A Taste of Mexico in Sarasota

This morning was spent around the house. Ryan helped his mom’s boyfriend with some yard work while I updated the blog and chatted with his mom. Every time we come visit his family I feel so grateful that I am marrying into such a great, close-knit group of people. They’re a special bunch. 🙂

Ryan's Mom & Sadie

Once the yard work was done, we soaked up some sun in the backyard while Sadie chased shadows, lizards and reflecting lights. She’s quite the huntress.

Ryan and I felt like we were laying out at a resort because his mom set up a fan and brought us water with fresh lemon slices. Talk about relaxing!


Around 12:30 we showered up and headed out to Mi Pueblo, a nearby restaurant, for lunch.

Mi Pueblo in Sarasota

The Digs

As we were seated, a big basket of tortilla chips and salsa were placed in front of us and I downed several of the chips ‘n’ salsa immediately.

Chips & Salsa

They had a great selection of lunch entrées, and I ordered a large shrimp and avocado salad.

Shrimp & Avocado Salad

I think the salad came with 3/4 of an avocado. I was in Mexican food heaven and ate every last bite.

Though I was feelin’ full, when we arrived home I couldn’t resist a little sweet treat.

Gotta Satisfy My Sweet Tooth

Me and Mah Honey

To satisfy my sweet tooth, I had another slab of Harry & David peppermint bark and a Dad’s scotch oatmeal cookie, ordered from the fantastic Dad’s Cookie Company located in Missouri.

These cookies are crunchy, light and full of cinnamony spices. Ryan’s mom sent Ryan a huge box for his birthday before and we ate them by the handful. They’re phenomenal and I always swipe a few from his mom’s stash when we come to visit. Yum!

Now it’s time to join Ryan on the couch for the USA vs. England World Cup soccer game. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not exactly a soccer super-fan, so I’m hoping to coerce Ryan and his family into a round or two of Scrabble. 😉

Though I’m still full from lunch I can’t wait for Thanksgiving dinner tonight! 😀

14 Responses

  1. yum love mexican food! I’m not much of a soccer fan either and so I would definitely join you in scrabble! Have a great weekend!

  2. Ahhh! No scrabble during the world cup, hunny! The US just scored. Whooooooooooo!

  3. LOVE Scrabbble and GO USA! Two of the players went to my college

  4. We’re watching the World Cup too! Sounds like BEES are in the house with all those horns! 😉

  5. Family games of Scrabble…love it! 🙂

  6. My hubby is at the game!…he wanted me to come to Africa, but I unfortunately think soccer is a bore! I’m surprised we’re still married since he’s an uber fan ;-P

  7. Mexican food is sooooo good! Glad you are having a fabulous weekend in Sarasota.

  8. Ryan looks just like his mom!!
    Have a great weekend with the fam:)

  9. I’m not a soccer fan either, but watching the games is such a social thing, it’s fun! it gives me an excuse to hang out with friends and be together

  10. I had the BEST cookies at a family function earlier today. Super soft, super chewy. Ahh it was fantastic!

  11. hey julie, totally unrelated to your post, but I know your training for a marathon, and as a fellow runner, I wonder if you ever get that cardio hunger that lasts what seems like all day after a good, long run? if so, what do you do to combat that bottomless hunger that I tend to get? haha any help would be great! keep up the good work on your training!

    • i get a huge surge of hunger a few hours after a run. i find that a lot of it is thirst and i really try to hydrate really well and eat a lot of water-dense foods like fruits (watermelon, apples, etc.) to hydrate and give my body some fiber to ward of hunger. also, i really crave carbs and try to include oatmeal or whole wheat bread in my post-run meals if possible.

  12. Way to eat at all my fav places! in Spanish class in high school we used to go to Mi Pueblo for “field trips”.. any excuse for the delish food 😉

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