A Most Fitting Giveaway

As I was roasting eggplant for our dinner last night, I made sure to reserve some of the roasted vegetable for my lunch today.

Eggplant + Marinara

My mid-day meal included the eggplant in a noodle bowl  featuring Carba Nada egg fettuccine with marinara sauce and fresh spinach.

Noodle Bowl

Thursday's Lunch!

I used to eat noodle bowls several times a week… What happened? I love these guys! I think they may be making a comeback soon…

Krema & Crazy Richards Peanut Butter Giveaway

Could there be a more appropriate giveaway for this blog???

As demonstrated by the multiple peanut butter fingers of Krema peanut butter I enjoyed this morning, I am quite a fan of Krema and Crazy Richards peanut butter. Both varieties are all-natural with only one ingredient: peanuts!

Exhibit A

Sch-weet, huh?

Not only are these peanut butters good by the spoonful (or fingerful 😉 ) but I’ve also used them in smoothies, sandwiches, and peanut butter stuffed French toast with tasty results.

Now it’s your turn to enjoy your own peanut butter fingers full of this creamy goodness!

The wonderful people at Krema/Crazy Richards Peanut Butter Company have agreed to send three winners a jar of creamy peanut butter and a jar of crunchy peanut butter. Two jars! Woohoo!

To enter this giveaway, please comment telling me about your favorite way to enjoy peanut butter.

(And yes, in a Reese’s peanut butter cup is an acceptable answer. 😉 )

Using Random.org, I will randomly select three winners tomorrow afternoon.

307 Responses

  1. hmmmm how can i pick one?!?! lol umm on a banana with some greek yogurt, sweetener, and lots of cinnamon!!!!!!

  2. I love peanut butter on my oatmeal, but I’ll eat it on just about anything. 🙂

  3. Id have to say that my favorite is inside a good old fashioned PB and J.. I love whole grain bread with a ton of Natural Peanut Butter and Low sugar jelly with real fruit..mmmMmmm

  4. So hard to jsut pick one way to enjoy peanut butter. I ABSOLUTELY love it mixed into my chobani plain yogurt with a little stevia!! and of course in my oatmeal 😉

  5. Me. Jar of PB. Handful of Choc chips. Spoon. ==> Combine all ingredients and consume 🙂

  6. I love peanut butter most when it’s on top of a nice hot piece of lightly toasted bread. Mmmmmmm!

  7. It’s so boring, but I really like crunchy peanut butter on a piece of whole wheat toast. Of course I like it a bunch of other ways (cookies, crackers, bananas, apples, celery, carrots), but there’s just something about the crunchy peanut butter with a just-overdone piece of toast that is so satisfying 🙂

  8. On a Sandwich with Strawberry Jelly! 🙂

  9. Fave way to have PB….in oatmeal! All melty and gooey!

  10. My favorite is peanut butter on frozen bananas. Yumm! It is so good, especially in the summer!

  11. My favorite is most definately peanut butter on a toasted Arnold Sandwich thin, open faced, with sliced bananas and a drizzle of honey. Amazing!

  12. I love peanut butter and jelly bagels! Toasted, of course. 🙂

    Ps: I have been following your blog for a while, but just got around to commenting. I love your posts – keep them coming! Andddd…your wedding plans look like they are turning out fabulously! You and your soon-to-be husband are so cute!

  13. on a toasted waffle and then covered with banana slices. mmmm… perfect pre-long run meal.

  14. My favorite way to eat peanutbutter is with oreos dipped in it. healthy? no. delicious? yes

  15. My favorite way to enjoy peanut butter is on bread or in a cooke! 🙂

  16. Are Canadians allowed to join this contest? I hope so 🙂

    My favourite way to eat peanut butter is, um, constantly! Also, on a toasted english muffin or a scoopful with a bowl of cereal!

  17. ALWAYS with a banana & some honey, sometimes on a piece of toast, sometimes by itself:)

  18. Best way to eat peanut butter is straight from the jar for sure! 🙂

  19. Peanut butter and apple sandwich, heated in the toaster. The best!

  20. With an apple! Followed closely by your notorious PB cookies.

  21. With a banana! Or on chocolate. 😉

  22. Melted over a sweet potato!

  23. I LOVE spreading peanut butter on a whole wheat tortilla with some mashed banana.

  24. My favorite way to eat peanut butter is on ANYTHING toasted… get the peanut butter all gooey and melted- YUM!

  25. i love warm and gooey peanut butter in my oatmeal!

  26. Peanut butter + apple 🙂

  27. I love it by the spoonful… need I say more?

  28. I’m old school. I like it best with jelly on bread.

  29. I looove PB on toast with banana and honey 🙂

  30. On oatmeal so it’s gets nice and melty!

  31. My favorite way to eat PB is by the spoonful! 😉 Actually, my favorite way is probably on hot toast when it gets all melty. Yum!

  32. I already had peanut butter twice today! I love it in oatmeal or any kind of dessert, especially ice cream 🙂

  33. I like peanut butter banana sandwiches. And raisins dipped with peanut butter. And oatmeal with peanut butter mixed in. I really can’t choose:)

  34. I think my absolute favorite (other than in my oatmeal practically every day) would be in a cookie. 🙂 Even better if it’s a cookie full of reeses peanut butter cups…

    I’m hungry now…

  35. I love peanut butter in my oatmeal; PBJ samiches – lol; on cracker; on a spoon .. I mean seriously you can eat peanut butter any way your little heart is inclined.

  36. Oooh…I love it with bananas 🙂

  37. I love my peanut butter smooshed between a waffle and bananas and just a splash of syrup. Yum!

  38. I love it with bananas, sandwiches and smoothies!

    Love this giveaway!

  39. with graham crackers or an apple. They are also good on vanilla wafers!

  40. Does any way count? I’m a big fan of pb on a toasted cinnamon raisin English muffin. Super yummy!

  41. With apple slices!! Or in smoothies – pb definitely adds some oomph to a green monster!

  42. My favorite way to have peanut butter is a tie between dipping my apples or fruit in it or a big spoon full on my cereal yogurt bowls. Both are great!

  43. Sweeeet giveaway! My favorite way to eat PB is either on a spoon/finger, or on a banana. Or pb + banana sandwiches. Chocolate pb cups are also good.. and in oats. PB is pretty much good with anything.

  44. i love my peanut butter stuffed inside a fig for a sweet but natural dessert!

  45. i like peanut butter and bananas on toast with some honey and cinnamon on top!!!

    that eggplant looks good… funny story about eggplant is that ive never actually tried it until this past year because we NEVER had it growing up – mainly because my dad doesn’t like eggplant – so i always had a bad impression of it but now i LOVE it!!!

  46. Either on toast, or blended up with a banana for a PB&B smoothie!

  47. on a fluffernutter sandwich!! or eaten with a spoon.. or a finger 😉

  48. My favorite is a B+PB+B (bagel + peanut butter + banana) YUMM!! 😛
    Totally LOVING the giveaway, girly!

  49. I’d have to say on a pb and banana sandwich!

  50. Simply an Arnold Sandwich Thin toasted with scrumptious peanut butter smeared ontop and finished off with some banana slices!

    This would honestly be my last request food!! Ü

  51. Peanut butter with cinnamon on toast has got to be one of my favorites. But straight from the jar with a spoon is pretty great, too.

  52. there are about a million ways I love to eat peanut butter, in oatmeal, mixed w/ greek yogurt, with a spoon, oreos..I could go on!! But if I had to pick one, it would be the classic PB & J sandwich…my childhood between two slices of bread : D

  53. I love it on wheat toast. Plain and simple. 🙂

  54. I actually really like it on a spoon in a cereal bowl or as dip for dry cereal, veg,…or pretty much anything else! 😉

  55. I too an obsessed with PB! I enjoy by the fingerful AND the spoonful. In fact, I have a jar or White Chocolate Raspberry PB (die….its amazing) that I have only ever eater with a spoon! Its just too good to hide the flavor with bread! I also very much enjoy Reese’s! Love the blog!

  56. How am I supposed to choose!! Let’s see…probably either in oatmeal, or with an apple, or just a straight up scoop from the jar!

  57. Favorite way is the most traditional – a sandwich of pb and banana on ezekial bread

  58. total tie :
    PBJ and sliced banana on a wrap
    PB PIE

  59. On a whole wheat bagel with banana and a drizzle of honey…pre or post run!

  60. My favorite way to enjoy peanut butter is w/ my dogs- I get a scoop, and they get a scoop. Talk about happy dogs!!

  61. Peanut butter on top of a piece of dark chocolate!! YUMM!!

  62. on a pb and J with apricot jam! Sounds boring but gets me every time

  63. i love peanut butter toast with banana and agave on top. mmmmmm so good!

  64. Straight from the jar! I could probably eat peanut butter with just about anything.. but it’s delicious all by its perfect-peanut-butter-self! 🙂

  65. I love peanut butter on celery!!! So delicious 🙂


  66. I love your blog! My favourite way to eat peanut butter is by the spoonful or with an apple!


  67. I love peanut butter in its cookie form!

  68. My new fav. way was inspired by your blog! sandwich thin + peanut butter smear + banana = happiness 🙂

  69. Nothing beats pb staight off of a spoon!!

  70. Peanut butter pretzel balls for sure!

  71. A dairy queen blizzard made with reese cups is the best way to eat peanut butter 🙂

  72. I love ‘ants on a log’ or peanut butter on celery cuts topped with ants! sooo good!

  73. out of the jar with a spoon! or in cookies. or on bread. or any way actually. i loooooooove peanut butter!

  74. Peanut butter and jelly in greek yogurt…soo yummy

  75. Straight out of the jar! Mmm mmm good!

  76. i love doing a combo spoon, haha—1/2 of the spoon is honey and the other 1/2 is peanut butter….mmmm such a good combination!

  77. Peanut Butter on a Toasted Food For Life English Muffin. Yum!

  78. I like PB on sliced apples… And if I’m at work, followed by a PB plastic spork!!

  79. By the finger or spoonful!!

  80. loooove adding PB in my smoothies every day. gives it quite the delicious kick!

  81. Between two pieces of ww bread and bananas!

  82. I love a spoonful on top of chocolate! The best combo ever.

  83. In a Smart & Delicious tortilla with banana and strawberries! It’s a healthy breakfast burrito 🙂

  84. Its a tie between PB on a chocolate vitatop muffin or PB and honey on toast- sooo good!

    My dog gets a banana/PB stuffed Kong almost everyday when I leave for work, so he is a huge fan as well 🙂

  85. Hi Julie! I too fall victim to the peanut butter fingers (or almond butter fingers!) and love making my own pb at whole foods. I also like to make a frozen pb and banana sandwich by putting peanutbutter in the middle of a banana and freezing it. Yum! xoxo

  86. nothing beats PB on a spoon (or finger!) except when followed by a glass of chocolate milk!

  87. My favorite way to eat peanut butter is just on a spoon!!!! I think peanut butter tastes delicious on it’s own and having it like that makes me enjoy it to the fullest.

    I have just recently tried nutella, and I had put half nutella and half peanut butter on a spoon….MMMMMMmmm Heavenly!!!!!

  88. Although peanut butter fingers are one of the best ways to enjoy pb…recently, I’ve been adding it to my oatmeal w/some bananas and it’s delicious!

  89. I love it straight out of the jar..but also in oatmeal and on bagels 🙂


  90. I LOVE it swirled into cottage cheese, plain greek yogurt, or….taking hard vanilla ice cream, stirring it until it becomes soft-serve consistency, and then throwing in a few tsps of pb. Mmmm…off to indulge right now!

  91. I love peanut butter in my oats with a sliced up banana. It is also fabulous when paired with chocolate in just about any manner. And who can deny the deliciousness of a good old PB&J?

  92. PB in my oatmeal. with a PB finger chaser of course 🙂

  93. I love mine inside a protein cake!

  94. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches is where it’s at! Yumm….

  95. I love it on bread with simply fruit strawberry spread!

  96. I like to enjoy my peanut butter with an apple!

  97. I love making peanut butter desserts – peanut butter bars, truffles, cookies…etc. 🙂

  98. Loveee all nut butters, esp PB! I love adding it my Green Monsters in the morning & as a treat (fingerful if you will) at night!

  99. I lov me some PB, too! I prefer a more sweet PB, like PB&Co’s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl. I love to mix a tbsp into cottage cheese and add a cut banana = YUM!

  100. i love peanut butter on millet bread with sliced bananas…maybe a little honey if i’m feeling fancy.

  101. When I was younger, it was by the spoonful or on Oreos… haha
    Now… I prefer my peanutbutter in the granola bars I make, on toast, or in my smoothies. Mmmmmm. Peanut butter.

  102. This is tough because I lovvvvvvve peanut butter, but I think my absolute favorite way to have it is on apple slices. Yum!

  103. I love to eat peanut butter on toast in the morning. During the fall season I love combining peanut butter with pumpkin butter on whole wheat toast. It is food-tastic!

  104. Peanut butter is best on warm toast, so that it is melted, warm and gooey. Of course straight for the jar is always acceptable! 😉

  105. I love peanut butter (or any nut butter for that matter) in my greek yogurt. It makes it sooo rich and thick and satisfying! Melted peanut butter in a baked sweet potato comes in at a close second as well!

  106. On toast with banana and strawberry jelly

  107. peanut butter and jelly!!!!!!!! ALL the WAY!

  108. I’m kind of a fan of (a teeeny-tiny slice of) Cheesecake Factorie’s chocolate PB cheesecake. SO GOOOOOD!!!!

    My second favorite application is on graham crackers. Sometimes, I sneak in a little nutella too 🙂

  109. I love mixing it into a peanut sauce and making peanut noodles. That, and def dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

  110. ooohhh…..on apples! or straight out of the jar………

  111. On a wheat tortilla with real maple syrup.
    And to be honest, I’ve never had a non-Skippy-type of peanut butter so this real kind is very intriguing to me!

  112. I think my favorite way to have peanut butter is on a sandwich with honey and banana.

  113. my fav way to eat PB is on a banana or apple!

  114. love the blog!!!
    in my yogurt, or on toast!

  115. I eat Mad Hectic Oatmeal every single morning at work with a big dollap of peanut butter mixed in!!!

  116. The BEST way to eat peanut butter is on a toasted bagel with strawberry jam….or nutella 🙂

  117. I enjoy peanut butter the most when it is mixed with marshmallow and is on bread. A fluffernutter!

  118. lately in pb oatmeal dark chocolate chip cookies

    but honestly, any way!

  119. I love peanut butter! My most recent love is peanut butter smeared on a banana.

  120. Peanut butter in oatmeal – a breakfast that sticks to your ribs!

  121. Any way! It’s honestly it’s own food group to me 🙂
    On a spoon, on a finger, in my oatmeal….yummm

  122. On a spoon right out of the Jar
    in my Oatmeal 🙂

  123. I love peanut butter cups! And peanut butter smeared on whole wheat bread! yum!

  124. I realllllly love my peanut butter with cinnamon and raisins mixed in…with a spoon. Soooo good yet sooo difficult to walk away from!

  125. Hmmm I don’t know if I have just one favorite but amongst my favorite are swirled on top of ice cream and just with a plain ole spoon….my fingers would get too sticky if I ate it with my fingers all the time since I tend to double, or quadruple, dip:)

  126. I throw chocolate chips into my PB jar and then have to fish them out, so that they are covered in PB by the time they make it into my mouth. It’s a fun game!

  127. I love peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwiches!! Yummo in the tummo! Not exactly the most healthy sandwiches in the world, but oh so good every once in a while!

  128. This is hard! I love PB so much, lol. I’d say in on top of nice hot pancakes or as a dollop on top of stovetop oats. Or on a spoon 🙂

  129. Chunky peanut butter with sliced banana – yum! 🙂

  130. I love the Elvis sandiwich! Peanut butter, banana and a drizzle of honey 🙂

  131. by the spoonful

  132. I will eat peanut butter with anything, but my favorite thing way to eat it with is chocolate.

  133. OMG…I can hardly keep PB in the house b/c there is no way I DON’T enjoy! A fav is definitely the fluffernutter with the classic white bread, marshmallow, and PB. I’m with you on the chunky! You can eat it like a meal…and i do 😉

  134. I love peanut butter on apples… it’s almost gotten to the point where I can’t eat an apple without it… TROUBLE :o)

  135. oh! I have wanted to try Krema for a while…

    I like it best in a smoothie – YUM. In oats. I think I actually eat it most out of the jar, on a spoon.

    Basil (my dachshund) likes peanut butter in his Kong. 🙂

  136. I love apple slices dipped in peanut butter!

  137. love my pb in a smoothie or with dry cereal, and a banana. or on strawberries. nom nom!

  138. In a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich! So warm and crispy…

  139. You can never go wrong with a plain old PB&J…, they always bring me back to my childhood!

  140. My favorite way to enjoy peanut butter, is to use it to make a peanut butter chocolate layer blondie!! It is the best dessert and I am sure that the krema and crazy richards peanut butter would be a great addition to my blondies!! 🙂

  141. I love love love to swirl it into some vanilla yogurt!! Makes it taste like a dessert 🙂

  142. My favorite way to eat PB is plan and simple- on toast 🙂 Sounds boring but I love it.

  143. My boyfriend loves PB&J. I on the other hand love peanut sauces!

  144. I love to make peanut butter brownies! YUM!

  145. I love the flourless peanut butter cookies you’ve featured on the blog. I made them for the first time last night and fell in love!

  146. I love it on apples, toast, eggs, cottage cheese and PB… mmmm anything really! 🙂

  147. It’s gotta be peanut butter and apple slices all the way. I nuke the PB for a few seconds to get all gooey and then dip away!

  148. Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich’s on Arnold Thin bread

  149. Peanut butter and chocolate will always have a place in my heart, but if there’s no chocolate available, i love spreading it on graham crackers! YUM!!

  150. crunchy pb on a honey crisp or pink lady apple or on a frozen banana.

    or in my dad’s asian- coleslaw.


  151. I would have to say that Crunch PB on bread with fresh sliced strawberries and a little sugar sprinkled on top is my FAVORITE right now 😀

  152. I love PB to top off my hot oatmeals, cold overnight oats, or smoothies! And of course, who’s not to love PB cookies?

  153. There are so many ways that I enjoy peanut butter, how can I pick just one!? Hmmm, I’d have to say that it’d be on a piece of whole wheat toast. Crunchy peanut butter and a little melty. Yum!

  154. I looove PB on crackers with cottage cheese or a jam…. or with apples and cinnamon… or, hell!! i love PB any way!

  155. I love peanut butter in cookies!

  156. i love PB with apple, soo original but oh so good. Also, love peanut butter mixed with greek yogurt and granola.

  157. My all time favorite peanut butter use is in a sauce for spring rolls or dressing for salad. Seriously, no limit to what I’ll put my peanut butter on!

  158. i love PB with my oatmeal and some banana. never gets old!

  159. I love grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches on sandwich thins!! Yummy to my tummy!

  160. Peanut butter blondies! Everyone goes for the pb and chocolate combo, but pb and vanilla is where its at 🙂 Just use half peanut butter in the recipe and add some peanut butter chips. So so good. But peanut butter is good every way 🙂

  161. I like peanut butter on a toasted bagel thin or something about warmed peanut butter that makes it so yummy!

  162. Oh my goodness! It’s hard to pick a favorite way but I have to say STRAIGHT FROM THE JAR! 🙂

  163. On a banana or straight off my finger 🙂

  164. How do I NOT enjoy peanut butter?
    Any variety of fruits (bananas!!) and vegetables (carrots!), chocolate, spoons, fingers, pretzels, sandwiches, etc.
    I even tried peanut butter & pickles one time. (Not a taste sensation, but not as horrible as it may sound.)

    [Also, interesting note. I was reading an issue of Glamour magazine a couple of months ago, and there was a poll of how many [glamour readers] had eaten Peanut Butter straight from the jar. In my world, this is the silliest question I’d ever heard. I assumed EVERYONE had done this at one point or another. But the poll results? ONLY 68%! A tragedy!]

  165. I know this is boring…but I love a good old PB&J sandwich or pb slathered on hot toast, so good!

  166. I love spreading peanut butter on graham crackers – yum!

  167. I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches!

  168. I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! Between myself and the 2 kids…we go through a jar in about a week. My newest way to eat it is with carrot sticks. ODD – but so good!

    Can you also give me some of your recipe for your noodle bowls??

    • They’re so random! I usually just use Carba Nada pasta & throw in steamed or roasted veggies, marinara sauce & Parmesan cheese!

  169. I looove peanut butter! Peanut butter and chocolate are my favorite combination, but I like it on waffles and bananas!

  170. I love peanut butter any which way, but my favorite has to be on a piece of whole wheat toast topped with banana slices. Yum!

  171. I love peanut butter! any way is good for me …but usually its on celery or on a piece of whole wheat toast with a little honey drizzled on top. yum!

  172. PB + Oatmeal with TONS of cinnamon = match made in heaven!

  173. (1) Caaa-ute top! & (2) I love PB in shakes! It makes the slightest protein powder ickiness disappear!

  174. Anyway I can get it! Especailly the all natural kind! YUM!

  175. I love pb&j graham cracker sandwhiches!

  176. Dark chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallow, and graham cracker! PB smores!!

  177. Peanut butter is great which ever way you eat it, but I love graham crackers and peanut butter, one of my all time favorites!

  178. Straight out of the jar is hands down the best way in my book! Although I also love it in a PB sammie…simple and classic 🙂

  179. i love peanut butter in cold overnight oats 🙂 makes them even more like cookie dough!

  180. KREMA is so so so good!!! my favorite way to enjoy PB is ona wrap with banana and jam!

  181. I LOVE KREMA! My favorite way to have peanut butter is to have it with strawberry jelly on graham crackers yum yum yum!

  182. Peanut butter and carrots. Peanut butter.. in my shoes. Peanut butter… anyway, any time.

  183. crunchy peanut butter and frozen berries in a slice of whole wheat bread, fold over. (i found one slice folded over is easier to eat and holds the berries better than when sandwiched between two slices of bread)

  184. Peanut butter in my oatmeal!! Yum yum yum!!!

  185. Peanut butter on top of oatmeal has to be the BEST! Right before straight from the jar. =)

  186. I would say most definatly melted in the microwave and dipped in with apples.. MMM

  187. Oh my, ths is so exciting! Hope you are doing well Julie, I’m still reading your blog daily 🙂 My favourite way to enjoy pb is on toast with a banana! Yums!

  188. I like putting it in stir fries with some soy sauce…yum!

  189. I love a good pb&j!

  190. On a spoon!

  191. on some soft wheat bread! or any bread for that matter! great giveaway julie!!

  192. I’m not sure how to pick just one way….but I do LOVE a PB & banana sandwich!

  193. Over chocolate ice cream!

  194. I love PB dipped in dark chocolate squares!

  195. Peanut butter and apple is my all time favorite snack.

  196. I LOVE grilled peanut butter banana sandwiches with a little honey drizzled on it!

  197. I love peanut butter in my oatmeal and peanut butter & jelly or banana. I also eat it by the spoonful or straight with my fingers! As a dip for apples may actually be my favorite! what isn’t peanut butter good with??

  198. I love to eat peanut butter before or after a workout… On a banana, in a smoothie, on a piece of whole grain bread, or simply all by itself! It’s delicious!

  199. My new recent peanutbutter obsession/creaton

    sugar cookie dough base
    crumbled pretzels
    thick layer of peanutbutter
    layer of nutella
    drizzel with caramel
    freeze after each stage to set up
    eat entire bowl

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