

    (Mary removes flip flops and looks at ground concentrating hard)

    Mary: Oh wow! This doesn’t even feel like sand. It’s almost like a fake sand of sorts.

    Jarrod: That’s because we are on the putting green and not in a sand trap…..

    hahahahaha… still makes me LOL 😀

  12. hahahaha. I just laughed out loud at that comment about your mom. I also seem to have a good amount of blonde moments but can’t think of anything that funny. Though just this morning I accidentally drove to my old job on the way to work. oops.

  13. My Grandma always called them “dip dip eggs.” I would always ask for them that way in restaurants and the adults would always have to explain!

    I know I have had numerous blonde moments, but I think I’m having one right now because I can’t think of any!

  14. You can never go wrong with breakfast for dinner I remember as a kid having it as a special treat! Also I was reading today and they featured your pumpkin pie smoothie recipe and a link to your blog!

  15. Completely unrelated question…but do you drive a Mercedes ? I just noticed your car looks just like mine on the inside! lol. That’s what I have. I know…I’m crazy, but obviousley observant! And if you don’t, it looks like one! hehe

  16. HAHA your Mom sniffed the water?!? 😀 That’s amazing, and hilarious. As well as you and the bamboos 😉

    When I was getting off my flight here in San Francisco, I forgot to take off the seatbelt, bolted up out of excitement of my arrival, and got flung back down by the seatbelt. Of course, I was in the middle seat, allowing the two next to me to both get a nice view of my brunette moment. They happen too!

    LOVE dippy eggs, breakfast for dinner is always a win!
    Enjoy your night 🙂

  17. I really have no common sense and i am soo blonde! Even though im brunette.. lol! The other day me and my bf went to pick up his new car, we gave them the old one first and got out and i was worrying and like ‘how are we going to get home?’ obviously i’d forgotten we were picking up the new car… lol! x

  18. My aunt went to the drive through at McDonalds, she ordered, then pulled up to the cash window, she paid. then…..she left. She just gave them the money and left! on her way home she was thinking, what did i do with that bag? LOL! she just gave them money and drove away! she did a quick U turn and of course they were all laughing!

  19. I have blonde moments as well. Mine are more clumsy insidents, running into walls, hitting the curb, taking shortcuts on corners and hitting door frames, tripping over large and obvious objects!

    I love eggs that way, my favourite way to have them.

  20. HA HA. That’s hysterical. I guess the good thing about being a brunette is that there’s not such thing as a brunette moment!

  21. hehehe that is hilarious!
    i’m a brunette, and i’m sure there are blondes that haven’t had nearly as many blonde moments as me! one that my mum likes to remind me about over and over again happened when my family moved to the middle east. on one of the major motorways, there is a traffic light and 2 big long gates at each side of the road. there’s a sign (that looks like a ‘look out for deer’ sign) except it also says “caution, camel crossing’. having seen the deer signs before, i figured it was just sort of a warning thing, like ‘be careful, because sometimes camels decide to cross this road.’ but then i couldn’t figure out the whole traffic light and gate thing. apparently, the camel ‘shepherds’ line up all their camels in the gate, press the button to turn the traffic light red, then cross. i however, was unfamiliar with this concept, so i innocently asked, “mum, but how do the camels know to cross there??”

    …ya… she LOVES to remind me about that one!

  22. I love that story about your mom. Seriously way too funny! Great way to start my morning 🙂 Thanks

  23. ohh of course I have blonde moments 🙂 and I totally respect blonde’s but i think blonde jokes are funny 🙂

    I havent ever had dippy eggs!!!

  24. My boyfriend (Ran) and I were at our friend (Francie’s) wedding in April, and as they began seating the families of the bride and groom, I looked at Ran and said “I wonder where Francie’s dad is?!?”…to which Ran replied, “I assume he’ll be walking his daughter in shortly”.

    Total blonde moment!!

  25. I’m so happy you said “Case in point” instead of “Case and point” <—- so many blogs I read say that and it just drives me NUTS!

    One time in high school my mom was lecturing me on something and I was really frustrated. She said something wrong (grammatically) and I wanted so badly to make fun of her. But with all my frustration, it came out as "That's not right speech!!"

  26. mm..i love breakfast for dinner! i’m not a blonde and i STILL have a fair share of blonde moments. your mom’s story is one of the best i’ve heard though!

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  28. LOVE eggs!

    And I’m a brunette… what’s my excuse for acting blonde????

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