Sandwiches > Salads

To me, sandwiches > salads.

Though you can cram a bunch of stuff into a salad, I still prefer lots of veggies smooshed between doughy bread smeared with whatever condiment is calling to me that day.

Chicken Sandwich

Today I made myself a simple chicken sandwich on a Pepperidge Farm whole wheat deli flat. I topped the bread with roasted red pepper hummus, spinach and plum tomato slices.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

On the side I enjoyed a cup of perfectly ripe grape tomatoes.

Grape Tomatoes

Lunch is Served

Even though it’s hotter than Hades outside, I am grateful for this season because of all the extremely fresh and inexpensive produce. 😀

Question of the Afternoon

What do you prefer: sandwiches or salads?

29 Responses

  1. I’m a much bigger fan of salads. Though your sandwich looks pretty good.

  2. I pretty much despise most salads hahah so I’m all for sandwiches!

  3. I do enjoy salads, but I love chomping down on a sandwich too!

  4. Oh gosh…I love them both, but I think if i had to choose, I would go with the sandwich. Like you said there’s just something satisfying about having the veggies crammed between two pieces of dough. I’m a big bread lover! Plus, I love any opportunity where I can add mustard to something!

  5. My lunch time post had the subject heading: Feta Cheese > Goat Cheese. Great minds think alike!

    I prefer salads for the most part, although few things are better than a simple grilled cheese!

  6. It depends what kind of mood I’m in!! I usually eat some bread with my salad, so it just depends how many veggies I’m prepared to inhale at the moment 🙂

  7. Sandwiches, definitely sandwiches. I had a delicious turkey, cucumber, cheese, lettuce and honey mustard one today.

  8. Tough call. I love lightly toasted sammies, but I thik salads are where it’s at with me, simply because I make way more salads than I do sammies without even thinking twice about it. BUT had a sammie yesterday AND today for lunch. Crazy!

  9. Definitely sandwiches! 🙂

  10. sandwich-just love bread that much

  11. The sandwich looks so fresh! I love it hot. The hotter the better!

  12. definitely salads. To me, they are more filling and I don’t need as many condiements. I don’t eat meat, so sandwiches are just veggies anyway!

  13. Probably sandwiches, unless the salad comes with a big hunk of bread on the side…then that’s a challenge 😉

  14. I love sandwiches! Bread makes everything better. 🙂

  15. Definitely sandwiches! I am a carboholic!!

  16. I swear, every time I visit your blog I leave hungry! Great photos – sandwich sounds delish.

  17. I’m a salad myself. Not because I don’t love bread – I’m a carb addict! I just want to be able to enjoy the bread on its own. All that carby goodness 🙂

  18. For me it depends on the day. If it’s really hot, I go for salads. When I have sandwiches, the bread HAS to be toasted!

  19. I don’t think I could choose…I like both. I tend to like sandwiches for lunch but salads for dinner. Is that weird?

  20. I like salads because I think there’s more variety of stuff to put into them. You can make them w/greens, or just veggies, you can add meat and condiments too. I only like sandwiches better if it is warmed with melted cheese.

  21. Sandwiches are so much tastier! But it’s usually easier for me to hold myself accountable to eating well if I make a salad…

  22. I’m a sandwich fan. I love salads, too, but I have to be in the mood for one.

  23. Hey! I just wanted to let you know I have been keeping up with your blog for several months! I love eating healthy just as you do! I am only 16 but I enjoy life and really want to make my own food blog…but i have no ideaa how! can you tell me how?

  24. oh that sandwich looks great!

  25. i listened to sister hazel tonight! haha…you inspired me 😉

  26. I love salads because of all the different tastes and textures you can get in it. But I also love a good sandwich… though I’m still working on enjoying them more often (ED fear food).

  27. Salads! But I eat sandwiches whenever I do not have time to prepare myself a salad, when I am in a hurry, or I am away from home and don’t want to spend a fortune on a miserable salad from restaurant (mean comparing to my super huge, charged with good things, filling salads).

  28. I usually eat a salad for lunch and a salad for dinner, I always make sure though to eat carbs with my salad. So far this summer I have had a thing for fruit in my salad with chicken..yum!

  29. I had a friend that used to say that the only difference between a salad and a sandwich was that someone bothered to toast and cut up the bread! (croutons) lol

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