Simple Salmon

Last week after I made trout for dinner, I realize two important things:

  1. Fish is tasty
  2. Fish is super easy to make

I think fish will begin to surface in my evening meals with more regularity because of these two lil’ factors.


Tonight I prepared salmon by sprinkling the fish with a mix of lemon, basil and thyme spices before broiling it in the oven for about 8 minutes, until the fish was flaky and cooked through.

Fishy Fishy

Along with the fish, I enjoyed roasted broccoli and organic garbanzo beans.

Roasted Broccoli

Garbanzo Beans

My Plate

I love how broiling fish creates an almost crusty layer  on the of the top of the fish.

This entire dinner was ready in 15 minutes. Love that. 😀

I’m off to flip through some bridal magazines and wait for Ryan to arrive home from his motorcycle class. (Ryan is taking a 3-day motorcycle license certification class. No, he does not have plans to buy a bike. He’s just doing it for fun. Boys will be boys. 😉 )

30 Responses

  1. I only recently realized how easy fish is to prepare too- all this time I thought the only good way was to grill it, and I don’t have the patience to heat up a grill!

  2. Dinner looks great! My dad just completed his 3-day motorcycle class. He isn’t buying a bike either, he did it for fun as well! Men! 🙂

  3. How funny I had salmon for dinner too and thought the same thing! Healthy & quick, it’s def a winner!

  4. Cooking fish is nearly impossible to mess up. Your dinner is so easy and FULL of nutrients!

  5. i took that motorcycle class here. it was awesome.

  6. I love fish. I need to have it more often in my life.

  7. Salmon and broccoli are two of my faves – lucky you! That’s so funny about the motorcycle class .. my brother randomly got his hunting license for no real reason last year. I guess guys just like to know how to do things in case!

  8. Love the side of garbanzo beans- such a good idea! Helps get dinner on the table fast 🙂

  9. Awww, I miss the days of flipping through bridal magazines! I just saw the Real Simple Weddings one at the grocery store the other day and it totally caught my eye…do you have that one yet?

    • i think real simple weddings & martha stewart weddings are my 2 favorite wedding magazines. so creative!

  10. Salmon is one of my very favorite foods. I’m not sure if you know, but just a reminder to buy Alaskan salmon (always wild) not Atlantic salmon because Atlantic salmon is farm raised and often fed corn instead of the Alaskan salmon’s natural omega-3 filled diet.

  11. I don’t eat meat (and to me fish counts!) But I might have to make this for my husband sometime; it looks like something he’d love!

  12. I adore salmon, and I plan on making it tonight 🙂 but I’m not really good at preparing fish, so let’s just hope it will turn out ok

  13. Oh man I loooove salmon. I like to buy a ton (its always so cheap at the store) and put it in the freezer so it keeps longer. Seriously, salmon’s my favorite fish. Salmon burgers now, are even MORE amazing!!

  14. Boys WILL be boys haha
    Salmon is so easy to cook, you’re right, and it’s SO DELICIOUS!! You have to try it with a maple glaze… it’s sooooooo good!

  15. LOL my bf wants a motorcycle sooooo badly. Don’t tell him theres a class! 🙂

    • oh lord, tell me about it! ryan is looking at bikes non-stop on craigslist. i’m like take the class, have fun & get it OUT of your system!

  16. ahhh nothing says summer weather like a nice light piece of fish!! definitely a fave 🙂 this looks really easy and delicious!! can’t wait to see your other fish creations!

  17. That’s funny that Ryan is taking a biker class…Are you going to turn into a biker chick? haha!

  18. I had salmon last night, too, and remembered why I love it for dinner. The reason I don’t get it is that it’s so expensive compared to eating chicken or a vegetarian meal. (I can’t do the frozen stuff, which I know is cheaper.) Still–such a good treat.

  19. Mmmm. Perfect combo with the salmon, broc and garbanzos. My fiance is about to start taking self defense classes – and he’s an attorney. Boys will definitely be boys. 🙂

  20. I love broiling the fish for that nice, brown layer on top. Looks like a delicious healthy dinner!

  21. I love salmon. I too enjoy the flaky yet crunkiness that you get from cooking fish. I mainly do salmon only, 3 minutes bottom side up, 4 minutes top side up under the broiler at 525 degrees. Nom! Sprinkled with some dried dill and sea salt! Or marinated in Kraft Asian Sesame dressing. mmmmm Salmon!

  22. You call them garbanzos? How cool! Everyone around here calls them chickpeas, but I have a friend who calls them garbanzos and she was always so confused because she thought “chickpeas” were something that came from chickens! Hah, that’s scary to think about!

  23. I made salmon last night with almost the same seasonings and it was great. I did mine on the stove. Broiling would be even better. Thanks for the idea.

  24. […] to PB Fingers, I have started roasting broccoli. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to do this before, […]

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