Matchy Matchy

When I was little my mom used to dress me and my sister in matchy-matchy sweater sets. We wore color-coordinated sweater sets like they we’re going outta style (which they were 😉 ).

 My mom would be proud of me this evening… I managed to match my dinner.

Eggplant + Eggplant-Colored Skirt

Apparently Sadie was extra-excited about the eggplant matching my skirt and was determined to be a part of every picture I took with the veggie.

"Let Me In!"

I used the perfectly purple eggplant to create a yummy (and cheesy!) dinner of eggplant medallions for me and Ryan to enjoy with a side of roasted veggies.

Eggplant Medallions


My Plate

 Easy peasy! Just how I like it. 😉

Check It Out!

At work today my coworkers and I were having fun playing with the search engine WolframAlpha. We discovered that if you type in your name it will tell you when your name was most popular, how many people are living with your name, etc.

Here are the stats on my name:

  • Most popular in 1969
  • 1 in 2,088 people are named Julie
  • 474,675 people currently living are named Julie
  • 52 is the most common age of a person named Julie

The site will also provide nutritional stats for food, including obscure searches like “one Starburst” (which has 20 calories, FYI), or “10 peanut M&Ms” (103 calories).

It’s oddly entertaining!

If you check out the site, feel free to share stats about your name or other fun finds! 😀

46 Responses

  1. What a cool site! I think I just discovered how I’ll be spending my evening! The most common age for Bethany is 23… I guess I’m pretty close to being on track with that!

  2. I love the skirt and the purple eggplant color. And I totally try to match my eats with my clothes. Haha, I always grab the vita water that most matches my outfit for the day. Another thing I do is always try to match my undies with my outfit. Doesn’t everyone do that? 🙂

  3. Ahhh your outfit is so cute! Is it lame that I call things outfits? I swear I am not 8 yrs old. lol. Dinner looks fab too.

  4. Ok, first of all, too weird that we both managed to do fit in the “easy peasy” saying tonight (my dinner post title) 😉
    Second of all, what a cool site!
    Here’s my “Courtney” stats:
    * Most popular in 1990
    * 1 in 968 people are named Courtney
    * 248,076 people currently living are named Courtney
    * 20 is the most common age of a person named Courtney
    Love the eggplant color…I’m quite partial to it! 🙂

  5. The most common age for my name is 23.. I’m 29!! 🙂 I tried to put in my husband’s name (Favian) but they could not interpret it. lol

  6. this was too funny! My name is Devan…

    expected total number alive today | 2459 people
    expected population fraction | 1 in 97693 people (0.001%)
    expected rank | 3340th
    most common age | 19 years

  7. That skirt is adorable! I love the rich purple color.

    Gabriela isn’t a very popular name, but I’m surprised that the most common age for it is 7…maybe I’ll meet a lot of Gabrielas in the future!! Hope you have a wonderful night!

  8. That website is my new favourite addiction. Thanks for the link!

  9. I was suprised to find that the most common age for my name (Hilary) is 20. Seems I’m ahead of my time since I’m almost 30 (or I guess really my parents were 🙂 )

  10. What a fun website! Here are some the stats for the name Kelly:

    Most popular in 1978
    1 in 1, 484 people are named Kelly
    450,835 people currently living are named Kelly
    33 is the most common age of a person named Kelly

    hehe…now I gotta go do Keith!

  11. I thought it would be fun to check out my name “Nicole” and it said 25 is the most common age for this name! That’ how old I am!! 🙂 Thanks for the link 🙂

  12. I’ve actually always been less than thrilled with my name because it’s so popular. Case in point: expected total number alive today is 1.01 million people or 1 in 439 people share my name! Cool sight though!

  13. That eggplant looks deeeeeeeeeelish!! 🙂

    1 in 549 people have my name 😮


  14. love the little braid in your hair! And 48 is the most common age for my name!

  15. Yayy a website to kill time with! Thanks 😉

  16. Yum eggplant! The average Leslie is 53. I guess I’m a little behind (I’m 22). Or I could say that I’m vintage 😉

  17. Also I had two sisters, we were all pretty close in age. We had entire matching wardrobes!

  18. Mmmmmm the eggplant medallions look to die for!

  19. haha thanks for the stats on my name girl! i didn’t even have to go look it up 🙂

    love those eggplant medals! definitely gonna make them soon 🙂 have a great night girl!

  20. My mom used to always put my sisters and I in matching dresses, shirts, outfits, and especially homemade puff paint sweatshirts…the pictures are hilarious! The name game sounds fun, I’ll have to play tomorrow if I get bored at work!

  21. Well, this is a shocker:

    Most common age: 23
    1 in 300 people
    799,601 living today

    I’m so original 😉

    Love the blog julius… can’t wait to see you in July!!

  22. Oh yum!! How did you cook the eggplant?

    • i roasted them at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes before flipping them over, topping them with marinara & cheese & broiling them for another 3 min. or so until the cheese was melted.

  23. That is such a cute outfit!

    Apparently Amber peaked in the 80’s, so the average age is 24. I’m a little older than that, but I am a child of the 80’s! That is such a fun website!

  24. haha it doesnt know my name.. go figure. love the photos with sadie~

  25. i love your outfit, that skirt is gorgeous! lol! xx

  26. Loving the eggplants, I should make something like that soon!
    Amazing site!
    1 in 7897 are named Marina 🙂 Cool 🙂

  27. I love eggplant. Great meal idea.

    You are gorgeous

  28. That’s so cool! Here are my stats:

    expected total number alive today | 81633 people
    expected population fraction | 1 in 2943 people (0.034%)
    expected rank | 572nd
    most common age | 40 years

    Hm, so most Traceys are older than me. I believe fraction though. I’ve only met one other Tracey.

  29. Still amazed you have such great hair in that humidity:) Cute, cute pics. Eggplant officially scares me bc of it’s size, but I guess I could literally bite the bullet and try it out.

    • I second that! Your hair looks great even in the Florida humidity. Any secrets? This Boston girl could sure use some! 🙂

      • thanks! it actually wasn’t all that humid yesterday (shocking, i know) & i really do struggle w/ humidity! i definitely think my hair stays straighter/smoother in the humidity if it’s a little dirty (like the day AFTER i wash it). i also use a frizz-fighting serum on the ends.

  30. dinner looks good! and i love your outfit too!

    apparently the ‘average angela’ is 39 years old… i guess i’m 18 years under-average! thanks for the site.. it will be my procrastination destination of choice today!

  31. mmm Eggplant Medallions!!! Love those 🙂 One of my favorite recipes for eggplant.

    Here’s my stats:
    rank: 364th
    1 in 2299 people are named Holly
    Average Age: 27 (kinda close- I’m 23)
    Most common year: 1982

  32. I’m surprised more people aren’t named Julie, to be honest!

    1 in 2,073 people are named Paige (I didn’t know my name was this common?)
    average age: 7
    115,884 people are expected to have this name.

    23 years ago my name was uncommon, but I guess it’s coming up in popularity now. Kind of sad, I liked having a unique name. Now a bunch of teenyboppers apparently share mine. 😦

  33. Love your outfit! My mom said we had one babysitter she couldn’t stand because the woman always mis-matched my outfits if she had to change me. 🙂

    That website is totally addictive.
    My name:
    Rank – 100th
    1 in 611 people
    Expected total alive today – 419,557
    Most common age – 20 (I’m 6 years ahead)

    My parents thought they were being relatively creative when I was born… turns out, they hit right at the beginning of the popularity where the chart spikes.

  34. I think im going to get an eggplant soon.. That looks AMAZING!

  35. Love Wolfram|Alpha!!
    I’m very surprised that there are so few “Kristin”s in the world- only 172,985 people currently living w/ the name.
    Glad the ave. age is 29… I wonder if the spike came from “Dallas” being so popular 🙂

  36. Welp — Now I know what I’m going to be doing all day! Sitting on this amazingly beautiful website! Haha thanks for making my morning 🙂 It may make an appearance on my blog later today (if I ever get off this site to write my post that it!)

  37. Welp — Now I know what I’m going to be doing all day! Sitting on this amazingly beautiful website! Haha thanks for making my morning 🙂 It may make an appearance on my blog later today (if I ever get off this site to write my post that is!)

  38. Haha! I love the color combinaton!
    My stat for my name Gigi:

    Expected total # alive today: 1734 people
    Expected pop. fraction: 1 in 138520
    Common age: 48 yrs! (Wow I guess im as old ad my mommy! lol)

  39. Thanks for leading me down a rabbit hole and wasting hours of my time. I loved that website and now I have it bookmarked so that I can waste time for years to come.

  40. […] the glass matched my smoothie, and you guys know how much I love matchy matchy […]

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